What is the interview process for a experienced candidate at Tata elixsi? For reactJS developer role.

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Hello Guys,
Does Amazon has permanent wfh?


What’s it like working for Headspace? Anything I should know about their interview questions?


I am updating my resume and prepping for interviews, but need to refresh my memory on certain specific details. For some work, my former teammates also don’t remember and have left the firm. Do firms let you reaccess docs in these instances so you can remember your work experience? What options are there?


Morning all, can anyone tell me what it’s like working as in house counsel living Seattle or Portland? Thinking of applying to opportunities out west. Thanks!


What are some exit opportunities? Noticed a lot of colleagues going into FP&A but that's not what interests me..


JPMC 2nd round(managerial round) what kind of questions to expect?

Will there be a salary discussion also in same round? @jp Morgan @jpmc


Hi all,
Capgemini UK is hiring rigorously. If anyone wants a reference let me know, I can refer you. 😀


@GoldmanSachs Anyone willing to provide a referral? Im looking to apply for an entry-level Business Analyst Position. Would really appreciate it, thank you:)


Hi People! I need a referral in Eli Lilly.

Currently in ZS as DAA! Almost 2 YOE but total work ex 2.5 yr.

Looking to learn what other people’s jobs are like, what’s your role and what’s your day to day like?


I switched to EY GDS.So thought to come back with my experience.The process was absolutely hassle free. In 4-5 days after joining, I gave client interview. Got selected and came to this project which I should say a dream project. Working in Data science team of the project with 10yrs experience data scientist from Uk. 4 out of 7 in my team are from UK. 2-2 hrs KT by extremely experienced data scientists was provided to me on ML algo that run here. Best top notch work.
Technology consulting,Data & Analytics.


Hi fishes,

I'm appointed as a senior engineer (Front end developer), will bosch provide WFH option if we demand before joining itself ? or its mandatory to start work from home ?

Hi Fishes and Sharks,

I'm looking for a referral from intuit.

A Fish looking for a change. :)


Anyone know anything about Clarishealth and possibly salary for director of Payment integrity?

Left consulting for a mid-sized company in my target industry at the start of the year. I like my new company, boss, and role. However, similar role at one of the market leaders just opened up, higher


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I just got an email from a recruiter from Google!
He said that the position is in the Bay Area or New York. I haven’t replied the email. I don’t think we can move to those cities, but I don’t want to lose this opportunity. Does anyone know if Google does remote jobs within US?


Currently applying to a government position for the army corps of engineering. Does anybody have experience working for the government?


Hi everyone! Looking for a referral to Oracle. It would really help out, Thanks in advance :)

POCs in advertising who deserve much, much better: when are you planning on leaving this toxic dumpster fire of an industry, and what’s your exit plan?


What's a good way to start my transition into PM or TPM role over the next year or two. Currently a software developer but I do some of the scrum responsibilities regularly


Hi Members, 

I am a supply chain professional with 10 years of experience in supply chain operations and program management in e-commerce, telecom, and 3PL distribution companies. 

I immigrated to Canada 2 years ago and worked with Amazon Canada for last 1.5 years. I recently lost my job and looking for a new job opportunity. 

I have completed my CSCP and PMP certification 

I would appreciate any leads or referrals.

I love what I do. However I’m now stuck in a power struggle between the President of the local hospital and the VP if the service line. I’ve been struggling with competing interests. Don’t know what to do, as I’ve not ever been in this situation. One says I have the authority to make decisions while the other says I don’t…… I represent the entire local region of a much larger system


Inspired by a post the other day: what is the typical age of a senior manager (one step below director) in industry?

Any 7A / 7B on bench for more than 2months now ?
What's your plan now ? Seeing outside ?
I am on bench close to 2months now , hence any advises would be helpful
Band and Skillset : 7B , bigdata Spark


I am an in-house marketing director. Get good feedback on my performance and generally contribute to the organization. The majority of my work is self-generated, I don't get too many emails from across the organization. Is that a bad thing?


Are all probation period having one month notice or is it just a firm. My firm is hytechpro.


