Hi Fishes,

As of my last knowledge update in January 2023 its not easy for IT project mangers to secure a job , I don't have real-time data or how the job market for project managers in the USA. Can provide some general insights or how to be prepared??

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Looking for sparring improving resume for getting interviews in global companies.

Background 10 years of data science/data experience (around 50 ds projects) with 5 years of manager/head of data science experience with P/L responsibility. Lead program creating 25M $ annual ML portfolio with 15x ROI within 1 year. I've sent approx 200 applications starting only 5 processes. Any thoughts? Looking only private companies.

Currently working as Principal AI & Data consultant in a Finnish company.

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Hi There,

Actually i am in process of interviewing for SDE 1 at Amazon,
Cleared OA, Technical Round 1, Technical Round 2 as well & only thing left is Bar Raiser Round.

It is actually pending for more than 2 months, when asked the recruiter about the reason of not being able to schedule the round? They said due to bandwidth issue!
Recently they did scheduled the BR round but panelist didn't join,
and now it is again went for scheduling!

What should i do so i get the round scheduled for me?


Done with EY interview for C++ and DB for a consultant role.

Questions were basically on oops concept memory allocations functions virtual etc.

Only few SQL queries basic

Unix script. What is fork command which I was not able to recall.

I have submitted my docs this Monday for a position post 3 rounds and a case study interview round.

How much time generally it takes to roll out the offer letter??


I am considering getting into consulting and am applying to Big 4 firms like Deloitte, EY, and PwC. I'm finishing my MBA in August 2023 and have done consulting for real clients through school projects, but none in real life. Do you recommend putting these experiences on my resume? If so, should I just list it like any other job under my experiences?


How and when in the interview process would you go about asking about a company's philosophy on/commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)?

I'm actively interviewing with 5 companies right now, but the one that seems most likely to give me an offer is also the only one where I've so far only been interviewed by 3 white men Is there a delicate way to ask why there aren't women and BIPOC involved in the hiring decision process / whether leadership at the company is more inclusive?


Hello guys. I had an interview im Cognizant recently. They conducted a telephonic technical round.
They gave me no timelines though.
When can I expect a call back from them regarding the next round/update?

My dream agency interviewed me. Asked who my seniors were and poached one of them.

I am a little rattled by this experience. Did they only interview me to see who the seniors are and what everyone did? Is this okay for agencies to do?

I've only ever had 3-4 interviews so far...and I am not quite sure how to feel about this. Or if this is common. Or if I am overthinking.


I’m interviewing for jobs that would essentially lead to a minor career pivot. I have gotten to 4 straight final rounds (4-5 interviews and a presentation for each company) to be told I’m second choice in favor of someone with more experience. I’m losing my mind and so tired of interviewing tbh. What can I do differently, or do I just need to chill out and wait for a company to say yes?


Can I apply for two positions at the same company with two resumes? Or should i bring up my interest in the 2nd position during conversation with recruiter?

What do Art Directors bring on their interviews now a days ?

Print portfolio ?

Looking for some tips and suggestions

I have the final interview with Deloitte for their EFA analyst position. Anyone know what to expect for that?


I had an interview this morning and the hiring manager told me they had a hard stop at a certain time, but the interview went over that time by a couple minutes and they kept asking me if they could answer any other questions. How good of a sign is this or does it not mean anything?
What are signs you usually see when you’ll probably get the job? I was a referral candidate and 6 people total are interviewing.


I have landed a graduate offer at KPMG for Tech risk, which is IT audit, my background is Cyber Security, with technical skills from penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, reporting and remediation to the otherside of the fence incident response, SIEM, threat hunting, reverse engineering
In my interviews i conducted with partners and managers i expressed my interest in techincal cyber roles showing competence and even my home lab environments, i was told there might not be budget for me?


I was recently laid off but was only with the company for 3 months. I feel like I gained a lot and was wondering if it looks bad on my resume to add even though I was there for a short time.


I’ve applied to 50 or so jobs and have less than a handful of interviews this is hard :(


I feel like I'm making a very basic error here, but I'm not sure what. I'm interested in opportunities with Google's Professional Services Organization (PSO). However, my applications to PSO, to date, always end with a standard reject email. I've tried applying three times. Don't plan on applying again anytime soon. But every time I've rewritten my resume to super closely match the requirements of the role. Is there something concrete PSO recruiters are looking for? I am 2xGCP certified.


Passed my CISA, waiting for slow mgr to sign my application for certification. In the interim I am looking for a new job. Can I put the cert on my resume and put something like application pending?


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thoughts on taking a job you’re unsure about? On paper the job is good but it doesn’t check some key boxes which is why I’m unsure. But then again, I know no job is perfect…


Hello Fishes,

I have signed the offer letter received from NTT Data. What will be the consequences if I don't join?


What will be my Inhand?? I don't have any idea about taxes..

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I’ve just started my second warehouse job and I’ve noticed the same toxic resentment between warehouse and office staff. Is this the norm?


I’m working on asking my company to change employee perk programs. Does anyone use one they like, or have recommendations?


