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How is Job security in EPAM?

I mean very low recognition for your good work and a bit of barrier in between, although working as a part of client team only.


Honestly, never stay if you have already resigned( unless the reason is not to join another company ) - Anyway, as somebody working in Nokia, I think you should consider it highly. If you are a high performer, you can go the distance here.

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Hi fishes Need some suggestion with regards to company

HSBC - Project MoveMoney App & will be part of transaction service team
Delloite - client Barclays (Client location) Pune
Altair - No clarity on project
Cognizant - No clarity on project (Hinjewadi Phase 1)
luxoft DXC - No clarity on project
Globant - No clarity on project
GlobalLogic - In process
Only one week is left for my Notice period any suggestion would be appreciated . Mostly Looking for WLB , Job security and Growth


Manager salary at Strategy& in London? How it compares with Big4/Accenture?

Can anyone from UPMC share their experiences there? I'm looking to apply for a role in the UPMC enterprises translational team. Thanks!


Hi Fishes Got an offer from Barclays. Hr told 12 lpa fixed. I have 1 yr experience, is it fine??
The role is developer


Anyone have insight into comp for director level roles at Axiom SL?


Any openings for program/project management or pmo role. Kindly refer. I have 5years experience.


I am currently working in advertising with experience on fintech & CPG. I would like to work in tech marketing, specifically Google’s APMM program.
I’ve been studying some PM/PMM books/podcasts/videos, attending Google events, and want to keep learning more to try to prepare myself as much as I can.
What resources helped you get into product marketing/Google?
Has anyone here moved from advertising to tech?
Would love to hear from a marketer about their experience getting into Google.
Thank you


Anyone know wide is the gap btwn federal and commercial partner comp is at Deloitte?


I know companies get funding for hiring veterans, disabled people, minorities, etc. Do companies get credit for interviewing or “try to hire” these individuals too? I ask because I see many hiring events and it seems that companies are either farming information and resumes for project bids or to get funding for trying to hire the protected classes. Seems like a scam or a way for companies to say “we can’t find people for our openings”.


Nearly for 5 years in Non-IT: I have performed well

2 months in IT: Struggling to swim in this IT service Ocean, especially feeling it difficult due to personal pressures. I feel dumb, passively procrastinating due to the lack of clarity over tasks. Manager/colleagues pose as cooperative yet demanding at the same time.

I've been complaining a lot, had a word with RM at TechM, and my managers at client side. Hinted that I'm struggling to cope up. I feel very sceptical about my future.Need help

1) Principal bizops engineer (level 5) in MasterCard Pune with 43 fixed+20% variable
2) Senior Manager - QA DevOps (band 50) in Yodlee Bangalore with 47.27 fixed + 10% variable + 3 lakhs joining bonus + relocation assistance on actuals

Which one should I Join? YOE - 14.5 years
Skills - DevOps


Heard Amazon was a terrible place to work. No work/life balance. Terrible benefits. All true?


Hey All 👋🏽 I am looking to make a switch into recruiting from digital mktg + PMing for the past 5 years. Ideally looking to get into tech recruiting but open to non tech as well.

Has anyone here made a similar switch? If yes did you directly go to client side or joined a recruiting agency? Looking for some direction and advice.


So I have heard a lot of negative things about working at amazon. Like the benefits as not great, work life balance is not great and working environment is not great. Granted this is all subjective but there has to be a reason so many people stay and continue working for Amazon. Any truth to this?


Any simple tips on using that vs. which? E.g. company xyz has “Company XYZ Client Communication Guidelines” (an actual document) THAT/WHICH(?) govern how company xyz communicates with clients


How quick did McKinsey get back to you after interviews?

How to start a comp review and bonus compensation if you joined Accenture last month? Any tips?


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What's the purpose of a state-run digital currency? Like how is that different from the already existing currency?


What’s the salary range for a VP in Market Risk roles in JPMC if the person is already a VP for 4+ years? Does 160K sounds okay, looks low to me. Also, what’s the percentage bonus is like in these roles?

Between Ogletree, Littler, and Seyfarth in Atlanta - pros and cons of each? Things to consider?

I'm a mid-level associate with general litigation background.


Hey all — new to marketing and new to working (graduated in 2020). I am wondering if any of you do marketing/campaigning for non profits, and if so, I would love to connect for mentoring and/or an information interview. Thanks so much in advance!


I keep thinking I’m getting burnt out, but think it’s the crash from my ADHD meds wearing off. Anyone else feel this?


One of my friend cracked Infosys interview and salary discussion has been done as normal. But now it has been almost 40 days that offer not yet comes from Infosys. HR not responding through mails or phone. Is there still any chance to come offer from Infosys? Infosys


Could anyone please refer me for role R44871 in shell India.
Thank you for all your help.

