Hi Fishes pls suggest suggest which to join Wipro Zensar Technologies Ltd Virtusa T-Systems ICT India




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Hi Folks,

Just wanted to know what is the average package for the Analyst role at Bain and Company for someone who has 5YOE?


Any Interventional Radiographers out there? If you're in the Midwest would you mind sharing your:

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Hi folks,

I am expecting an offer from Globant I just want to know if there is any bench policy? and how about job security and wlb in globant


Is it legal for HR/recruiters to ask what your current salary is? It’s not legal anymore in some markets is it legal in MA?

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Cleared L1 round a month ago.
Went through salary discussion a week ago.

My lwd in 5 days and now HR said you have to give L2 aswell.

What wud be asked in L2 round of coding. Any commonly asked questions?


Hello Fishes,
I have 9 years of development experience in system C, C++, Linux and networking protocol stack development.
Although throughout my career I have worked for good product based companies I feel my salary is very less.

1. Current CTC:23LPA.
2. What is the salary I can expect from the market with these skills?
3. Is there any new technology I should consider to get a higher pay package?


Has anyone had issues with hiring department? I applied to a IT position, passed the interview and they gave me a start date and salary. I was very happy and can’t wait to start but then… my recruiter told me that we have to delay the start date because my badge has not been created yet. Then it has been 4 weeks later and they say they are very sorry for the wait and they increased my pay up significantly to help compensate for the lost days. But idk what to do.. should I stay or look elsewhere


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Do plastic surgeons work off of a template or something like barbers? It seems like all face work sort of converges to the same look if enough procedures are done. Surely not a coincidence, no?


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Has anyone ever been leveled down after reaching offer committee? I was told that I interviewed strongly and was being placed at L6 but once I was presented before the committee their feedback was that since 1 of the interviewers didn’t ask specific questions of me that they’d expect for L6 - I could either proceed as L5 or conduct 2 additional interviews to still be evaluated at L6. Can someone share their experience with anything similar? I am being considered for both PgM and TPM roles.


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Hi Folks,
Need suggestion,
I have given an interview on HSBC, When I got first call from HR I discussed expected CTC 30 LPA and HR agreed to it but during final round with project hiring manager they said maximum they can provide is 27 LPA.
Should I accept the offer?
What is Annual Bonus and Increment?

Exp: 9 years
Position: Senior Avaloq Developer

Hi guys can we ask for joining day extension for 1 week? Will they agree


Hi fishes,
Anyone from IBM Chennai dlf,please connect with me


I’m 26 and have ~40k sitting in my savings account. Annual income 140k. Maxing out 401k. No debt. Planning to invest 25k but don’t know where to start. Should I get a wealth manager? What is the best way to approach this?


🎁 Push presents…. Is this still a thing? And if you’ve talked about it with your SO… are you going to specify what you want or leave it up to him to pick?


Has anyone taken a step down when looking to move to industry?


Hey fishes!
I'm working as Senior Software Engineer
YOE: 4+
CTC: 8.5
Skills: ReactJS, React Native, JS,TS, Nodejs
I'm looking for hike what current market, what figure I should expect? Please help me because I don't wanna regret later asking low


Additional Posts in Virtusa

I got offer letter from Virtusa. I never heard about company's name. Can anyone tell me about company? Work culture or WLB
I have another offer from IBM of 19
Virtusa giving 24 lpa
Choosing virtusa is over IBM good or not?

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Job security in Virtusa?
YOE - 4
Skill - Java
Offer - 17 lpa

@Virtusa Tata Consultancy Infosys Wipro HCL Technologies Cognizant Capgemini Accenture Larsen & Toubro Infotech Mindtree

After how many of submitting documents does virtusa give offer letter?

Can anyone help me with gip advance material?

Can Virtusa revise the offer letter after accepting as well?


How is ALLY client at virtusa?


Do you guys completed GIP advance training. I am a new joiner and it is a mandatory course..I have gone through the material but it seems many pieces are missing and that's why not able to solve all the assessment questionnaire. Any one have dumps for the latest.please help


Hi All
I need someone guidance and clarification 2 choose a right offer
Once upon a time no offers at all now being an Immediate Joiner I have multiple offers which leads to so many confusion and fear.
Pls help
I have below offers I am based out of chennai
Over Exp 8
Lti -8 fixed no Varbl no bonus Consultant rle
Infosys 8.5 fixed no Varbl joining bonus of 50k- Consultant rle
Hcl 9 fixed fixed no Varbls no bonus
Maveric ba rle 9.5 no Varbls
Virtusa two projects
11.5 yet to choose
Pls guide


Hello Everyone,

I am a Graduate, My year of passing is 2022.

I am from a tire 3 college.

I have attended a few off-campus interviews and at present, I have offers like:

Infosys - System Engineer role- 3.6 CTC

HCL - 4.2 CTC

Virtusa - Associate Engineer - 4.5 CTC

Wipro- Project Engineer- 3.5 CTC

Which company is good to start my career?


Hi All,

I am having 6.5 years exp and currently working for Capgemini with 9LPA fixed.
I have below offers Im considering and further negotiation is not possible because of budget constraints.

DBS is my current client company and offered 20 LPA as I resigned.

DBS : 20LPA Fixed + 5LPA variable (Associate)
Wipro: 21 Fixed + 10% variable( Team lead, B3)
Virtusa: 21 Fixed + 10% variable( Senior consultant, Tier 2)

Please help me pick one. Im confused. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Sharks,
Could anyone let me know about the leave policy and increment cycle of Virtusa?


How to check bench ageing in Virtusa?


Hi guys is Citi or bt project is Google account?

How is citi bank application migration project in virtusa can anyone guide? @


Hi Everyone,

I need one suggestion,

I have 2 offers one with
Virtusa - 16.75 fixed + 1.25 variable+ 1 bonus
Cognizant - 16 fixed + 50 variable

YOE - 4

Based on job security & Yearly Hikes which one should I Join?

One more thing do virtusa have a probation period?


Hi Folks can anyone tell me about job security in virtusa

Hi all,
My friend has referred me in Virtusa, within 2 days HR called and said they have a job role for my profile and will confirm back for interview, but now they are saying that job post is closed.
I had put my other offers on hold due to virtusa.
If anyone is having a job opportunity in their project for a database developer please respond.


How to get experience letter in Virtusa after resignation?

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