What are all the exit activities that we need to do in citiustech?
Do we need to submit headphones as well along with CT laptop?

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Urgent opening at Larsen & Toubro Infotech , dm for referral

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I left my job about a year ago to relocate, make sure it was the right decision and start a side business in the mean time. Now I’m actively looking for a new sales position, have tons of experience, but am struggling to even get a response from job apps. I am wondering if this is because of my employment gap? I don’t have my side business listed on my resume because I don’t feel like I have enough positive “stats” to report yet given it’s new. Any advice or recommendations?


Was wondering what the average starting salary of an Amazon L4 Area Manager is the UK and what benefits come with the job?

Thoughts on Method?


Any job opening for Salesforce Developer for Pune location? YOE: 5.4

How much max ctc can be asked for manager role in @publicis Sapient / lead sdet in Agoda.Any suggestions ?


Do Amazon offers onsite to QA Managers??

I have an interview later today for a residential treatment center. I am very excited about the position and think it will align with what I hope to accomplish as a teacher. I hold dual licensing in Elementary Education and Special Education. Any tips/advice for my interview?


I am working as a team leader in Data Organization. I received an offer from morning star for Team leader position. They were offering 36% hike on my current fixed pay. After negotiating they offered 40%.
I am having 6.5 years of experience in Ahmedabad. The new role is in Navi Mumbai.
As I need to relocate to Mumbai from Ahmedabad, I am bit confused about the hike.. Should I take this opportunity?


I heard some wild numbers for comp at EYP for lateral hires poached from other strat firms (MBB and t2) - any hard numbers out there?
For the manager / director and the junior partner / prin / AP / sr director role


I got an offer from Atos at GCM Level 4. With the company split happening soon is it safe to leave TCS and join Atos???

I am Senior Java Developer, I have offers from IRIS Software and Publicis Sapient?
If both have equal CTC then which one is better?
Need help


Calling all consultants, implementation specialists etc. How do I make the switch?

I have been in HR for 11+ years with experience in company big in small and gone through an IPO and acquisitions on both sides. I've built HR department from scratch and I'm finding I love implementing foundational programs and systems, especially hris. How do I move to a consulting type role (either traditional consulting or working for a company with a consulting service)?


What is associated salary for capgemini. I have 4 year of experience in dot net technology.


Estimated starting salary for NEP at Reed Smith in a major market?


Which one is best for IT Sector in terms of best CTC. DELHI/NCR vs PUNE.


Interviewee led are only by BCG? Interviewer led is Mck and Bain? Or, how does it work?


What kind of questions should I except in an interview for an e-commerce role at a beverage company? Would really appreciate any advice, currently work in sales


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how do you know if you're being counseled out in a performance eval discussion versus just receiving constructive criticism ( not trying to make you quit but legitimately trying to help u improve)?


Freelance CD/CW here. I’m on the second day of an HCP oncology gig. I’m in over my head and need a replacement. On-site in NYC. HCP. Viz aid is the first assignment.

What are your biggest regrets in dating? Anyone regretted staying with someone for too long?


Been receiving mixed responses about this. I received an offer letter and have my joining in June. The BGV is taking place. Is there a possibility of this offer being revoked ?


Anyone got any strong leads regarding the midterm promotions in January like last year? Please tell if you got strong leads.


Anyone know about Metromax group. I recently attended interview for US accounting position. Please share your thoughts how much I can expect.


I am currently an accountant coordinator in the commercial property insurance with a property & Casualty.

I would love to work at Progressive Insurance. Does anyone know what entry-level roles are available at Progressive and about how much they pay?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Anyway how was your weekend?

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I am a Full Stack Developer having 3 yr of experience. What salary expectation would I tell HR? I was thinking about 30 - 35 LPA.

Current CTC - 10 LPA

Please suggest guys. Thanks.


Curious to hear from people with med school debt: what is the best way to finance med school? Is taking on student debt a big deal if you get a high-paying job after school? The reason I ask: I paid for my son's BS degree (including housing and meal plans), and he's entering med school soon. He has asked if I will pay anything towards his support in med school. But he worked all through his undergrad degree and saved sine I was paying for the major expenses, so I kind of feel like this is his thing to take on now. AITA?

