Hi Fishes,

Last week I finished my Managerial Round with Societe Generale.
Can someone please help me with understanding the wlb and projects at Soc Gen?
Also how much compensation does SoC Gen offer for a Full Stack Developer role?
Thanks in advance.
YOE - 3 years
Tech Stack - Java, Spring, Spring Boot, JavaScript and React JS

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Hiring for a role at Rogers Communications. There is a lot of analytical thinking and strategy involved. Message if interested. Commission is uncapped and very achievable targets with flexibility.


Hi everyone. Interviewing for a SM role at KPMG Consulting. Is 95k a low ask - should I go for 100k (base salary)?


First time poster here!

After spending 4 years as a mid-level ops manager, I tried to break into HR through talent acquisition. Now after 6 years in TA, I've had a hard time getting out of it. My goal was always to get into a more broad HRBP position, but I've since worked for smaller orgs without a solid HR career path. When I ask about my career goals, they keep telling me, "Soon!" Or "Maybe in 6 months!"

I'm testing SPHR in June. Any advice for securing the type of role I'm aiming for?


Hi, Can someone please refer me at Gartner for associate role. The job id is 71187.

Hi Fishes,

I am currently working in a company as a Senior Business Analyst and wish to switch to a Data Scientist role in a different company. How much hike can I expect to get?

CCTC: - 16.8 LPA
YOE: - 5 years


Hey! I am a BCaBA in the miami area, may I ask what are your hourly rates are and if you're an employee or contractor. I'm thinking of asking for a raise.


I have 5 years of experience as IT Service analysts . I wanted to make a job change and I want to move to a new profile. I am confused between selecting a technical certification like Azure or move to management role like Agile Scrum master.


Hello everyone! I am looking for advice. I am a C&B Team lead ( about 15 years of experience) but all my experience was in Russia. Now I got married and moved to UK , plus we have got a baby in 2019 so now I am looking for a job in UK having 3 years of career break. Although, I am getting CIPD lvl 7 diploma this year. I am not ready for team leader's role now . So my question is about HR area, where could I find a job with my only Russian experience? HR generalist, C&B analyst, HR BP, recruiter?


Wanted to get everyone’s perspective on the WLB, culture, compensation in VC, GE, and PE. Feel as though there’s not much insight into this and wanted to create a forum to talk about this.

Any insight is helpful!


Hello fishes

What is the salary of a senior software Engineer (2yrs exp) in persistent after a switch?
I got 10lpa ..should i. Take it?

Nearly 3.5 years into my financial services career I am expecting an offer from Deloitte in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know the salary range for Deloitte consultants?


Has anyone had a challenging time with scheduling an interview call for an AE role with Gartner? The first time, we scheduled for a day/time and confirmed. When that day/time came, they didn’t call so I messaged them to f/u. They apologized since it didn’t make it into their calendar and the spot was taken although I thought that spot was for me & I waited for the calendar invite despite it not being sent. Rescheduling for the 2nd time wasn’t helpful either even with an invite. Seems strange.


How was the interview experience with Luxoft, Poland?

I have technical interview scheduled.
Tech stack,

Azure databricks
Data engineering


What is the culture at KPMG London, especially for strategy roles and sustainability?


Can somebody refer me to Cornerstone OnDemand for QA role. I have the req ID.

Anybody at Accenture ME willing to share their experience culture wise + comp? Pls and ty!


Hello Fishes!
I am really confused 😕
1 BT (
British Telecom ) vs Jio ( Jio Platforms Limited )
Yoe : 6.5
Skill : FE
BT: 20 LPA fixed , 2 lakh variable Pay, 2 lakh Joining bonus ( without pf, Gratuity )
Jio: 20.30 fixed, 2 lakh variable Pay, 1 lakh Joining bonus (without pf, Gratuity)
Profile wise, BT seems to see slightly better.
But I feel jio is much better brand for future job switches?
Can you please help me on :
1. Work culture
2. Brand value
3. Percent of var pay recvd at year end


Hi there ... Is there any openings in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM in Nagarro ?


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Hello fishes, I’m a full stack developer at Deloitte, really interested in joining Google. Is there anyone here who can give a referral ?


Help! I have a hot mid 30’s female manager in the med device space. She been a manager for a year and just got promoted to a director. She’s fun to be around and could be considered “one of the bros.” It’s clear that I don’t have as good of a relationship with her as my other female colleagues have. I know this because of my rather infrequent contact with her compared to female colleagues who “talk shop” daily. Secondly, I’m always finding out inside info about promotions, drama etc…Continued!


Nielseniq Chennai have permanent WFH option?