Is it just me or do all the acquisitions that W20 has been making over the last year look really really smart and strategic?


Hi! What’s the salary range for a 2-3yrs experience Product Operations position in Los Angelas, thank you! (Gaming/internet industry)


I’m a 3rd year insurance defense attorney in a small town. So far this year through June I’ve billed $110,000 and collected $95,000. I expect the second half of the year to be about the same. My salary is $53,000, with potentially bonus at the end of the year (totally the discretion of the partners). Benefits are fine but nothing special. Am I being undercompensated? I enjoy where I live, the work I do, and the low cost of living, but it’s hard to build up savings on my current salary.


Is it possible to change joining location in BofA?


Any intermediate Toronto based copy writers looking for a job? I’m currently on the hunt for a new partner to work with at my agency. DM for details


Hi! Can anyone offer a referral for Microsoft? I’ve submitted my application for a few marketing positions, that I believe I’m a good fit for. Thank you in advance! Microsoft


Is the SALT team in your company considered the “stepchild” of the family?? Intrigued to know if this just my team or everywhere in general.


The new “This is Sportscenter” commercials aren’t good. Something about them is off: timing, jokes, something.


Additional Posts in TATA ELXSI

Hi, Want to join Tata Elxsi as python Django developer. Already send bunch of emails and messages on LinkedIn but no one replied.

Please help me to join this company.

Thank you in advance 💕


Any joining bonus will we get if we join in tata elxsi as experienced?

Hi all, for test analyst or specialist or lead qa, what could be the salary range? This is for external hiring - what can we expect?


Hello .. has anybody some idea .. what should be the ideal package for 3 yrs exp. With master's degree in ux design domain .. in tata elxsi?

How's the work culture for designers?

I want to know how you people maintain wlb like do you all work on weekends I.e on sat and sun and in usual working days how many hours you all work

I have got confirmed with the final HR round.How long will it take to release the offer letter in TATA Elxsi? -Bengaluru loc.


Hi Fishes ,

I have offer from Tata elxsi for 16 lpa + 1.5 l joining bonus. But joining bonus did not come in offer letter but only by mail. I am selected for specialist role.but did not get proper JD. Can I trust them on joining bonus


I have 1.7 years of experience as an embedded engineer.i got a 5LPA offer from tata elxsi. is this package is good for this experience?

Any job openings right now for Python developer at Tata Elxsi?

Can anyone tell about the pros and cons of joining Tata Elxsi?


I have completed Hiring Manager round 3 days back at Tata Elxsi for Mechanical Design Engineer position. How long the HR will take to respond regarding offer letter?

i just wanted to know...why tata elxsi not giving offer letter....i got selected 2 times but both times they didn't release offer letter... and also not receiving calls


I jad an interview on 2nd August, 2022 and on 17th August, 2022. I received an email stating that interviewer is moving up your profile and contact a person email id for further information.
Since that day I haven't heard anything from the HR. I had called HR several times but no response from calls as well as mails too.
Anyone also faced this situation?
Please suggest me what to do as I have my last day in existing company nearby in 20 days

Hi guys,

Just curious about the work experience and job security and work life balance, year on year hike in Tata Elxsi.

Looking for first hand experience from people.



What is the monthly in-hand salary if the package is 5LPA?


Hello 🐟🐟..,

Could anyone please help me understand what is the meaning of MCV role/position mentioned in ELXSI JD/Advertisement?


Hi, What's the scope for Java developer in Tata Elxsi?

Hi Fishes
I have completed the HR manger round on Oct 4th in
Tata Elxsi ... Still I didn't receive my offer ...HR told it's pending with compensation team and now he told it's pending with BU head .. it's worth waiting ... Is they consider counter offers for CTC?? Tata Consultancy Infosys Cognizant Tata Elxsi


Hi Team, Just wanted to know if Tata Elxsi can change their job location ,if I say i want to join them but i have got another offer for my preferred location. And if they can, can someone please tell me how to out that is words as this seems bit too informal. Tata Elxsi Tata Communications Tata Consultancy

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