I have also got an offer from Axtria.
They are giving me 8 lpa as ctc and 50k joining bonus and a promised 2 lpa retention bonus after one year.
If anyone at axtria can help what's the work life balance is like there and is it a good organization to join or not.
I am changing my field to Data analyst in Axtria.
Also, how long is the training period and is there any chance of permanent wfh ?

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I've also received offer letter from axtria as analyst. Could you please let me know if you have joined axtria since I'm currently working on cloud i will have be changing field if i join Axtria

Axtria has a lot of etl, analytics, reporting work and latest cloud technologies

At starting level you will get different kind (lots )of work and new things to learn.

WLB will be a challenge rest all good.

U have worked at axtria ?


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Hi Fishes,
Which one to choose from the below two?

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PS: Salary not deciding factor!!


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Good day all!

I am interviewing for a FP&A Manager position in Proserv UK. Could you please disclose the initial salary that I could ask for?

Thank you in advance!


Looking for a SEO expert for a 2-3 week engagement. Need a brand website analysis of key search terms and actionable recommendations on content, optimization etc. DM me for details. Remote ok of course. Thanks!


Hello Fishes,

The PWC HR asked me to submit my payslips and current compensation structure last week post my rounds of interview. However,post that there isn't any response from them till now. There also isn't any salary discussion done till date. So does this mean that I am rejected?


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Additional Posts in Axtria

What is the salary range for Manager position in Axtria for a 6+ yrs experience in Presales/Bid management. Current company is ZS


Posting it here for detailed insights

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Is it possible to change the project ?
If Yes, what are the procedures ?


Does anyone know when will Axtria start hiring for analyst again?

My joining date in axtria was 11th july.. but i got a mail today that it has been extended to 8th august. My notice period is going to end on 7th july. Is there anyone whose joining got extended?

Why does Axtria says that it is a great place to work? They give their bags with the stickers saying "Axtria,great place to work certified in 2020 and 2021"?

Is that true?


Hi all,
I have received an offer letter from Axtria for L1 analyst role.. They are offering 8 lpa.. What will be the in-hand salary? Also is it good to leave infosys and join Axtria? If I accept the offer letter, am I supposed to Compulsorily join Axtria?


Does anyone know axtria pune office location?

what is NP in Axtria?


I have recieved offer letter from Axtria Inc. for analyst but they haven't mentioned joining bonus of 50k in the letter is it normal ?

Hi guys,
I have received a mail stating my DOJ is postponed to Aug 8th..Any idea what is the actual reason for this delay?


Today I have the salary discussion with HR. I already have an offer of 14.5 lpa+1L jb. How much should I quote to HR.
Please suggest.

Am I safe from firing/termination if I am currently a project lead or senior Associate in Axtria?


Hey guys, anyone from Axtria here? Had some questions on company culture and employee benefits

I had given tye assessment of Axtria and got selected for the tr round, after that I gave the hr round. It's been 10 days but I haven't heard back from them.
What's the longest that I can wait to receive a reply from them ?

Can someone please explain the hierarchy in consulting space of Axtria?? I have 2+ YOE, can someone suggest the role that I should apply for?

Anyone joining Axtria as Analyst in August ? If yes did you recieve joining bonus mentioned in offer letter?( for me no joining bonus)
what is the lockin period for anniversary bonus for me (it is 24months for 2L)

Whereas for many people 50k joining bonus and 12 months lockin for 2 lakh

When I mailed them, they replied they have updated their policies. But again I am noticing people who r joining in aug, getting joining bonus ! What is going on

Anyone joining Pune Location as DATA ANALYST in July or August ? let's connect