Hi Folks,

Any idea on the virtusa Citi Bank project, I have been offered for the managerial position and looking out for some real time experience from the guys who are already into the project

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Run away

Why so.

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If a partner refers you for a role, is it a pretty much guaranteed hire as long as you don’t shit your pants in the interview?


Anyone know how to get out of this post lay off slump? Got laid off early this week and it has absolutely crushed my confidence. So anxious knowing agencies arent hiring in nyc right now too...


Hi All,
I am looking out for a job as an entry level Data Analyst role in Toronto,ON , with 1 year of relevant experience…what do yo think should be my ask ??


Hello Bowl
Looking for any UK AWS employee for any insights into the office life, the work/life balance as well as benefits.
Would also greatly appreciate any visibility on L5/L6 pay for non-tech/non-sales roles.
Thank you


Hi folks,
Any tcs premises near tcs sholinganallur means please let me know.


What do B8s at IBM make per year?


Hey fishes,

I have an interview tomorrow with
EY and the role is Data Analytics and tech stack- SQL, Python.

So what type of questions can I expect around the same?

Thank you!


I am potentially getting an offer from Meta as a product manager, in active interviews now. Any comp gut checks available for an L4 or L5 product manager? They won’t give solid info on comp until the offer, I don’t want to waste my time. Also, any insight into work/life balance in this type of role would also be helpful. My current role is super flexible and I am pretty happy, so it’s about more than comp increase to me.


I have an interview with Amazon tomorrow for a financial analyst role. I was told to think of times I dived deep into data. I’m having trouble coming up with some. Can someone please provide exmaples they would use so maybe it can help me think of ones I’ve had in my career?


Years of experience: 11
Skills: SAP PP/QM
Current: At TCS.. package 15.75 lpa CTC
Offered: 24.5 lpa fixed + 3.65 lacs joining bonus + 27% variable at Accenture
Joining location is Kolkata while project assigned is based at Hyderabad.
Would it be a good idea to join Accenture or better to stay back at TCS (retention offer: onsite & promotion) - considering I cannot change my base location from Kolkata.

Please suggest.


Which company is better for developers, Larsen & Toubro Infotech or EY India in terms of learning, benefitsz work life balance and mainly job safety


Any strong feelings against going in-house in a junior corporate counsel role? I am currently interviewing at Assurance IQ and Smartsheet, and I'm excited about them both.

FWIW, I'm at a boutique law firm, and while there is still lots of learning I could do, I don't think the niche is a good fit, and all signs are telling me to leave. I'm a 2019 grad, did a year-long state clerkship, and have been at this firm for just under 1.5 years.


Would like to hear about Gartner exit ops for non-tech consultants

Any SAP analytics cloud developer here? Quick query, client wants a column root causes ..now this column is not available in S/4..now the S/4 team is not cooperative enough.

My leads suggested SAC has comments option. However comments are not going to help users either. Because it will not show graphically which root causes contribute the most.

So my question is now, does SAC have an in built excel option which would allow users to enter root causes across materials and then SAC refresh this

I have Cognizant offer 25 LPA & EY 29 LPA
Does cognizant match the counter offer?

Also while negotiate counter offer it requires share complete offer latter? Instead of screen sort of CTC break up


Quick Tips/suggestions for an interview at @Rackspace
Position - Linux Admin


I’m a home infusion nurse previously with CVS looking to get into clinical project management. Have PM skill set, just no experience. Anyone have advice on who’s hiring entry level? Any advice in general? It’s rather competitive out there


How common is it to exit PEPI into a PE Ops role?


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Anyone from chennai EY GDS, D&A team(Tech Consulting). How is the WLB and kind of projects?. I am planning to ask for transfer from Bangalore to Chennai


Any thoughts on how do we deal with an incompetent boss who you dont look up to and have no trust that you would ever get credit for the work you would do for him/her? Given that changing the boss is not an option.


Anyone here work at fisher & Phillips in Fort Lauderdale?


Hi Folks,
I have appeared for an interview with Infosys i already have an offer of 8.5 with 2.10 years of experience and expected ask 11-12 lpa from Infosys ...can Infosys provide that much or there are less chances?


How much should an Entry Level Systems and Platforms Administrator make?

I’m thinking of pivoting to that position soon. I won’t be doing any coding or anything, just systems day to day administration and integrations/system implementation project management.


How hard would making a switch from Enterprise Risk (Internal Audit) to Forensics be?


