Hi all I have few queries as I am planning to join Cisco next month. Is there any onsite opportunity in Cisco? Any yearly hike? Is it really flexible to change project?

Thanks in advance.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

No onsite, hikes are not that good earlier, now I am not sure. Negotiate during joining itself, don't count on hikes.


Thank you for your help

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I am looking for big 4 company refferal,

4 YOE ( 3.5 ),

.NET FULL STACK , ANGULAR JS, everything which required for full stack.

Current Salary: 12LPA


Hello everyone!
I recently found out that I was being paid less than everyone in the team (more than 25% gap to more expe teammates, around 15% less than new hires)
We all had the same responsibilities, I consider I even had a heavier workload (talking in past tense since I very recently made an internal move).
Things to consider:
On a work visa
What would you recommend doing?
Keeping it to myself?
Speaking up? How? With who?



What was your offer when you first got promoted to Senior Associate PM or Project Manager?


Hii Fishes,
Can you share the average salary offered by pwc for database developer. I have 5 plus years of relevant experience, cleared the interview process and currently in discussion with HR for compensation benefits. Is also does pwc offer joining bonus, relocation bonus or annual bonus?.



Do Big4 EAs in Canada actually get salary increases?! 1yr already and no bump! Not eligible for bonus cuz am overtime eligible. Those of you who are high performing EAs for Big4 Canada, do you even get salary increases?Or EA in big4 salary is stunted for years?!


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Hey Fishes,
Could you please assist between
Wells Fargo and Standard chartered gbs which one has better WLB,job security and good learning opportunity.
Thanks for your input.


Man this Bowl is filled with some angry mid-levels. We get it, this job was hard for you, but it is for juniors now, too. Stop punching down.

I don’t think the juniors are entitled, they just want to share in their firms’ wealth. Surely any salary increases for the Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 would easily pay for themselves through billable hours.


Hi All,

Would need your help please before joinig the Organization!! Need your kind help Folks!

1) Does VOIS(Vodafone) provide any transport service to employees or do we have any in EON park for employees residing far.

2) 'Work for 2 day in office' --> Until when do we have such Hybrid mode and is it for all teams at Vois.

3) Can we take Paternity leave just after joining in 2-3 months or is there some cool off period in the organization.

4) What the Notice period for new joinees. Thank You


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Hi Amazonian,

I am about to join Amazon next month accepted the offer now my current company is not releasing me and asking me to stay for 1more month as the project I am working at will be finished by then, Will amazon extend my joining date?

Any freelance project you have?

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Anyone in a good Bible study at work or thinking about starting one?


“You don’t need to be good at your hobby to enjoy it” hell I’m not even good at my job why should I be good at my hobbies.


Fishes, I need to get my PF transferred from IBM, but because some typo in the name from IBM's side PF transfer is failing. Spoke to PF office and they suggested to speak to IBM and get it corrected. Can anyone share details of someone in IBM who can help in this matter?

Hello UST folks,

Those who don't know we have got the access to "Udemy Business". Earlier it was not allowed, now we can use the Udemy for all learning. I am happy and wanted to share with you all.

Do referrals help @ Accenture? Anyone interested in referring me, if so? What are some of the characteristics that would place a person as manager vs sr. manager if the position could be either? Thanks in advance!


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For those who are in long term relationships, why aren’t you married? I’d like to move forward and start a family, but my gf isn’t willing to consider that at this point and probably won’t for the next ~10yrs. We’re 23 and 27yo


How much do you spend on food and drinks per month? Currently spending $2.5k between me and my spouse (we’re in LA, ~$600 groceries, ~2k dining out/take-out). We by no means ball out, and even decline to go out sometimes to stay within budget, but we do eat out pretty often. Trying to figure out if we’re overdoing it.


Hi everybody! I’m Santiago from startup Ontop(YCW21) to network with freelancers and startups. Are you up for an e-coffee break to share ideas and opportunities?
Hit me up!


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Additional Posts in Cisco bowl

I have a offer of Cisco SBG( security business group) with 2.5 yoe as data engineer any one have idea what this group do there and future prospects after joining it ?


Hey guys .. would like to know if anyone has joined with non compete clause with previous employer?

Please dm me..

Anyone working in appdynamics??



I have cleared hackerank coding challenge for Cisco, I have another 2 round of interview that is technical on Friday for the post of frontend engineer... How difficult this round will be, or what kind of questions I can expect (general or advanced),


How good Cisco is for finance professional? I mean in terms of growth opportunities.

Hi Fishes, I have 6 year of experience in networking at a package of 12 LPA as a base and 1 LPA as a variable in Cisco as a Consulting engineer. I always heard that Cisco pay scale is better than most of companies. I thought that I am underpaid, please clear my doubt on this and let me know how much CTC will be suits for me as per market standards ? Thanks in advance !!!!


Hello Guys,

What would be the expected salary for a Technical Consulting Engineer(HTTS Role) 6+ YOE in Cisco. I am currently holding an offer for 15L(13 fixed)+1.5L Joining bonus in Infosys.

Trying to negotiate an offer with Cisco. Kindly advise.

What is salary for 7.5 exp devops engineer in Cisco? Also do they provide Stocks?

Is it possible to take transfer to Gurgaon office after 1-2 years?

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with the referral for Front end developer role at
Cisco .

There is a Job opening available in the carrer portal.

What is the salary range of G8 with 7.5 yoe as business analyst ?


Hi folks,
I am looking for a referral in
Cisco for the Software Engineer role.

Skills: Java, Springboot Microservices,DS and Algo.
Please reply and Dm if anyone can help😊.


Can anyone help me with a referral at Cisco?
Thank you.


Generally what percentage of variable pay based on company and individual performance is paid out to employees ?

Hello Sharks,

Please advise, How's F5 professional services in terms of growth, WLB and Learning?



Do cisco provides external monitors on desk while working from office?


Can any please let me know if there was any joining bonus ?

I am expecting a grade 10 position..

I have second round of technical interview with Cisco. For Java developer 1-3 years. Kindly help me hints to prepare.

How is cisco hyderabad office? I see it as permanently closed in google maps.