For GCM 4, would there be permanent wfh or a hybrid model? If hybrid how many days in a month?
Could anyone please help me regarding the same.

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Are they allowing WFH for new joiners at GCM 4?


At the same level I joined recently working 3 days a week from the office.

Are you in the MDM project?

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WFH...any recommendation on where to work from abroad?

Do work laptops work?


We are recruiting for a top pharmaceutical healthcare agency that is 100% remote.

Client: "Find us 37 HCP/DTC copywriters"
Us: "Let's go!

The client has been hugely responsive, great to work with, has streamlined their interview process and greatly communicative with their prospects.

It has been night and day with some other clients dragging their feet in making decisions and scheduling up to 8 interviews.

Clients, candidates, job seekers, hiring managers, - our most valuable thing is time


What can I expect in term of salary, with YoE=5+, Skills in Data Science, AI/ML, AWS/GCP and Project Mgmt. along with an educational background of Btech+MBA?
Preferably in Kolkata or Remote.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get into project work or contract work? I’m hoping to leave public by January and need a break from corporate America for awhile. I want to stay remote and not be committed to 40 hours a week.


I've got some friends who work remote jobs, and every day I grow more jealous of them during my one-hour commute.


Hello Fishes,

I have joined
Birlasoft in mid January this year and currently on bench. What's the official notice period as I am on probation and got a offer for Permanent WFH.

Please suggest what can be done in such case.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi all! Would love a referral for a Scrum Master position operating in SAFe. Not too concerned about industry.

3 years as project manager and 5 as operations manager in the public sector.

Remote only pls. Thank you in advance!


What kind of accommodations can I ask for especially since I work from home? I am having an extremely hard time with the pressure and time constraints on getting the work done. I am a very fast pace worker but it’s like I can’t work fast enough here at this new job. And I don’t know what to ask for.


Hi fishes,
After joining, both laptop and desktop is sent. Is it done for everyone or for specific domain? And does this mean the flexibility of working from anywhere ceases to exist?


Did anyone start WFO in Hyderabad? If so what is the occupancy in your office ?


Anyone work in an office with an open floor plan? Just got an offer to join an asset manager ($30bn AUM) as their second funds lawyer. currently a 6th year. nervous if I can cut it, if the open floor plan makes sense, if I can withstand 2-3 days in the office when im 100% remote at a v10. I have 3 little kids. first time in house. Any tips? thoughts?


I was a Full-charge Bookkeeper for 2.5yrs, and now I'm an AP Accountant I (about 3 months in) and have an undergrad degree in Accounting. I would like to know what roles and or companies I can apply for that have much higher pay, fully remote, and great benefits. Currently making less than 50k in FL! I feel trapped like a caterpillar, and I'm ready to burst and become a butterfly! Any advice?


Hey anyone know if FAAS is working from home or remote? Or is it hybrid?


startup Gig Alert: I am looking for a brand designer to join our startup team at Lifelines (truly a startup and we’re not in stores yet). We’re a product company set for revolutionizing how people approach sensorial wellness and I’m looking for someone with holistic experience in branding / art direction with a clear, bold visual style. Around 5 years of experience preferred. But work and personality trump years in experience. Always remote+unlimited PTO. Send me books / portfolios.


Hey FishBowl Friends, so I’m currently trying to break into tech sales/FinTech and I feel that due to my previous work history, I might not look like the ideal candidate on paper but I’m an extremely fast learner and very coachable. I’ve been a manger at a gym, got my degree in finance, worked as a client advisor at a top 3 auto dealer in the nation and now I’m a project manager at a solar company. I really want something that’s remote and steady, any recommendations on how to spruce myself up?


What do Nagarro mean by "Work from Anywhere"?
Do they mean you can work from home as well or u can work from any of their offices?

I asked for wfh to be mentioned in offer letter they said they dnt give wfh but wfa


What’s the going rate for a remote bookkeeper to handle A/P, A/R, creation n collection of membership invoices (about) 175 and perform monthly bank recons on 4 banking relationships? All done in QBO quick books on line I’d estimate 15 hours per week


Anyone know of any US sponsorship remote jobs or where I can look? Asking for a friend.


Does EY GDS India provide remote or hybrid work ?


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Is CARES the only bill that has been passed so far?


