Hi Sharks

Any one working as QA in AT&T project in
Tech Mahindra ??

I just wanted to know about project, client and work culture.Any one currently working or already worked in same account please throw some light here..

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

It depends on the project you are going into

How is Telefonica Uk Client?

Work culture is awesome and client is also good. But yes if you do more mistakes client will get into action. So need to do proper testing with quality with less errors.

How is Telefonica Uk Client in Tech Mahindra?
With respect to WLB and Time zone?

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I have cleared 2 technical interviews with S&P Global for the Java Developer job position. With good feedback.
As the interview went well.

I have attended a managerial interview which was scheduled for 30 minutes. It also went well. I answered 90 to 95% of the questions.

How much time they will take to give the feedback as we have a long weekend now


Any of you manage WFH / telecommute more than 50% of the time? When I was an associate, you hardly saw the principal/owner. Now that I’m 7 months into partnership, I just started a set up for WFH myself. It’s basic right now, but once fully set up, I don’t see a need to go to the office other than client meetings. But in this area of law, even in a pandemic, people love to just stop by. So that’s one of my concerns if I transition to WFH.


Anyone here from DarkTrace? Should be getting an offer for their Cyber Tech Specialist role but want to know what I’m getting myself into going from Big4 -> Product.


Anybody have salary negotiations at sealed air? Were they able to offer more if so?


🌞 'Morning creative fishes. I don't usually post about open positions here, but thought I'd give it a shot.

I'm hiring for a few Product & UX design roles. Open to different levels, but favoring Sr- to Lead-level folks; design project leadership & strategic thinking are a must, as well as some solid evidence of craft.

Chicago-based, hybrid innovation consulting company <50ppl. Excellent team culture and work-life balance, high-EQ leadership. DM if interested!


Anyone know about compensation at Smartsheet in the professional services group? Typical equity offers?


Hi all, Which company is good to join ? if offer is almost same based on work life balance, flexible working hour, work culture.

1. Cognizant
2. TCS
3. Capgemini


Hello Guys..
I had a query w.r.t HCL.
I was interviewed for Product Owner but offer was given for Technical Specialist profile.
Nothing technical was asked in interview also.
Interview was related to ITIL and ITSM tools.
Is this just a position name thing ?
Any idea about this ?


In developing a new PM department within a small Pharma company a colleague and I are trying to determine the best PM software/program to utilize. For reference we are steering away from MS Project and currently looking into Smartsheets. Does anyone have any other recommendations for a program they found useful? We want to have a dashboard that collates information from cross functional teams but, that can simultaneously be utilized for the individual teams. Tracking milestones, risks,budget...

Ethical question: if you presented an idea to one agency for a certain client but the idea went nowhere (only the cd saw it) is it ethical / permitted to re-present the same idea for another agency and another client?


KPMG @kpmg what's an average bonus in SLG practice? What's the raise like moving from Associate to SA?


How is the Client Director position in Everest Group (10-15 years of experience)? What is the expected salary range that one can expect ? How are promotions at Everest group ? Overall culture ?Everest Group


How do you avoid project management from creeping out of Atlassian Jira, and into crazy excels? My organization has a bad culture of creating random excels, to track work for Jira features, and like you can imagine, managing work becomes maddening.


Expected ctc for associate consultant position in publicis sapient?? YOE:3 yr


Looking for a junior project manager...10+ yrs exp. Remote location or Bangalore. Company: ThoughtFocus

Please DM


Work for a firm who fudged the special bonus (not special as expected to hit hours in order to get it - was about 50 hours off). Billed 1850 cf 2000 requirement for year end bonus and looks like anyone not hitting won't get year end bonus. I'm not expecting a full bonus (and do not want to come across as entitled) but feel like deserve something for the work put in over the year, gaining recognition in legal publications across my speciality and being seconded to client. What would you do?


Hi Everyone,
How much max salary IBM can give for advisory consultant 7A , 7YOE.


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Any recommendations for tax filing services for a non-resident (on OPT) with W2s from multiple states? I’m based in NJ


Hi Fishes, I have an offer of 25 lpa from Publicis sapient and an offer of 29.5 fron HTC global services. Please help me to decide. I have 8 years of exp in .net along with .net core,SQL,azure.


My gym charged me for April but they’re closed... have you guys called your gyms to get your money back?


