Anyone have insight into a competitive salary for level 603 project manager at JP Morgan Chase? Wealth management side. Do they offer signing bonuses at all?

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When working as a realtor, do you prefer to use your own phone or did you get a new one for job-only purposes, such as client calls and your public information?


Does barclays provide any diwali bonus ?


Anyone from corteva project
Please DM


As a M / SM, how did you go about growing contacts outside of project work? For contacts that did not know via previous project work, how did you transition into how you (or firm) can help them?


Salary range for G11?

Relocating to Accenture London and they are quoting the tier 2 visa cost as 5,000 GBP which seems really high. I am applying from outside the UK and will be reimbursed once I arrive. Any idea what the breakdown of this cost is?


Currently in my 3rd Year finance major. Been wondering about the prospect of joining Investment banking and Wealth management. Do bigger banks offer better comp than funds? What are the best ways to boost my chances to join either?

How does one get the hell out of agency production? I’m five years into this biz. Its chaotic as hell, and never stops. Anyone made the jump to client side or in house production? Was it any less chaotic?

Any and all advice is welcome. Trying to figure out my next move. 😬


Hi guys..
Wanted to know what's the difference between PWC SDC and PWC AC?
I'm looking forward for an interview with PWC SDC Bangalore or Kolkata location..
I'm from EY India. Will it be advisable to take this switch?


Please help him with referrals.

Correction: TC 51.3 has 15% variable.
Experience: 11 years (Marketing & Brand Manager)

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

#mba #marketing #branding #layoff

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These are the benefits for a client we’re working with that needs Sales Engineers and Applications Engineers ASAP! These are regionally specific jobs that can sit in SC, CA, NC, GA, anywhere from Houston to Chicago - pretty much just hit me up if you’ve got an engineering degree and some moxy!

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Anyone interviewed at AWS for a security assurance role ?


What should be the salary of Manual QA engineer holding 5YOE?

Does anyone have any connections at Citi Deutsche Bank or JPMorgan Chase in their Private Banks? Senior level banker looking to transition. Any help is appreciated!


I was told that I was the chosen candidate for a new role that I applied for which will be promotion, I just recently received my offer and was surprised and decided to start negotiating. My boss immediately said that this is offer, either take it or lose it and no negotiating, and was only given a day to decide whether I want it or not, so he repost the position, and was also told that I was going about it the wrong way for trying to negotiate, Is this wrong of me to negotiate?


I have 1.5 years of experience in QA automation. And currently holding an offer from product based company with 10lpa fixed , 1lakh Joining bonus. How much should I ask in CGI?


Edward Jones advisor with 30 million AUM and roughly 250k gross production. Been there for almost 4 years. Got an offer at Merrill Lynch to take over a 100 million dollar retirement transition plan in 5 years, or to join a 5 person Merrill Lynch team that manages a lot.

Pros to EJ: Have my own office, a year or two away from partnership, great office setting and client satisfaction.

Pros to Merrill: Bump in compensation, additional tools and services w banking, ability to take over assets.


Hi all,
I joined
Accenture India few days back. I did not receive any joining bonus and isn't mentioned in the offer letter. Now that I talked to few folks in here, they told you must have insisted on getting it and HR might have given. But, at the time of offer the HR straightforward denied. Did I actually made a bad choice joining without bonus? Can I do anything now?


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Any agencies in SF offering summer internships? I’ve seen just a few asking for application submissions, but I feel there’s probably some more that I’m not aware of.

It’s that time of year

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Does Barclays delay joining because my last working day in current Organization is 1 month ahead of my joining Barclays? I have clearly stated Hr about 90 days notice period in my current organization, Still, I received an offer letter with 60 days and HR told me to try for early release. After two weeks, I reached out to Barclays HR asking for an extension as my current organization is not relieving me early. He asked me to drop an email with LWD proof. what could happen next?

I want to upgrade my irons and driver - if you were to pick one of the two to buy brand new, would you buy a brand new driver or brand new irons? I’ll probably buy one of the two used, but curious what others think. I’m not ready for a fitting, but definitely need an upgrade from my garage sale clubs 😆


My friends think it's cool that I "get to" travel all the time, they don't get how disruptive my job really is... #flightattendantproblems


Can anyone refer me to American express, i have a job id


Which resume format looks better to you? Left or Right?

Or does it really matter?

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31 Lawyer in California here - looking for a one night stand. Preferably wooden, drawers, with access to an iPhone charger built in. Please ensure sturdy with no rocking. Must require contactless delivery. Please DM for details.


Can aney one let me know, where i can learn ML and AI.

I am a working professional in mechanical field.