How is everyone getting these low 2% rates on refi? I have gone to several sites and applied and get 2.8% and 29-3% APR. what am I missing? Please help. lTV 40% 810 score 300HHI


I need to resign from a startup company. I wrote the letter but since I only answer to the owner I probably should tell her first right? I don’t even want to give two weeks because this whole company is a mess but I’m professional. What do I say when I call her? FYI she is super aggressive and I don’t want to give to much info for her to bully me into staying.


Almost 4 years out and I had a dream about my cheating ex and he cheated on in my dream lol


Need some advice on a job offer for Salesforce Admin role at a midsize tech company. I have 7+ years experience as an admin and live in a LCOL area.

$98k base
$30k RSUs
5% bonus

They are holding firm on this comp package and will not upgrade to senior. I think this is low with my years of experience. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Found a townhome that’s right on Lake Lanier and a new construction. It comes under the Buford High School so ticks all the boxes. I am unsure if it will be difficult for me to rent it out due to the location. This will be a rental property. New to Atlanta and suburbs so would appreciate opinion from folks who are local. Thanks!


Market salary range (CTC) for SAP EHS consultants?


Has anyone on here worked at Amazon before, quit and joined Google, then boomeranged back to Amazon?

Do you regret it or happy you went back? Amazon


Senior Copywriters: want a promotion to Copy Supervisor?

Copy Supervisors: want a promotion to Group Copy Supervisor?

4 open spots, not low balling on salary, fun culture! DM me!


Anyone willing to give a referral for associate, business operations and strategy?


How do Bernie supporters support Biden after this?


Hi fishes, my previous employer has not given me the money for Earned Leaves, they are saying it's not in their policy.. I have a variable bonus of 100000. Out of this they have given only 19,000 in the month of December after 6 months of joining...But they are not giving me any bonus after completing 1 year and 2 months.. They have stopped my appraisal as well...

So in total, I lost my appraisal money, bonus and Earned Leaves money... I feel betrayed and cheated...

What should I do ??


Is entity formation considered the practice of law? More specifically can an out of state lawyer in let's say michigan file and prepare a LLC for a pc in idk let's say Nevada?


How is PwC IFS workwise, can I expect quality work there?


Additional Posts in Virtusa


Do you guys completed GIP advance training. I am a new joiner and it is a mandatory course..I have gone through the material but it seems many pieces are missing and that's why not able to solve all the assessment questionnaire. Any one have dumps for the latest.please help


How to get experience letter in Virtusa after resignation?

Hi I have an offer of 20LPA from Virtusa
And 21 LPA from Capgemini.
Which one to choose? For better WLF?
Virtusa Capgemini


Hi Fishes,

Anyone one from virtusa working with Citi client?

Which is better virtusa or Mindtree...bot offering same package

Hi All,

I am having 6.5 years exp and currently working for Capgemini with 9LPA fixed.
I have below offers Im considering and further negotiation is not possible because of budget constraints.

DBS is my current client company and offered 20 LPA as I resigned.

DBS : 20LPA Fixed + 5LPA variable (Associate)
Wipro: 21 Fixed + 10% variable( Team lead, B3)
Virtusa: 21 Fixed + 10% variable( Senior consultant, Tier 2)

Please help me pick one. Im confused. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Everyone,

I need one suggestion,

I have 2 offers one with
Virtusa - 16.75 fixed + 1.25 variable+ 1 bonus
Cognizant - 16 fixed + 50 variable

YOE - 4

Based on job security & Yearly Hikes which one should I Join?

One more thing do virtusa have a probation period?


I got offer letter from Virtusa. I never heard about company's name. Can anyone tell me about company? Work culture or WLB
I have another offer from IBM of 19
Virtusa giving 24 lpa
Choosing virtusa is over IBM good or not?

Can anyone tell me if there is any portal for e-separation. My friend was trying to put paper but he works on client laptop and he did not know much details.. Is there any portal in velocity app for the same

Hi Sharks,
Could anyone let me know about the leave policy and increment cycle of Virtusa?


Do virtusa send welcome kit for new joiners ??


Hi guys is Citi or bt project is Google account?

Which is better Virtusa or LTI

How is Virtusa Lloyd Bank Project?

How is work life Balance?

Tech stack Java?


How much variable pay will we get in Virtusa? Please consider the average case

And one more thing any idea about yearly hike % ?



How is City bank project in Virtusa in terms of Work life balance?


For Virtusa internal candidates :

If anyone has basics testing knowledge and good comm skills and willing to move to testing domain, feel free to comment