Question for a friend -
Assuming a candidate’s H1 petition is approved post the lottery, what happens if the candidate changes his/ her base location within the same company before Oct 1st? - contd

Hi guys, what will be the opening package for a full stack web developer ?

I have respected BCW leadership since I was hired last year, but the handling of COVID-19 has been eye-opening.

Makes you think twice about what we stand for at this place. Smh.


Getting an offer for a position which is more senior than my experience? How do I de-leverage risk of Lower than expected performance while ensuring I don’t raise any red flags


How much does PWC pay for someone with 3 YOE


Honest question. Does LinkedIn give people cancer??


im faking it till i make it right now at work and i feel like i am absolutely clueless with a lot of things but just treading along 😧


Really wanna seek advice here about a specific situation but afraid that I would be recognized

Let’s start with any advice on how a junior should interact with mid levels and seniors?


How important is firm culture/WLB vs practice area? I’m a first year associate working for a firm I summered for. It’s a boutique tax firm with some civil litigation. I love the lit work (have always wanted to do litigation) but I truly hate the tax and corporate work.
The WLB is really good though. My boss is generally pretty flexible with my hours, and understanding with family responsibilities (I’m a mom). I have a 1500 billable req and I work very well with my boss.
Cont in comments.


"Evaluation In Progress" what is this mean in TCS. Got mail to upload the documents and current status "Evaluation In Progress". Other side I see Intervew Process as " Prepare Better Learn more about the..." see the screen shot.

Finally what all this mean ?

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Additional Posts in CitiusTech | Healthcare Technology Solutions - India

I have heard lay off happens in CitiusTech, is anyone aware about this


Has everyone got appraisal letter?
Many of my colleagues got it but I haven't got it yet.
When will I receive it?


Janhit mein jaari. Folks, while retaining, don't fall for onsite trap which they'll try to lure you with. One of our mates has learnt this the hard way. Go ahead with with your job switch, don't fall for this.

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Has anyone given interview for Scrum Master recently ?
Wanted to know what they Expect .. I have my interview scheduled tomorrow

Any hr from citiustech here ?


Hi people,
I have HR round interview today with
Citiustech Healthcare Technologies
My current package - 6.5L
Got one other offer 10LPA fixed (Haven't received the offer letter)
On counter for that I have asked Citius tech for 13LPA

Does Citius tech ask for Other counter offer for giving me the required project

Any inputs will be help full


Given offer for Solution Architect role at CitiusTech with 9 YOE.
Can anyone confirm if this will be a good match.

Also will there be client interviews after joining/training.

Offer: 23.5lpa

Guys what is this impact training and bonus at citiustech
I was not offered this impact thing in my offer letter is it only for freshers ?


Is here anyone from GE client project at Citiustech?
Which client laptop do they provide?

What are HMT-3 Clients & Project?
What does HMT means in CitiusTech?

Hi friends, anyone got salary today for HDFC bank???

Hi Fishes
What is the concept of retention pay? Do we become liable to repay the retention pay if we quit before 2 years??

Can anyone make me clear on the retention pay policy at Citius Tech.
In my offer it was 2 years and 59k as retention pay.
What are the advantages we will be having with this policy ?
Can we get proper training for ETL Testing domain, if we like to have ?


Anyone received Sodexo amount credited in your account for this month??? Still I didn't get the Sodexo amount


URGENT!!!!!! Only 2 days left

Hello Experts,

Please help me in deciding the joining of either of these 2 organizations.

Citiustech Healthcare Technologies
2. Cognizant

Overall learning curve, WLB and other stuffs (add if required)
Please also be kind to explain why? So that I can make the better choice.

CTC - Both are offering same package
YOE - 5.5yrs
Tech - Python

Thanks in advance


What is the avg hike % in CitiusTech


Salary range for Technical Lead I QA in Citiustech??


I have completed technical round and managerial round today. I got a mail to fill some forms in the website but there is no update on HR discussion ? Can anyone help me when I can expect a HR discussion.

Current package - 5.6 L
YOE - 4

How much salary can I negotiate with Citius tech ? (No counter offers in hand )

Can someone reply asap plse


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