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Expect 3-5% hike and 10-12% bonus


Bangalore, CIB


Don't expect getting hike when u just joined and filled a portal even before understanding JPMC techs 🤣
Ya but u will get some amount of variable pay bonus .


But I heard even hike is given if you join before the cut off date.

That's true I got the same last year but I joined in June so contributed at least few months. Joining in September and expecting is meaningless, 1-2% if getting that's also should be unexpected .


Hike .. bonus was good amount around 12% of annual CTC in 6 months


Which month bonus will be credited into salary account?

And which month onwards hike will be reflecting in salary?


Bonus in Jan. Hiked salary + CEO bonus in February


Ur YoE? Skillset? CTC?

Had appraisal meeting with the manager?.
What they told about your performance

Not yet

Yoe, ctc

Time line till Nov 30 for manager discussion .


8years, 28lpa

Which location?

How much to expect????

Thank you

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Tax SM’s at RSM - what is your salary for a medium-high COL for 2-3 years of tenure?


Do you work at an agency you love? Can you share the name and a few reasons you like it? Would love insight into pay, culture and workload when possible.


Does your agency give a holiday bonus?


Hi Fishes.I need referrals help from TCS , BNP Paribas, Barclays, if anyone can help me please. I am 8.3 years experience. My Notice period is 60 days. My skill is - Elasticsearch and ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
Tata Consultancy BNP Paribas CIB Barclays Morgan Stanley JPMorgan Chase ANZ Bank


Like other bowls, can we can a salary progression thread? Please include Accounting/Tech and COL


Hi Recently gave interview in LTI for Senior Software Engineer Position. Now awaiting for HR round Salary Discussion. How much max package can i get for grade P2?

My Current CTC: 5.62 LPA
TCS Offer in hand: 8.4 LPA

HR said if you have offer of 10 LPA then only i can give upto 11-13 LPA...
Can someone help me how can i negotiate for a higher package?


Hi All,

My HR round is pending with 
HPE for a role of "senior qa engineer" and really looking out for your help on understanding the fair ask .

Current company: cisco Inc

current CTC: 26 LPA

YOE: 8 years

I'm not aware of hpe salary standards, any sort of insight will be very much appreciated.


What's the average salary for a Project Management Supervisor in So Cal?


I’ve been in Pharma for 3 years and I don’t want to stay. I would love to work in a healthcare startup. I have some translatable skills but not enough experience for most of the roles that would match my pay. I can’t take less $$ as I’m the “breadwinner”.

Anyone experience something similar in a career pivot and how did it work out for you?


How much salary is offered for PLM domain in pune balewadi by siemens with 5 years experience in c++?


Hi all,
I've applied for the role of Sr Internal Auditor (L5) in Amazon India. And in the preliminary form they are asking for the expected CTC
Would appreciate if someone could let me know the salary range for that role
My current CTC in EY is ~ 16.7 LPA including variable component and the raise for the coming year is yet to be announced

Thanks in advance


Hi all, I am expecting salary discussion call with Siemens Digitals HR. What is the ideal salary that I can ask? As of now, no offers in hand.

SKILLS: Devops + Tools + Python
YOE: 7.9
CCTC: 18.1 LPA


Thoughts on this offer?

EY FSO Senior Consultant 1
Base: 110k
Signing Bonus: 10k
Performance Bonus: Up to 15% of base

1.5 YoE, no Masters, job is in a high CoL city.


Career progression for PM roles in Tech?

I’m on track to be qualified for a Program Manager, Talent/HR/OD position at a tech firm in the next couple years. I understand the pay is solid ($130k+ salary depending on exp. and location) but I’m curious about career progression.

Does anyone have experience as a Program Manager, Talent/HR/OD at a competitive tech firm, and with exit opps afterwards? Are we talking Sr Mgr, Director, or VP level positions in industry?


Hi All,
I am looking out for a job as an entry level Data Analyst role in Toronto,ON , with 1 year of relevant experience…what do yo think should be my ask ??


Hi Everyone

Please help

I'm working in aero domain and has a 6 YOE. My package is 8 Lpa. There is limited companies to switch in this domain. They're not giving better compensation to anyone.
I'm trying to shift my career to #ITindustry, please give me suggestions on which niche skill to learn for long-term career growth and better salary
Present my skills: Excel (can handle with formulas), Word (report preparation).
Non-IT skills: Fatigue and DT analysis, static, FEM, Airbus tools.


