Hi Fishes,
Does anyone have any idea about the yearly compensation range for SD (Java developer) in Globant India pvt Limited? What's the range one should ask for?


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Your YOE?


7 years

Anyone having an idea here on the range?

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How can staff make the most of the annual career progression/compensation discussion?


Dream industry vs PwC director.

Looking for advice on taking a dream industry (perhaps not the perfect role just yet) that may pay up to 184K TC vs ... PwC D salary with expected 236K TC.

Would have to relocate to LA for dream job, currently living in Chicago.

Married, no kids, have investment properties here in the Midwest, family here too


Can anyone please weigh in on base salary and bonus structure for Strategy& director level role? Also is the path to partnership similar across S& and PwC? TIA!


Does Maersk do not consider the salary discussion in the HR round and give offer letter on their own .Also wat is the package that they generally offer to a 9+YoE.

How is the WORK CULTURE & HIKE PER Year ?

I was not getting any suitable job for many years as I was not getting any call after apply. A few months ago I joined a bad company (lowest salary, no facilities, no career growth etc ) on 3rd party payroll and stuck there. I am trying yet applying for job but still not getting call. Please suggest how can I get call from a good company. I completed my graduation on computer. also I completed aws, redhat and some other courses but did not get job. Please suggest how can I get a good job.


@McGraw Hill any idea on salary for academic design roles ?


Whats the salary bracket offered by Optum at 27 grade for automation tester ?? YOE 7.5 Optum ??
Current CTC - 21.8LPA ( 18 fix ) @ Adidas


I am a registered nurse with over 10 years experience in various areas, including ER. I’m transitioning to L&D. I originally sent a resume to a post w/$10k sign-on. Before giving an offer, they sent a link stating I had to complete an app. The link showed a $20k sign-on bonus. Now the offer letter arrives with $10k. I’m not being greedy but could def use the extra as I am taking a pay cut for the position. Should I press for the $20k or just sign as is?
Thanks for all input

I am a Unit Coordinator and I enjoyed what I was doing so much I took the time and spent the money to get certified. I was later told congratulations but my certification wouldn’t come with a pay increase, over the last couple months I spotted a new HUC position for a department I’ve been dying to get into for a while now and recently interviewed for the job. I just wondered what is a reasonable salary request if the question gets risen? I should also mention I have my BA and 1+ experience.


Any tips for negotiating salary? I am genuinely happy where I am, but am looking for a raise and would appreciate advice on how to prepare for the conversation / what datapoints to have on hand.


What’s a realistic salary/ signing bonus for LCOL RSM FDD Senior from Big 4 audit S1? In light of: a) I won’t be eligible for the RSM raises they’ll announce in a couple weeks and b) raises for PwC FDD announced yesterday. TIA!


How do you ask for a raise when you find out the average salary for your position is a lot higher than your current salary.


Anyone can share FSSBU senior consultant comp for capgemini? TIA


What's the variable/bonus at IBM?


I am an associate broker working in wholesale (NYC) I have about 5 YOE and make about $75K + bonus. I work for a large team and end up having to help with everything all the time, from servicing accounts to marketing them. I work close to 50 hours every week in attempt to finish all tasks but it just keeps piling up. I recently found out that another person within the team (same title, who is doing way less than I am) is making almost $90K. This is making me resentful… not sure what to do.


Is a strong candidate more or less likely to get an offer with a referral? Will a referral hurt salary/bonus negotiation?


I see Liberty Mutual has a program to train for underwriting anyone who works there know the starting salary for underwriters at Liberty Mutual?


Don't you think it's high time ppl start calculating in hand salary and how much % hike to ask n all?? I feel that's immatured behaviour when few of them ask these questions 😐
Itna padliya, coding bhi ati h, exp bhi h... Phr kyu??


For Google, how is the Global Solutions ladder (Global Product Lead role) compared to a Strategy and Operations role / ladder in terms of compensation and exit opportunities? I’d like to figure out which one to apply to, both seem to fit well with consultant skill sets.


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Hi Fishes,

Just wanted to check how we can become product owner / platform owner

Thanks in Advance


I hate to quit my job as a software developer without another job lined up but I have my reasons behind it. Ive had panic attacks and bad anxiety within the last few months, hard time sleeping at night, I am not happy and I have frequent headaches. I've also been told some people aren't meant to be engineers, says my manager. I have less than 2 years of experience but I'm wondering what would you do in my situation? Would you leave tech or stay in a similar role? Or take a short break?


Hi Fishes

I am looking for job change in the field of External Audit & Financial Services. My experience is with PwC as an Senior Audit Analyst for 2.9 years. Also a part qualified ACCA. Any opportunities/referrals will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


anyone else taking strattera having sexual side effects? (ED,etc) just started taking it and wondering if that goes away after a bit or if it’s ongoing because no… just no.


Why is it so goddamn hard to get a CI/CD pipeline set up? I’m on a project where they’ve chosen to manually handle all aspects of their deployment process. It can take up to a week for us to deploy. 🤯


Only one on this project for 6 months, looks like it’ll get extended again. Client printed me a nameplate and their kitchen staff (FAANG company) now know my breakfast order and have it ready. (cont.)


