I am having doubts regarding shifts in project and job role in Societe General.Can I ask these questions to HR or it will lead to closure of my candidature as they might feel he is having issues with this?

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Naukri has proved to be the best site for me when it comes to job hunting. 90% of interview calls I got were because of Naukri. A couple of them from LINKEDIN jobs & none from Indeed or Monster.

If you had a different experience, please let us know


Hi fishies! I just got recruited for an AE position at HubSpot. Anyone else here work for them? Do they pay well? Are the quotas realistic?


I’m a recent grad (2020) with a degree in marketing that is currently in a role where I don’t feel as fulfilled. I want to start working in Social Media does anyone have advice on how I should get started to move into this type of role?


A friend has SAP MM interview on Saturday. Can someone tell me what to expect?


Brillio is Hiring !!!

NodeJS Fullstack Developer

Role: Lead Engineer

Experience: 3-5 Years

Location - Bangalore

Skill Set - NodeJS, ReactJs

Interested people can DM me.


Hello, someone who can refer me for a position in Dubai in Data Strategy/Data Governance/Data Quality field? (not consulting company please :) )

I have 7 YOE.


Anyone in internal/corporate communications (government is a plus!) that wouldn’t mind looking over a corporate comms and experience strategy for a position I’ve applied for?


IT Strategy & Transformation consultants with 4+ years exp being hired at our NYC/Boston/SanFran offices. We’re an innovation consultancy, offer good WLB, nice people and hybrid work. DM me for a referral link 💪


Can someone give me a referral for the Implementation Coach position at McKinsey & Company ?

Looking to exit to PE post MBA coming from mckinsey. Would appreciate any tips. Feel to dm me if you went through that process. Would love to chat.


Hey guys! I’m currently seeking a Junior AD position in NYC. I’d be more than happy to connect.


Do you know if EY is opening an office at Calicut/Kozhikode Kerala. If yes is it GDS office or India Practice.


Looking for ETL testing role. Can join in one month. Preferred location is pune. Total exp - 7.3 yrs Skills- Informatica, SQL, Unix Any referrals please suggest.


Hello people.
Can you guide me about what is the industry standard for an analyst role in a Mid-Level Indian VC firm which has made investments of about 3-5 crores in each of its portfolio companies? Couldn’t find much over the net for the indian scenario. I need it for negotiations.


Nothing infuriates me more than being stood up in a job interview. It doesn’t matter it’s on Zoom 😡


How do you search for a job? Do you apply online at various job boards and if so, which ones do you use? Do you also apply directly on the company’s website?


Looking to update my resume does anyone have a website which has good resume templates?


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struggling in my relationship. Recently my bf’s been struggling with his mental health so I mentioned to him that he might want to consider finding a therapist for daily maintenance. 9 months later, he hasn’t done it and he’s become a wreck - struggling at grad school, not helping in the house, messing up/not doing critical tasks like paying rent. But he wont help himself and just complains, and he’s starting to hurt my mental health too. Any advice to help him help himself is appreciated!


What was your undergrad thesis topic? What are some good ideas if you want to combine tech + finance + consulting?


I still feel like a little kid paying dress up every day.


Hi Guys ,

My Final anniversary date is 3rd Nov , 2022 . From which month shall I receive a salary hike and also how much % ?
Job Level - C2
YOE - Will be 5.3 yrs on 3rd Nov , 2022
Company - TCS


Have you heard about dr reddys pharma ? I got offer there as data engineer.pls share if u know anything about it.


REALLY, girl? 🙄

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Never take for granted how lucky I am to be able to work from home with regular snuggle breaks 🥰

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👋Hi, Anyone recently got Doj postponed Addendum letter from wipro? Why they are doing this? Can we realy on updated DOJ? Please pour your inputs


I (28F) went on a date and everything was going great until the guy (33M) revealed he was currently carrying an active handgun on his belt for protection. I talked to some friends and family about this and they don't think it's a big deal. The date was otherwise really great. I just can't seem to get over this piece.

Has anyone ever been in a relationship where you had differing opinions on the gun control debate?