New omega links in the mail, best place to get them put on? Do ADs charge for that sort of thing? If so, what does that sort of thing cost?


Anyone H1B petition got approve for this year filling? How much is H1B visa interview wait time?

Hi Everyone,

I'm working as a System Admin rn but I want to switch as I'm not feeling good while working in mainframes and Kyndryl is paying pennies.

I'm thinking of start prepping for Data Analyst as it is quite hot these days. ( I'm even thinking may be BA bt not sure)

Can anyone suggest any course any one taken which helped them to become Data Analyst because there is alot of free content out there but it is very confusing.


My net worth has increased from $0 to $557k in 4.5 years. This year, I saved & invested $130k. $58k of the $557k is an inheritance, but the rest is self-earned. Ask me anything.

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Hi, I got an offer from Microsoft in Seattle , unable to decide if I should go ahead with this offer ? Please suggest

Current: $82k salaried

Base: $86,008 hourly
Sign on: $5k
On hire stock: $10k

Originally asked for $95k base salary.


I find, as a product marketer, the relationship you have with your corresponding product manager is sacrosanct. I protect it with my life. Anyone feel similarly? Love to hear your thoughts.


Just signed an offer and another offer came through with much better pay and more interesting work, can I rescind the one I signed? Are there legal ramifications?


I Joined in Dec I got good offer from product based company What will happen if abscond from LTI

Please suggest can ask for early release or can i abscond there no dependency on me.


Has anyone heard a firm-wide policy that ALL time spent billing is to be self-written off by associates and is not bonus eligible? Have heard from a friend that a firm I am considering lateraling to has such a policy. Red flag?


Hi All,

I am looking out for Performance Testing(Load Runner, Performance Center, app dynamics) job opportunities in Pune location.I am having 6 years of experience. Any referal would be a great help.


Curious to get some thoughts and ideas going… year end audit must happen. It requires people. People are - more than ever - tired of it and quitting faster than new hires being onboarded. How do we change that? What would be a win win for partners through staff, and get the audits done on time? There must be a solution!

Keeping in mind that now, people aren’t interested to sacrifice WLB…


Additional Posts in Nokia

Hi fishes,what is the current situation for WFO in it 2 days or have increased.

What's job grade 10, 11,12 in Nokia interms of Designation or role ?


Hi Nokia folks, So what was your hike %/Annual Salary review this year? I got 13% at JG9. Nokia


Hello Everyone 🙏,

I have 7 years 3 months of experience as a full stack developer front end react backend go Lang,
My Current CTC is 25 offer of 37 and i have cleared the all rounds of Nokia i will have salary discussion might be tomorrow,
How much should I ask to Nokia.
I am planning to ask for 45 but not sure they will be able to match my expectation.
Can you please help me what will be good CTC that i should ask.
I have 28 days of notice period left
Thanks 🙂

Hello fishes..How much salary to expect with 14 YOE for devops role at grade 9 in Nokia?


Hey Fishes, Recently I got offer from Nokia.
Can you please help me with How is WLB at Nokia & what should be the average expected CTC for job grade - 7. Currently I have offer of 14LPA CTC from a different company.. Nokia


If I join Noika by first week of November, will I get the bonus in April 2023 ?

What is the appraisal cycle in Nokia? What is the cut off date to be eligible for bonus payout in April ?. I will be getting offer and need to plan my joining dates accordingly. Appreciate your help.


Hello Guys... I just saw an article about Nokia laying off around 1500 employees in India and it was from TOI.
Can anyone confirm about the job security at Nokia as I'll be joining it in coming weeks?
Thanks in advance

Hi guys

Can anyone let me know what are perks of joining Nokia? Or if there's any? What can I expect?


Hi Fishes,
YOE - 3.3, Tech stack - Java, React, Node.
How much CTC can I expect?


When will an employee get bonus share under Nokia ESOPS category ?


Do Nokia office in noida provide cab and food facilities. @NOKIA

Can anyone refer me to Nokia for R & D engineer position.
My exp: 1.8


Hi how much in hand for 15LPA. 1.5lac is variable.

Hey fishes,
I’m bit bad at calculations of take home salary.
Can someone please help me out in knowing the take home salary?
Note : I have declared 1.50 in 80C and HRA as 15k month !
Thanks in advance to all the fishes !

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Can I join in Nokia R&D unit for java, spring boot backend developer role considering current situation of layoffs in product based companies ?

Exp - 4 years
Tech stack - Java, Spring Boot, Microservices

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