How is the citi project in virtusa?

My tech stack: Java, spring boot, microservices, react

Is there any framework used ?

Please suggest


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

yoe and salary offered?

9 yrs 26LPA


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Is Vodafone VOIS support certification reimbursement like other IT companies?
Also the employes get learning in Vodafone Vois?
Any input is highly appreciated..


Now I'm in a client location, My manager is a good person but he told me, I should report to Lead.

Lead is a psycho. He shows hell to the team members including me.
What should I do ?


I work for a small agency and manage our internal marketing acct. We had very few processes in place when I started. I’ve since created, implemented, and trained our dept. on project mgmt for clients and am trying to convince the owner to apply those principles to our internal jobs. They are resistant because they just want the work to be done and don’t “want to keep spending money on internal jobs”. I’m confused because we’re doing the work either way and “spending” in labor/resources.


I cleared the interview of Tech Mahindra and got mail to submit the documents.

I have 6.7 years of experience in a niche technology. Current package is 14.5lpa.
My interview went good.

How much should i ask for ?
And, will i get the offer after i submit the documents?Tech Mahindra


How is the WLB at Ey India ? Or wlb with big 4 is something oxymoron?


hi fishes,

please let us know which one to choose
Iqvia(WFH) 19.5 + 1.5 jb + 1.5 var
walmart(WFO-hybrid) 16.7 + 3 mip + 3 rsu

let us know which provide wlb


Talking about current hiring trends and what Meta did with people who were about to join them.. what are the chance of Google retracting the offer just before joining? I believe Google would not do something like that, but can someone speak to it if they have seen something like that in the past? Am specifically referring to Cloud space, non Tech role.


I'm in the middle of a background check with Deloitte for a Project Delivery role. In the background check application I listed my previous employers - Cognizant/Teksystems etc but my resume only had the client names I worked at . Does this pose a problem if Deloitte HR compares my resume to the background check form ? Also my title within cognizant might have been an associate but my resume mentions the designation for the client. Is this a reason for concern? Will they ask me to justify it ?


Pescaditos bellos, what’s the email format at Mother NY?


Started a new project working in the ultimate “boys club,” and I have less than a year of consulting experience. Any advice to gain credibility?


Hi fishes
Do Global logic has openings for reactjs dev? And how is work culture benefits and do they have wfh positions right now?

I am a data scientist and was staffed on a project for data warehousing. The handover took long 1 or 2 weeks and their main data engineer already built some models. I was not been given a clear deliverable, now they want to discontinue me from project saying i have never worked on star models/azure and other person is delivering fast. While I am taking training on azure at the same time, will this project interaction look bad on my profile?


My base location in tcs is hyderabad i wanted to move to my hometown in nagpur tcs.
What is the procedure how can i change my base location
Today i will be released from my project.
Is there any way i can move to nagpur tcs.

Yoe 6, techstack dotnet

Please suggest


Finance Role :
I have an offer in hand with Crisil Pune for CRE Financial Analyst role ?

I m currently working for a private equity .So how will be the work culture of Crisil and what will be the work timings ? I have seen reviews that work culture is apparently not that good . Do clarify thanks


Hi fishes,

I have offer from Hitachi vantara for Hyderabad location.
Is it good to join ?
# work life balance
# work culture
@Hitachi vantara consulting

Hi Fishes,
What is the hiring procedure in delta airlines for senior Software Engineer?

How is Monitors practice in Aus? Newly promoted strategy manager looking at jumping across to an open role (manager or senior con level)


Hi Guys, Can anyone please let me know yearly hike/ promotion hike percentage in Wipro. Also do we get any furniture Allowances or any joining kit or any other perks from Wipro?

- Thanks in Advance.


Is this Offer good for SR manager?

Sr Manager offer for DFW in SAP Technology. Is this compensation good?
210 Base 40K Joining Bonus and 40K RSU
9 to 11% Bonus

The base is not changing much for me. I am Senior Managing Consultant at IBM.

Never saw IBM giving 10% bonus for last 10 years anyway. But heard Accenture gives 15K roughly to SM.

Tried to negotiate but Accenture is not willing to change base. They added 10K in RSU and Joining to make 40 each.


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PwC 🐠: anyone familiar with the NIS team? Keep seeing roles advertised with them that pique my interest


Has anyone left to be a revenue agent at the IRS after a year or less at the firm? I'm trying to decide what the best option is


Alvarez & Marsal Deloitte S&O to Alvarez & Marsal? Have an interview scheduled but don't know much about A&M. Can anyone guide please?


Hello fishes, Societe Generale is hiring for the following roles. Anyone interested with the matching requirements please dm. If you don't have dm enabled, leave a comment, I'll connect via dm. Thanks.

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Do you have a recommendation of trainings or books that help to improve verbal communication skills?


Was tough to decide whether this should be filed under memes bowl or the confessions one.

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Any company providing opportunities to a BC functional to transit for D365 ?

I'm in my 30s but those Progressive "Dr Rick" commercials about "becoming like your parents" kinda hit too close for comfort :(

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Im looking for a coach to help me prep. Any recommendations?


What is everyone's thoughts on delivering declines? I know calling is preferred, of course, but in times of reduced recruiting staff, what is the best practice?