I got an offer from firm 1 before the memorial holiday and have been stalling because I am waiting for an offer from firm 2..
I was working with a partner from firm 2 who got me an interview with the managing partner.. I got a verbal offer last week.. the staff told me they are processing the paperwork.
Should I still wait for firm 2? I feel like I can’t stall anymore.. I feel like I really should give firm 1 a response this week 😮‍💨 but I don’t want to lose both offers


I’m a Canadian citizen but I never lived in Canada.
Currently in 🇨🇭 and planning to move to Canada for the experience. However it seems that the salaries are super low compared to the US or Switzerland. Is that because of the high taxes? Does $82k in Vancouver/Calgary allows you to live decently or am I gonna struggle? Current TC USD92k (CHF83k) and it would take a big hit by moving to Canada. But at the same time 🇨🇭 is one of the most expensive countries in the world.


Currently looking to create an alternative transcript and deciding between a UCLA Extension course (Mathematical Solutions for Businesses) vs. MBA Math.

Have any 🐠 had success using either? Also, how much time a week would each take?


Hi!! Are there any admins where who work on a trading floor? Im interviewing for an administrative role on a trading floor in Manhattan. Looking for tips on what to wear - is it pretty similar to a “hedge fund dress code?”


Woot have my cissp and want to enter cloud security. Should I pursue ccsp, aws cloud cert, some other cyber cert?


Where do folks find fun things going on in the city? Just moved to Williamsburg and everyone says New York is so fun, I’m feeling a perpetual mood of FOMO lol


Hi fishes,

Can anyone let me know any project experience under R&D, its learning curve. Any pros and cons?


Hey fishes I am a Software Engineer at Iudx. I am looking for a job change.

Tech stack I use : React/Redux

My current CTC is 9LPA so I am looking for anything between 13-16LPA.

Any reference will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


What are the typically ranking of desirability when it comes to case type? Are there cases people avoid or want? Do people avoid implementation or PMOs for example


Why is there so much hate against cryptocurrencies?


Anyone know the current starting salary of an MD in audit in the Bay Area in the B4?


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Starting as a PM on the Walgreens innovations department team in a few weeks. Any current employees with some insight of onboarding and the day to day?


What is everyone’s salary and what do you guys do?

Any PMs here working two jobs? I work as a PM (CW at 40hrs/week) at a FAANG company. Looking to take on a part time gig or consulting work in a non competing or different industry. Has anyone done something similar?


2 yrs PM experience of cloud industry, how much am I supposed to ask for salary? Base in DC


Anyone studying for the PMP? What are your study tips?


I am currently in the field of education and concurrently working on earning a certification in project management through Google. Any tips on how to seamlessly move into the PM space from teaching would be greatly appreciated.


How do you go about getting your first project manager job


Currently a program manager but not sure if I want to stay as one long term. Curious what other common paths people go into after project management?


Looking to build my certifications list after 9 years as a physical channel project manager in the FI space. What certifications and from where do you recommend? PMP? CSM? SixSigma? Agile?


Hi! Any career coaches who offer a full support throughout job search?

-Experience: 8 years of project/program management and communication
-Companies of interest: Google, Microsoft, Facebook
-Location: Washington DC or VA

Telco PMs, how do you call that type of project in which you manage the End-To-End deployment? I mean from planning the electric connections for a servers rack, engineering the network, the cabling and devices installation, setting up the link (and everything in between)?

English is not my first language and I'm having trouble coming up with what we call "Llave en Mano" in Spanish... or is it just End-To-End? My mind is fried and is only Wednesday.



Change Requests: “Am I the problem? Me? Nooo. Well?”

PMs/ Resources/ Schedule: “You are absolutely the problem”


I am looking for mid-level TPM roles in Fintech, who is hiring ?


Any recommendations for executive product management programs that might help transitioning from tech program management (engg experience too) to a product manager role.


Any agile coaches here ?


Does anyone have any RAG formulaic templates they've used in the past that they wouldn't mind sharing? Working at a company that is developing processes and we do not have a consistent/formulaic approach to RAG status. I've worked in other companies where we would do line item milestones with their own individual RAG (determined by probability+ impact) that would roll up into an overall project RAG status. But, I'm unable to find a template like that easily.


Any specific place where I can find good PM templates for like Project plan, release plan, product roadmap etc? Of course there’s a way to create plan from JIRA if thats your ALM software but wondering what everyone at FAANG is using


I'm currently working as a SWE and am interested in learning about the PM role and the experiences of others who switched to PM from a different role.
I enjoy customer engagement and planning/timelining work in an agile manner. These make me think I'd be a good fit for the role but I have some concerns/questions:
1. What is the pay-range compared to the average SWE pay range?
2. What skills are critical for the PM role?
3. Should I obtain Agile PM certificates?
4. Anything else I should know :)