Hi All
I am looking for single or double occupancy ( Male) in already preoccupied flat with working professional from 25 Dec 2022

Please let me know if anyone have some need or requirment

Area of interest -
Wadgaon Sheri
Viman Nagar
Should be in 5 KM radius of EON IT Park

Can someone pls tell me which is better capgemini or cognizant?


Hey all,

I am interviewing with 7-11 as a Management Recruiter position. Any tips before the interview, I really wanna get this position and kill it!

Honestly, anything would help, thank you!


Yeah, we could Gen-Z-ize it


🐠, I need your help. I am a non-native speaker and really want to improve my business writing skill for deck building.

I’m working in APAC but dealing with US and UK clients all the times. Recent feedback from my MDs (from the states) is that my writing doesn’t sound natural, some grammar issues here and there, and the sentences are too wordy or clumsy. (Cont.)


Just worked a 13 hour day on accident 🙄 at least I don’t have to work as much tomorrow!


Just found out that Ultrasounds aren’t considered preventative (in 2021), so the full amount is applied to your deductible. Doesn’t that seem asinine? Or am I just cheap?


My biggest mistake was accepting a promotion to manager, it made me realize that I'm not very good at managing people. Should I ask if I can go back to my old role?


lead associate is equal to SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT or not??

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What does please confirm on the valid overseas of India card mean.Should O choose yes or no.Also let me know is passport mandatory for societe general?

Recently i have cleared all the rounds in socgen only salary discuss is left how much i should ask if my current ctc is 15.5 lpa and yoe is 4

Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the dress code that's been followed in societe general.


Can somebody throw light on SocGen PA, How much minimum % company compensated from last 3yrs?


Hi all, I'm waiting for the offer / Letter of Intent from Societe Generale. Submitted the compensation documents a week back, would they reject the candidature if the expected CTC is out of their budget? Or atleast let me know..Societe Generale

Does Société Générale provide opportunities for short term onsite or say long term onsite opportunity for specialists software engineer with 5-6 yrs exp.


My current package is 6 lakh and at time of screening I said expected 10 lakh , should I tell I expect 11 lakh in managerial round or different nos will lead to rejection.Also salary negotiable is done by manager only? Experience - 3 years 3 month

Hi. I'm currently in EY, YOE 9.5, CCTC 14 LPA fixed.. working on an offer from SocGen for 24 LPA.. should I ask more? What is the standard fixed CTC for 10 YOE at SocGen? Process Transformation Consulting..

Does SocGen provide joining bonus? I'm going to forfeit roughly 3.5 lacs worth of bonus this year to move.. need to know whether I can ask for JB.

What is the standard variable pay at SocGen? Is it 25%? Or 8.3%?

Permanent WFH options available? If so, are they mentioned in the offer letter

Societe Generale 8Yoe, for java full stack lead how much we can ask? Heard variable pay in SG is around 20 to 25 %. Is that true?


Does Societe Generale rejects on managerial round because candidate is already having a offer already? At the end of discussion was asked expected CTC and notice period and when answered the same , was roasted like why are you even looking for more and etc. Quote confusing 😐

Societe Generale

Hello Fishes ...
Please help me

I'm looking for a entry-level role in finance domain and I would appreciate your support.

Recent MBA-FINANCE graduate with a focus in Investment banking, Financial markets, Financial analysis and reporting

If anyone knows of a job opening where I would be a good fit, I'd appreciate if you could send them my way! Of course, if you have any suggestions for where to start my career, or anyone you'd recommend I speak to, I would be very grateful.


Hi All,

Need suggestion regarding which company is best among below 2 in term of job security and work life balance.

Society General
Daimler truck innovation center india


Hello Société Générale folks,

Looking for some honest advice. Considering an offer with SocGen B’lore for Specialist Software Engineer position with 5.5 years exp and into Tech service management. Could you please tell me a bit about following points?

- I see 25% of the compensation(5Lakhs) is Variable. Does company even pay 60% of it at the end of the year if you perform say 4/5 rating?
- What is an average annual hike that the firm gives?
- How is the work culture? Societe Generale

What questions will be asked in Societe General Managerial Interview?

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