What's the max fixed CTC Accenture can offer to career level 9 Team Lead for a hot skill ?

Please confirm. My current CTC is 26 fixed.
What max fixed CTC can Accenture give ?


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Hot or cold skill your CTC is too much. Not sure how you are expecting more. Btw what's your YOE, coz this much pay on level 9 is astonishing.


That's true. 26L for Lv9 with 6+ YOE is way too high in ACN

Level 9 13.5-17/18 max fixed as I observe


Max 24L fixed for L9 I heard.

What's your YOE and relevant exp?


TL role for 6+ exp.


Try twitter


What hot skill you are talking about?

L9 - 21lpa fixed

Go for level 8 ...

How is tax for joining bonus

If your interview went pretty well and the role is immediately required plus you are interviewing for Accenture Strategy then max can expect 10-15% hike over your current fix plus a 27% variable on top of it.


In ATCI you won't be able to get more than what you are getting unless you are level 8 if i am not wrong

Till now I have seen a maximum of 19 LPA being paid for Level 9. Wouldn’t”t such a high CTC impact yearly hikes?

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Hi ,

I need your guidance!
Actually I have below offer which one is better?
1. Coforge-21.5 lpa (20 fixed +1.5 variable)
2. Cornerstone ondemand- 19.5 lpa (17 fixed+1.5 variable + joining bonus)
3. One startup(24 lpa)

Please suggest, which one shoud I go for?(I don't have prior startup experience)


Anyone here familiar with the hiring process of KPMG consulting in Van? Had a partner interview on Nov 21, thought the feedback was positive but haven't heard back yet (no rejection/offer). Is it something normal or the interview just didn't go as well as I thought?

It's an experienced hire for an SC role. I saw the posting is still open atm, and my guess is that the recruiting team is comparing candidates since competition is higher due to recent layoffs.

Thanks in advance!


How do you find test subjects for your research project? What kind of incentives do you like to offer?


Anyone here from IBM India's (GBS) Salesforce practice?
Want some info on type of projects they are doing.

Hey Guys,
Need suggestion!!!

I am having an offer from Infy and BORN Group - Tech Mahindra Cmp. BORN Group is providing higher package than Infy.

I am in dilemma, where should I go?

I have heard about Infy but not aware about BORN Group.😑


Hi folks,

I am having 11 years of experience in SAP IS-Utilities and earning 31 LPA, I have been offered between $9500-10500 Singapore dollars per month from a Singapore company in SAP BRIM Technology.

Is it a good competitive pay in Singapore?


What is expected salary of compliance officer in credit suisse?


Please let me know what will be the in hand salary for this salary breakup assuming new tax regime and old tax regime if exhausted completely the 80C. Rent paid is 14k PM.

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Which company to choose? I have offers from Target and Paytm.

I have 4 year of total experience and got promoted to Associate. How much compensation should I expect?

I have 2 offers. 1 from Netcracker and other from Erricsson India global private limited. Both are in Pune. Role is same - project/Program management. Location is in Pune. Difference is below. I have spent almost 19 years with Infosys and leaving now
Pls suggest where to join

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I am a Sales Support Engineer (Applications Engineer) with 2 YOE. I am thinking about making a change because my job is no longer challenging, and there isn’t much growth opportunity in my company. I love my team, but I feel like I may need to move on. I am at 70k a year and have been told time and time again that I have learned faster than anyone they have seen and am a top performer. I don’t feel like I am being compensated for that either. Any suggestions on companies and target salaries?


If I need a little more money until I find my next job, is it dumb to take a part-time minimum wage job? Is there some "professional" equivalent that pays better that I am unaware of?


So what exactly did Martin Sorrell do for WPP when he worked there? Besides get paid a shitton and start the company


Anyone know the average mid level and senior producer salaries in SF? The salary range on Glassdoor and Real Agency Salaries seems really wide for both.


Does anyone know of satori consulting? Anyone had worked there or knows anything about culture outside of the small online reviews.

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A1 here. Can you use HSA card for vision care expenses?


I've been asked to help out interviewing potential software engineers on technical matters. What are some good questions to ask?

I'm already considering asking about their favorite programming language (and why), and whether they like to code in their free time and what they've built.

I don't want to have to ask stereotypical "how do you reverse a linked list" type questions if I can avoid it.


If you’re a SQL expert, plz plz comment so I can message you about a query I need help with. Thank you!