Just wondering what opportunities are there for junior to mid career professionals in US international tax to work abroad in UK or Australia? Is there a need for US tax professionals there (i.e. Big 4s or in house) or would one need to learn the local tax laws and would that learning be relatively "easier" given existing background in US tax. Cheers


Happy Friday! Just tapping in to see if anyone here works for Liberty Mutual and would be willing to give me a referral 🤗

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Any quality laptop briefcase bags that are not Tumi?


As a black girl is it bad that I’m only taking remote positions moving forward until I open up my own company & have my own office? Looking back I dreaded going into the office bc I was always seen as aggressive, had perceived bad body language, RBF, non approachable, every critic or defense of myself was seen as aggressive & Sis was tired & wore out. In my remote positions. I don’t experience this, my profile pic is a stock image of the beach… & I’ve never had this much peace… is it just me?!


Where to park emergency funds? Currently using BMO savings account with practically no interest. I also heard wealthsimple cash has better rates?

So I entered a raffle at a concert a month ago for a free trip to Vegas for 2. Today they called me and announced I’m the winner. When they asked for my relationship status, I said I’m single, then they told me I’m not eligible cuz I need to already be in a committed relationship to be eligible for the couple’s trip 🥲.
Is this legit or has this ever happened to you? Never felt so bad about being a bachelor until today 😩


Hi folks. Is Apisero good to join at 8.5 LPA for 2.3 YoE? Any advice?

Amazon is there any DLS case manager ? Needed little help on a task


How much would a 30 day supply of Vyvanse (30mg) cost me after insurance? I know this is going to vary by plan but I'm still curious as to know how expensive of a medication this is.

My pharmacy informed me that the insurance will not cover without authorization from the psych. My psych was wary about this & instead suggested Ritalin during my session. He mentioned that insurance companies want us to first try Ritalin because they are generally cheaper. How much truth is there to this? Thanks!


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Larsen & Toubro Infotech Job security in Virtusa?
YOE - 4
Skill - Java
Offer - 17 lpa

@Virtusa Tata Consultancy Infosys Wipro HCL Technologies Cognizant Capgemini Accenture Larsen & Toubro Infotech Mindtree

Hi guys is Citi or bt project is Google account?

Hi Everyone,

I need one suggestion,

I have 2 offers one with
Virtusa - 16.75 fixed + 1.25 variable+ 1 bonus
Cognizant - 16 fixed + 50 variable

YOE - 4

Based on job security & Yearly Hikes which one should I Join?

One more thing do virtusa have a probation period?


Can Virtusa revise the offer letter after accepting as well?

Hi all,
My friend has referred me in Virtusa, within 2 days HR called and said they have a job role for my profile and will confirm back for interview, but now they are saying that job post is closed.
I had put my other offers on hold due to virtusa.
If anyone is having a job opportunity in their project for a database developer please respond.


Hi Fishes pls suggest suggest which to join Wipro Zensar Technologies Ltd Virtusa T-Systems ICT India






How is ALLY client at virtusa?


Do you guys completed GIP advance training. I am a new joiner and it is a mandatory course..I have gone through the material but it seems many pieces are missing and that's why not able to solve all the assessment questionnaire. Any one have dumps for the latest.please help


How is citi bank application migration project in virtusa can anyone guide? @


Hi Folks,

Any idea on the virtusa Citi Bank project, I have been offered for the managerial position and looking out for some real time experience from the guys who are already into the project

Any one like. to wear nosepin?


I got offer letter from Virtusa. I never heard about company's name. Can anyone tell me about company? Work culture or WLB
I have another offer from IBM of 19
Virtusa giving 24 lpa
Choosing virtusa is over IBM good or not?

Hi All
I need someone guidance and clarification 2 choose a right offer
Once upon a time no offers at all now being an Immediate Joiner I have multiple offers which leads to so many confusion and fear.
Pls help
I have below offers I am based out of chennai
Over Exp 8
Lti -8 fixed no Varbl no bonus Consultant rle
Infosys 8.5 fixed no Varbl joining bonus of 50k- Consultant rle
Hcl 9 fixed fixed no Varbls no bonus
Maveric ba rle 9.5 no Varbls
Virtusa two projects
11.5 yet to choose
Pls guide


How to check bench ageing in Virtusa?


Hello Everyone,

I am a Graduate, My year of passing is 2022.

I am from a tire 3 college.

I have attended a few off-campus interviews and at present, I have offers like:

Infosys - System Engineer role- 3.6 CTC

HCL - 4.2 CTC

Virtusa - Associate Engineer - 4.5 CTC

Wipro- Project Engineer- 3.5 CTC

Which company is good to start my career?


Hi All,

I am having 6.5 years exp and currently working for Capgemini with 9LPA fixed.
I have below offers Im considering and further negotiation is not possible because of budget constraints.

DBS is my current client company and offered 20 LPA as I resigned.

DBS : 20LPA Fixed + 5LPA variable (Associate)
Wipro: 21 Fixed + 10% variable( Team lead, B3)
Virtusa: 21 Fixed + 10% variable( Senior consultant, Tier 2)

Please help me pick one. Im confused. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Sharks,
Could anyone let me know about the leave policy and increment cycle of Virtusa?


After how many of submitting documents does virtusa give offer letter?