I have been offered a job at Intel Bangalore as Senior Hardware Engineer(Grade 7) for the RTL Design. What should be my Salary expectation(Base/Bonus/RSU)?
YOE- 4years,10months
Highest Qualification- B-Tech(Tier-1 college)

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Excellent offer man . Congratulations!


Thanks Man!

How was your current TC?


Qualcomm TC ~36L. Had 3 offers, which helped in the negotiation


How is the offer ?

Kk. Got it 👍🏻

Author got a nice compensation tbh, I got for GP6, for 4 years Exp at DV.
Total Compensation: 32 LPA Base + 8L JB/2 years + 3L RB + 24K USD RSUs/3 years.
If that helps anybody.

I got grade 6 , YOE : 4 years , BTech ETC
However I’ve rejected that offer.


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Hi everyone,

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Hi Fisher and sharks.

Which company is good for Job security and work life balance.

HCL 20 LPA + 1.6L Relocation bonus
CyberArk 21 LPA+2L recessive bonus

Have CCTC 13.4 and Tech stack- DevOps (git, jenkins, maven, gradel, Docker, K8s, helm main skills and Ansible and Terraform secondary) Cloud-AWS (DevOps Services).

Yoe - 6 years approximately

Tata Consultancy HCL Technologies Accenture CyberArk


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Hello Sharks Kindly let me know my in hand salary based on below structure.

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Hi Folks,

What compensation we can expect from Honeywell for 7.5 years experience in .net azure stack.

Also any idea about the fire domain?

Hi Fishes,
Can you help me understand the in hand salary for the below salary structure?
YOE : 2
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Hi guys,

I need 11 likes to unlock the DMs. Thanks in advance!


Anyone from AI-DO?

Please drop a ping, had a few questions

Consultants ONLY


Hi All,

Hope you are doing good!!
I am looking for job change my current profile is in Accounts Payable (P2P) with over all 5+ year of experience in same, Currently I am working with DNV and Prior experience with Vodafone Shared Service and Maersk Global Service.

Key areas- Payments, Purchase order creation, Reconciliation, MIS, Invoice posting.

If you able to help me with any lead will be very helpful.



Not feeling good about this hodling


Anyone else concerned that our clients’ stocks are two dozen times the value of our own and we’re not budging?


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25 | F | LA | 88k


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Hi folks

I got an offer from TCS. In the ibegin portal I see the location is Hyderabad-JST-STP.

Does anyone know which office location on Hyderabad does this belong to?


Ok so.... how do we trade whatever he announces? Buy right at open?

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Hi i got offers from TCS - 21LPA (associate consultant) and CTS - 22LPA (Manager). which company would be suitable for career growth and work life balance?

Hello everyone,
I saw a job opportunity at Qualcomm India which suits my profile. Anybody would be kind enough to refer?


Hi All, Need suggestion on below.
Current CTC: 15lpa
Yoe: 6
Qualcomm : senior Engineer 20+4 L RSU for 3 years
CTS: senior Associate 22 LPA (70K is variable) Please suggest on
Career Progression
Cognizant Qualcomm


Hey folks,

Can anyone give salary insights on the automotive business side of Qualcomm.

What to expect as a offer with 4+ YOE in automotive industry and looking for a Business Development role.


How much would be the average CTC for senior Accountant at Qualcomm Hyderabad?


I have offer from qualcomm, offer letter might come in next 2 days.
I have Nvidia interview next week. (Nvidia is dream company for me)

Assuming Nvidia interview takes 2 weeks.
Is it okay if I accept qualcomm offer for nw and reject it later if Nvidia hires me.
Or without accepting qualcomm offer i need to inform same to qualcomm hr
What should I do?

(Ps . My current employer notice period is 60 days and it has not started yet)

#nvidia #qualcomm


What is decent package for 10 yrs exp .
Technology is Oracle Ebs technical.

If you knew about technology then only reply. Don't respond on fly.


How much an 8 years experienced QA engineer earn at Qualcomm?


I've cleared interview process for Sr. O365 Administrator at Qualcomm HYERABAD, my industry experience is 11 years. What should be the salary expectation?

Can someone refer me for se2 in Qualcomm. Currently working in IBM system development labs as firmware developer. Techstack CPP, python.
ECTC : 26-30 LPA


I am RTL design engineer at Qualcomm with YOE 3.5 and this AR cycle I'm expecting promotion as Senior design engineer.
For Bangalore location, What market correction I should expect and what should be the base salary after promotion? What is the general hike?


Anybody from TCS and working at Qualcomm..

Hey guys,

I recently joined tcs and they told me to work at the Qualcomm office.

How will Qualcomm. What are benefits to the employee who comes from other companies to work at Qualcomm

I have a interview with Qualcomm for Embedded firmware development. Can someone suggest the interview rounds and expected areas for the interview. I am purely into automotive domain and the opportunity is totally new.

Also please leave a heart so that I can dm others for referrals


What is your view on low power audio verification team in Qualcomm (lpass). Is it a good team to join? Does it provide good growth opportunities?

What is the hike percentage for promotion in Qualcomm India?


How is job security at Qualcomm ? Any earlier or recent layoff or firing news?


I have offers from Broadcom and SSIR. Salary of Broadcom is higher than SSIR but mostly dependant on Rsu. Any idea about wlb and quality of work in both companies? YOE: 3.5 with M.tech from tier 1 college. Working in hardware domain. @Broadcom @Samsung @Nvidia @Qualcomm @AMD @Intel Corporation