Hi all,
My friend has referred me in Virtusa, within 2 days HR called and said they have a job role for my profile and will confirm back for interview, but now they are saying that job post is closed.
I had put my other offers on hold due to virtusa.
If anyone is having a job opportunity in their project for a database developer please respond.

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Protected characteristic question. Am out and will be working in a very conservative country. Anyone with experience coming out to a client or colleague in a place that admonishes homosexuality?


I manage const for eng companies. Got short video interview, then a job offer @ low end my req. range. Experience: it’s normal to travel for a 2nd interview in person. Result: I see quitting to do this as risky. I asked for more $ than my prior range & explained I prefer we meet in person to see if it’s a fit 1st. Hiring manager wants me and may push for the $ but not the in person meet. Wonder if it could cause me to start there with less trust if they think I abused my position for more $.


Hi all,

I have been given IC3 designation Senior Quality assurance engineer at 10 years of experience. Is it good to join oracle at this designation given my current role was Team lead in service based company?


McKinsey & Company When somebody submits you for a referral, do you still apply for the job through the application portal on your end so the recruiter can connect the referral with your application, or is it hands off on your end, and you're waiting to hear next steps from HR?

I'd imagine it's different depending on the company, so I'm asking both in general, and also for McKinsey in particular. McKinsey & Company


Openings for 2 roles with KPMG India Digital Advisory:
1. Scrum Master
2. Integration specialist (not platform/tool specific)

If you have any of the above skill sets and would like to apply, please respond here!

1. Expected total YOE: 2-5 years
2. Good written and verbal skills are a must


Tips to land an in-house position (before I bash my head into my keyboard in Litigation)? I had my first in-house position today. However, I feel like I’m not getting a lot of responses from my applications. How’d you land your first in-house role?


I come from the Azure Technical Support background where we used to troubleshoot and fix IAAS issues in the client's environment (loved that profile!).

Now, from what I know, Microsoft doesn't have technical support roles/positions in Toronto as they are mostly outsourced.

Folks here who are working for MS, please let me know what role do you think I'll be suitable for if I were to apply in MS.



I just received a mail.. saing i was referred to the comapny by a friend. The only thing i am concerned about is why did Google said that it cannot recognize whether the mail is from the real company or not.

Can someone please help me with this??
Is this normal with referral mails??

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Just blew up on the project partner while on a call with a few others there... His dumbassery and uselessness just got to me. Sorry just need to vent a little


Do you know what today is, today is the day I am now allowed back to office as our vaccination requirement was dropped? I still can’t go to our office in NYC and possibly some other jurisdictions and we do need to follow client rules to visit them.
Have any of other Big 4 made changes?


Anyone looking for a four month temp role as an EA in NYC to provide coverage during maternity leave? Message me for more detail.


Anyone have experience interviewing with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chi? Wondering what the interview process is like and then if pay is competitive


Tips/questions to prepare for Technical screen interviews for Salesforce Admin role?


Started a new role a week ago and already know it’s the wrong company and the job sold it’s not what i’m doing. Thoughts? Should i give it more time or cut my losses?


For those being laid off from Deloitte, Accenture is hiring a lot. DM me if you need a referral for a specific role you’re interested in.


Can anyone provide insight on how to prepare for a case study for Deliotte? This would be for an experienced hire.

If anyone is looking for a role within public accounting (both external or internal facing) Crowe is hiring! - leave a comment or dm me


Partner sends out TY email for great teamwork on a large project. Senior forwards the email to myself and other staff. People who put most amount of hours were excluded from Partner's email. Cont.


I’m trying to finance my trip to Japan so if anyone would like a referral to Crowe, send me a DM and let’s get that money.


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🐠 in DSM?

What do you all use to calculate trial dates? Any cool websites or excel spreadsheets?


Would you move to IB (EB) as second year analyst? This is my second year manager in FDD. Would take a paycut in base (50%) but in TC it will probably be higher.


Hi fishes, Any idea about Kaplan Bangalore. I am in the interview process with them.


Hey folks can someone tell me is there any opening in Accenture? Can one refer me? Would be glad!!! Have a good day!!!!


Hey 🐠🐟 just curious, what's the average salary for a SC based in Seattle?


Anyone here move from Public accounting to starting an interim/part time CFO practice?
Curious on the experience in finding contracts given lack of operational experience.


