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Hi Sharks

Any one working as QA in AT&T project in
Tech Mahindra ??

I just wanted to know about project, client and work culture.Any one currently working or already worked in same account please throw some light here..

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It depends on the project you are going into

How is Telefonica Uk Client?

Work culture is awesome and client is also good. But yes if you do more mistakes client will get into action. So need to do proper testing with quality with less errors.

How is Telefonica Uk Client in Tech Mahindra?
With respect to WLB and Time zone?

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What are some examples of QoE adjustments a sell side client would like to see as opposed to a buyer?

For designers in agencies.
What do you like and dislike the most about working in an agency?

I just switched to an agency but I don’t think I like it, I have worked my whole life in house and the differences to me are huge. Not sure if it’s only this agency, but I feel totally alone. I have given some projects but I don’t think there is collaboration at all and the communication sucks, everyone is too busy on their on projects or tasks.


👋 Looking for advice!
I’m currently in the talent acquisition space approaching my 3rd year with my first company since undergrad. (Started as a contractor to conversation - full time) Still early in my career and looking to make a career pivot into program/product.

I’m debating if I should take a contractor position to re-position myself into a what I truly want. My company is a mid size and is in interested in hiring external talent due to our culture shift. What would you do?


Dialled into SteerCo late Thursday afternoon and listening to your team getting ripped into by the client.....

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Is there a market for lawyers to add expertise In crisis management or reputation management? My goal is to counsel clients on how to respond to media inquiries without saying or posting something detrimental to a potential litigation while still maintaining communication with their client base. If so, how to break into that industry? Courses? Books? Certifications?


Has anyone worked for Ever green Eye Center as a Nurse there in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area? Any idea of the pay scale, work culture etc?


Does anyone work at The Chartis Group as an Associate Consultant that can provide some insight on the culture and the work you do on the healthcare side.


Hi Everyone!

I'm looking to connect with recruiters who place people in client side positions? Any help??


Hi All
I got recently hired at Coforge for HSBC account. I am a Java Developer (Spring, Spring boot, Micro services). Could someone please share their experience working with HSBC client. How is the work, work life balance and learning experience?
It would also be very helpful if someone details the tech stack from a Java developer perspective.
Thanks in advance.


Hello all, I have two offers :-
1) General Ledger and Fixed assets Analyst at ChargePoint- 10 L + RSUs
2) Team Leader Reconciliation at Clifford Chance - 9.5 L + Yearly bonus.

Which one should I opt for? Any insights on the work culture in both organisations?


Potential opp to jump from client-facing risk consulting role at Big 4 to internal risk consulting role at MBB.

I like client facing work - new projects, travel etc. - but new role would likely be better hours and more pay (20-30%). Probably wouldn’t be long term either, possible to move to client facing at MBB?

Would you jump?


Does anyone here work for Slack? Just applied to a sales leadership role and curious what the culture/WLB is like since being acquired by SF? TIA!


I am joining Accenture, please share some experience and how is the work culture?


Currently looking for a position in Tampa, FL that focuses on culture and employee engagement. I have 1.5 years of HR experience under my belt with a law degree (concentrated in discrimination in the workplace) and I have a bachelor’s in psych. Anyone know of any roles available? Also considering generalist positions.

Looking for a freelance Creative Project Manager for a sports, entertainment and gaming company.
6+ months (up to) $65 an hour, 40 hours per week, remote working EST


I have got an offer from CTS for 18 LPA Sr. Associate Project (role). I am a senior Frontend developer so if anyone has experience in handling a web dev project. Could anyone of you let me know what kind of exposure I can expect here in terms of work and experience.


At a manufacturing client who stocks a high volume of raw materials and packaging components with varying units of measure (milliliters, lb, kg, eaches, etc.). We’ve modeled how much RM inventory ($/units) to stock based on demand for finished good items they tie to and several other variables. I am am trying to identify pallet conversions by each RM item to determine the number of pallet spaces required. Anyone know of an effective way to do this? Trying to be within +/- 10% accuracy.


Do you all really get work life balance in this industry? I surely don’t, and the stress that I get is not equivalent to what I am being paid. Agency is great, getting really good exposure, learning a lot but at the same time it is not worth the stress and money that you get. I am wondering if i should move from advertising to graphic design/branding or digital agency. Is it same situation or better? Should I also consider client side ?


What sort of communications language/provisions do you have in your fee agreement? We currently do not have a bilingual paralegal (I’m bilingual in the relevant language). Our client intake form requests an email address and nearly everyone lists one. But then they call, leave vague messages, and refuse to respond to my email follow up cause they “don’t know email” or their account “isn’t getting my messages”.


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Any recommendations on good-looking laptop leather office bags with a trolley sleeve?

Where can I find local holiday calendar?
Also if my reporting manager isn't from India, do I get a holiday if the same is in India?