So after seeing bonus and also up coming hike is not related to bonus/rating.. what is the use of lead feedback which we will get from several people? Because getting golden standard and rating is given as progression than that doesn't have any use?

Or is my understanding is wrong?


What would be my in-hand salary for 9.5LPA in Comcast for QA II role (Automation testing with Mobile, Web and API) ? Also I'd like to know whether I'm fairly compensated for 3yoe.


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Hi fishes,

My CTC is around 12 lpa per annum. How can i avail max tax benefits?


In honor of the Legend...

Favorite Kobes?

I think I'ma go with All Star 6s

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How does a role in clinical affairs differ from clinical research? Any clinical affairs manager out there to shed some light? Wondering if clinical affairs will have more sciencey roles.


Hi, could you please share your insights about band 7. What's the role related to ?. Thanks!

Anyone travelled to Canada via Niagara for PR initiation (express entry)? How easy/tough is the process from here?

Does anyone get concerned with some of the job postings on indeed? For instance, there’s a job I am looking at that is marked as “urgently hiring” but the job is not posted on the companies career page or LinkedIn.


Hi LGBT fam! I need some hearts to send a DM to someone who is willing to offer me a job connection. Anyone care to help? 😅


Hi Folks,

I have 2 offers in hand , Which one to go with...

JP MORGAN - 18 Fixed

Naggaro - 23 total (21.85 F + 1.85 V)

Yoe- 7 Yrs
Role - Business Analyst (Banking)

5th of May is my Joining date

JPMorgan Chase & Nagarro


Has anyone been asked to come to the office yet?

Is this group really only for commercial real estate? I only do residential and saw no other bowl (just joined).


Hey Fishes,

Hope everyone's doing well in these time.

Can Anyone help me with the BRIM 1909 Dumps.



I haven't touched Cyberpunk 2077 in 4 months. How those patches tho


Is it possible to work in tax while only working 40-45 hours per week? I like tax and learning about it, but I cannot keep up with the billable hours and constantly being in busy season.


Which laptop would you get. I’m leaning towards the Dell Latitude 7390 and maybe the HP x360 as a secondary choice. I’ve heard people have issues with the HP 1012. This is for a new work computer

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What do you think of the TAG Heuer Carrera 16 or Omega Speedmaster? Looking for a watch which is suitable for office up to $5000.

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Anyone know of firms with the Los Angeles area that help you and encourage you to attain the CFP? I’m finding it hard finding local firms that have career trajectory from Client Servicing to full Advisory work.

I’m willing to pay for self study and take local classes but would love and appreciate sponsorship.

Any advice in general for making the jump from more client servicing to advisory would be greatly appreciated.

Ideally I’d love to make my way towards either an Advisor or Strategist.


Where to meet other young people?

Looking for a wife or a short-term fling 😅


Additional Posts in JP MORGAN India

Hi Fishes
Is there any vacancy for Company Secretary professionals in any company for 3+ years of experience.

Any lead would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance


Can anyone suggest me For Onboarding shall I contact my line manager or i should wait for them to contact me.


Hi, Does JPMC provide
1) 1100$ for buying a new laptop when you join?
2) Is there any access to learning resources like Udemy, O'Reilly?


JP MORGAN - SEPtember joiners will get any BONUS or HIKE for current financial year?


Hi..I have accepted the Offer letter from JPMC. I have now received a mail for background verification. Just wanted to know if they would call the reporting manager directly or the firm HR? My immediate reporting manager was based out of US. Would this be an issue?


Hi everyone,
I have been shortlisted for a commercial banking operation profile interview. Can anyone help me about this profile and what questions I can expect?


could anyone refer me for Job Code: 1145162


2 weeks left for my NP
Can someone refer me in JPMC for Front end roles- React Js , Javascript, HTML,CSS??

I have tried so many times but my resume didn't get shortlisted.



Hi Fishes,
How to check which CIB I've been assigned to? i can see Business Unit as Corporate Sector.
Also please confirm which CIB is best in JPMC