What is the health insurance policy of atos India...
Can we add parents in dependents as well?
From which date health insurance starts after joining.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

I am also looking for this information. Can someone please respond?

I asked today and hr mentioned, we can pay premium and get them added

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I’m in a bind. Long story short, I have been working with mental health adolescence on separate occasions such as, case managements with at-risk youth, foster care, ABA, now one of the highest paid tech at a psychiatry facility. I want to go for my LPC or LCSW, but is that the only next step I can take my career up a notch?


What are some hidden benefits at the firm?


Any advice for transitioning from ID to something in-house or even out of lawyering completely? The billable hours and “unlimited PTO” (aka no real time off) are killing me and the billable mentality is creeping into my personal life (every day thoughts like “If I can finish the grocery shopping in .8, then I have an extra .2 to walk the dog.”) I just don’t feel the billable life is the best choice for my mental health or personal life (newlywed). But no idea how to start making the transition…


I have consult with RE coming up next month to potentially start IVF. I’m not happy where I’m (job/company) and looking to switch. Current job has good fertility benefits. Wondering if I switch jobs, do fertility benefits typically kick in as soon as you start or there is a delay when you become eligible? Anyone has gone through this or know?


I currently work freelance product design at 95k tc no benefits. I just got an offer for 80k with benefits. Thoughts?


Asking for advice on managing investment accounts please and what type of investments make sense in each! I currently have:
1. A regular brokerage account (mixture of stocks and ETFs)
2. a separate robo advised (commission free) broker account (primarily invests in ETFs)
3. A Roth IRA (also robo advised) - primarily holding ETFs
4. HSA (that I'm maxing out - mixture of stocks and ETFs)
5. 401k - maxing out, also mixture of stocks and ETFs

Any advice/criticism/insight appreciated. Thank you!


Should I continue to contribute to 401k roth or should I move to conventional? I contribute the max. My employer contributes 7.5% as conventional. I’m 38 and in the 24% tax bracket.


Hi fishes

Actually there is one management group based in kolkata. They are offering me vendership for call center executive. But they are asking initial 1k per candidates for the insurance purposes. Insurance for assets they are providing like Mobile etc .

But I didn't connected with them via linkdin only. Can I trust them or they might be the fake one. I'm in very big confusion guys. I needed your suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Any insights on EY’s health equity practice? Has anyone interviewed with this team?


HI all!! I am searching for a new opportunity in the start-up world and would appreciate any assistance to link me with companies that are currently hiring.

I have 8 years in total of healthcare experience with 4 years of that being in talent/people operations. Ideally I am looking to continue working remotely if at all possible.

Thanks in advance


How many leaves and what amount of health insurance premium IBM GBS provides in a year ?
About health insurance premium there is nothing mental in offer letter. And not part of CTC.
Kindly reply.


Anyone know if Razorfish Health has a hiring freeze?


I work for a content valuation company called Enservio. We have proven time and time again to be the market leader, by far, in property insurance software and services for contents claim mangement, inventory creation, valuation, payments and replacement. But I’m interested in becoming an adjuster. Where do I start? I live in north Alabama


Personal vs company card. Founded a small startup, currently using my CSR card for business expenses, but debating getting a company card (e.g. Amex or other). The points on the CSR are relatively valuable however. Anyone make a similar choice either way? What are the benefits of getting a separate company card?


Which insurance company has the best bonus structure?


Anyone struggle hard with rejection sensitivity, especially at work? I’m perfectly fine with criticism over my work, but anything that isn’t related to my work product that I take as a personal slight or rejection just consumes me for the rest of the day and night. The stress isn’t good for my physical health


I max the match on my 401k which is 6% and then invest outside of that in a different account. Is it better for me to just increase my direct 401k contribution and not invest in a different account?

I’m a cci edit coder. I currently have the RHIA registered health information administrator. I been thinking of studying for CCS certified coding specialist exam. But none of the jobs I’m interested in require CCS. They want someone that is familiar with data using excel tableau etc I know these things but I have not worked in a role. I guess my question is should I past this CCS exam then focus on trying to get experience as a data analysts or forget about the CCS?


Can a teacher with Work Related Stress Disorder (did not get disability ins), take a temp disability leave of absence, qualify for FMLA, and apply for temporary Social Security Disability benefits?


Hello all! Looks like I will be entering this word of freelancing…any tips on obtaining health insurance (other than cobra)? I was told about state insurance but if there are any pointers I would much appreciate it! Thank you!


