I am having doubts regarding shifts in project and job role in Societe General.Can I ask these questions to HR or it will lead to closure of my candidature as they might feel he is having issues with this?

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Hi Fishes, I am going to be first time in lead position. Any tips? Publicis Sapient Accenture Wipro Tata Consultancy Infosys


Hi Everyone!

Please reference the attached picture for back story info to my question. I’d greatly appreciate everyone’s help & advice!
I’m now awaiting next steps in the process and I want to ensure I have my best foot forward as this is a job that I REALLY want. I’ll be officially moving to DC next week. Should I email the hiring mgrs as an update/courtesy and reinforcement of my interests letting them know that I will be in the city officially next week? Or is this too forward/unnecessary?

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Does anyone have an opinion about FLDP programs? It's for a fortune 5 company. How do other companies view FLDP's in terms of does it add value to a resume over other entry level roles. Is an FLDP worth pursuing over a full time position at the same or smaller company?


Hi guys, How is volvo client in HCL ?


I am working in IBM from last 1 year(Joined on last September).

My CCTC is 16 LPA, Band is 7A.

I got an offer with 50 percent hike (24 LPA).

Will IBM ready to retain me? Since i am a critical employee in my project, My pem told me that he will check with HR.

How is IBM retention policy?


Hello, I got an Amazon offer for a marketing manager position in NYC. What are your thoughts?
Base: 110k
1yr bonus: 31k
2nd ye bonus: 27k
RSU’s: 24 shares (5% first year, 15% second year, 20% every 6 months after)


Looking to connect with someone from Microsoft re: Comms Manager role. I have 9 YoE total in journalism and marketing - currently working as a senior copywriter at a small agency. Thanks in advance!!


Tata Consultancy today Evening i had an interview for angular js developer role. It went good. I got a mail to upload documents is that mean I am selected.. Or any other rounds still have a chance?? Pls help me with this Tata Consultancy


I've spent a lot of time on the "dev" side, including stints as a team lead and currently sit as a technical architect. What are some ways to get more involved in ops so that I can pivot to a DevOps-oriented role?

Hi family! Searching for any Audience Development or Social Media openings in-house or agency related in NYC. 7+ years experience. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I’ve worked in Finance for a few years now and have just received my ACCA chartership, however I’m wanting to move into project management - what is a good way of making this transition /what certifications are the most important to obtain?

Hey guys, just accepted a 110k + bonus + options at a bay tech company for a Sr. Rev. Accountant position. I’m wondering where I should be headed trajectory wise in my career after this position in 1-5 years to try and get my base comp to 200-300k+? Should I be looking at getting promoted to a controller role? Is there something in between? Previously managed finances like a controller (but as a Sr. Accountant) for a smaller 100 employee SaaS company before this. 21M for reference


I’ve been offered & accepted data engineering associate position with a 48% increase from current pay!! Position is 95% work from home.

Dilemma is prior to receiving offer, awarded scholarship to attend well-recognized tech conference in the fall. Award is targeted to boot camp grads, BIPOC & other underrepresented people. I would attend virtual sessions for a few days.

How do I present my attendance at this conference as development? Thanks in advance.


I found a company I was really excited about working at. I applied for the job and went through 5 rounds of interviews. At the end they said I was OVER qualified and they want me for a different position higher up in the company. I was super excited they then had me go through 5 more rounds, 3/5 people were the same. The interviews mostly went "didn't you get the job, I highly recommend you? I'll just put you down as a 10". After those were done they told me I was UNDER qualified. Can't win!


Do all these recruiters sound like car salesman? Any advice finding someone who will actually help you? Or am I better finding exit opportunities myself


Asking for a friend.

Trying to negotiate salary for systems/IT engineer position at F500. 4+ YOE, bachelors degree. DC metro area. Dont want to leave money on the table especially after finding out what company is offering to new grads


How is SIP consultant role? Salary range?

Any tips for interview?

Also i have extensive experience in market research but not so much on analytics...is it fine?


Interview questions or tips for a Health- Quality Data Analyst position?


Any openings for Opentext Documentum Admin at pune location ?

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a referral to Shopify. I’m highly experienced for the role I’m applying to and feel confident I can land an interview with a referral. Please let me know!