My husband is visiting family in Northern Ireland. I told him to send me pics of what he’s eating each day and I get this 🤣

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This is the EY vaccum guy again. Vaccummed out *hopefully all* of gf's hair. Leaving for India today to bring parents. Wish me luck. Lol.


Has anyone lost an offer of employment because they didn't reply with a decision in time?

If so what was the length of delay and what was your excuse to the recruiter?

I feel like during the interviewing process you may have multiple interviewers and processes that go along with that, which means you may need time to compare offers. I want to be honest with the recruiter and say I am going to have to wait and compare offers when they are all on the table, which would be ~1 month.


What’s an appropriate salary for a large holding company, business development role? 15 years experience and aiming for a VP/SVP title.


Happy St. Patricks Day! Are you doing anything to celebrate? 🍀


Team I have some questions about primary market research for a drug. I know largely what it is and what it is aiming to achieve, but not sure when companies would do it. Eg does it tend to happen after a certain level of maturity or de risking of a drug, or is it more standard practice for anything in the pipeline. Additionally are market research outcomes considered a source of truth re a drugs commercial viability or is it just one input?


As digital and social job responsibilities continue to merge more into each other’s territories, what do you think will be the most coveted titles in 5 years? 3 years? 1 year?


Experienced Pega developers looking for a switch - EY GDS Business Consulting team is hiring.
DM to discuss.


How to declare NPS in FBP


In years past, people used to talk about Oracle, Cisco, IBM and GE the way they talk about FAANG now.

Before that it was Digital Equipment, and Wang Computers. Before that it was AT&T, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. The list goes on.

Along the way, the people who over-optimized for those companies got laid off at the worst time possible - late 40s/early 50s.

The point is that you shouldn't get enamored with a brand. FAANG will eventually go that way too.


Additional Posts in Globant

Any idea when the office in magarpatta becomes operational?


Any idea when we will receive joining kit after joining in globant and what items do we receive?

What are some of the Studio Works that we can do?

I got a call from HR that due to Onboarding Restructuring, my joining will get delayed and will be in August, are any upcoming joiners in July end being told same?

I have heard Globant outsource their employees for clients in Salesforce stack. So need suggestion I am looking for stability and job security as i have lots of family commitments.
Can anyone please help me knowing the fact and overall experience?

Can anyone refer me Globant India Pvt. Ltd. For Java developer position.

YOE : 6
Tech stack : Java spring,springboot

Hello Fishes/Sharks, Please share the address of Globant Ahmedabad office. I have joining on 4th July but they mentioned pune office in offer letter.


How much leave encashment is given in globant on relase

Globant India Pvt. Ltd. Hi Globers ! I have an offer from Globant for the role of a BA. While discussing the role with HR pre and post the interviews & offer, I had specifically ask the HR to tag me to Ahmedabad location as that's my hometown and I do not wish to relocate. But she has rolled out the offer for Pune location ane verbally ( isn't giving me in writing ) assured me that the location will be flexible. May I know from the fellow Globers if we have location flexibility or WFH option available? Globant India Pv

Hi folks,
First I got offer Letter from globant with 15LPA, Later I got offer from mindtree with 16.5 LPA along with joining bonus. I am willing to join globant only. I am thinking to ask globant for 18LPA. Will globant revise offer letter?

Hey fishes
I am planing to buy a plot in omax city indore dimensions 20*40 but location is 3.5km from bypass road price is 28lac.
Also Bit scared due to recession situation.
Not able to decide should I go ahead. Globant #indore

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Hi folks, need guidance. Skill - . Net + azure and YOE - 4.

After two tech round received email for documents. HR said that she will discuss regarding my expected offer with the team after receiving documents from my side which I sent yesterday.
Today evening I got technical interview assigned mail with meeting invitation for today afternoon itself. It is very confusing to me.

Are they trying to take my one more round of interview? I was hoping to get offer after sending documents.

When salary will get credited in globant. Is it last working day of month?

Hey fishes,
I am having 8+ years of experience in iOS.
I am holding offer of
TIAA & globant.
Both are offering same package. I am confused which one should I join? Please suggest.TIAA & Globant


Guys please suggest. Only few days left for my LWD. Looking out for wlb and job security.

Globant 27 lpa
Tiger Analytics 25 lpa fixed 1 lac joining bonus permanent wfh
Fractal Analytics 26 lpa fixed 1 lac jb initiially remote
Tech Stack - Big data, Sparks, Cloud
5.8 yrs

Globant Tiger Analytics Fractal

What will be hike % for average rating in Globant? I joined 5 months back.

I received a Senior Game Developer position at Globant Game Studios and just wanted to know if anyone has any idea about this department. I received Bangalore as the base Location and they told me Pune is having all the team, in future will they ask me to join in Pune? Which I don't want to.



How much fixed pay can i expect from Globant for a UI developer role with 2YOE and current fixed pay- 9lpa.

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