I felt very good following Dana’s Town Hall. Having heard other networks are already facing furloughs and layoffs, did you feel as encouraged?

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I missed it. What was the gist?

She let us know that many of our clients have been very pleased with our efforts/execution despite these challenges, we have open positions we are still looking to fill and new business wins/waiting/pipeline so at this point they are not considering layoffs/furloughs/salary reduction or any of that. I think she was as honest and fair as she could be given the environment.


When was Dana’s Town Hall? I just got hired by FCB Health

Welcome! This was quite some time ago. She’s been regularly connecting with us about every month or so.


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Why is it recommended you give a company 2 weeks notice when you are leaving but at the same time, when they are laying you off/firing you, they typically do it on the spot. I have known countless people layed off/fired on the spot over the years (especially after busy season) and everyone else when they leave give 2 week notice. Why should we relinquish power to corporations? Corporations really don't care about us. They pretend they do.


I got fired today. Used to be in consulting but took a gig in industry that didn’t pan out after 6 months. Any 🐠 advice on how to pick up the pieces will be go along away


Assuming this causes a recession like in 2008, and many people get laid off, how long to take to find another similar paying job? I’m currently a strat manager in FS. Scared for job.


Do you have any tips/advise for someone who was laid off recently and early in their career?


Hi All! I need some help. I got recently laid off and I am going to start interviewing for roles soon. Should I tell recruiter that I’m not in the company anymore? If so, what should I say? (I got fired due to my performance, but my manager set me up for failure from the beginning, aka toxic leader).
Also, should I update my LinkedIn so that recruiters know I’m open for work?


Hi Fishes,

Need advice,

I recently got laid off by PS and my notice period just got over,

I have offers from:




Rojo Consultancy

All are offering almost same ctc around 19-22 LPA,

I have 3 years of experience as a backend developer,

working on Spring Boot, REST API, Java 8.

Any help is really appreciated,

Thanks in Advance 😅

Joined a new company in industry after being laid off from my last job after being there for only 5 months. My new gig is rough, no support network, my boss is not a very nice guy and I dread this new job every day (2 months in). Things aren’t going to be getting better and I’ve almost thrown my mouse at my wall out of frustration with the job/boss.

Is it too early to leave? Bad idea just go get up and quit? Planning on moving back home with my parents so I wouldn’t have to dip into savings


Why does PwC's severance package suck so much? I've never been through something like this previously, no I guess I have nothing to compare it to, but everyone who has keeps telling it's insulting. SA


Did you hear about layoffs in your organisation in 2022?


Went to HR to complain about horrible manager. Will I get fired or let go? I was just speaking up for myself.


I‘ve joined Globant 3 months back. They have offered me very good CTC & the position is Senior Developer. I’m on bench till date & there are few more too. Being on the high CTC side & Higher position, I’m bit tensed about my career over here. Can someone please help me if it is a normal situation in Globant? Or I should worry & should be active again? Also, is there any layoff happened in Globant in the past couple of years.


Hey all, ~7 years I've been working with fixed income analytics (duration, spread, etc) and perf attribution for institutional inv mgmt firm with close to $400B aum.

I'm being laid off in a couple months. Should I say I'm being laid off in interviews? Or is that a negative? I get severance if I stay the whole time so ideally I can time it. Have finance degree, CFA charter.

Most of work has been IG, but also some HY, EM and equity. Want to go into equity research/PM- worried I'm pigeonholed


Anyone hiring in Houston? About to get laid off from technology sr consultant role. Willing to travel as much as necessary (when possible)


Can a manager get fired because they documented that their employee failed to complete work on time yet employee has documentation that (1) they did complete the work on time and (2) asked multiple times for the manager to complete their review?


Has anyone here ever been fired for being rude to a customer?


How is job security at Qualcomm ? Any earlier or recent layoff or firing news?


Hi everyone...

My role was impacted as part of the layoffs in my last Org.. bitter truth to digest.

So I am looking for a new role and I would appreciate your help and support.

Can anyone share Hyderabad or Remote based PM/ Sr. PM jobs.


Hi fishes,
Has coforge fired any employees in 2022?

I am a new associate (1 month in mid-tier firm) and I struggle to get work to fill up the whole day. In honest time, i get about 3-5 billable hours a day. Am I going to get in trouble or fired over this?? I am putting my best efforts when I do get work and I ask for work sometimes. At this point I feel like I am being annoying too…


Is it good to hpe seeing current layoffs. Is there good work life balance? Job security?


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What was your reasoning for seeking an MBA?

Have others found it hard to transition from Audit to Financial Analyst? All the recruiters I’m meeting with are telling me I probably won’t get an interview since they’re looking for someone who’s ready to hit the ground running.
It’s discouraging because I’m a fast learner, and from talking to my friends who are Financial Analysts, it doesn’t seem like what we do is so dissimilar.