Does anyone have any personal experience with taking an LOA right before/during a particularly busy time of the year? I’m worried I’m going to be seen as “that guy” from both the client side and internal side but I just need a break to take care of my own health… I’m also finding it hard to justify the risk when you keep hearing about the overall state of the economy….any and all input is appreciated!


What’s your fave shop that integrates social/digital into their creative?


Is it ok to join new company on h1 receipt? I'm really nervous to give my 2 week notice without approval. But new company is asking me to give my notice this Friday. They filed transfer day before..

Anyone from Jones Day got inside deets on compensation? Does the no bonus, higher base comp equal market in the end?


I have received mail from Accenture, if I don't inform them that I am not joining before 4week of the joining date they will not consider me for future candidature.

But i received the offer within one month of joining.

Is it true that they can blacklist me?
Accenture India Accenture


DAE feel like work is just slow? Is it because of the pandemic? It's August and so far I've only worked on three campaigns this year.


Does anyone have a compensation consultant referral specialized in advertising?


“I tried my best"

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What is your preferred HRIS Platform and why? Here are the options:

-Other (if other, please name the system)


I gave a guest a plus one because she asked and now she wants to bring her Mom as a plus one. I really don’t like her mom at all - she’s a hot mess and super trashy. I sound rude, but how do I politely tel her she should not bring her mom?

What drives you to continue to grind? For me, it’s pride


Does anyone have a simple guide to setting up and linking company profiles in Google My Business, Search Console, Analytics, AdWords and YouTube?

My companies is a mess, with accounts linked to personal gmails, and I would like to centralise it. And hopefully have it talking to each other...

Although I think that's a utopia that doesn't exist!



What are the biggest challenges UX designers face in advertising agencies? I’ll start with some obvious ones: 1. Time for discovery. 2. Time for definition. 3. Lack of role clarity


Been out of town in quarantine for 9 days - I can go back home tomorrow since I’ve tested negative twice consecutively.

I haven’t seen my boyfriend in two weeks, I was supposed to go home last weekend to end things with him. I don’t think quarantine has changed my mind but now since it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve seen him, I feel like I’m being inconsiderate 🥺 I just feel heartbroken but I know I need to do what’s best for me


Considering downgrading csr to go for csp signup bonus. Two questions: will my af be prorated? And after I earn the bonus, can I upgrade back to csr?


Benefits that mercer provide excluding package?

Is verizon service based or product based company?

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Is Atos have any bench policy,I joined atos in month of April but still I didn't get any project.
They give me 2 or 3 inteview calls but I said no to them beacuse it's not matching my skills set.
Can you please help me will they fire me if I'm on bench for longer time.Atos

Any recent New Joiner in Atos??


Hello All,
Is Atos better than Concentrix Catalyst ?

I am supposed to join Atos in July.


Fishes, Please let me know if there are any openings for Analyst Relationship Management.

What is the take home salary?

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Hi, i recently got an offer from Atos for 10lpa (9.5) being fixed, can anyone help me to understand the take home and also how Atos is as an employer & growth opportunities.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Folks
Do Atos provide any joining Bonus by any chance..?and currently there is no variable pay option right?
Pls suggest


How's much avg yearly hike for consultant role at atos


Will Atos accept three months notice period..Atos

What %of hike atos give for GCM 4.
Lowest and higest please comment


What's the salary brackets for grades gcm5 and 6?

Hello fishes
I want refferal in atos.
Please DM me


What is the salary account bank for Atos Syntel...

1) Atos Projects are Wholly into Logistics Domain, Have Been Offered Project In Logistic Domain. So,There is no Fin Tech Involved ?

2) And They Work on Shift Basis ? Afternoon...?

Can someone pls help with abv 2 points



Hello Folks, today I received offer ATOS for position as “Consultant” and a GCM level 4. I am from background of data science experience. Could any one help me what is “consultant” without any domain name according to ATOS. ? Thanks a lot for your response. I am new here.


I have an offer from Atos and Hcl and Lti . Highest package is LTI with 19 lpa , YOE 10 years sap basis . I am trying to negotiate with atos for 22 lpa but it seems they are reluctant to agree and they said max they can offer is 19 lpa. What do you guys think, will atos provide 22 lpa. ? @Atos HCL Technologies Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Some one help which company I can choose for work culture, Life balance , company shift timings

Tech Mahindra 12 LPA (50k) joining bonus