A shout-out to the timely, engaging, and relevant work created by Grab in-house for the SEA region. It should be awarded creative advertiser of the year.

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Any one here familiar with KPMG Lighthouse? There are a number of openings in Atl I’d fit well for. My background is in distributed systems with tech like Kafka, Cassandra, tensorflow...


San Fran ✨

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How much does an intelligence analyst -cyber threat intelligence at EY make? Specifically in the CBS (Core Business Services) group in ATL?


I read a contract from San Diego that had some very interesting language for Special Educators. Thinking about sending it to the Union to see.

I'll be going to Saudi (Jeddah) for 2 days this fall. Any pro tips on how to make the most of the time there other than just walking around the city? Thinking either historical/cultural or sea based activities.


Just got my offer accepted for a house in San Jose. Shopping for interest rate now:
Should I got for
7ARM - 4.25% interest rate
30 fixed - 4.75 % interest rate

Banker is recommending 7ARM but wanted to get general opinion as well.



I got an offer from Morgan Stanley, IAD VP, 190K 15%-20% bonus . 9 YOE. Any insights about the offer and the company ? Im also concerned about changing jobs in the current recession.


How much should a senior tax accountant (corp provision/ tax tech) get paid in the industry with 3 YOE from big4) in DFW?


Anyone have insight on Hanson Bridgett? San Francisco office specifically, thx!


Anyone here around the ATL area and looking to put a crew together for a Gramatik/Clozee show in 2 weeks? The amount of drive in shows coming up is absolutely insane🔥


Person on my ATL to SFO last week was wearing a full construction respirator with a surgical mask across the front. (Like in photo, I had to photoshop it together because I couldn't get a pic on the plane)

Like... why?

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It is easy to see more homes coming up for sale in DFW as the are sitting on the market longer and have seen a lot of price cuts as well.

Question: Is now a good time to buy or wait till Q1/Q2 next year?

I know the saying " the best time to buy is when you can afford" but I am trying to understand the expected market.


Looking to exit local (international) fintech company for something with a better org structure and trajectory.
Background: I have worked in the saas implementation and consulting space for the better part of a decade. I moved from hcm software to fintech client mgmt (think credit decisioning.) I like the industry just not my org. We are small and as a result I wear a lot of hats, but end up putting out the same kinds of fires again and again.
Any recommendations or references in the DFW mkt?


Hi everyone, I’m an architectural designer (from Europe) with 1.5 yrs experience. I’m working for a practice in San Francisco, full-time from the office, getting 25 an hour. It is so expensive to live here, I am struggling to make things work. Is this a normal salary for someone of my experience or should I ask for a raise? I don’t want to be greedy but it’s so expensive out here… Thank you 🌈


NYC Resturant List!! Category is Seafood:

Surf Bar
Hot & Spicy
Luke’s Lobster
Cajun Sea & Oyster Bar
Seafood City
Claw Daddy’s
Burger and Lobster


Hi guys

Few days back I put my resignation.

I'm on BPO2, curently working on IT project

Today got call from HR for retention.She is giving me 2 options.
1. DCA: interview will be scheduled and depending on that package might get revised (not ready to tell percent).
2. BPS to c1 IT conversation with no hike.( Without hike which is of no use I Guess)

Got offer outside with 110 percent hike but they want me to join early.

Please advise


Dear fishes, please help. I joined hcl 10 days back. After joining neither the recruiter, her manager nor my reporting manager took my call during medical emergency. Some how I managed cashless mediclaim by pushing TPA but had to pay 50% of the total due to bad medical policy of HCL. Should I resign or abscond hcl and join some other company ?


For experienced accounting professionals considering a transition into a career with solid work/life balance, a fast-growing biotech company near San Francisco is hiring for a SOX Compliance Manager and Senior Accountant/Manager roles.

Generous benefits, fun company culture, and VERY favorable stock options. Message me if interested, and I will try to screen you for an interview!

Moving to the area for work and was wondering if I live off of the San Bernardino metrolink line, when I bring the train in to Union Station and then transfer to the LA metro system, will I end up ...

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Hey Guys!

Let's share this Bowls and build a community that will help us in any Poland related transfer issue :)


How’s everyone’s work-life balance? Do you think your field has it particularly tough in that regard?


Hi All, I joined a new company on 1st week of March . My LWD for old company was feb 28th and my old company shared Form 16 till Feb month as expected. But now upon asking my new company for form 16 for March they saif that the march salary was processed in april and hence they wont br able to provide Form 16 for the month of March. I Checked form 26as and my old company has filled ot till March 31st and for new AY 22-23 my new company has yet to fill anything. What needs to be done? Please help


How many times a day do you say to yourself or aloud wtf? If I actually counted it would probably be about 15.


Lol…legit? Who’s gonna do it?

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Hi I need 11 like to DM.

Please help??

Thanks in advance @


Any investment bankers on here willing to show a newbie the ropes.



Can anyone help me on what's the pay for tech specialist in cognizant for 6YOE. Thanks


Is IJP possible to Hyderabad from Bangalore for L5? I have to transfer to the city because of my wife's job.

I joined amazon last month only.


Super random question- any tax folks do their cfa and/or caia by any chance?


How do you ensure to stay healthy and avoid gaining fat if you travel very frequently for work (early morning, late nights flights, hotel stays etc)?


What are the top investment banks for life science/Pharma/healthcare transactions?


What are some funny Halloween costume ideas that would work for an office Halloween party?


Looking for a referral in Oracle
Skills : Oracle PLSQL , Oracle Apex
5 yoe
Location : bangalore
Current company L&T Infotech
Notice period 90days


Anyone going to PAX this weekend??


Does mindtree pay the full variable?? I would be joining as a C5 band and want to know what oercentage of variable is paid on an average?


For those of you who transitioned out of bedside, what did you end up moving to? Just looking for ideas.


Additional Posts in Singapore

Publicis has a lot of airlines huh


BLKJ? The place to be?


Jaba jaba haha the guy made it by doing nothing am I right sheeps?


So BLKJ have weak knees and sold out to Havas....Always knew that an agency could be bought to provide them with an excuse to be mediocre. It hardly ends well.....


Anyone from FCB?

how’s Grey nowadays? Anyone has..... scoop?

Anyone hiring lol

I’m working on a food-related passion project with an art director friend! Looking for people in advertising who like to cook and can provide us with recipes and food pics. Interested (or know someone who might be)? DM me!

Foreigner here. Planning to apply as a senior AD in Singapore. Any insights into Ogilvy’s work and culture?

Who’s your favourite CD in SG?

Heading to SG for holidays one and a half weeks from now. I'd love to catch up with anyone willing to help a fellow fishie. Looking to jump abroad next year!

Would anyone be open to hiring an American who wants to get into copy?

Any words about DDB letting go people recently?


Midweight earning 6K. Is it low or high? What should I target?

Singapore-based reporting in


How’s the morale over at dentsu?

What people in the industry genuinely think about the Goodstuph agency and the founder Pat Law?


What’s the best work out of Singapore this year?


How did each agency celebrate the Christmas season? :) Wishing you all a good rest ahead!

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