Does anybody else think that the Wharton Slack & Discord groups are kinda quiet/inactive compared to admit groups from other schools?

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Yeah I’d agree. I think the groups are fairly large for people to actively engage. I’ve seen smaller groups which are very active

How do I find out about these interest based WhatsApp groups?


I agree. I wasn’t sure if I’m missing something...

Yeah I deferred from last year and I distinctly remember it being super active. This year's is a little mellower for some reason - I suspect it has to do with the fact that Round 1 had a welcome weekend and so some people knew each other (whereas nobody's really met each other here).

Guessing the NYC group is pretty active? Any others?

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My manager is a woman, and she is always commenting on how I look in front of everyone - and it just gets so weird. Ex: on Zoom calls with everyone, she’ll call attention to my outfit, or to my extensions, or to my make up when it REALLY ISNT THAT BAD! Plus we Zoom with all other guys so it’s like UGH stop making it weird. And it’s never a straight forward compliment - it’ll be like “Hey arent you cold in that shirt?” *attention is automatically on my shirt”.CONT.


EY folks, a couple of questions about H1 extension filing. 1) Does EY law file extension under premium by default? 2) Can’t see my USCIS case no. on Zoom yet. When is that usually available to track?

Morale is low rn on my team. Superstar team members have left the firm, and more members are trying to leave before busy season because we’ve had to pick up the slack. How to still stay motivated?


I am so over morning zoom meetings.


At this rate, one of these days Ill just shoot myself in the head on one of these lovely Zoom calls, or throw myself off a bridge with a sign around my neck that says “Deloitte made me do it”


Seeing as we are going to be WFH for a while longer... Anyone have recos for remote workout classes (ideally HITT) that can be done over zoom? I’ve used a personal trainer for years and am a confident trainer but have never done classes, let alone remote. Thank ya 🙏🏼


Any other juniors get mistaken for senior associates? I’m in my late 20’s, but I think I look older and tend to dress less casually than the rest of the office, so that could be a reason. I was in another practice area for a few years, but am a junior first year associate as I lateraled over into another practice area. Partners at other firms call me and attempt to negotiate deal terms and structure directly with me, and investment banks ask me questions during Zoom meetings. Is this weird?

Thoughts on zoom by Friday? 50 puts @ 400 for $8.7 Nov 13


Permanent wfh companies:











Interview Kickstart











Publicis Sapient


Paytm Insider



Reddit, Inc



Mutual Mobile





Do Feds really not know we can see their Skype status that they have been away from their computer for 8 hrs on their telework day?


I was recently offered a Zoom interview. The school had 10 interview slots for me to choose from. Three were one day this week and the rest are next week. I chose the first time slot available. Should I have waited until one of the last slots so I was fresher on their mind when choosing a candidate? I am just sitting here stressing out until I here something. Also, do interviewers still appreciate a hand written thank you for the interview?

I love teaching art but am having to teach remotely to 1150 kids, k - 5. Have about 54 amazing elementary art teachers in my district that share SO much! I could retire (34 yrs), but just don’t want to because I love what I do! Feeling like my students aren’t getting what they should because I am struggling with Zoom, Microsoft, safe YouTube, bitmoji, embedding, downloads, editing, etc. Anyone else feeling this way?


Hi Fishes,

I got an opportunity to join Microsoft in "Microsoft Teams" product team in Bangalore. Anyone can give me an idea about this team? As we are seeing many layoffs across the industry, can someone tell me how safe is to join "Microsoft Teams"?


Hi! Question. How does your company handle the communication between customers and solution engineers during integration? Do you use Slack, Jira, etc? We are using Slack but some customers won’t use Slack so then it’s bleeding over to other forms of communication that are less ideal. I’m starting to wonder if we would be better off doing Jira tickets. 🙃

I’m pretty buzzed and was on a zoom party, but the host left and ended up ending the meeting cause he had no clue he could do that :/


Has anyone had a client request zoom and virtual house showings?


I can highly recommend this webinar: Heart Disease is the number one killer in the US. Learn how to help yourself.

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Weller face-off tonight 😍

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Idk how, but I got the offer. Still wondering if it’s real (it’s been 30mins since the phone call) because I thought I performed so poorly. I wouldn’t have passed myself. I hope the interviewers didn’t make a mistake (accidentally mixed up evals for another candidate, or the call was meant for another candidate w/ the same name). I do want to thank the Fishbowl community though. So many of you took the time to share your experiences and encourage me. I couldn’t have done this without you.


What are some resources on child development? I'm a first time mom and really can't tell if I'm doing enough to be sure she's learning what she needs to learn via play, activities, books, etc. at 16 months.


Can a multi-member LLC filing as a C-corp making SEP IRA contributions when the corporations has zero W2 wages? Everyone, including the members of the LLC are working as contractors/1099. If so, how would you calculate the ceiling if there aren’t any W2 wages?


