Deloitte India Hi Fishes,
I am actively looking for a Qlik Sense Developer role. I have 2 years of experience in data analytics. My tech stack is: Qlik Sense, Qlik Nprinting, Python,Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Time Series Forecasting, Data Analysis, Web Scraping, SQL. Please let me know if there are any open positions matching my skill set.

Citi, CGI , Deloitte India , Deloitte, EY , Fractal , Tiger Analytics , JPMorgan Chase Bank of America

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works at
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Check JP portal and send cv @

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Recently interviewed with a company and they offered me a job position that has not been created yet. Engineering firm with no customer service interface, so I would be the first and creating a team of my own for the company. I’ve kept in touch with the COO but still no definite date or offer letter. Was told the start of Q4 but wondering if I’m being led on. Thoughts?


Hi Amazonians!

Is anyone familiar with the role “Fraud Operations Associate” with the AWS activate team? Or insight on the activate team in general? Would love any information!

Amazon Amazon Web Services


Does McKinsey match external offers to retain talent?
Context: I am in the running to join another consulting firm one level up from my current position which comes with a ~50% increase in base pay


Hi guys, I have got one full time job for 14LPA from 10.5LPA in Coforge for BA role. On the other hand, I have one more offer for Canada and the job is on 2 years contract basis with 80k CAD per annum where I have to sign 2 years agreement as well that I can’t back out once I get the offer. I was interested to go CA but scared in terms of job security, economic slowdown and a big change. Is it worth going to CA on contract basis job declining the full time opportunity in India.


I am so beyond ready to leave my current job, but can’t yet, since bonuses are paid out in January. 😬

In the meantime, I’ve applied to a lot of similar roles (slightly higher) but have not heard - good or bad - from any. Is it common for companies to slow down hiring in December because of Q4 rush, people on holiday, etc.?


Hi, I am travelling to Poland on work visa in January 2023. Also I am getting married in December 2022. I am thinking of getting my spouse name added in my passport. Will my work visa will still remain valid in my old passport? Or there will be issues at immigration?


I am looking to get into technical/engineering sales. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to start or places to look at? LinkedIn and other job postings sites are overwhelming and I’ve always wanted to get into sales. My background is industrial engineering with a minor in business and my current role is a mechanical engineer in manufacturing with about 6 years of experience. I want to work for a company or sell something that I am passionate about or have an interest in. Thank you!


Hey people, I asked for 16 fixed for the senior data engineer position at wipro. HR is saying it's pending for the approval. Do u have any idea, will they approve or not?

YOE- 3.5
Data engineer


What are the exit opportunities from EY Parthenon.

YoE: 8 years
Role: Corporate Strategy
Fixed: 26 L

How much hike can one expect?


Interested candidates can DM me for referral.

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How is Barclays "middle office" Java developer role ? How much learning can I expect ? Barclays Barclays global service center . Fishes please help with inputs


I have the Amex Platinum and Uber card. I'm looking for a card that earns me good rewards that I can use for travel, that doesn't have a fee > $100.

Ex healthcare workers in Tech/Sales Engineering/ Healthcare consulting;
I have my masters in nursing/FNP (1 yr) making <K70 (Indiana) due to low patient census in my role. No desire for a different FNP job nor to return to bedside nursing (RN 5 yrs). I have heard of some individuals with remote positions making >K100 with little to no experience in tech or consulting after doing a boot camp or cert?
If you pivoted; What’s your current role/ Income & what did you do to complete the transition?


Can anyone share their start to end interview process with twitter and roughly how long it took? Open to any intel but would be great to hear from anyone applying for a sales org role.



I manage a Salesforce Engineering team and looking for the next level position. I have applied for job postings on LinkedIn but not getting any response. Should I be thinking of making a lateral move instead? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


HSBC India McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Refferal Request - TIA

Tech stack - SQL, ETL, Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, AWS, Python

Yoe - 1.5

Roles Interested- Data Engineer, ETL Developer, Data Analyst, Knowledge Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence

Location - Pune/Bengaluru/Singapore/London

NP - 30 days

Citi Barclays HSBC India HSBC Amazon JPMorgan Chase State Street Morgan Stanley ANZ Bank DBS Goldman Sachs McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Bank of America American Express ZS Associates


Hi guys, I have applied for a role at Boeing. Is there anyone from Boeing here who can refer me for job ID 00000306562. I am a design engineer with 5+ years of experience in Aerospace domain in Product design and Definition - Unigraphics NX and Teamcenter. Please do let me know for any other opportunities you come across in related roles in your organization.

Thanks for taking your time reading this.
Cheers !!


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Anyone frozen their eggs. I am in NY and want to do this. Cost plus what part is covered by benefits.


Looking for referral in JP Morgan for credit analyst role . Location Mumbai/Bangalore preferable@jpmorgan


Looking to host a dinner reception after my small city hall wedding ceremony. Probably 20-30 people, ideally somewhere close-ish to city hall so Fidi, tribeca or soho. Want to be able to do cocktails, mix and mingle, eat, stay and drink the night away, and have some sort of entertainment. Any ideas come to mind that would be fun?


People who have resigned, how did you do so tactfully and keeping as many bridges from burning as possible? Asking for a friend whose bad at both breakups and career transitions....