I had an interview today in Fairfax Virginia for an assistant real estate position for CBRE the offer was 70,000. I negotiated 80,000 due to my current role providing insurance and they were not and that would depreciate my pay 10-15 percent . I declined the offer as they were not budging in the offer. I can say that I feel confident in my stance of walking away and for once not having to work up to what my worth is.


I’m thinking of switching from robinhood to another brokerage, any suggestions?


How long did it take you to feel established in your role?


Guys in denim jacket. Yay or nay?


Anyone willing to share some best resources (books, podcasts, etc) for imposture syndrome? For awareness, I am a white women in HR. Always struggled with confidence but experienced some brutal/toxic management with my HR role with a bad business partner (now in a new role), and I am continuing to struggle with my confidence. Appreciate resources that are “self-help”. Also considering a therapist but hoping to also own the process myself for quicker “recovery”. TIA!


Hey fishes! Anyone working at Meta who’s open to giving me a referral?:) would really appreciate it!


Any PR agencies with solid sports marketing practices out there?


Let’s start Friday drinking with a trip down memory lane. What’s the biggest f*ck up/ embarrassing moment you’ve seen in front of a client?


First-gen grad students, does your family put pressure on you to succeed? It feels like our relationship is them just bugging me about my work. I’d love some advice, I miss my fam.


Hello Everyone,

First time I am going to Bengaluru. How can I reach Bengaluru airport to Udupi garden?


It seems that hiring has been slow down and in couple of quarter it will be normal


Looking for a Legal Operations Specialist for a part-time position at a small biotech company. Preferably one that has worked with Ironclad. The Legal team has 3 attorneys and 1 intern. Please reach out with any questions!


Hsbc or Wells Fargo which one to go ? Both are paying same .

Looking for referrals for Automation Tester role
Having experience of 2 yrs
Skills-: Selenium webdriver,core Java, Maven, Testng, Jira, Jenkins,Robot Framework
Kindly let me know if there's any vacancy.


I think I am ready to quit and pursue a completely different career path. I don't mean this as a negative post, I just would really love some feedback. I don't think I can sustain this career field for the rest of my life.


Additional Posts in Tech mahindra offer letter

Which one is better Virtusa, PwC India, Tech M.
In terms of work life balance.


Hi All,
Tomorrow is my last working day.
I have an offer for Tech mahindra with DOJ 5th April.
I have placed a counter offer in march with Tech M .They are doing a salary revision with Joining bonus and they said they are waiting for JB approval. They didn’t send the revised offer letter yet. Do they usually take so long for revised offer letter. I have just a day left.

Anyone know onboarding url for tech Mahindra and where can I find an offer letter.. yesterday i called HR for my offer letter status they said url is not working .. can i trust that statement or they put my offer on hold?


I cleared the interview of Tech Mahindra and got mail to submit the documents.

I have 6.7 years of experience in a niche technology. Current package is 14.5lpa.
My interview went good.

How much should i ask for ?
And, will i get the offer after i submit the documents?Tech Mahindra

For 15.5 YOE, on Cloud platforms, what band and salary should be offered by tech mahindra..CCTC is 17 lacs.Offfer I already have for 34 lacs.

Can anyone say in Tech Mahindra - band U4 difference between Module Lead position and Tech Lead Position ?
Which is Higher in terms of position and responsibility?

Thanks in Advance.


Hello Fishes
I was interviewed by techm 2 tech rounds 10 days back
Haven't heard back from RMG
How much time it usually takes, can I expect a call back from RMG else move on...... Plz suggest

What would be the take home salary for the below structure

Components of Total Cost to Company

Rs. (Per Annum)

Basic (@40% of Total Fixed Pay)


HRA (@70% of Basic Pay)


Bonus/Statutory Bonus


Employer's contribution to Provident Fund (@12% of Basic Pay)


Flexible Components of TFP ^


Total Fixed Pay (Per Annum)



Hi Team,

I joined Mindtree on 8th Feb and not got project and I was waiting for last 2 and half month. So, i gave interview outside (tech mahindra) and got selected. Almost 30-35% they said they will give and i am negotiating on it.

My main concern was shift and i have some health issues and unable to continue in night shift in Mindtree and tech mahindra its purely EMEA shift and per project team update.

Shall i switch to tech Mahindra?


How much time take to release Tech mahindra offer letter

Experienced candidate.I have done with interview.Got selection mail and submitted documents.How much time @techmahindra will take to release offer. Any chance do they drop/ignore or change decisions. Tech Mahindra