How MBB experience help with Warthon application. I work in analytics and want to get an MBA to get into more strategic positions ins Tech companies.

What are some strength points I should focus on? And common weaknesses. Any tips are appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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How you are different from your peers at Bain would help

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Is Corp Dev a good role to leave IB for with aspirations of being a CFO?


I’ve been activity looking for new paralegal roles but my last position was working in the public sector. Some have told me that it’s a pro, others have said that it’s a con. I’m largely applying for positions in the private sector now, and I’ve found that I don’t have many of the entry level skills like e-filing that employers expect. Is there any alternative to taking on a role that is completely entry-level to gain those?


I was wondering if anyone here has made the move from being a top performing senior associate top 10 accounting firm to FDD at the big 4?
Am I hoping to much to jump straight to FDD?


Anyone from the McKinsey Los Angeles office willing to refer me and help with a couple of case prep and possibly fixing my resume?

1yr Accenture
8 yrs Oil and Gas Engineering and project controls
MBA from Texas A&M

I will buy you a tomahawk steak covered in gold or a dope surfboard if I get hired!

For anyone interested in a role at Gartner, send me a DM! We have available roles in sales, client success, operations, L&D and more. Amazing WLB and strong emphasis on professional development and growth opportunities.


Just finished college recruiting - now feeling I should get my MBA to party again and be young :p


Hey fishes,

I have a question. Currently I'm working in Mindtree as a Infrastructure Engineer and basically there is nothing much technical in it.

I am very much interested in cloud and Devops and currently started learning about it as well.

I just wanted to know, how much tough it would be for me to switch from a support role to Devops role? (I am having 14 months of experience)

P.S. kindly provide me 11 likes to unlock DM feature.


Nagarro vs EPAM Anywhere - which should I choose based the following points?
- both paying same package
- both are permanent WFH
- I am Test Automation Engineer with 7 years experience

your help will be appreciated

Nagarro Tata Consultancy IBM Infosys EPAM Systems Cognizant Capgemini Deloitte Mindtree


Hi everyone

I'm in a business development role based in Asia. May I get your thoughts/pointers on the CAIA?

I'm aware that the CAIA is not as popular in Asia compared to the CFA. From my knowledge, there are no CAIA holders in my current firm within the Asian region, despite dealing with alternative investments.

Would be happy to hear your thoughts regarding the CAIA, and study tips if you have any!


I’m an Audit Senior looking to transition. I’m interested in real estate( potentially advisory- helping real estate companies and individuals plan financially and make better business decisions), entrepreneurship (working at a startup or building something from the ground) and I like business in general. What are my exit options? Also pls include what salary range I should ask for. Thanks!


I am looking for a Product Manager role.
Having 8 years of work experience in supply chain operations and product data management.
MBA from IIM Indore and currently working at Infosys Consulting.
If you have any opportunity then please let me know and I will share the CV and other details.


Has anyone successfully gone from big 4 audit to working in private equity/venture capital?


Hello everyone I am working with kpmg (on bench) looking to switch preferably work from home or hybrid. I studied Master in public policy and governance from Tata institute of social sciences. And with physics hon's.
I have total 4 years of experience with NGO, Karnataka state government (contractual) and KPMG advisory India.
Reason to switch - kpmg is giving me relocation in different state in just 9 months I got 2 relocation delhi Kolkata and next I don't know. Please guide/help me


BNY Mellon technology specific questions -
#0 How much max salary for grade K ?

#1 How long does it take to promote in bny from grade K to L ?

#2 Any specific criteria for promotion? Expr , certification etc...?

#3 How much % hike to expect post promotion ?

Skills- Java, microservices,react, cloud

HSBC India JPMorgan Chase BNY Mellon | Pershing Citi BNY Mellon UBS Citi Allstate BNY Mellon | Pershing BNY Mellon Corporation HSBC India


Accounting vs FP&A. Which one has bright future and good compensation when you go up the ladder. I know they are totally different. Just thinking to decide between whether to switch career.


Hello les fish,
Des idées de salaires de manager (fixe, bonus, total comp) à Paris en MBB ? J'ai en tête un package autour de 180-200 ça vous semble comment ?


Have anyone attended an Executive MBA while wiling to migrate from Accenture / Big 4 to MBB?


I’ve been doing tech consulting(big4) for the last 8 years in states(no mba), 4 in the offshore center(non big4) in India. Recently I applied for a tech program manager role in the industry, and the recruiter feedback was that me resume is not technical enough and it’s not product centric. I know I used the internal (consulting focused) resume but any pointers in creating a tech/product focused resume.


