Didn’t H1B 2nd time, have another chance. Bachelor’s degree and would like to go to law school. Should I do secondment and come back on L1A or leave in a year? Would like to be a partner one day.

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What did you do?

Didn’t get lottery again, so going on a secondment

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Has anyone Checked the H1B visa stamp appointment availability in Canada lately ? Or Mexico ? What dates are they ? And what link do you use ?


I once was a CISA… I have no IT background, no IT degrees (2 ACCT degrees tho); never did/saw a shred of an IT audit/assurance work/client/OTJ training of any kind. Forced by employer to choose CISA vs CPA, CISA was way more feasible at the time. I passed 1st try. My firm had zero IT work. So all my CPE reqs lapsed, and my cert expired w/ zero resume material to show for it. I see IT Auditors paid WAY more. I’d love that! I’d re-sit. But idk my head from my ass about practical application.


Has any one in immigration law firm used envoy platform? My experience so far is that is it not user friendly and causes many mistakes. I am not a fan but I see others like it. What do you think?



I will be expecting a offer soon ,will be moving along with my family can my spouse work in poland as a dependent visa holder or spouse need to find a employer who sponsor visa like my case?


Have any respiratory therapists found jobs OTHER than being a clinical RT? I want to possibly change careers, but I am finding that a lot of jobs (clinical liason, utilization review, etc) want you to have a nursing degree, not a respiratory degree. I feel like as an RT we are limited to jobs.


I’m a fourth-year associate who just got an offer to go in house. My experience is in litigation but I’d be working on more corporate matters, which scares me. But I hate billables and firm culture and the in-house company is a huge company where you can make moves in once you’re there.

My salary would be the same but I’d get better benefits and bonus opportunities in house. Plus I’m a mom and will have on-site childcare. Should I be scared that switching from litigation will be boring?


Is a TS Clearance worth it if you are trying to exit to FAANG or a tech company? Everyone I spoke to oversold the value of the TS in terms of job security and options but all I'm getting are calls from recruiters who work for other federal contractors.

For context, 15 years of total experience with the last 5 years focused on cloud migration assessments and digital modernization.


I am Java Backend Developer with 3.6 years of experience in financial services domain. I have two offers-
1. AppDirect (16 LPA +10% yearly bonus)
2. Mastercard (16.5 LPA+7% variable with 100% payout at year end)

Could you please suggest me which one would work out best in terms of growth, yearly hike and work life balance ?


Hi Folks,
Having 3YoE in procurement research and now in a research team at an MBB, I feel I've reached plateau learning-wise. Have been focused in Chemical domain throughout.

I now intend to explore roles on client(Chemical Companies) side (like SCM, Planning, Strategy) but unsure how do I go about it.

What should be an ideal career roadmap for someone like me. How should I prepare/do in order to pivot towards those roles?

PS. I'm a BE Chemical Engineering, and no MBA.


Wipro VS Fujitsu.
Can someone please help me to decide which is a better company to join for growth in the Project Management domain?


Is it hard to exit out of Internal Audit?


Looking for a program manager / project manager role. Experienced start-up founder looking to transition back to full time work. Located in south Tx. Forbes featured. Proven track record. Looking to transition back from being a full time entrepreneur. Any suggestions on where to start


I am a Reliability Maintenance 3P contractor for Amazon. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering on June 2022. I’ve been working with Amazon for a year, but there’s a lack of prospective EE positions within the company. The job postings I see are either less or barely above my current salary. I’m not sure if staying longer is beneficial for my future career as an Electrical engineer. I plan on getting my FE license within the next 6 months. Any suggestions will be appreciated


Transaction Advisory- what are the exit opportunities like?


I am from a non technical background but have an MBA from tier 2 bschool. Is it wise enough to switch to data science/analytics? I am equally passionate about ESG please advise

PS- not very good in maths but have analytical & interpretation abilities.

MM FDD (excluding AM) vs Big 4 Audit, which has better chance of getting into big 4 FDD eventually?


Hey guys, wanted to seek some insights on Visa process and work permit for UK.

Do companies bear the formalities that come along with the visa processing or it's something you'll have to do on your own and then seek for jobs?

Also, if you've anymore insights, suggestions or information, please feel free to share, thanks!


SPHR exam- has anyone ever been “randomly selected” for an application audit? This just happened to me and the sheer amount of effort that is going to go into collecting all the documents almost makes me not want to follow through. Since I didn’t finish undergrad, they’re asking for a copy of my high school diploma or transcript and that itself is going to be an absolute nightmare to get hold of. Guess I’m not really looking for a solution here, just venting.


Is Associate consultant in TCS a manager position?



I do institutional sales for an asset manager. Am graduating in the fall with an MBA from a top 40 school. Would like a designation but dont want to do the CFA.  Between the CAIA and CMT: which one is more applicable to asset management, and better status/recognition? appreciate any insight


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Have a final interview with 2 MD’s at a Big 4 FDD group as an incoming manager. Any tips on how to prepare?