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I got 2 job offers recently. Both offers were good. My "preferred" job opportunity came in 3 weeks after the other job opportunity. Unfortunately, I started the other job already. My preferred job opportunity had a very long hiring process and thus, I was not 100% sure where things were going to end up. Any advice how best to navigate this since I would really prefer to take the "preferred" job opportunity. I know the job I just started won't be happy that I just started and then quitting now.


Any recommendations for luxury apartments buildings with rent under $3k for 1br in Los Angeles or San Diego Area?


Will Biden declare a national holiday today to help us recuperate based on what happened last night?

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Checkmate other countries!

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Any odds anyone will actually get off the Wharton waitlist this week LOL


Advice needed!! Have 8+ years of compliance/legal/in house experience (not privacy law except HIPAA). I really want a Privacy Counsel role so I took and passed the CIPP/US and CIPM exams this past year. I’ve been offered an Associate Director job at PwC. Is this a good stepping stone to a Privacy Counsel role? How long should I expect to work at PwC before I could apply to Privacy Counsel roles??


Training for the NYC marathon while on the road during the week for work. Any tips/advice/motivation from some experienced runners?

Give me all your advice for getting your babies to sleep longer and/or through the night! Six months in and I’m EXHAUSTED.


Desi Fish,
Any leads on RT PCT tests in Dallas for international travel? Looking for one that can turn around results in 24-48 hours


Any idea on best Elss fund?


Anyone working at RBC Canada? How does referrals work? Do I need to give my house address to the person referring me? RBC


First time, pay rate for CMA


Good morning!

I would love to get into provider credentialing, but all employers I've looked at want at least 3 years of experience. So, I'm looking at Provider Network Coordinator roles, because I'm finding some of those roles don't need AS MUCH experience. I'm a RHIT, and have been working in healthcare for nearly 10 years.

Anyone know who might be looking for a network coordinator?


I just started at deloitte as a BTA, what skills, training and maybe connections I need to get more involved in M&A due diligence?


Expecting to make around 100k TC with 2 YOE and an MS in the DC area.
Data scientist, with actual ML experience (not deep learning, but otherwise working deep with the algorithms of classical techniques), not just basic business intelligence.
Is this comp low for non-FAANG companies?


Why is everyone in the west village so attractive? It physically hurts 😫


Tis the season. Loyal to my direct boss but feel like me staying is worse for all involved.


first week on job. I came in as a second year manager . Director calls and asks if I’d be interested in work stream w/ work that is really aligned to A/SA level. How do I respond?

What did you get for yourself after the bonus this year?


Additional Posts in Atos

Can anyone help me to clear Atos UFT interview???

Hello Fishes
Would like to know if
Atos couriers the asset (Laptop) home or does it ask the employes to straight away start working from office and take the asset there and then ?

I joined ATOS a few days back and my asset request hasnt been raised yet

Hello All,
Is Atos better than Concentrix Catalyst ?

I am supposed to join Atos in July.

Fishes, Please let me know if there are any openings for Analyst Relationship Management.

Any recent New Joiner in Atos??


For GCM 4, would there be permanent wfh or a hybrid model? If hybrid how many days in a month?
Could anyone please help me regarding the same.

Hello fishes
I want refferal in atos.
Please DM me


Hi Fishes,

Does anyone know what is GCM level-5 designation corresponds to in Atos. Is this appropriate designation for a 6 yrs experienced dba professional?


Will Atos accept three months notice period..Atos

How is Atos as per wlb, projects, management. What is the role of GCM4 level and C/S band.
Please help me here, thnx

Larsen & Toubro Infotech I have an offer from Atos and Hcl and Lti . Highest package is LTI with 19 lpa , YOE 10 years sap basis . I am trying to negotiate with atos for 22 lpa but it seems they are reluctant to agree and they said max they can offer is 19 lpa. What do you guys think, will atos provide 22 lpa. ? @Atos HCL Technologies Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Hi Folks
Do Atos provide any joining Bonus by any chance..?and currently there is no variable pay option right?
Pls suggest


What would be the designation offered in Atos Syntel for 11.6 years exp and ctc to be asked

Current ctc 20 lpa fixed
Domain SAP BODS etl

What is the official notice period in Maven wave ?

What will be the take home salary for 14L package?

How is life after Atos and syntel merge?

I received offers from atos | Syntel
But office location which mention is syntel


Can you help me in Flexi plan of atos.

Today is last of LTA submission and from the team there was no any response.

My query is I am eligible for 75k LTA and now I entering that amount on portal it not allowed me to enter .. continue showing error pop up say basic of HRA 5%

I am not understand that message. I entered my housing rent on portal..

Is the HRA and house rent factor in salary are the same.

And LTA is depend on HRA amount.

Can you help me .. it will be helpful..


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