Anyone know how Jackson Lewis's lockstep works? Straight calendar year? Joined a little over a month ago as a lateral and curious if I get a raise starting January 1, but feels weird to ask about this early.


Are you participating in the “Ban Off Our Bodies Walkout” tomorrow (July 13th)? It’s at 4pm your local time.

Get more info from Planned Parenthood. You can also post support if you can’t participate.


Does anyone know or have any idea where I can get some hands on coding practice/experience? I’ve been trying for almost a year


Seeking advice for moving from industry leadership role (dr of training) into HC consulting. 20+ years in TD (L&D, PC, OCM). Industry roles for last 5 years but spent most of my career in small consulting orgs.
CPTD but no degree (long story, about 15 cr shy). Would you suggest addl cert (CCMP, SHRM-C)? Will the lack of degree a no-go or is there a way in while I finish? A Sr director role is being dangled. Would the title bump help with the transition or do I risk missing a hot market?


I am a male and have always wanted to get earrings. I am little nervous that people in the workplace might judge me for wearing them. what are your guys thoughts?


Rising 2nd year here: been rethinking my choice as an M&A attorney. I've had a rough go of it over the first year-and-a-half of practice and am thinking about moving to a different practice area. I'd like to stay on the transactional side, but am not quite sure what areas I can leverage my corporate and M&A skills in. I was thinking T&E (i.e. business succession planning, etc.)

Would greatly appreciate input from others.


Do any of you use sun beds? I really want to be less pasty and more evenly colored. Realistically I won’t consistently use self tanner or spray tans. I am very tempted to try a sun bed on an infrequent / low level basis, but I hesitate because I know it’s bad for you. Thoughts?


I'm an artist model, looking to transition to remote work in order to care for my grandmother. Unfortunately due to extenuating circumstances I am unable to employment as the carer for her. So I am looking to get remote work so I can take care of her while I am at work if she so needs it throughout the day.

However, haven't worked in a office setting in about 10 years.

I am looking for any and all advice on this journey. As I have no idea where to start.


Does anyone know the stats , for technical interviews with companies what's the conversion rate ? (x successful after interviewing y) sort of ?


Is it okay to take couple days off when switching jobs on h1b? Planning to take ~7-10 days off before I join new firm. And also planning to go out of country during that time. Would that be an issue?

I’m looking to hire a headhunter for SCRUM/ PM any and all recommendations are welcome.


Anyone tried Anson belts?

Anxiety attacks have been picking up (used to be few times a year, now weekly) I see a therapist already but have people had success with ashwagandha and magnesium? Not interested in prescription meds for me personally even though I recognize their merits


Anyone have recommendations for apt cleaning service, midtown east area.


Pet (cat) sitter recs? Need to leave for a week and little nervous leaving cat alone for the first time- looking for someone good to stop by a few times


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Random thought: I used to be so easily impressed by people in PE/IB, until I started browsing Wharton profiles of fellow incoming MBAs.. and now I m just like, ah not another finance bro!

Have you already received your Wharton swag box?

Currently 1.5 YOE and planning to apply in 2-3 years. Wharton is by far my number 1 choice (over H/S). I WANT TO BE YOU PEOPLE.


What's it like living in Philly? Are people worried that the filth might bother them esp. if moving from a clean city like Portland?

When are folks generally looking to roll into Philly?

Is there any other way to find a roommate situation besides the spreadsheet? Like a Facebook group or something? I haven’t figured out roomies yet...

I have a 700 GMAT score, is Wharton out of reach with this score? Should I retake it?

Crossing my finger so hard 🤞 for preterm to be in person 😂


Do we know what % of applicants get offers with scholarship?

Anyone knows about some Wharton Yacht week? I couldn’t find it on google search but my friend was pretty sure it’s a thing


In which building does everyone plan on living? I want to live where most of you will be!!


Eyeing some of the academic fellowships at the end of the 1st year. Can alum shed some light on difficulty to get a high GPA? Does Flex core vs. Fixed core matter?


How MBB experience help with Warthon application. I work in analytics and want to get an MBA to get into more strategic positions ins Tech companies.

What are some strength points I should focus on? And common weaknesses. Any tips are appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Been doing some LinkedIn/cold email reachout to alum through the Mypenn directory. Some responded quite promptly, others I have not heard from. What has been your “success rate” of cold reach out to alum? And if no response, how have you been following up?

Graduating college senior going into consulting looking for someone to connect & share experience at Wharton!

I’m from New York and don’t have a car right now. Should I consider buy/rent a car at Philly? How do people usually get around?

I heard there’s a discord channel for class 2023 can someone share an invite with me? I couldn’t find it anywhere :/


What laptop do people recommend getting?

Hey does anyone have recommendations on furnished apartments near rittenhouse square?

Do we know when is tuition due?

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