Hi all, Is it wise decision to join Cognizant in the current scenario. Cognizant is offering 17 lpa. Deloitte is offering 15 lpa. YOE: 4 years. TechStack: react I am considering to join Cognizant due to 2lpa higher package. Pls advise, joining is next week.

DeloitteDeloitte USICognizant


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Who here has exited or is exiting big law?


What are your thoughts on revisiting places you've already been vs going somewhere new? My 'to-visit' list is so long, but I've really been itching to get back to a few old favorites like Ireland and Germany. How do you decide?


It's Friday!!!!!! Woohoo! Any fun plans?


Today I learned that a white man with 2 years less experience than me and who does mediocre work at best is a Design Director at a place I’m interviewing for as a Sr Designer. We used to work at the same place. He spent less than a year as an ACD before jumping into Design Director roles. I’m so tired of clawing my way up the ladder while others get a golden ticket to a glass elevator. But I’m also frustrated at myself for not being more confident in my abilities and just reaching for shit.


Does NatWest provide any allowance for WFH? Any one time setup allowance or monthly internet connection allowance?


Do we think Biden administration will ease up and help speed up PERM/GC processing?


Any recommendations on wedding venues or caterers in jersey? New to the city and don’t really know a lot of people. Looking for medium budget recommendations. Thank you in advance


Mutual NDA Question:

Under Permitted Disclosures, Recipients may disclose CI “which was or becomes available to any Recipient on a non-confidential basis from a source that is, as far as Recipient is aware, not prohibited by a legal obligation from disclosing such information.”

My thoughts are to take out “as far as Recipient is aware” to tighten things up a bit. GC believes it’s impossible to know, so it should stay. Thoughts?


Anyone here work for both Accenture and Deloitte Federal Advisory practice? I know the practice in itself sucks, but did you have a preference between the two companies?


A reminder. 💡

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Life sucks. The world was a much better place when the dinosaurs were still around.


“Can you work on this? Doesn’t need to be before the holiday. Monday morning is fine.” 🙄🙄


I had a data vendor/measurement rep say to me today “I’d rather work with you than against you, but I will work against you” in his sales pitch today and I’m honestly not even entirely sure what to do


Salaries for senior strategist in NY at about 5 years of experience? (Experience is at large shops, headed to another big one)

So students pursuing trade schools that are probably not online approved but could potentially continue online for a period of time are abt to get F’d.

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Additional Posts in Tech mahindra offer letter

Tech Mahindra How long does Tech M take to release an offer once shortlisted.


How much time Tech Mahindra takes to release offer letter once all the documents along with the offshore form is submitted?
Tech Mahindra


I have 2 offers in hand - Global Logic - 23 LPA fixed , Tech Mahindra - 26.5 (including variable).
Which one is good for job security , work life balance and hike and all.
Need your suggestions pls

Hi fishes, need your help deciding offers from Nagarro, Jio, Boomi and Telstra What is better in terms of learning, wlb ?
Tech stack - java microservices 3.9 yoe


I was interviewed for Angular. In JD it was mentioned Angular + Node.
I was told it's a second shift project, with MEAN technology stack.
Client is AT&T.
Anyone having idea about this?

How is tech Mahindra.

Client : Gavi, tha vaccine allaince

How is job security and work Life balance?

Need recent reviews

Please suggest

Can anyone please help me with the Salary for 4 years experienced MEAN stack developer?

I cleared the interview of Tech Mahindra and got mail to submit the documents.

I have 6.7 years of experience in a niche technology. Current package is 14.5lpa.
My interview went good.

How much should i ask for ?
And, will i get the offer after i submit the documents?Tech Mahindra

Does TechM employees get discounts on TechM cars?

For 15.5 YOE, on Cloud platforms, what band and salary should be offered by tech mahindra..CCTC is 17 lacs.Offfer I already have for 34 lacs.

Could you please confirm if there is cab facility for Shollinganallur office,since I will have to WFO for 3 days in a week

Also,if cab is available,can you please share the charges for the same.

Hi All

Awaiting offer from Tech mahindra
Client KPN Telecom
Network security

How is this project and wlb
Location Bangalore.

Please advise

What is L2 interview round in tech mahindra? Is it technical or managerial?


Recently received offer from TechM. Does TechM provides job security?

Hi Fishes,

What will be my in-hand salary?
Can anyone help me with that?
Tech Mahindra
Tech Mahindra

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How much time take to release Tech mahindra offer letter

After submitting the documents, how much time techmahindra takes to release the offer letter?


In how many days after submitting the documents does tech mahindra issue the offer letter?

I had my first technical round of interview as Sr. Android developer with Tech Mahindra and It went well. How long does it take to know about the result. Also how many rounds are there? The interviewer refused to say his name nor he appeared on video in the interview. Is that the company policy? Tech Mahindra

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