How much to expect from PWC ac Bangalore IN TERMS OF SALARY if I'm having 6 yoe, 17.62 lpa of FIXED CTC . Position applied for SA

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Can anyone help me?
I’m 25 and have an array of experience within environmental science. I mostly enjoy being a field employee but recognize the pay is not always great. My current position is bureaucratic and technically oriented which is great for skills but not for growth. I know I have more to offer and want to expand into different areas of STEM. Any suggestions or recommendations would help, I’m open to anything!

Please give your suggestions which company to join based on future hike , tech stack, wlb

Tech stack: Java, SpringBoot, Microservices, AWS YOE : 5.9 years

JP Morgan : 25 lpa fixed
Xperi : 25 lpa fixed+ 2.5 lpa variable + 1L joining bonus + 9k RSU
Thermofisher : 24 lpa fixed + 2.16lpa variable

JPMorgan Chase Thermo Fisher Scientific TiVo Xperi Infosys Tata Consultancy Wipro Amazon IBM Cognizant


For ZS folks, I’m an Associate at ZS (US office) and currently in talks with my manager about year end promotion to Associate consultant. I would like to get some insights on how much salary hike to expect from an A to AC. Also, does the % increase dependson the performance(during the cycle leading to promotion) or there is room for negotiation as well (based on roles and responsibilities)? Just trying to understand how it works and how to navigate through it. Thanksfor your time and inputs.


Hi! There is an opening at Salesforce that's suitable for my current role. Anyone who can refer?


Hi everyone! My agency is hiring a head of strategy. If you are interested, DM me. We're an independent shop in NOLA, we hire remote workers, and ideally we'd like to find someone who's ready to step into that first gig as a department/discipline lead and put their mark on a place!


Any tenured EY SAT employee here? What is the max hike you know someone received in a FY. The max which I had heard has been 48% . Does Ey ever corrects lowballed employee salary in one go ?


After college I was making 50K in the US… 2 years later I moved to Netherlands and my salary is 43K now. I know Europe pays lower than US but this still hurts.
Different companies, similar industries. How do you negotiate a higher salary in Europe? Is it wishful thinking to want a bigger salary with 2 years of experience in Europe?


Hello Fishes,

I am an Infra Architect at Cognizant and I have been selected for Wipro and band they are offering is C1.

YOE: 15
Role: Architect- Data Centre technologies
CCTC: 29 lpa

Do you think this is a band should I be placed at?
What should be my ask for expected CTC?


I Really need your suggestions.

I have 6 yoe in dot net.
I have 2 year of work exp on a very small company where there is no pf and sometimes we do not get salary also but i learn a lot of things there.
Now 4 year in infosys bpm
Now tcs background verification team is asking for my bank details and uan / pf, i really dont have it.

I honestly told tcs background verification team that i dont have these details, but i gave them my PM number



Hi! I graduated in May with my B.S in Applied Sciences and looking to transition more into the healthcare field. Any suggestions on where to look for roles/ type of roles I should be seeking? Currently work as a social worker making 44k a year-Florida.


Hello Sharks,

Today i got a call from TCS HR, after documents submission. They told we they can provide me 12 lakhs as its their budget for ITA role. My current package is 11 LPA with 10% variable. Also they told for 6.7 years of experience they provide ITA role as i have bachelor's degree. I asked for 18 initially, HR said, will call back in evening.

Please advice will they be ready for 16 atleast.


Moving into a new role to support marketing efforts of two smaller divisions under our brand umbrella. When I asked my boss what the job description was to create year end goals they told me to write one. . . Where do I start?


Looking for a referral with Aledade Inc, Quality Reporting Specialist (remote).


When is a good time to follow-up with a hiring manager after an interview? Or do you wait for the HM to follow-up with you?


Does Spotify tend to keep its contracted employees? Trying to judge the risk of accepting a 6 month to possible hire position


Good morning everyone! I have a interview as a account executive position for innovation refunds, that pays 100k + and I’m super nervous to have a interview it’s been so long ! Lol but I was wondering how can I tell what kind of environment it is, and what should I look out for? I just really don’t want to go to a sales job that’s cut throat and competitive where everyone is against each other. Working remotely now I don’t have that it’s very laid back. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!


I am currently a Junior Engineer with 5 years experience, I have been with the same company for 3 years now. I have my yearly review coming up and was asked to present a raise I desire. I feel my company underpays their employees but was wondering what the average salary is for someone in my position. My company has also mentioned wanting me to shift into the environmental engineering world which is where my strengths are


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I live in FL and my AC has an internal leak, landlord refuses to replace it anytime soon. Electric bills are now $300 for an apartment. He isn't doing anything about his aside from coming to the unit to see the issue himself. What type of recourse can I get this is insane.

Guys can some one suggest me which company should I join...

I have offer from accubits technologies which is giving 11.5 fixed + 50k joining

And the other one from ingram micro which has 14.5Lpa -> 12.30 as fixed + 220000 PLI + 50k joining bonus.

Catch is Ingram micro has react js and java profile ... And i am having current profile as mern stack.

