6yrs of h1b completed. Green card not filed.Leaving Deloitte. Will Deloitte give severance package?

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Not sure about D, but my former Firm depended on the reason for leaving (fired), level and employment agreement. I think for director / SM level was 3 months after 5 years of service
Good luck, do you know what’s next?

So sorry to hear this How come green card was not filed? Esp after 6 years on h1b


Could you elaborate why your GC wasn’t filed?

Yea it's weird why they didn't file?

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Hello All,

I have 3 YOE. Recently I got two offers.

One in Deloitte as an analyst
With fixed as 6.8 and 10% variable.

And one more offer in Accenture as application development analyst
With fixed as 7.5 and 21% variable

Can you please share your views which is best for analyst?

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Hi fishes! Nagarro declined the counter offer letter ₹33,00,000 + shares worth 4.5LPA

I've 6+ yrs experience (mobile dev.)

Nagarro offered 18LPA. Initially I told HR for 22 but he mentioned 18 into their internal portal to their senior so after clearing all interview rounds I got 18.

When I asked the HR, he told me to accept it for now and bring the counter offer letter so they can revise offer letter.

But now they declined. Weird.


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Let's do something this week? I'm in NYC visiting from out of town

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Miss this tbh

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I’m still waiting for PERM approval but just want to look forward to next step a little. For the I-140 and I-485 process, if I want to add my spouse, would it take significantly longer for EY to prepare the documentation and USCIS to make decision? TIA!


Has anyone filed H1B petition(extension/change of employer) with USCIS center at TX?

I’m trying to get information on how long do they take
1. for approvals under premium processing
2. to get the physical copy of the approval notice.

Thank you.


Filed EB1C in Jan 2022 and haven’t yet received the I-140 approval. Any idea on when I will be eligible for premium processing?


What’s the least amount of time that Administrative processing could take in H4 stamping case? They asked for spouse’s H1 copy, 6 days, no response. I understand it could take several weeks.

My H1B was approved today 🙌🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽 So happy !!!!!

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If there’s a mismatch between the 797 and visa stamping I.e. 797 valid for three years (standard) and visa for 5, do we need to get it restamped after extension approval, with the same company?

Is an H1b easier to get approved at a non profit University (non-faculty position)? I have an offer for a position I like and heard cap exempt petitions are having better success. Currently on OPT.

Been 8 days since my H1b transfer was submitted with premium processing and no news about a receipt notice yet.

I have a feeling something is not right but my lawyers seem pretty chill about it. What should I do?


Does anyone know if the H1b visa is degree specific? I’m currently on the H1b visa and I want to move to the digital transformation business unit in my company from FSO which is finance business unit. (my masters degree was in finance)



Regarding 180 day rule after I140 approved - what happens if one has to put in 2 weeks notice just prior to 180 days period i.e. last 2 weeks prior to 180 days completion.


I am on H1B with GC on perm stage with K. My SO is an American citizen, and we had planned to marry this summer but now postponed to next May, after which she would file my GC. She is a MD and would sponsor me, and my H1B is valid until Sep 2022, would I be cutting it too close assuming it takes 13-15 months, what would happen if I go past September and the GC arrives a few months later? Any help appreciated.


What should I expect for upcoming biometrics appointment in Elizabeth, NJ? Long wait? Do they have an issue if I take my kid with me?


what documents will one need to show customs when re-entering the US on H1B?


If you change jobs on H1b, do you have to get the visa stamped when you travel internationally?

(I have a stamped visa until August 2021, jumping ships in December)


About to join a new company and need to transfer h1b - should I also try to have an amendment (for change of location) be processed with my current company at the same time?

My immigration lawyers went radio silent this week. I’m wondering if it’s a sign... I assume they will know if I’m let go?


My wife has approved H4 extension notice (i-797) and we just filed her first ever H4 EAD last week. She need to travel to India for medical reasons and she will need to have H4 visa stamped in order to immigrate to the US.
Our concern is, will it affect her i-765 application as she will receive a new i-94 and H4 Visa which will differ from already filed i-765?
In that case, does she have to wait out in India till her H4-EAD is processed in order to avoid i-94 mismatch?
Appreciate your help!


What are the chances the backlog for eb2 will get cleared in 3-4 years? For India?


Planning to visit family in December but not sure if it's a good idea.

Did anyone travel for personal non emergency reasons and come back? What was your experience at port of entry?

I have visa stamped, valid until May 2021