Hi Everyone - Need some insights. My PERM process was started by company in Feb’22 (currently awaiting wage determination, submitted to DOL in May’22). Its been months and DOL is working on requests from Jan’22. My H1B expires for good in Oct’23 (with all the recapture). Is there any chance I’ll have my PERM completed by then? For those of you who have been through this process, what was the overall timeline like?. Appreciate any insights you can help provide! TY!

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Your PERM approval should arrive anytime soon. There are backlogs, so that might have caused the delay. After PERM, you will need to file I-140/I-485, which is another lengthy process of its own. If you can speed up the application process after receiving your PERM, you should be well in the process of receiving your GC by October 23

You need an I-140 approved by your H1-B 6 year mark. GC is another thing all together.

Just to be clear, you haven’t filed your perm yet, you’re still waiting for the PWD? It’s going to be dangerously close if so. The general guidance is that you should file for the perm at least a year before your h1b expires so that you’re eligible to file for extensions on your h1b while awaiting your perm decision. I would be looking for a backup plan by now and talking to your team and immigration team.

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Hey guys,
I got a civil fine for having an open drink in public in NYC.
Would that affect my green card application ?


For those who managed to get a H1B:
- what is your position / sector ?
- what is your salary ?
- what country are you from ?


Are big US agencies currently hiring (&sponsoring) global talent? I’m European and work in a big shop. Awards. Would love to move back to the US but seems like in every job application form I read it says no “visa sponsorship”.


Is it easier to marry your American fiancé and wait for the green card versus applying for jobs and ticking on the “I’ll require sponsorship” box 🤦🏻‍♀️

Folks - want to buy a house/condo/townhouse in LA but we’re going to run out on our l1 visas and the h1 is a lottery and we may not get it. Indian nationals, GC is at least 10-15 years away. We’ve got the down payment saved up for a 800-1Mn house/condo/townhouse and can afford the mortgage. Wondering if we should buy keeping the visa risk in mind or just continue to rent? Thoughts?


Got H1B lottery picked up last year (2021). Now I have an approved petition. But I am not holding visa.

In this situation - can I able to switch company? Can I able to change the petitioner(new employer) in this approved petition?


I have offer from UK fo senior QA tester Big Data ETL role at Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge

The final offer is 47K GBP gross

They will sponsor my Visa And for relocation they are providing 1500 GBP
But i have to bear the expense for my wife's dependant Visa

Also I have Canada ICT visa(Calgary) in my current organization with 72K CAD gross and this will be amended and revised to 90k+ once reaching onsite.

Ill be sent Canada by March 1st week

Consdrng uk recession hlp me decide

I am looking for jobs in below countries as a senior developer(5yoe). I want to relocate with my wife, who is currently an HR in banking industry. I want to know what are the job prospects as an HR in these countries with a dependent visa.

Germany, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore.

PS: if you know please also suggest countries which would be easier to migrate and get a job as HR , apart from the above


Fresh grad, just started work in the US (~1 month in) but want to move back to Dubai due to personal reasons. Will hitting the 6m mark (1y won’t be possible - immigration) be helpful? (Cont)


Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have an idea if Wells Fargo does a H1 visa transfer/processing? I’ve found a few roles which match the job I currently do to a cent% and I feel I’d be a great fit but I just wanted to get this question out of my way because I’ve heard that WF doesn’t really deal with H1 visa’s much. Thanks, P


Binged: STATELESS on netflix.
Cate Blanchet-produced miniseries based on true stories about refugees housed in an immigration camp. Thought it was very well done. Any other watchers?

Hi everybody ! I’ve been working in Dubai for the past 6 months as a Marketing Manager in a Web 3 firm. Coming back to the US due to visa status, I’m looking for a similar position in the Crypto Industry. Due to the very technical nature of the industry and market sentiment, there are only software engineers being hired and no marketing :/ any recommendations to go into those technical Industries as a marketer ?


EY(India) Manager looking for SAP BWoHANA/Analytics/SAC/ in UK. Need visa sponsorship.


My H1B is processing but after hearing stories that company won't provide any projects for US even after H1B approval , should u take a jump. Have a offer in hand for another company which pays 50% hike on current package


Best and worst thing about working in immigration?


Is it generally advisable to wait for the new company to have an approved transfer before putting in two weeks? (H1B transfer) What is the typical/ideal timeline for this process according to fishes here?


What are the companies that are willing to sponsor visa? Would appreciate any referral too


I just interviewed with a family law firm that also does crim and immigration as well. They pay as a commission, not salary. This is in DC and there are about 12 attorneys. First, what is a fair commission rate (35%?). Second, what salary expectations should I have?


Worked for 10.5yrs in Infy with 11LPA and now I have an offer from Enquero(Genpact) for 20L and as a counteroffer from Infy:- 40% hike + Canada visa or 70% hike

Please suggest which will be better for the long term for Testing(Automation/Manual)

PS: I have not considered a Canada visa

Also, if there are any openings then please send me at @mchidananda@gmail.com


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Usually, what percentage of hike EXL gives on promotions?


Does anyone else get really terrible hangxiety? Lately with meeting new people post covid and my social anxiety I’ve been drinking quite a bit to loosen up and be friendlier, but the next morning I have ruminating thoughts that they hated me or maybe I did something weird etc. And yes I know logically I shouldn’t drink so much but I do love to party. Just wondering if I’m alone in this. Making new friends in your 20’s can be difficult


Someday, somewhere, over cocktails, I need a competent Littler labor attorney to explain Starbucks’ strategy to me. Because it seems really, not great.


Happy Morning~
Sincerely hope to get referrals from JP.Morgan, GoldmanSaches, UBS, and blackRock. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
I have positions and CV ready, I can send you first before your decision.