Deloitte 🐠 - anyone who didn’t get their h1b and transferred to a member firm in another country? What was the process like? Are you happy with your choice?


Isbthere any probation period for lateral?


Hello, I’m looking for help filing my tax information for a new job. I’ve been in nyc for close to two decades, and am moving from the city for a new job. I’m wondering what to claim.


Anyone interested in going to Sofi Tukker on Dec. 16? The date changed and now I have an extra ticket ($40)


I constantly yearn for the approval of my PMD. Do I have daddy issues?


I have attended an interview last week which had both Technical and Manager Round. The next day, I got mail from a HR to upload the documents in iBegin portal and then the documents were 'Verified' later. Even after 4 days the status in iBegin portal still says as "Candidate registered against job". I am not getting any response from the HR about the current status.

Does this mean that I am rejected? I am confident that I have performed well in the interview.


Not Excel related, but any folks in strategy willing to suggest the best and most useful data platform to learn? I’m thinking along the lines of Tableau, Power BI, etc.


Long time follower, first time poster. My first (hopefully) Moskowitz-worthy creation.

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Okay so here’s the deal.
I have several years that I haven’t had a job interview because when I needed to change jobs it was for people who knew my work personally and the offer was on the table. However, now I applied for a new job via LinkedIn and tomorrow I have an online interview and currently even though I know I’m perfect for the job and I know my abilities, I’m afraid I’ll fail.
Any advice on how to have a successful interview?
Role is Business Development Manager.


Accenture is asking me for relieving letter for onboarding process. hence my current employer can only provide it aftrr 30 days of my last working day. What else can i share?


Best technical skills and learning opportunities for corporate finance?

- VBA, SQL, Python (Coursera/LinkedIn Learning)
- Quant (R)
- Hyperion or other apps (work)
- CFA study (books)


Heading out to NYC to meet up with fellow founders in the tech space. Currently, working on a 1v1 coaching company with tech professionals. Think the senior engineer of slack doing monthly coaching calls. If interested, DM me.


Seriously considering adding vegan stuff to my restaurant's menu, I don't have anything against meat except I can't afford it. :( Any ideas on something that doesn't taste like treebark? LOL


How to use the Amex $200 to help purchase a flight with delta?


Is anyone here a pharmacy technician for Adventhealth in Florida?


A question, I’ve been trying to get clients for SEO and I’ve tried cold mailing, cold calls, contact form submissions, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

But still no luck, its been a month, what are the current methods people are using to get new clients?

I would really appreciate the help here.

Has anyone worked with Lisa & Derek (Grey ➡️ DDB) Thoughts?


Additional Posts in Societe Generale Global Solution Center

Dear Sharks,

What will be my In hand salary per month ?

LTA, Food coupon, upskill allowance , Tele bill-- all these includes In take home salary ?

My CCTC is 7.5 as Fixed, take home monthly 56k. Is this a good deal ?

Please Help

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Can anyone refer me for available job opening in India

My current CTC is 7.5 as fixed.
YoE: 7 years

Job role : senior analyst , Credit Risk. Bangalore

Can you suggest how much should I expect as fixed ?

Recently i have cleared all the rounds in socgen only salary discuss is left how much i should ask if my current ctc is 15.5 lpa and yoe is 4

Can someone refer me to the Automation testing role in SG. I am having 7 YOE in QA and Automation. Thanks in advance.

What is the notice period if I reassign in probation period i.e 2 months of joining.

How guys, I have cleared SG Societe Generale Interview? How much CTC can I expect from SG? I'm holding an offer with a 10.7LPA +1Lakh joining bonus. Yoe-2yrs

What questions will be asked in Societe General Managerial Interview?

Hi All,

Need suggestion regarding which company is best among below 2 in term of job security and work life balance.

Society General
Daimler truck innovation center india

Does Societe Generale rejects on managerial round because candidate is already having a offer already? At the end of discussion was asked expected CTC and notice period and when answered the same , was roasted like why are you even looking for more and etc. Quote confusing 😐

Societe Generale


What is role and responsibilities for specialist software engineer SocGen GSC Bangalore? YOE is 6.3 Years


How much is expected maximum salary range socgen can provide for 5 YOE java backend developer?

Got offer from societe generale with 17.2 fixed and 4 varibale, variable component is mentioned as potential variable pay, how much of this variable is actually given to the employees for average rating? And also they have mentioned after joining it's 6 months probation period.


Hi fishes, how much variable pay usually paid back. 100%?

I am having doubts regarding shifts in project and job role in Societe General.Can I ask these questions to HR or it will lead to closure of my candidature as they might feel he is having issues with this?


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