I am starting to feel like I’ve outgrown where I am at. I have less than a year of experience doing Program Analyst / Team Lead work and about 10 years in USMC logistics / supply chain / maintenance but feel like I’d like to move to management or supervisor roles. I would also like to stay remote (2 years remote). Any advice for the current landscape? Is it time to move out of fed contracts? Where do I start?


How do you guys accumulate points so fast?


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Parents with two kids: did you keep childcare for #1 while on maternity leave with #2?


Who decides the tier ratings during crt in pwc ac bangalore. Is it decided by the rl or is it a collective decision of the people who are part of the crt?


Is SAP doing layoffs? SAP


Hi everyone, I am a recent college graduate with a degree in marketing. I am looking for a job, internship or any experience in digital marketing. Specifically with SEO/Data. If you or someone you know is looking for an entry level worker who has a student mentality and is eager to learn and work, please reach out to me or comment below and I will reach out to you and we can discuss my experience and skills. Anything helps, thank you!


Any non-MBB here who is or has dated an MBB? What was your experience? I constantly feel like I have to prove myself in the relationship and never good enough.


How safe is to work in evening to night shift in walmart gurgaon?


BMO Audit team vs TD bank Compliance team?
Any feedback on how the teams are.


How long do you think it would realistically take the Middle East consulting bubble to burst?

Are there any employers in Vermont or Maine that will pay relocation costs for new employees? I’m in healthcare credentialing & compliance and my little family and I are looking to make the move.


Hi all! Would any of you place a bet with a NFT you own, with the possibility of winning another NFT or walk away with nothing?

Any advice on jumping from production to broadcast/tv?


What are my chances of successfully winning a racial discrimination claim? I manage a Data Science group, for months I’ve had serious difficulties getting anything approved by finance (more than any other department in the agency), last week the CFO finally snapped at me on an email that started to itch the expression “My Guy” where he then proceeded to demand excellence of me, etc… We are piers and we have never had a relationship. Thoughts?

What are common exits for MBB? What lvl do ppl usually exit at and to? Got into MBB but want to see how to best position myself with this opportunity, TIA!


I need to get it out: I got an opportunity on the coolest client of the agency and I killed it.

6 ideas selected.✨🚀


Would you take a job at a startup as a new mom?


Hi Fishes,

I am looking for job change.
YOE: 4.5
SKILLS: ITSM Consultant, ITIL, Service Assurance and Fulfillment Process Consultant, basics of Servicenow and JIRA.
Any leads or job openings? Please comment below.


With us still living in a remote environment and employee appreciation month coming up on October - interested in what you are thinking of doing?
Always harder when we can’t all physically be together. Many thanks


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Have you already received your Wharton swag box?

Hey does anyone have recommendations on furnished apartments near rittenhouse square?

I’m from New York and don’t have a car right now. Should I consider buy/rent a car at Philly? How do people usually get around?

When are folks generally looking to roll into Philly?

Do we know when is tuition due?

Been doing some LinkedIn/cold email reachout to alum through the Mypenn directory. Some responded quite promptly, others I have not heard from. What has been your “success rate” of cold reach out to alum? And if no response, how have you been following up?


Crossing my finger so hard 🤞 for preterm to be in person 😂


Do we know what % of applicants get offers with scholarship?

Random thought: I used to be so easily impressed by people in PE/IB, until I started browsing Wharton profiles of fellow incoming MBAs.. and now I m just like, ah not another finance bro!

Eyeing some of the academic fellowships at the end of the 1st year. Can alum shed some light on difficulty to get a high GPA? Does Flex core vs. Fixed core matter?


Does anybody else think that the Wharton Slack & Discord groups are kinda quiet/inactive compared to admit groups from other schools?


What's it like living in Philly? Are people worried that the filth might bother them esp. if moving from a clean city like Portland?

Anyone else’s portal showing transcript “unofficial” even though you already submitted the official transcript?

Anyone knows about some Wharton Yacht week? I couldn’t find it on google search but my friend was pretty sure it’s a thing


Currently 1.5 YOE and planning to apply in 2-3 years. Wharton is by far my number 1 choice (over H/S). I WANT TO BE YOU PEOPLE.


I heard there’s a discord channel for class 2023 can someone share an invite with me? I couldn’t find it anywhere :/


In which building does everyone plan on living? I want to live where most of you will be!!


Is there any other way to find a roommate situation besides the spreadsheet? Like a Facebook group or something? I haven’t figured out roomies yet...

I have a 700 GMAT score, is Wharton out of reach with this score? Should I retake it?

Graduating college senior going into consulting looking for someone to connect & share experience at Wharton!

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