EY GDS or Macquarie. Both offering same salary. Which would be better?Macquarie Group EY

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I heard they are expanding internal audit practice and the travel is there in Sydney and UK . GDS has also started travel but they require people with 5 years work experience atleast in Enterprise risk. Not sure how other practice work.


Go for Macquarie. Better mobility options all over the world.

As far as I have heard they rarely send anyone onsite.

What dept or city/country? Would be open to answering any Qs

How much they are offering?

I think you wil be in my team .

I think you will be in my team if you join Macquarie

Hey.. I also got offer from macquarie for financial reporting role. I am confused if I should join or not. Could you please help me with the same.. Thanks in advance..!! Pros and cons of joining macquarie

So Did you join this role ?

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I have never begrudged anyone their success and I’m happy for this person. But can we stop humble bragging and just actually brag?

I’m glad you got a return offer and you like the company, congrats to her. But just brag about yourself. Don’t make some post about how it’s not the salary, swag. or amazing office. It’s really about making your parents proud.

Say: I got a return offer for a great job, it makes them proud, and I’m well taken care of.

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Thank you!!


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Hi All,
Can any one please tell me if there is any shift allowance in Macquarie?
If Yes how much it is?

Parking at Gurugram office has become a problem big enough to start thinking of another job. It’s so inconvenient to imagine taking public transport in 48 degrees. How can you expect employee to come office and not offer parking or cabs? It’s like employer asking you to work without a laptop.

EY or Deloitte or Macquarie Group ?
Which would be better to join?
Domain: Banking and Finance.
Package same, location same.
Experience 7.8 years.

What is the salary for internal audit executive and assistant manager at Macquarie.
YOE- 7 years.

How are the exit opportunities from Macquerie Gurgaon IT team. How are the IT team and how is it overall as a growth opportunity?

With 11EOY, how much one can expect in MGL for Manager post !

My profile is Cloud / DevOps


It has been 2+ weeks since I completed the Interview & Psychometric Assessment rounds with Macquarie Group , but yet to hear anything from them. I also followed up with HR but with no response. For the record, the interview went well. Any idea if they usually take this amount of time to get back? If I got rejected, why not communicate directly?


How is Macquarie as an organization? How is manager post here ?


Macquarie Group is sending me to London at 70000 pounds. I am AVP with 35 lpa in india. Should I consider it?

What is the percentage hike should I expect at the Manager level at Macquarie Group India? Is it range bound or they are offering good hikes to lateral hires?

What is the variable pay does Macquarie give year on year ? And is there a surety that we will surely get a decent variable pay as well over our fixed package since I don't find anything mentioned regarding this variable pay in my offer letter. Yoe- 8 and tech - selenium testing, and position- assistant manager.
If yes, how much one can expect in variable pay for fixed compensation of around 25-30lpa.


How was the appraisal this year?
What are the general hike percentage and variable at Macquarie?

What is the advice on what feedback to leave for a peer who really sucks at everything y'all have worked together on? It's about the time where everyone on my team requests feedback from each other and I'm nervous for it coming up. My manager knows that everything I've worked w her on I end up doing 90% of the work when it's meant to be split so it is a known issue. We're both at level 3 so are genuinely peers. She seems like a nice person but i have 0 positive work feedback tbh

Did Macquarie Group fire anyone from Gurgaon office during COVID19?

I was told that Macquarie might offer a Fixed pay of 29 lpa. Can some please tell :

1. Would EPF, Gratuity and medical insurance premium be over and above the fixed pay or is it all included within fixed pay?

2. What is the appraisal cycle?