Hi guys, I have a interview in PwC India for Tech Consulting role. Director have asked me to present 2 slides PPT on topic relevant to Consulting.
Please suggest which topic should I choose to present.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Agile Transformation

You can present a case study

Ye to aap director se pucho na

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Hi fishes! I recently joined Nagarro as a FE dev. Got a proposal mail today for CSX MEL Sourcing (Angular). Can anyone pls share some insights on this project? Based on learning opportunities, WLB, on-site opportunities, etc.


What are good exit opportunities for McK AP working in digital and tech? Are there companies who match or exceed the comp?


Anyone from Bain & Company who is willing to give a referral?


Hello everyone!! I have been interviewing with AlixPartners and have my case interview coming up in a week and a half.. any advice on prep, what to expect, anything else I need to know would be really helpful..

Thank you and cheers


Hi Deloitte peeps !
How's the fraud investigation, fraud audit and due diligence profile in Deloitte.
Any tips/que for interview?

What are the odds of transitioning from a Senior in IT risk to a transformation role? Really interested in getting to know that service line a bit better to see if it’s a good fit


Cleared Technical & Partner round for Manager position. Scheduled for HR discussion, how much can I ask for?

YOE : 12
Current CTC : 23
Technology : ServiceNow


How is technical writer job profile in Cyient for automotive clients? I mean how is wlb and work culture?

Hoping to switch from current role to data & analytics focused role. Looking for advice on what steps to take (i.e. any certifications to get or other trainings to begin) and best entry level jobs to apply for.
Background: Have some basic knowledge of Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, Google Analytics, and SQL. Currently working in Deals and make around $80k.


Hi Guys, i just cleared my 2 Tech rounds and 1 HR interview round all within 4 days. I asked for 18L minimum during that and they mentioned it's a bit on the higher end but they're in the process of getting approvals, how long shoud i wait for them to get back and should I've asked for more?
YoE: 1y 6months
Cctc: 12.4L (11.3 fixed)

Really appreciate any insights.

Thank you!


I have been working in public accounting BTS team (mostly tax compliance and provision) for 2 years. Was wondering if I need to specialize in a certain area of tax, like accounting method/M&A/credits etc.? What are the promotion opportunities like in the specialized team? How are the exit options if I wanted to quit public accounting?


Anyone at Capital One willing to give me a referral? Found some Sr Assoc PM Roles im a really good fit for. Would love to discuss your experience working there and your feedback.


How many rounds of interviews at Ogletree? From Application to Offer/Rejection? Applied to Major Metro Region


Mullen Lowe, after I was flown in for an all day interview and workshopped a deck the team was struggling with on the fly. Had to bug them for 3 months to get my cab fare refunded.


How much SQL skill is expected for a entry level data analyst role? Took SQL course in college, self studying now as I plan to quit consulting one year out of UG

This job market is insane right now.

Now, with all of these layoffs... employers have the upper hand, and it's super competitive to land the job.

I work full time as a senior manager (L7) at Amazon. I've passed one the hardest interview that Amazon has to be a part of the executive team.

I started coaching on the side and really fell in love with it. I've helped a ton of people land their dream job!

If you need a career coach or help with prepping for your next interview. DM me or comment!



Any openings for SAP BASIS profile..can someone pls refer me..


Hi, I have a last round interview at @Accenture UK which is called an Executive fit interview. Could someone let me know what to expect?




A research firm wants to do an interview/consultation with me as an expert in a field their clients are interested in. If I participate I would be compensated but have to name the rate. Has anyone else done this and do you have guidance on what to ask for?


did McKinsey recently raise parental leave benefits?

Apologies if this has been asked already. Appreciate any detail


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Hypothetical question: If your boss asked you to do something and it went against your principles and what you know is best practice in the industry, would you continue to do the status quo?


Is anyone able to resurface that chat of producer salaries ? I heard it was on here awhile ago but can't seem to locate...any help is appreciated


What is A1 comp. situation in an elite boutiques in London? Thanksn

What are some most common guesstimates asked from PM's?


Like for likes, I guess?

How many do you need to be able to DM?


Are mind games OKAY? Should I pretend-play or call out the BS?


Hello Fishes,

Please Genuine Help Required

Which one to choose for 8.5 years of Exp

Exl Service ( 21 LPA fixed and 2.5 LPA variable)
Wipro (21 LPA fixed) client location and No WfH, No Cabs
Xceedence (21 LpA ) and 1.05 LPA variable)

Who else loves this sign

Post Photo

Since we’re on the topic of home improvement, has anyone gotten custom concrete countertops? Who’d you go with and how were they?

What's the peak and pit of your current job?


Friendly reminder: IRA contribution limit increased from $5500 to $6000 in 2019. Make sure to update those automatic contribution amounts!


Should I be putting my $ somewhere else other than my bank account to save for a house?


Hello Everyone ,

I have one question . My brother is in Zensar and he signed a bond with the company when he joined for 2 years. Now on 26/08/2021 his bond is getting over but since he got the offer from product based company and they are asking for exit mail so he checked his portal and it is saying still under bond and showing bond end date . So if he put down papers now . Do we need to pay amount as well . As by the end of 3 month NP he will also covering 10 days of bond ? Please help us .


I started a new job recently that included a big raise for me. However the job is not challenging and there is hardly any work to do. My team is very impressed with me so far, but I am working pretty much three hours a day. What would you do in this situation?


Just wondering how some folks who can’t produce they’re way out of a wet paper bag become HoP’s? What’s the secret sauce?


Birthday plan (place to go and place to eat) suggestions for my husband? Been together a long time. We recently went to Cote for a nice dinner but that is something along the lines of what we like to do.

He’s an athlete (in case this helps with activity suggestions), so likes being active, but also like cerebral activities like puzzles, etc.

We are new to the city and I am at a loss with all the options. We are young, in our v early 30’s. Open to Soho, Brooklyn, FiDi, Midtown.


Additional Posts in PwC IAC


Hello i can see there is an opening for SQL dba + mongo dba in PWC AC can any refer me
unable to apply it on portal


Hi Fishes,
Need suggestions on informatica interview.
What type of questions panel ask?
Anyone gave interview recently?


Pwc ke fyde in this comment thread!!


Hi fishes. I am trying to get into PWC in a legal sector (contract management services). I carry 5.5 years of experience. Did upload my resumes to their website but seems they do not review it from there lol. I am unable to get in touch with consultants too. Can somebody please refer me for the same, i hv been trying hard but no fruits. Thanks in advance!


How many rounds will be there in pwc?


PwC India vs PwC AC .... your views pro and cons


Salary of SA from Treasury Advisory Practice in PWC india. Please help. Asking for a friend who is negotiating salary

PWC acceleration Center Hey how do I claim second shift allowance? In PWC ac bang


Hi fishes,

Can anyone refer me in

I am a Java full stack developer with 4 YOE.

I can join in 20 days.

LWD: May 31st


Any one joining pwc ac bangalore on 27th of this month?


How is PwC AC for Oracle consulting? Pwc AC PwC


Hi Fishes
I have around 3 yr experience working with Mulesoft based integrations and I’m looking for a job change. Can anyone please refer me to @ any openings related to Mulesoft developer. TIA

I have done my Masters in Zoology and having 3YOE in US Healthcare (Medical Coding) . Can Anyone refer me ?