Hi Folks,
One of my friend got an offer from BNY Mellon pune.

Can anyone help me with the salary expectations with BNY Mellon , pune for the below role.

Roles offer : lead project Manager
Grade : i
Offered CTC : 15 LPA Fixed
Experience : 9.5 years
Current CTC : 11 LPA Fixed

Any help will be really helpful.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

You should deserve 23


Lowballed due to low cctc


1st and foremost, don't act like in post like one of my friend got offer from BNYM. It's you only who got the offer 🤣🤣
Now from above question, how much you should expect, it's clear that you have got offer and you want the answers.
Next time, just grow up 🥱


I Got From BNYM.I Grade


Can you share any what CTC you got ?

I was having an offer of 25 for grade i but later rejected as having more from other org . These people don’t renegotiate.Better have a different offer.


Not sure why, 15 LPA is too low. Please renegotiate. I hope you get 20 LPA.

how much can we expect for 10yrs exp qa profile in bnym ??

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- Thanks in Advance.


Hi fishes.
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Designed for busy seasons 😆

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Hi my joining is tomorrow. I have uploaded all the documents on infosys launchpad.
Still. I have not recieved onboarding link. Does anyone know when the link is recieved.

Hi Folks,

Looking for a job change.Can someone please refer me to Amazon

I am having 2.7years of experience

Preferred location: pune
Tech stack: Java, SQL, loan iq, HTML, C, C++, Oracle
Finance Domain

would appreciate your help,thankyou


So how did you end up doing this shitnin the first place?


Hello All,
I have recently joined
IBM. On my first day, I got the laptop (without laptop bag). Now I want to request few things for office work like headphones, Mouse, Etc.
Kindly please suggest where I can request for additional assets?
Also, Please let me know if IBM provides any welcome kit to their employees.

Tata Consultancy


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In BNY Mellon,
How is the work in Control systems(Risk and compliance) as a Java spring boot full stack developer?
Anyone working on that?

I'm awaiting offer from BNY. For I level
Current ctc is 12.
What should I expect from BNY
YOE is 9 in IB


Hi Fishes, Joined BNY mellon Technology India as a fresher. YOE - 6.5. CTC - 9.5 LPA. Am I too low? What should I do? Will they normalise my salary?


Can somebody refer me to Oracle Finance Functional position in BNY Pune if any opportunities..

🔥How much Annual hike(%) & bonus (%) bny Mellon technology employee getting every year? BNY Mellon BNY Mellon Corporation BNY Mellon | Pershing


How much minimum fixed salary to expect for BNY Mellon technology for H role ?

What is BNY VP salary in pune for 15 yrs experience guy in vendor management/Non IT role.


I'm looking to apply for a Principal , Prod Svs. App Support position in Chennai.

Does anyone what the typical salary range is for this designation?

YoE: 13
CCTC: 21.3L

How much time bny takes to provide laptop post date of joining? As onboarding is virtual.


About to join BNY Mellon this month pune location as a Technical Lead. I am eligible for bonus in Jan 2023 or not ?

🚀BNY current attrition rate is lower than the industry average and the rate of BNY ‘returnees’ [employees who return after shifting jobs] has also been encouraging.

Is this true? If yes, Anyone knows reason behind it ?

Hi folks, what rank/ grade shall I expect for a 11+ exp. My interview is scheduled for next week.

I am already having an offer of 36 Lakh fixed from wells fargo.

I am a generalist/project manager.


Received offer letter for 16l as fixed for H level in lead fund reporting in bny, is it worth for a person with 3 yrs experience