I have recently received an offer from Morgan stanley for bangalore location.
I wanted to know the following :
1. Work culture
2. Work life balance
3. On site opportunities
4. Salary hikes


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Work culture - it’s good ..you will see ppl working in front of system and hardly talking or enjoying floor moment . Very professional .

Work life balance - this depends on ur manager and project so cant comment on it.

On site - Big no .. if u are looking for on-site , better join some sevice based like tcs, Infy, Wipro etc

Salary hike - for first year .. nothing for you .. from 2nd year onwards consider it 5 to 8 percent


What I heard was , salary hikes are bad but the bonuses are very good

How many days did they take release offer letter after salary negotiation?

It can take 10-15 days approx.


yoe ,tech and offered ctc

Why no hike in the first year?

You will get 5 or less percent of you joined before October . I joined in June and got 5% for that year and next year 8 % . Planning to change

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We are looking for Product Mgrs who have 4+ years of exp in client facing roles where you gather requirements, design solutions, work with developers to build the solution, test the solution end-to-end, and deliver to the client. The work itself is very similar to what we do in consulting but you don't have to worry about firm activities, utilization, etc.

Compensation is highly competitive

DM a link to your resume if you are interested


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Hi All,
I'm joining EY India Technology Consulting in a week. However, EY is also my client, primarily we're involved in the maintenance of their internal user interface.

I can see a non solicitation clause in my current employer's offer letter than I can't join client within 12 months of my termination.

Are this non solicitation clauses followed in reality? Everyone's has been asking me to chill, since I'm joining as scon, not a manager or with any trade secrets. Opinions pls.


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Hi Fishes, looking for Tableau Developer position.
YoE - 8 yrs


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Looking to get into implementation at paycore. Anyone have any salary or info on it? Would anyone recommend them as a good company to get started in implementation?


Additional Posts in Morgan Stanley salary

Morgan Stanley is offering a low compensation! They haven't called back after the negotiations even after saying they will call. Should I reach out to them again?
I have my joining next week with another org.

what is the hike cycle in morgan Stanley,
also eligible for hike if joined before which month
any idea ?


Does Morgan Stanley provides macbook to new joiners?



Anyone who recently got an offer from MS, can you please advise how long the interview process is?

I read in Glassdoor that some recent offers took 1-2 months to roll out. Is that common?

For me it has been 3 weeks since my third (final) hiring manager round hence wanted to know if others had similar experience.

Thank you!


cisco or morgan stanley?


Hi all,

I am selected for an Analyst role in Firm Risk Mgmt department, just wanted to know what should be my salary expectations? I have heard 30-40% above fixed is a good starting point

For background, I am currently working with JPMC as an Analyst for 9 Fixed + 2 Variable, I am a (MBA TIER 2) campus hire. Total Work-ex - 12 months.

Also, JP gives campus hires around 15-20% increment if you complete the entire performance cycle i.e. Dec-Dec

So what number should I quote?



Hi Everyone can anyone let me know the current onboarding process of Morgan Stanley like before how many days we get meeting invites or any other mail we get before. My joining is after 24 days.


Hi, can someone tell me in BGV what should I put for my current employer? Contact them immediately or after some time? Would it delay my BGV if I chose the other option to contact them after some time?


Hi fishes,
Recently received an offer from MS and my background verification is initiated.

I had some doubts.

1.How much time it takes to complete BGV?
2.Will i get an confirmation about the completion of BGV?
3.what if i dnt remember my previous employment manager's phone or email?


How much time does Morgan Stanley take to release an offer letter, from last one week recruiter telling me, he got all approval but last international approval is pending.
Morgan Stanley


How are hike in Morgan Stanley


Do Morgan Stanley India reimburse internet expenses?
YOE 10
TC 40+

@Morgan Stanley


I have only one week left to join @morgan Stanley however there is no email communication (like onboarding email,to whom to report,where to go) from hr side.i am little worried does anyone know


Hi, can anyone working at Morgan Stanley please tell what is the WFH situation in Mumbai office? TIA for help