Hi All, I'm currently working with IBM for Barclays client experience 5.4 years CCTC 14.2lpa holding offer 22fix 2.2 variable from mastercard and I have also interviewed at Barclays for the same project on which I'm working currently from IBM.

How much should I ask from Barclays ???


Can any one suggest change of status from H4 to L1B is better or fresh application of L1 individual from India is better ?


What's your favorite 3d software and how do you use it in your daily work?


What are the possibilities of getting another offer in last 15 days of notice period?


Does EY have muslim professionals network? I think there are quite a few of us, but never saw such network mentioned before.


Anyone live in the city and have a second place on a suburban lake? Curious about the experience, do you use it often? Is it worth it?


What’s Critical Mass like for a creative?


Hello All,

Can anyone share their career journey as a SAP MM consultant & how much they are getting currently with YOE.

I will share mine 14.6 YOE & CTC is just 12.4 because I stuck with same Org for 11 yrs due to personal reason.

I am preparing for a job change now & would like to know about current market trends.@




Any fish here working in Bangalore?


Where is the American Express office in Bangalore located in which Tech Park/locality ?

I wanted to apply and hail from Bangalore so if someone mention in comment it would be helpful

Best app for financial budget tracking ? I’m in Canada if that makes a difference.


I told a witness that it was my client who said I should reach out to them. Is that a problem?


Does anyone use a Surface 8 to redline/review docs? If so, how do you like it?



Can anyone from Premier Inc. refer me to a position?

Thanks in advance!


Do you guys have a set mileage to hit while riding, or just go with the flow?

What is hike I can expect from Capgemini for Consultant role (B2) in Bangalore?
Tomorrow is my HR discussion.
YOE: 5.1
Curreng CTC : 7LPA
Technology : Data visualisation


I made over $6500 today in my 401k. My retirement investments made more since President Trump has been in power than any other president in my life time. I hope this continues so I may actually have a shot at returning someday. I'm interested to know how much other people made today. What type of day did you have $$$?


Additional Posts in FCB Health - NYC

Thought we could use our own bowl...many of the FCB bowl posts refer to Chicago so thought we might like our own to chat all things FCBHealth, pharma, 7/6/5 floors, etc.


I have applied for a Junior Strategic Planner role in NYC. I was now asked what my salary expectations are...what range is appropriate here? I have 2 years of experience and a Masters in Marketing.

Heard there’s some funny business going on in the creative dept... can anyone confirm?


Aloha instead of Halloween? We rarely get this many opportunities for free alcohol + snacks, so wondering if Dana is bait and switching us...


How is it working on the FCB Health NY social strategy teams? Do you like your work/job? Do you feel supported?


Michael Roth gave healthcare big recognition on today’s earnings call. 3%+ organic net revenue growth across IPG. 👏


What’s the difference between FCB Health and, say, Area 23? Does 23 get ALL the awards and fame?

Serious question: Why’d we have to migrate our network logins to FCB Health in addition to our emails? Couldn’t we have just started listing our emails as “@fcbhealth” but logging in as “@FCB”?
Our old emails instantly forward to our current ones, so I don’t see why it couldn’t be the other way.


Can anyone give me honest feedback on what being a copywriter is like at FCB Health NY? I have an interview but looking on here all I see is *really* negative feedback, so I’m very apprehensive. Glassdoor has a lot of bad reviews too. I’m currently at a smaller agency and I like it, but getting the itch to move up in salary & have more opportunities to produce good work. Tempted by FCB for those reasons, but value work/life balance.

Does Partners & Pizza come with actual pizza (like a voucher or something) or is it just a name from pre-WFH?

As of late, my work related anxiety has reached new levels and it’s really starting to affect me mentally. I’m part of a great team; I’m trusted and supported, have a great track record, there are no issues, and have been no incidents. Regardless, my professional self perception and confidence is so rattled as of late, it’s almost like a paralysis at times. I realize there are much larger problems right now, but if anyone has any tips or advice to get over this, I am all ears. Thanks all!

There are leaders, and then there is Dana.
👏 ❤️ 🐐


How's everyone feeling about the climate at FCB H these days? Good bad the same?

Alright everyone, best thing that happened at work this week!?

I’ll start: finding a middle ground where everyone came away happy.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Does FCB have a company rate or company login for the Ad Age or Ad Week websites? Looking for ways to get discounts on accessing their content


So who wants to continue WFH forever?! Think that’ll be an option? Curious how this will play out in a few months.


Did you have fun at the Halloween party?


Could someone tell me a bit about Yuzu Yellow or Mosaic? Thanks!