Has anyone here become a CD but a few years in realized they would rather be doing the creative? Is it career death to go back to doing what you loved?


Hi All,

I'm interested in Cloud Computing position ( Azure Technical Design Architect ) at Hitachi Vantara in Bangalore. Can anyone help me to get a referral in this company🙂.


I just found out that I’m eligible for the UK HPI visa, I’m thinking of moving to London for a change of scenery. Does anyone know what the typical salary range is for a data scientist/ ML engineer with 3 YOE in London?


What are some job titles that make you crack up everytime you hear it? I can't help it when someone says they are a backend developer


I have completed 3 rounds of interviews including hiring manager round at Target last week. How long before I receive any feedback?@Target


Does KPMG file at eb1 for managers?


My brother wants to Resign from GLOBALLOGIC after 1.5 month of joining. He is currently in training period. So would he need to serve notice period or not?


Does anyone have experience with postpartum depression later after birth? My baby is over 4 mon. and I think I’m just now experiencing some ppd. Covid is making everything worse (cont)


Got offered 65+5 for SC in Deloitte, London - industry hire. 7 YOE.

Is that within the new bands? Or is it because of no consulting experience?

What would be a fair amount to negotiate for?

Also, how is the market for consulting in capital projects? M seems to be hiring heavily for Capital Excellence.


Who do you have on your radar as potential women Presidential candidates for 2024? Here is my list:
Kamala Harris
E Warren
Kristi Noem
Nikki Haley
Ayanna Pressley
Meghan Markle

Who did I miss?


My manager keeps pushing me to insert myself earlier in the projects to be more conceptual, & I try, but I’m still being brought in late, without basic context from CDs. He says he can talk to them but it’s better if I do. He says he’s always available for support, but when I reach out, he’s impossible to reach. I can’t grow & get promoted without space and support from my team & I don’t want be too aggressive & have that negatively impact how my teammates see me. I feel stuck, any advice?


The investment bankers have a higher ratio of selling their services to their clients versus executing the services than do asset managers.


How is Toronto so hot in Nov…..


Webster’s new edition gunna be lit after this trend... 🐝

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Additional Posts in Referral and Opportunities

Do companies revise DOJ at the end time? I have 60 days notice period and communicated to the HR as well but they have released the offer based on 45 days Notice Period. I am very worried, what if at the end of 45 days, they didn't extend doj? I have not yet put down my paper and no offer in hand.


How good is BNP Paribhas (Chennai) to join as a senior associate. Could anyone please advise? Need to take an informed decision


Google tse ( tech support + consultant)

Walmart data engineer

Target data engineer Walmart Target Google Amazon

Which one do you all suggest?
Salary same for all.


Hello fishes

Suggestion required on resigning on week1

Role BA
CTC 8.5lp

Offer 1: TCS 16.5 (including gratuity) but not released due to some freeZe in hiring.

Offer 2 &3: x- company 19lpa & y- company 20.8 lpa

So without choice I joined Y company last week, Now tcs approached me 2day for offer initiation since they got some approvals.
But when i told the salary difference is 4.5
She told she tried to make the same (but nt sure)


Can anyone refer me in your organization. YOE: 4 years, skills: HTML CSS javascript and React Js.
Relevant experience: 3+ years.


Hello fishes,

I have offer from publicis sapient and global logic
GL - 40k/year more salary
PS - permanent wfh

Which one should i join, please help me out


Hinjewadi or wakad or kharadi(little bit outer) which one is better location to buy house for self, not for investment purpose.
Pour your advice please.


Hi Fishes

Please let me know if there are any openings in consulting, advisory and finance roles.

Profile Snapshot
Qualification: CA, BCom
1. 3 years CA internship at Big4
2. 6 months management trainee at a unicorn startup
3. 2 years AM Financial Advisory at Big4
4 . Currently - as AM corporate finance for a startup



How much I expected from siemens?


Looking for a referral.

Have 2 years work experience in IT (Full stack web development).

Experience in - React.js, Node.js, SQL, mongoDB, Spring boot


Hi fishes,

Can anyone refer me in wipro.

3.2 years experience
Technology - Plsql development


I have 11 years experience in TCS as Business analyst in payment cards/switch/banking domain and team lead of a cards product development team.Please let me know if any opportunities.


I'm actively looking for a job change in Machine learning/python or UI related positions.

Experience- 2.3 years Overall, 1 year in Machine learning

Kindly let me know if any position is up for the same.


Currently serving notice period , looking for referrals , can anyone refer me ??
Skills : C/C++ ,Unix ,SQL ,Telecom domain(Security,SIP)


DM me your EmailId with JobName to apply 

or use below Link to Apply

#SAP #BI #Qliksense #PowerBI #Tableau #Java #Devops #Azure #AWS #.NET #BA #Manager #Oracle #PM #Snowflake #GCP

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Can anyone refer me for performance testing opening in any organization. Looking for a switch since long time.
Thanks in advance.


I'm being interviewed for the associate manager - trade operations at standard chartered bank gbs. Can someone help me with the average salary people get is scb gbs for the above mentioned role or for the roles of similar pay grade? It'd be helpful in the negotiation process for me. Location is Chennai, India. Thanks.


Yes ,only you can solve my problem.

Please provide referrals for QA

TIA :)


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