Guys can 2 people from 1 family claim tax deduction on HRA if we show the rent receipt living in parents house

My sister already claims tax deduction on HRA by showing rent reciept already can i also do the same ?


DO YOU JUST ASSUME THE COST OF YOUR MARKETING ACTIVITIES? I am looking to allocate their cost in the marketing budget in a way that won't rely on several layers of assumptions. How do you reliably estimate the cost of different marketing activities (email, social, web, etc) when you don't have specific people or tools allocated to each function and costs are spread across many channels? Ads seems the easiest, but even then there's time and overheads... I've been looking for a reliable model.


Is it easy to get in big tech after having Intel in the resume?


Anyone hiring mid-level strategists right now?

What are some people career goals after audit? At what level do you plan on leaving? After how many years and what would you like to do/ what can you do with the audit experience?


Hi All.. I need 11 likes to unlock dm, please help.

Thanks :)


“Come in and meet the team” interview at mid to late stage startup (non-SF). Still suit and tie? The initial conversation was with the person I’d be reporting to and it’s been pretty informal so far

How much studying is necessary for the FL bar if you are only taking the FL portion? Feeling overwhelmed doing this while working full time.


FYI. Would make sense as to why I got a cancellation and not my friend.

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I am from support and recently started learning APIs and postman. I found it interesting, now after learning the basics Dono what next should I learn. Could someone pls guide me with the learning path so that I get a job in dev role as I would love to move out of support.


Fishes , list down the good and bads of BNY mellon chennai


Jumped into a new role, less than week two in, gut intuition is on high alert with all the red flags popping up, this isn't worth the 50% salary increase to live in hell right? Not signed up to be a secretary, assistant, babysitter, etc. And not planning on waiting it out for the three months. Mental health is important right?

Red flags:
- micromanaging account person
- forces to babysit the design team
- unorganized structure
- no training on first week but got assigned projects


Additional Posts in Virtusa

After how many of submitting documents does virtusa give offer letter?

How is City bank project in Virtusa in terms of Work life balance?


Do you guys completed GIP advance training. I am a new joiner and it is a mandatory course..I have gone through the material but it seems many pieces are missing and that's why not able to solve all the assessment questionnaire. Any one have dumps for the latest.please help


Hi Fishies,
Can you please comment on aspects like wlb, learning in hsbc client at Virtusa? I have been offered QA lead position.


Can anyone tell me if there is any portal for e-separation. My friend was trying to put paper but he works on client laptop and he did not know much details.. Is there any portal in velocity app for the same

How to get experience letter in Virtusa after resignation?


How much variable pay will we get in Virtusa? Please consider the average case

And one more thing any idea about yearly hike % ?



Any idea on lifescience projects in virtusa. Can someone help on how the projects will be and other things.


Hi All,
It's been two months I joined in virtusa and got assigned to jp Morgan client project and now after completing the first task manager is saying since they have budget constraints I have to change another project and give interview for that.
Why at the first place they hired for this project?


How is Virtusa Lloyd Bank Project?

How is work life Balance?

Tech stack Java?

How is the citi project in virtusa?

My tech stack: Java, spring boot, microservices, react

Is there any framework used ?

Please suggest



I have been recently selected in Virtusa and in the compensation there are components like Internet reimbursement, LTA, food reimbursement.
Could anybody please help me to understand will these components be paid out to me monthly or will be only provided if i submit the proofs for the particulars.
Also is the food reimbursement offered in the form of monthly Sodexo coupons?

Hi guys can we leave Virtusa in a day? I have got a better offer? Also how is Google account for wlb?


Hi Everyone,

I need one suggestion,

I have 2 offers one with
Virtusa - 16.75 fixed + 1.25 variable+ 1 bonus
Cognizant - 16 fixed + 50 variable

YOE - 4

Based on job security & Yearly Hikes which one should I Join?

One more thing do virtusa have a probation period?


Is there any variable pay included in Virtusa for lateral hires or is it only fixed pay? Virtusa

Hi Fishes pls suggest suggest which to join Wipro Zensar Technologies Ltd Virtusa T-Systems ICT India





How is the wlb in CTS and Virtusa for 8 years of Java developer Cognizant Virtusa


How will be the learning and career growth in virtusa? Also how long it take to be promoted to the next band?


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