I’m interviewing for a Senior Associate level position in the Dynamics 365 practice, and was wondering if there are any insights on the teams and overall direction the practice is heading towards

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Any APM/PM openings at CPG agencies in the NYC area? I only have 1.5 years experience in healthcare ad only so am struggling to find something I want

McKinsey & Company Hi Sharks,

When you get multiple offers, how do you reject the other offers?

I have been giving interviews and getting offers. Eventually, I have to select one :D. How do you politely decline the other offers?

EY Deloitte Accenture Tata Consultancy McKinsey & Company Tata Consultancy


I work in privacy (3rd year AMLaw) and get tons of screener interviews for in house positions, but never make it past the screener call. I have the experience the position is looking for (truthfully answer the do you have experience questions with always yes), do my research on the company before the call, and think I come across as a reasonably normal person. Is there something I am doing wrong or missing? Is it my relative inexperience being a third year?


Curious what’s a fair salary in MA? Was just told that there is likely not going to be a chance for a raise during my upcoming performance review due to my salary already being “above average for the industry” based on my employer’s questionable research. I’ve been with the company 8.5 years & am the only one in my role, which they can’t operate without. I execute tasks from two investment advisors and two financial planners - they make the decisions of what should happen & I make it happen.


Hi fishes!
I have an experience of 3.6 years into Automation testing, kindly let me knw if there are any openings for the same. Kindly DN

Lets start with intro -

- Organization
- Years of experience
- Position
- Domain
- Hiring Location
- WLB (Checkin & Checkout)

(Starting this thread to capture more info)


Can anyone brief me about interview process in JP Morgan for Analyst position? Also, what is role hierarchy in this organization? Salary range for Buisness Analyst - Associate ?


Hi, fishies! Can anyone at Curology give me a referral please? Thanks I’m advance!!


I lateraled to a firm in Texas last summer (NY licensed), and am just now getting around to transferring my UBE score and applying to the Texas bar. Am I screwed for taking so long? Have I accidentally engaged in unauthorized practice?


What sorts of SQL questions are typically asked in interview questions for senior data analysis jobs? Like is knowing SQL from freecodecamp enough or should I look into taking a course online?

I’ve unfortunately not gotten the chance to use SQL in my current position so I don’t feel like I have enough experience in it, but have experience in everything else (Python, tableau, storytelling, etc)

Hi Guys, i just cleared my 2 Tech rounds and 1 HR interview round all within 4 days. I asked for 18L minimum during that and they mentioned it's a bit on the higher end but they're in the process of getting approvals, how long shoud i wait for them to get back and should I've asked for more?
YoE: 1y 6months
Cctc: 12.4L (11.3 fixed)

Really appreciate any insights.

Thank you!


Hearing about hiring slowing and freezes at the big SaaS companies (Meta, Salesforce, etc). Curious if anyone knows if these are planned to be short-lived (sure that’s always the intention) and if applying to positions still posted is recommended? TIA.


Has anyone interviewed for a lower level Role at Amazon / Amazon Web Services and ended up being evaluated for a higher level after your on site or been offered a more senior role instead????

A Google recruiter reached out to me regarding a corporate accounting role however I am more interested in a finance role. Thoughts?

My background is in audit with big 4.


What are common exit oos for people in TAS OTS?


🍂November JOB THREAD!

Do you know of an opening or opportunity?

Share it in the comments below! Help another Fish. 🤝


Hi Fishes,

Currently on Notice period need referral.

Will make sure your referrals are best used and not wasted.

Grinded Good amount of DS.

TC: 6L

YOE: 2.5

Highest offer: 20L(startup)



can someone help me with referral at citi?
i have job id with me


Looking for recruiting firms to help me find my next project / program management role.

Struggling to determine which firms can help with PM roles AND I'm struggling to get the ones I do find to respond to me. It may have something to do where I'm at in my career - 15+ years of PM experience & director-level roles at my last 2 companies - so more exec level but not quite C-Suite. Have tons of one-off recruiters hitting me up on LinkedIn about contract PM roles but that's not what I want.


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Metal heads: I love listening to Metallica, Disturbed, Pantera to hype me up. I need some recommendations plz 😼


Looking for contract (hourly) or full-time sourcing roles that could be done remotely from Canada.