My current ctc is 14 lpa + 10 lpa as freelance. Shall I accept 22 lpa? Yoe: 7.8. Considering I won't be able to get time for freelancing due to daily travelling

Anyone done a teaching English abroad program? If you did, how did you find the opportunity? Any advice on which countries are optimal? I’m considering taking a year off and also want to live abroad. TIA


What is the salary range Morgan Stanley offers for a QA lead position. I have around 11 years of experience and currently getting 125k including bonus. What should be the salary I should ask for at Georgia location.


How much will be the in-hand salary from this compensation structure?

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Help, I need out this company. Any company hiring recruiters. I have 7 years sales experience, 4 years management experience, 4 months full cycle recruiting. Currently making 52k handling 13- 19 reqs.


Hey I’m currently an engineer at a nuclear power plant, I’ve only been there about 6 months, but I recently got an offer for a production shift supervisor at a chemical plant. My question is basically would this be more valuable experience than my current position. Any other pros and cons would be helpful too. Thanks


Year of Experience: 11+
I got an offer of Engineering Manager from product company
CTC : 52 Lakh per annum
Fixed: 41 Lakh per annum + 15% variable on fixed
Rest is added benefit, If I claim

Would it be the good CTC to proceed with ?


Anyone on either side that was expelled from the Desi bowl is welcome here. Discuss all your politics , doesn’t matter if you are on the left right or center, but please be civil and respect one another. No personal attacks!


Wasted 4 months on her...turns out she was secretly fucking her ex while we were together.


Is it possible to convert AA miles to Marriott/SPG points?


How do PwC benefits compare to Deloitte benefits? Health and fitness subsidy? Sabbaticals?


What salary to expect for 2.6 yrs experience in Pl/sql and .6 yrs experience in Azure Data Engineer profile for Data Engineering roles?


Male/37/Atlanta… Looking for a professional woman to connect with. DM me if you’d like to grab drinks and see if there is a vibe


How much rent you are showing while living in tier 2 city with parents while doing work from home?

I made calculations and I can show upto 24000 pm as rent to gain max hra benifit. But should I be doing it ? Such high rent in tier 2 city ?

Please only those who are already availing HRA reply to this.


JOB Title: Product Analyst
EXPERIENCE: 4+ years
LOCATION: Bangalore
TIMINGS: Indian Shift Timings
TYPE OF WORKING: Work from office

Knowledge & hands on experience of digital analytics software like Google Analytics,
CleverTap, Adjust/Branch, Firebase, Facebook Analytics.
• Understanding of mobile & web ecosystem including mobile applications, websites, web-
applications & software tools.
Share resume to dm

Does this tech dating help here?


Additional Posts in All about Accenture

Do we have to serve notice period, if resigned when in redeployment stage?


Getting Rolled off from a project? Cost Cutting.
SSE 7 YERS OF EXPERIENCE. This time promotion did not get. Got good client feedback.
Is it possible to ask new project to onboard me with promotion?
What all think should we clear before taking a new project?


Will we be able to see what rating we have got in the appraisal as in TP, DA?


I had HR round today and HR said from this month October onwards Accenture stopped giving or offering joining bonus to everyone.
Is it true can others share experiences?


Hi All,
Can anyone give me some insights about the NATWEST group(formerly RBS) project in Accenture gurgaon.
How is the work and the environment and about the management of the project???


As expected Accenture India after collecting all documents moved my status from " Offer Initiated" since 20th August to "Candidature on Hold" today ..reason end of year hiring and too much supply of selected candidates.... Awesome hiring process ..meeting expectations 😉...Anyone in same boat 🥰


Hey Guys, Got to know that Accenture has revised its Cooling Period from 6 to 18 months!! Is it true?


Hi All,

My joining is on 14 feb and just now I have received my revised offer letter from accenture which i didn't asked for.

They have increased my Ctc by 50% more than previous offer letter.

Is something fishy in this as I have uploaded my documents already on the basis on previous OL.

date of joining as mentioned same.

Thanks in advance.


Hey Fishes,
I have been offered a position at Accenture technology with the job description as IRCS(Integrated Risk and Compliance Service), i have been scouting through the web and am unable to find any proper understanding of the job description as to what my work or the profile is and what should i prepare before joining? any ideas?


Hi fishes, can someone tell me about Accenture India health insurance plans and employee loan / salary loan / salary advance?