Thinking of a summer beach trip to Rehoboth. Any recommendations?


EY 25LPA Fixed
PayU 28F Fixed
5.7YOE, tech: Java
Which will be better for career and WLB?


Is anyone familiar with Kelly Services? A recruiter just reached out to me.



YOE 10, LWD October-7th, which one is good, Dell Technologies or Bosch?

Compensation is almost same.


concerned the fed gov is banking so highly on Moderna. Giving them $1B plus to bring a vaccine to market, but they've never done it in their decades existence


What’s the single most important skill you wish all incoming AMs would have?

I’ll start: a sense of ownership and accountability for the client. Know it inside and out. And help your teams know it.


I am looking for new opportunities in fraud and Risk management. Let me know if there are opportunities matching to my profile.


Black Friday comes early this year…my portfolio is on sale!! ☠️


My husband has an e-commerce company and is rebranding. Any brilliant names for digital marketing e-commerce company?


I heard life during notice period is so chill... but it's opposite with me. Manager is assigning so much work. how do you guys tackel this or pls suggest what am I doing wrong.
Should I say no to work or what to do.


I have been working as a Technical Content Developer in the E-learning industry for the past 5 years now. I have decided to move into the Product Management domain but any and every organisation out there is asking for experience. Would anyone be kind enough to let me know how to break this loop of applying and getting rejected at the Resume Filtering stage due to lack of experience.


Is there Any WFH oppurtunity for BA


This was mentioned a long time ago but anybody have any opinions on Soho House? That's a steep membership fee and makes me wonder if people actually join and if so, if it's been worth it.


Hi Guys,

Can you please tell me in hand Salary

- how much will be tax deductions - &

- how to save tax

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Hello fishes,

I'm a Business Analyst with 1.2 years of experience and currently, I'm trying to switch to a different organization.

I have worked on and have been part of various analysis and case studies in my current project and have experience working on Bridge Insurity tool, Python , SQL ,C#, .NET, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Please let me know if there are any related opportunities in your firm.



Hello Fishes,

I got an opportunity to join Microsoft, in "Microsoft Teams" product team. As we are seeing many layoffs across the industry, is it safe to join Microsoft Teams?


I have an offer from Cyprus Nicosia..
Any idea how is the place for any Indian to move on and more importantly what should be the least expected package if moving to Cyprus


Additional Posts in leaving US, VISA issues

Advice Needed!

Situation: Current US Citizen with girlfriend (International) who will be graduating in December and start OPT (1-year). Considering the following options for various reasons, any thoughts/oversights appreciated. Will also consult with a lawyer but wanted to get a gauge from those with experience. Cont.


Just got my RFE denied today. What the hell do I do to prep for leaving? Any good resources or checklists?

Hi fish! Anyone who moved to London for consulting from us? Anyone willing to share experience and answer questions?


Most likely Toronto, Canada. Anyone else thinking CAN?

Anyone considering a move to London/UK?

Is it common for a form to not let you see the RFE they are filing on your behalf?

Anyone have the material for CELPIP test and willing to share sources/material?

Spouse on L2 EAD with renewal coming up in November 2020. Although ~7 months out concerned it may not be renewed. Any one else on the same boat? What advice have you received?


People who moved as a permanent transfer to London from US at Deloitte. Can I talk to you? Have exactly 30 days left on my EAD 😟 just wanna make sure I am doing everything I should.


Anyone applied for an L1b extension recently? Wanted to know success rates

I have initiated a transfer to India with my employer and I am figuring out best practices to achieve that.

For fish on TN Visa and looking to exit. How does the job transition process work?

Do you wait for the TN visa from the new company to be approved before giving your notice ?


Has anyone gone to a US Embassy in Europe to do the final “adjustment of status” process overseas for their green card? This is in place of doing it in the US where it will take up to 36 months.

My teammate’s H1B extension got denied. Does anyone know what his options are? There are so much obscurities working with the company lawyers...

Anybody who temporarily relocated to Canada to renew their visa? How long did you have to wait there before coming back?


PwC people-how did you manage the global transfer? My rp is not responsive so far, hr just shares the list of local hr countries/contacts. What was important for you to find a non-us job? Tips?

Had Dropbox appointment for H1B stamping 2 weeks ago. Got 221G from the embassy today and I have to appear for an interview on this Friday. Has anyone gone through this recently? Feeling Stressed..

My h-1b was valid until Jan 2021, but the when I filed for amendment it was truncated to March 2020. Filed for extension which got denied. Firm is saying I can either work or go on LOA. Any ideas?


Anybody here moved back to India from US recently? How has your experience been? Do you regret the move back or has it been worth it?


How long do you have to be on L1 to apply for a green card? Is there a time requirement or can you file for it right away?