I have 8 years of experience recruiting and sourcing Product/Software Engineers (Fullstack, Backend, Frontend, Mobile iOS/Android, Technical Leads), Product Designers, UX/UI, Data & Analytics Engineers, Solutions Architects, DBAs, System/Network administrators, Technical Support, etc.).

Experience in startups, agencies, and corporate environments.


Have you heard about someone with <3 yrs Work exp ,getting a Senior Analyst role at Novartis?

Please help

Just want to know the feasibility


Hello I am from Ghana and am looking for a work abroad a company that can support my visa or give me a visa Sponsorship or work permit invitation letter to apply for my visa any help please …


Is there a difference between building tension around a customer problem in a deck and straight up fear mongering?


Looking for recommendations of books to read related to commercial / corporate real estate strategy


I don’t know how to wash towels so that they stay fluffy and soft.


What are some 💯🔥 ad agency websites you’d refer to as best-in-class UI/UX examples?


McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Current International MBA Student looking for referrals into Big Tech and consulting. Most of my peers have already started interviewing for internships and I haven’t received any callback yet. I always thought Startup experience is valued in USA especially from Series F funded startup but doesn’t seem like that. Only Big company named people are getting interviews. Google Amazon Microsoft Adobe McKinsey & Company Boston Consulting Group Bain & Company L.E.K. Consulting EY-Parthenon Strategy&amp;


Any cannabis-loving females here? I don’t like drinking that much.


Any opening for SAP Basis HANA domain. Experience :3.6+yr.

Please refer me

CA now has NPs that don't need physician oversight. Leading to some difficult overlaps


sometimes i get lazy and don’t hold my wine glass w the stem


I desperately need insight regarding salaries in today’s market. I work in the Energy industry as an Engineer with 8YOE and a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions. If anyone is able to provide insight into what the average/fair salary is with regards to my experience and qualifications, it would be immensely appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Looking for a referral to SALT opening with public accounting firms. Please let me know the organization you can help with. Thank you!


I had a three year journey to have my baby - many ups and downs. Well mostly downs until I got pregnant. I have been thinking about writing a memoir type book about the experience. My question for this group - should I? I know there is a lot out there but I wanted to weave some expecting better type overview of research too...


Does everyone receive YTD, MTD mails from talent links in PwC India? I did not receive these kinds of emails. Anyone suggest


Any reference for QA manual and automation for 8+ for pune location. Please reffer me.
In need of urgent job switch.


Anyone worked as an AE for Gartner? Got an offer for the Government team. Any insights on the role and culture? Are the targets realistic? Good room for growth? Thanks


Additional Posts in RSM

Does RSM have a monthly reimbursement for cell phones at the staff 1 level?


Hey y’all, is there a CPA requirement to get to manager/SM at RSM?

Is there another RSM bowl?


What does RPA look like at RSM/what are y’all actually automating?

Hearing mixed reviews about RSM’s accounting advisory group. Can anyone in the group please share their experience regarding 1. Overall happiness with the group 2. Positives 3. Negatives 4. Hours 5. Anything else 6. Level


What is RSM's dress code??? I feel so silly, I started during the pandemic and am headed into the office for the first time next week and realized I have no idea 🤦‍♀️

I am joining RSM next week. What are the firm’s Christmas-new year lock down dates, if any?


RSM has been showing interest. Can any former EY workers speak to how transitioning to RSM has been for them? How’s it been? Was it worth it? Any insight is helpful.


Is tax supervisor same as tax manager at RSM???


Hi Everyone - is RSM hiring currently? There are a bunch of SALT openings online. Anyone knows which office is in need right now? Thank you.

What would salary expectations be for a Digital Solutions Senior Analyst or other Senior Analyst role at RSM in a HCOL city?


Anyone have an idea of what the comp is for a manager in national tax, specifically tax controversy?


Does national tax hire remote, especially if willing to travel?

Any communication on work from home vs return to office?

How is RSM’s accounting advisory group?

What are RSMs benefits like? Do they pay for higher Ed?

Anyone work in the Prophix/Adaptive Insight Group? Is this something that I could transition into from IT Audit/ IT SOX compliance? What is the job like, travel, day to day, educational opportunities?

What is the cell phone reimbursement plan for RSM?

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