If you have an interview soon, you’ll be interested in today’s post.

Organizing your work experience in the STAR format will help build your confidence before an interview and effectively communicate your story during an interview.

Read the first comment to see how the STAR format works.

DM me if you want to learn more about my services and how I can help you reach your next career goal.

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STAR Format explained:

1. Make a list of 5-7 experiences from your work history that focus on functions AND behaviors you possess that will translate to success in the role.

2. Use the STAR format to describe your experience:

- Situation: describe the problem or scenario you faced.

- Task: what task did you need to perform?

- Action: what action did you take?

- Result: what was the outcome of your action?

3. Write out all 5-7.

4. Review and refine each one.

5. Practice saying them out loud to another person —> this step is critical to building confidence before the interview and will prevent you from stumbling over words when speaking about your past work.

6. Repeat 4-5 until you are happy with the language and can recite each experience fluidly and confidently.

Following this process before every interview will ensure:

🔥 You have go-to answers at hand for any interview questions.

🔥 You feel calm and confident during the interview.

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I check my email and mobile 1000 times to check any revert from HR team :D


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Found out from a friend who's a recruiter that I got the role. It's an L4 with potential to move to L5 within a year. Any information would be appreciated!


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LOL at people complaining that next season is a long wait. You know nothing. Try waiting for the NEXT BOOK for half a decade, then come back, and we’ll talk 😜


Hi All, Can someone please refer me for the Business Development Specialist role at Amazon? ID is A2175669. I have the required experience in sales and an MBA. Thanks. Amazon


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I chose the wrong profession.

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Additional Posts in Career Help

I’ve over 15 yrs experience and looking for job with no luck. Everyone telling me sending apps for senior roles (VP plus) doesn’t work.
Can anyone help me with reaching out to people via email. Formats/ content I saw online are for entry level people. How do I ask people to connect with me without asking for a job ?

If you want a Porsche but you think you can only have a Honda you’re getting a Honda.

Everything we want in life starts with a thought.

Thoughts becomes beliefs.

Beliefs effect our behavior and actions.

Beliefs, behavior and action are our reality.

If you want an exciting, fulfilling career, start thinking about what that looks like for you.

Believe you can have it.

You’re beliefs, behaviors and actions will lead you to it.

If you need help, DM me.


If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at the beginning of your career, what advice would you give yourself?


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response” -Viktor Frankl

What do you do when you make the wrong career choice?

Forgive yourself. No one is perfect. You are learning. Wrong choices are part of the learning process.

Ask for forgiveness if your choice negatively impacted another.

Work on recognizing the space between stimulus and response. Ask for help if you need it.

All of the above will help you make a better choice next time.


Applying to jobs online doesn’t work.

Here’s a better way:

Before a job is posted, it’s talked about among hiring managers and HR.

This is the hidden job market at every company.

You want your name to be in those discussions.

You get your name in those discussions by having conversations with hiring managers and HR at your target companies.

It’s one of the steps in my #CareerBlueprint program which I designed to help get you out of the apply-pray-reject cycle.

DM me to learn more.


Leaders understand it’s okay say no to their management team.

Someone I’m working with used to be afraid to speak up when he saw something wasn’t right. He thought he couldn’t affect change and should just do what he was told.

Read my comment to find out what happened when he finally overcame his fear.


If you want more from your career, but you can’t stop thinking about how stuck you are, you won’t get more from your career.

Thoughts —> Beliefs —> Actions —> Change

1. Think: what would “a better career” look like? Write it down.

2. Believe you deserve it. Believe it’s yours before you have it.

3. Take action:

- Suggest improvements at work
- Look for new job opportunities

4. The change in you already occurred and the next change will be in your career.

DM me to learn more.


Hello, derivatives trader looking to pivot into equity research, does anyone has any recruiting coach agency to recommend ? Thanks a lot !!


Your mind is like your news feed.

Negative thoughts on repeat is like hitting the “Like” button on negativity:

“I can’t change.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“This is all I know.”

Negative self talk will produce more negative self talk.

You can retrain your brain to ignore negative thoughts and “Like” positive thoughts that help you. When you do, possibilities and productivity increase.

It takes time to change thought patterns.

A coach will get you there faster.

DM me if you need help.

Having confidence to take the next step in your career is all about the process.

Thoughts —> Beliefs —> Actions —> Outcomes —> Repeat

This virtuous cycle is a continuous feedback loop that builds on itself.

Focus on positive thoughts and let the negative ones float on by.

When thoughts become beliefs, take action.

Outcomes give you data to help adjust your approach and build confidence.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

You can DIY.

A coach will get you there faster.

DM me to learn more.


How do you remain positive on days when rejection emails fill your inbox?

How do you recover quickly from an interview that didn’t go as you’d hoped?

How do you respond when a recruiter tells you you’ll never get that salary with your experience?

Check out my comment to learn how.


First of all, I love that this is a group. This is why I joined this app. Thank you. But I’d love advice on how/were to transition away from banking and finance. Bachelor degree in agriculture, National guardsmen, seeking $75k/yr, ideally remote. I feel stuck and lost because I took a leap of faith to get into banking with no experience and now I have no relative experience in another field/industry to get me out.


Careers and the job market have never been more complicated.

If you need help getting clarity on what you want, finding happiness in your work, navigating your career, your personal growth, or your job search this is the bowl to be in.


Most corporations don’t provide employees with good career planning.

It’s critical have your own #CareerBlueprint.

What are your career and personal goals for this year?

For the next 3 years?

Consider all areas of your life, not just title and compensation:

- Education / Certification
- Free time
- Fitness
- Family
- Vacations
- Retirement

Start with the outcomes you want to achieve and then plan short and long term steps to get there.

What’s your plan? Let me know in the comments.


The cumulative effect of consistently working on your mindset and your #CareerBlueprint will keep your career on track.

How do you clear the mental and emotional noise daily to get clarity?

- Recognize negative thought patterns and deprogram them
- Create positive thought patterns and incorporate them

Your #CareerBlueprint is a 1-3 year plan you create. It leads to fulfillment by aligning your values and desires to the work you do.

DM me if you want to learn more.


Want to attract top talent and build high-performing teams? Invest in employees, not recruiters:

1. Yearly cost of living pay increases
2. Flexible work policy (remote & hybrid)
3. Mentoring & leadership training
4. Reimbursement for continuing education
5. Career pathing
6. Employee resource groups
7. Benefits with low deductibles (Medical, Dental, vision, and mental health)
8. 401K with employer matching
9. Min 20 days PTO
10. PTO for community service

Let us know what you’d add in comments