My first holiday season sober. This is really hard. Don't like having to turn down invites to events I know I would be tempted to have a drink at. Having to tell people not to gift me nice bottles (something I loved for years) because I'm sober, the whole thing honestly just makes me feel lonely and frustrated. Don't relish having to explain it to family at Christmas either. This sucks!


What is the salary of cyber security staff3 in ey gds.. @ey


How difficult is it to jump from a risk consulting role to cyber? And will a security+ cert help in the jump?


Who are all joined and working in IT for past 1 year and still haven't seen the office? I'm really missing this phase of my life😭😭😭


I have a question for those at Amazon or any other FAANG organization. How does your company view transfers/relocations. For instance, you were brought in for a Sr. Mgr role in SF but want to go to DC. Is there an internal transfer portal or do you need to apply for the job? How is this viewed in the company? Thanks!


Does JpMorgan Hire resources with 3mnths of notice Period?

Thoughts on men’s lululemon boxers?

I’m at a farm. Can anyone guess what this is? Hint: It’s usually canned.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a company with a truly good culture and work life balance. Seems almost impossible nowadays and need to make a move. Any suggestions are welcome! Looking to pívot out of the credit side. Thank you!

Can I get a referral to @yahoo! Or @workday from anyone? Happy to chat more - looking to join L&D/Training work groups.


I’m worried my BF might be getting sick of me during quarantine since I’m the only person he sees. Any tricks to keep the sparks alive? Dating for 6 months, don’t live together.


Hi All. Just wanted to know what are the components of Flexible Allowance Package for GCB 6. And how much can be claimed under which component. Offer letter showing 12 lakhs as FAP.


For McKinsey final rounds, do interviewers only ask the PEI (personal impact, inclusive leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit) questions? Wondering if "Why McKinsey?" or "why should we hire you/what are your strengths?" question is also fair game.


Home office revamp recommendations:
1. Autonomous standing desk: honestly the best desk ever! Order arrived in 3 days, even better quality than I imagined. I got the L shape one, fits 3 monitors and a laptop comfortably on one side. Now I stand while taking calls. I wish I had it last year during busy season. Oh I have a promo code if anyone is interested: R- 200les
2. Steelcase gesture office chair: same chair as PwC office.


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Can someone help us to find genuine consultancy who can file H1/L1.

I bring to the table over 20 plus years of extensive experience in steering Customer Relationship Management and Operations, Process Initiatives, Business Process Transformation & Controls, Process Improvements, Business Continuity Planning & Strategic Business Operations. I have innate sense of task prioritization, managerial aptitude and result oriented attitude towards accelerating organizational growth and that too in a high pressured, time bound and competitive environment.
Pls guide

I don't know why this bowl was created. I don't see any replies or comments on the posts. Engagement on the posts will be helpful and motivated.

I have a experience of 1.5 years as site engineer. I would like to go into designing and learn softwares according to it. I would like someone to tell me what is the experience needed, softwares to be learnt and where shall i learn them to be placed in US or UK companies?

Is 110 k $ good salary in south carolina?


Hello all, what wud you prefer LA or New York keeping in mind next 5 years as peak career phase?


Hi, I want to move to US. Can someone guide me what is the procedure if I direct apply in any IT company and get the job? Pls guide

Hi Fishes, I am looking for a new role / job change into Broker Vote or Reference data.
Having experience in (Client Strategy)Broker Vote, Deep Dive Analysis, Account Review Meetings, Consumption Reporting, Reference data, Corporate Access, Corporate Actions.


I am beginning to find a job in the USA. I have a masters degree from India and about 1.5 years experience in tech sales. Is there anyone who has done this and can give me a first hand experience of what it entails?

Can someone from consulting background with ~4years of post masters work experience land tech jobs in US? More importantly, is it a good career move in terms of future compensation, work life balance, career advancement, etc.?

Experienced Renewable Energy Professional, currently responsible for Business Development | Strategy | Market Intelligence of Utility Scale Solar | BTech | PGEMP (SPJIMR)


Any referrals/openings for automation engineer with 5 years of experience? Any help?


Can someone suggest best consultants in Hyderabad for applying masters in USA?


Hi All,

I have 6 years of experience into Project Management in IT (Operations). Looking for referrals to work in US with Visa Sponsorship.
Can anyone help me on that ?
Suggestions are welcome



I am an Analyst. I have planned to do MSc in Artificial Intelligence or in Data science. What are job opportunities after the course completion? Is it difficult to get a job in Michigan, Texas, Illinois, Loss Angeles, Santiago?

Hey Fishes,
I am looking for a new role / job change into Broker Vote

Having experience in Broker Vote (capturing regional ranks and preparing score cards for analysts), Deep Dive Analysis, Account Review Meetings, Consumption Reporting, Interactions.


Hello all,

I am a Design Engineer in John Deere with 5 years of experience. I have a master's degree in design Engineering from India.
I am looking for jobs in US
Can anyone help me with visa sponsorship or guide me how to get the job in US.


How is 99k salary in New Jersey area ? I have to settle with family (wife and kid 4yo). How much i will get post tax deduction ? Can any1 help with approx expenses (avg middle class living) per month


Hey guys,
Seeking referrals for an entry level IT position...
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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