Hey everybody. Got laid off at D. BTA within strategy and analytics. Mostly LS/HC experience. Anybody can help out with a referral anywhere? Thank you!

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Mind if I ask what ethnicity

I'm Arab American


DM me!

I can for Accenture! dm me

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Weird expat question:
If I got fired and have to leave the country, but my apartment rent is still ongoing and it's too early for the diplomatic clause - what would happen if I just buy a ticket and run away, never coming back?

Rent agreements are way more soft at my home country, so local contracts really make me nervous and I don't see other options 🙈


Hiring for a VC fund across Gurgaon, Delhi, and Bangalore. SPECIFICALLY looking for candidates with the below experience:
- ~3 years of post qualification experience in strategy consulting with a leading management consulting firm (MBB++)
- Preference for engineers + MBA from tier 1 institutes
- Candidates must have done projects for clients across sectors like tech, consumer etc.
- Demonstrated interest in start ups via independent projects, investments, (more in comments)....


What’s a reasonable salary to ask for at McKinsey? Tech analyst consulting role 1 yoe.


How is wlb in publicis sapient for developer role. I know it's depends on project but how is most of project. Like I can say for Wipro 80% project have good wlb.


Follow up post to my last post…My husband was laid off from the company where I also work. I am feeling really isolated / depressed about working and moving forward. I’m also getting to a stage where I’m really sad that people haven’t reached out to either my husband or myself to send well wishes or provide support. It’s like they don’t know what to say or I make them feel awkward so they don’t bother…I’m trying to focus on a few that have been supportive but it’s hard…Any words of advice? 😞


Micron is hiring for below post. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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I’m thinking about hiring a cleaning service to come about once a month for a deep clean of my 1 bedroom apartment. I’m a clean person but feel like a deep clean every once in a while wouldn’t hurt. What would be a reasonable price to expect to be charged for the Chicago area? Also open to any recs!


Hello Fishes,

I am looking for suggestions how to negotiate position and Salary,

I am scheduled for Salary Negotiation interview in Johnson controls.
They are offering me Deputy Manager however I want Manager in Accounts and Finance - AR

YOE 11 in OTC - AR Finance
Current Role - AM
Current CTC 6.8Lac (Under Paid)

Any hiring partners or professionals on here? Why does significant prior business experience not seem count for anything when applying for corporate/M&A jobs? I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve back-channeled with partners at amlaw firms that have been impressed with my experience, but when it gets to the recruitment department it goes nowhere. 2021 grad.


Have 5 YOE in the tech consulting/implementation space in Europe and Canada.

Looking for a SC role in Healthcare but finding it hard to get traction on any applications, anyone based in Canada know of firms that are hiring/ may be hiring soon? Would love to get into strategy work but also open to interesting implementation pieces.

If anyone is open to having a chat about their company send me a message and we can organise something. Thanks


Looking for openings in automation and manual , currently serving notice period


How much does Citi offer to Banking Analyst C09 role?


Hello everyone, I need advise on getting into a pharmaceutical company like Novartis. I have applied to many position but have gotten denied. I know with my experience, Dedication, hard work, and quick to learn new systems I would be a great fit for the company.


Hello Fishes, Can someone please refer me to the job opening that hsbc has. Checked on LinkedIn.

Will send a link to the opening.

Let me know. Thanks in advance.


Hi Team,

I joined CGI on August, I am still in bench, I am afraid whether i get laid off.

Its been more than 2 months i am still in bench.

My manager and all they busy doing there work.

I am still filling timesheet as inbetween assignments, Actually i am bit worried. Can you please give some insight whether i need to to stay in CGI or move from CGI.

Please suggest.


What’s the best website to search for positions/openings?


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Given the current immigration environment, what are the kinds of jobs we can expect on returning to India?

Had a pregnant patient in for suboxone induction. Very humbling experience


Co-teaching in three separate 70 minute ELA blocks and 70 minutes in the resource room! ideaa on the best collaboration tools?

Why would a partner ask me if I’m confident in what I’m doing?


Anyone have church recommendations in/around ATL?

Any recommendations for a points redemption at a Bonvoy property in San Francisco?

How many deals have you worked on in your career?


Can someone refer me for an epic analyst position? I currently work as a clinical help desk analyst at a health tech company I have experience as a super user and I have customer service experience. I’ve been applying to entry positions but I haven’t been getting picked.


Anyone work with a bespoke talent agency for high level searches? Already engaged the normal PR recruiters for this open VP role we have but am looking for a more bespoke approach, some outside of the box thinking. Would be willing to consider retainer model vs contingent payment. Agency or someone who only really places senior level employees. All recommendations welcome!


Best consulting firms in Houston?
Looking for new opps


Hi all,
Looking reference for Senior SQL developer role. Total years of experience is 5. Comfortable with database design and development, stored procedures, functions, triggers, concurrency handling with locks, unit testing, t-sql, pl SQL.



People in Deloitte’s GPS forensics group: How much travel do you do?


Hi fellow teachers!
Another great resource for trauma informed teaching is Dr. Nadine Burk- Harris’ documentary Resilience. She also has a shorter Ted talk summarizing her main points. She is amazing


What are the most important character qualities for someone who wants to be successful in AM/IM?


Thinking of doing IVF and trying to understand the probabilities. The rates I’ve been told (~45%) sound good but when I dig into the process a bit more, the math doesn’t add up (cont.)


Can anyone recommend the olympic athletic club?


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How was everyone’s week?

Friendly reminder that by not taking a side you are, in fact, taking a side


Would anyone be interesting in referring a friend of mine to their firm? He is a Nigerian-American who just got back from doing his mandatory year of work for the Nigerian govt and is having a cont...


Have you seen any racism in a corporate workspace?

thinking of a my powerful POC peers who are out here killing it! keep it up folks!


Anyone joining Ethel’s club?

Did any of you take the GMAT (no matter how long ago) what did you get? And if you applied to b school where did you get in?

Any Valee, Megan Thee Stallion, Gunna, Zack Fox, Brandon Wardell, Deftones, Anand Giridhradas fans out here?


Live to work or work to live?

Don’t care didn’t ask , plus you’re white


I tell my students, 'When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some..


Who else here worked full time to put them self through school and is currently shackled to student loans?? 👋🏽


Religion is like a buffet, take what you like and leave the rest of the shit

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! Share what you learned, for me I learned that there aren’t a lot of intellectual property laws protecting open source code for machine learning algorithms!


What’s your favorite POC only bar/restaurant/hangout spot?

Hope my fellow POC are doing well!


So I have to play golf in order to succeed in this sort of professional environment? I.e. if I wanted to someday become a partner


No one did a what up fam post?! 🤦🏽‍♂️


“I see a lot of myself in you” 😭😭😭