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Would base pay 155k for 2 years of general corporate transactional experience in a top big law firm be considered low or just right for a corporate counsel position? I keep getting conflicting resources saying different things. It’s my only offer so far and they’re not willing to budge any further on salary. Would appreciate any insight!

How much hike one gets at promotion from manager to Senior Manager in EY GDS?


How to find high value friends, those who have great vision and goals?
My current circle is too stagnant with least vision for future.
I feel choked with them sometimes, but not planning to leave my homies!
The question is how to find new friends who are like me … who have big plans, hunger for growth, goals, similar thought process and all

Serious answers expected, no pun needed!!


What is your process when pitching an idea? Do you just verbally express it? Do you show visuals like mood boards? What is the best way in yr own opinions


EY IT Strategy Manager or PwC Delivery Manager. Both UK. Heart likes “strategy”, head likes idea of working for “PwC”. Currently working as Delivery Lead. EY PwC. Currently at Avanade for context.

Chase freedom flex or citi custom cash? I don't travel much (yet). I already get 3% on dining/groceries.

CFF is $200 bonus with 5% back on rotating categories capped at $1500 spend/quarter, 5% back Chase travel, 3% back dining/pharmacy

CCC is $300 bonus with 5% back on top eligible category capped at $500 spend/month


Anyone looking to hire creative interns in NYC? Available immediately


Crush stories?
Floor batao & little bit description
PU office


Question to girls - what are you wearing to the BMS party. I've joined recently and haven't been to any such party


Will my non-target background always haunt me?


I am so miserable at my agency and I think copywriting in general. Tips for going more towards a brand marketing or brand manager role?


How difficult is it to be a single parent? (Soon to be one)

Hi, can someone explain me this. I am new into this.
Thanks in Advance!

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Hey Philly 🐠, if my office is walking distance from my apartment, do I need a car to live/enjoy Philly? Thinking about selling my car when I move to Philly in a few weeks - I’ll be living in Center City.


Does anyone know any good admissions consultants for graduate student programs in Canada? (Eg MBA, LLM)


Anyone recently got selected for advanced analyst- TD role and got offer letter? @eygds


Can anyone help me with the salary range of senior engineer level 7 at brillio.


Anyone else feel like your looks play a big part in how you're treated around your firm?


Additional Posts in Societe Generale Global Solution Center

Hi all,
Is lunch free in Societe Generale and should we pay for parking also??


Hi fishes, can anyone tell me about the designation hierarchy in societe general..and also want to make sure that is it permanent 2days/week wfh or they might call 100% employees to ofc in future?


My current CTC is 7.5 as fixed.
YoE: 7 years

Job role : senior analyst , Credit Risk. Bangalore

Can you suggest how much should I expect as fixed ?

Can someone send me the societe general branches in chennai, specially in omr and also about the work culture and job security? Basically, I don't know anything about societe general. Can anyone please elaborate and throw some lights?

Can anyone refer me for available job opening in India

Hi SGians/Fishes...I have still 29 days remaining to join SG and got a better offer letter ...I am double sure about joining SG only....does SG re-negotiates after accepting the offer letter.??

Today I had call with hr she said they can give 9.5 lakh fixed +30 k gratuity and 3.5 lakh fixed.Is this good package for 3 years 4 month experience if my current CTC is 6.1.How much variable I will get in 3.5 lakh?

Hi Fishes,

Last week I finished my Managerial Round with Societe Generale.
Can someone please help me with understanding the wlb and projects at Soc Gen?
Also how much compensation does SoC Gen offer for a Full Stack Developer role?
Thanks in advance.
YOE - 3 years
Tech Stack - Java, Spring, Spring Boot, JavaScript and React JS

I have an offer from Deloitte USI as a consultant with 13.5 LPA and another offer from Societe Generale as a Specialist software Engineer with 14 LPA. Please suggest which one to choose and why?


Can anyone suggest me some apartments or area where I can take 1 bhk flat for a married couple near Societe Generale SGC Bangalore?

Hi all, Is early release possible in societe Generale?


Hi Anyone from SocGen,
I need urgent help please. Regards to my interview.thanks in advance.


Hi Guys,
I need a referral in Societe Generale. Can anyone please refer me.
I have job id and resume ready.

Can somebody throw light on SocGen PA, How much minimum % company compensated from last 3yrs?


What is the appraisal cycle of Soc Gen?

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