And accubits is having a mern stack role.
Accubits is giving software engineer role
And Ingram micro is giving senior software Engineer role.


I got good book but bad personality. So much so, I'm losing work because of it. Do therapists help fix that sort of thing?


Any good gay parties from now until New Year’s?

How much do 2nd year partners at BCG make? A recruiter just reached out to me and I’m curious before responding


Do people think LinkedIn increases their professional profile? Do you regularly use it?


Hi All,

Need your help,
1. How much can be the expected package at 11 YOE as a Business Analyst role in Nagarro.
2. How is the work life balance.
3. Is it hard to get into projects, as I see in some posts it was mentioned.



How do I edit the P&T spreadsheet ? If someone as edit rights can you put for product & design, tier 3 city, M3A, 140K and bonus is 6% tier 3.


What are your firm’s best & worst benefits?

There’s an agency in LA called phenomenon that at first looked interesting but their Glassdoor reviews are a bit concerning. Has anyone worked their or know someone and could share any insights?


My interview with Cognizant is completed .
Had multiple calls with hr , they have asked all related documents which i shared and discussed about salary verbally.

It’s been 3 weeks now , i have not got written offer and hr is not replying and ignores mails.

Atleast they can send feedback if they don’t want to hire. They have wasted my time as well as their time.

Do you think they will reply or else just leave hope from cognizant .


I have got offer from QualiTest. How is the company? Work life balance? Do they fire people?


I have accepted an offer from Adobe, can i now ask my HR for a different designation(same domain) which suits my role better ?

Thank you already :)


How does underwriting compare to PIP litigation in terms of flex time (ability to stop/start work throughout day, work at 2 am if needed, etc)

For example.. in PIP Litigation I can review my suits at 2 am if needed (as a result of having a rough day or other emergency) and still be in compliance

Does Underwriting carry any time sensitive tasks?


Best place to get my Rolex resized in NYC? I heard WoS is good, but do they charge anything? TIA!


Is anyone on discord channel for options trading?


What’s tech sales salary like in the UK?


Anyone have any feedback about USI? Had a call with a recruiter for some opportunities with USI. Would love to hear anyones experience or thoughts on the company!


Made over $100k in a month through crypto investment. Let’s see how much I will be making this June.

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Additional Posts in PWC AC BLR

How much will I get in hand after tax deduction??

Need help.


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Anyone joining PwC AC Banglore on 6th September?
Have you got any mail for a laptop or any onboarding details?

What are the different shift timings(day/night) in Pwc AC AC (Kolkata) ? What is the shift allowance for the same? Average bonus for 1st year ? Non tech profile

I am a PwC new joinee. Even after 1 week of joining I haven't got the contact of my RL or TC. From where I can get the details?


Hello Folks,
My current CTC is 16L (13L Fixed) in
Accenture and working as CL10 and WFH.
I got an offer from PWC AC Bangalore is 21L fixed and WFH with joining date 15th Dec.
Now I got a promotional offer from Accenture of 16.6L fixed (with 25% hike) to CL9 which will be effective from 1st Dec.
They are asking me to retain.
Could any one please suggest me the better option? My yoe is 7 years.
PwC Accenture Tata Consultancy Deloitte EY Deloitte USI


What is the starting salary of an employee in legal team in pwc.

Hi ,

Can anyone please help to complete Mandatory trainings for PWC


How much time will it take for background verification in PWC?

Hi Fishes, I would like to know if any team here gets MacBook.

Hi All, Offers in hand Accenture 24 Lpa fix + 27% var PwC 24 fix + 20% bonus Tech - GCP, devops, terraform, Kubernetes 6 yoe Which firm should I prefer in terms of good projects,wlb and growth.Accenture Tata Consultancy PwC


Hi, How is the 1) PwC Sdc WLB in bangalore 2) Average hike 3) Shift allowance Morning/Afternoon/Night allowance PwC India PwC India


Any idea when our revised compensation letter will be available ? It didnt come on 15th

Hi fishes, what are the chances of Pwc AC bangalore rescinding an offer given the current market condition? The role in my offer letter seems to be pretty generic and during interviews, it didn't look like, they were interviewing for a particular project or team. I have doubts specifically because of HR's behaviour during the whole recruitment process where they never responded to my emails or calls. Is this normal practice?


Hi Fishes, PWC (SDC) is offering 7lpa (saying it's fixed) for Associate2 position Could someone please confirm how much pwc gives for associate position yea : 2 , i think i am being lowball current CTC : 4.5L


How many days/month/weeks does it take PWC AC to generate offer letter once they have collected all the documents? Would be very helpful information.

Hi Fishes, Does Pwc AC Bangalore give Mobile phone reimbursement of 34k like in Kolkata AC? Is there WFH one time allowance given now for new joiners post august 2022?

Bhai ye Pwc(Us) , Pwc Bangalore alag alag hai kya


Which is best to join between PWC AC Bangalore with permanent wfh and NTT Data business solutions with hybrid work. Salary is almost same : NTT data - 24 LPA fixed and no variable. Where as PWC 21 LPA fixed with upto 20% variable. YOE is 7 years in SAP SD functional consultant.