Looking for South Indian restaurant suggestions in NJ and NYC area, especially for Dosas. TIA :)


I am looking to change my career from agency to product marketing or management. Are there any tips or anyone I can talk to consider making this transition? Thanks!


Guys, has the gym at Bangalore office opened up?

To Kill a Mockingbird, adapted for the stage by Aaron Sorkin, is at the Pantages and it’s excellent. There until 11/27.


Hey moms!
Trying to see which baby breeze product would be a life saver to add to registry?
I do plan to breastfeed but I’m sure I’ll switch to formula at some point. Would you all suggest the baby food maker, the formula pro advanced or some other product that would help the husband and I in the long run?


Anyone ever use something like a stress coach or stress therapist? Trying to find ways to better manage my stress ..


I currently hold a bachelor in accounting and I am looking into transition to the Cybersecurity world. I have an interest in working with the banks doing penetration testing.

Can anyone recommend a Tech Bootcamps in the ATL or Metro Atlanta Area

How can I get started ?


Not really sure where to ask this so I guess here is where I’ve settled on. I woke up this morning to a text from my husband asking me to not be on my phone while he’s trying to fall back asleep in the night because he’s too sensitive to the light. Except it’s not like I want to be awake either? I just couldn’t sleep. He didn’t say anything while he was awake, which lasted about ten minutes based on his snoring. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there an easy compromise?


Any Amazon DLS case managers here? Searched post but couldn’t find anything. Curious average salary expectations and any tips for interviewing/questions they would ask.


I have 12 years exp of software domain and currently pursuing ai and ds course to move to Data science space.

Please suggest is it good, will I get desired opportunity at this exp and changing domain.


#Need referral

Working as ETL developer having 2 year experience in Data Stage, python, Unix
Currently Serving Notice Period : LWD: 30/1/2023.
Current offer :. TCS - 6LPA
Looking for better offers and refferal.

#referral #TCS


experienced hire consultant from Canada looking to move to UK, sponsorship not required wondering if anywhere is hiring and if you’re willing to chat about the firm. Cont.


Joining the SDR team in a few weeks. Anyone else?


What does Hinshaw start at in its Florida offices? Or any info on its reputation generally?


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How long will it take for USCIS to issue a receipt notice for petitions filed under premium processing? FedEx delivered the petition on Wednesday.

Hoping to make the switch from London to the US, I’m a UK citizen. Seems most companies are stating that they won’t sponsor visas in their job postings. Currently no transfer opportunities globally on our internal systems either. Do you have any insight on why this might be / when companies may start sponsoring visas again? Thanks in advance!


I'm a US citizen living abroad I applied almost 11 months ago for my spouse. Married for years, kid. I wait and wait. It seems this will take 2 years, maybe more. I feel trapped. On one side the US system demands I work and domicile in US, the other side says families should be prioritized to stay together. My spouse has had enough of the process. I feel trapped abroad and locked in a dysfunctional system. We're just in limbo, it's depressing


Anybody with a priority date of mid-late 2015 that is considering switching jobs? I have an offer that I was about to sign, but saw that priority dates for filing in EB2 are already at sep 2014 this April. That makes me wonder if i could either miss my window or worse if the date becomes current while my new employer is still doing PERM. Anyone else faced this situation in the past or looked at it more deeply? Recommendations for good lawyers for advice also appreciated.


Has anyone heard back from EY Immigration team on the selection of H1-B lottery? EY EY-Parthenon

Long does it take to switch from L1B to L1A visa? (Promoted to Manager). Nothing done yet. Any experiences?


Friends - I have created this bowl to discuss US immigration issues, policies and strategies. Post your specific question related to US immigration and get it answered on this bowl. Request you to keep the discussion civil and professional. We are consultants and are here to help each other out.



Do you agree the US Immigration process needs to change Y/N only



The immigration firm(for the new company I’ve accepted offer from) reached out with a link to put in my details for H1 transfer. They specifically mentioned that they won’t support dependent immigration.
My wife is on H4, how do I go about her immigration requirements? Does she need a transfer or amendment on current visa once I get my visa transferred?
Thank you

Had any one used a Immigration attorney for green card?


Anyone here from IQVIA that have had their green card sponsored here? What was your timeline like?

Anyone else got told that they don’t meet the work experience requirements for their PERM role? Have less than 2 years left on my H1B until the 6 year max and don’t know my options. Our immigration team has not been responsive or helpful.

Any firms or companies hiring now that don’t take forever with their green card process? My H1B ends in September 2024 and EY is not making meaningful progress on my perm process. Looking for roles that require really strong financial modeling and analytics skills.


Hi all,
Are H1B results out? Did anyone hear from their immigration teams?

Hi all,

My PERM is filed in October 2021 and H1B is maxing out in May (18) 2022. What are the options for me now? What are the positive chances? Please suggest if anyone would have any idea.

Has anyone in management consulting taken Day 1 CPT program after an MBA? What school / program did you go for, and were you able to convert to h1b successfully?


Anybody know how soon after your interview is the Oath Ceremony held? Specifically for NY/NYC. Thanks!!!

Question on sponsoring my sibling - If my Parents are US citizen and they sponsor for my sister who is married and age of 35. How long it can take for her to get green card?

Any intel how to apply H4 visa within US?
The DS160 is not giving an option to select US as location.

Looking for hope & exceptions with this situation my inlaw (German citizen) is in. They came over on Fulbright and now is on O1 but in exile back in Germany. I know it’s a long shot but has anyone been in this situation and transitioned to permanent US residency? They are married to a US citizen and have a kid (born in US). Immigration attorneys are not super helpful on precedent.


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