Hey, any corporate lawyer / in-house counsel / corporate counsel from India in this bowl? What do you think about the biggest challenge of moving from a law firm role to in-house role or vise versa?

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I would think the shift from in-house to law firm is much difficult than vice versa. The challenge according to me is the different skill sets required for both. At a law firm, you are an entrepreneur as against an executioner when one is working inhouse. I say this with very limited knowledge of inhouse roles. So, I'm happy to stand corrected.


The internal processes. They're a pain.

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We are seeking a talented Rental Agent to join our thriving team! The ideal candidate for this position will enjoy fast-paced work, show creativity and have a high degree of professionalism when working with our residents. The Rental Agent is responsible for creating and maintaining successful relationships with landlords and closing rental inquiries efficiently.
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Originally interviewed for Community Relations Coordinator for set asking salary of $65k. Now owner wants to change title to Branch Manager, increased responsibilities, but primarily still CRC role. Same salary and now will decrease to $50k after one year with an increasing commission rate. The idea behind this is motivation to earn more than set salary. At this point, I need the income and am not planning on staying longer than the year, if that. Is it worth negotiating? Any advice welcome.


Hi folks, We have below open positions in CGI. Please let me know if you are interested in any one of these. Immediate screening will take place after referral.

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Alright gents, quick opinion how valuable is a WMCP & Chfc designation

Currently finishing off my finance degree wondering if it’s worth it before achieving a CFP & CFA

More context I aim for more roles in wealth & assets management or commercial / institutional investments either states side or Latin American, speaking Spanish Portuguese. 


DM me for referral in TCS


My old employer asked me if I wanted to come back to the company as a manager. The pay will likely be much better and the position holds more responsibility than I’ve had before, so overall it would be a step up. The issue is I left the company because of an abusive manager who constantly put me down and made me feel like I wasn’t doing anything right. If I come back I’d be working under her again. I’m torn because the opportunity is great but the stress was awful. Continued in comments…


Looking for a position for IAM information Security within Healthcare. Provision, set up access, templates.
SaaS , Sailpoint, Azure . Any ideas ?
Thank you


Hi fishes, Any openings for functional BAs? Looking for Solution and Strategy related positions. Yoe. 6+yrs Trying to transition into a Solution and Strategy Consultant, any suggestions or reference appreciated? PwC Accenture Morgan Stanley Deloitte EY Infosys


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Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi Fishes,
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Please let me know if there are openings in your company .

YOE 2+

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Hi everyone,
Role- Senior Software Developer/Tech Lead
YoE - 6.5
My friend has offers from-

KPMG - 17.5
HCL - 18
Ttec - 22
ITC Infotech - 22
Wipro - 22.5

Please suggest.


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I’m considering an opportunity to work in house at a large private equity shop. Anyone have any first hand and direct insights about how working in house at a private equity firm compares to working in the m&a practice of a V10 law firm? I’ve done my research but looking for any honest opinions from folks who have made a similar move. Thanks!



Hiring Jr CWs! Linkedin message me (I’m bad at fishbowl).

Samantha Schneiderman (director of creative services)


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Have been getting hit up by places about great jobs I’m excited about, but they happen to be at places with known diversity problems. I can’t shake that feeling that they’re talking to me because I’m a POC and they need to diversify, not necessarily because of my experience and skill set. Anyone have advice of how to fight that feeling? Other advice?


YOE - 12,
Stack - 9 yrs in ERP,
3 yrs in Salesforce.
CTC 18L.
How much hike should be asked?


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Dm me for referrals at Societe Generale for below positions. Société Générale

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BDO India Hello fellow consultants, i have been offered a package of 66K GBP from Deloitte UK for the position of Manager, Cyber Internal Audit, Financial Services, Risk Advisory, Manchester. I am currently working for BDO India and will be relocating, what are your views on this? What are the extra relocation and accomodation benefits i can ask for? I am a 24 year old bachelor. BDO


Could I get a referral for KPMG? I’m applying for Assistant Manager- Data Scientist in London. Trying to transition from academia to industry. Thanks!


I started a job with a restaurant as part time they hired me at a higher wage but after working for one week the other manager came to me telling me that they can’t afford what the other manager and I agreed on so now i have to work at less or I could look for another work options, she meant I should leave otherwise. What should I do?

Hello! I’d like to share an experience and hopefully receive guidance.

I spent two years as an executive, and while I was providing what I believe was impactful work, and receiving praises across the board, I got fired from one day to the other without any explanation.

After a few weeks, some managers (who were under me) shared that there had been a while campaign raised against me for a couple of months by others VPs and shareholders. 1/2


I have applied for the claim in EPFO for some emergency need.

Requested on 27th Sept, it is still showing "Under Pricess"

How many days will it take for them to disburse my hard earned money ?

I am in dire need of funds of around 3 lakhs and have applied for the same. Also raised greviance but no response.


Do you give/get a bonus at the end of the year AND on your yearly review/hire date? So essentially two bonuses a year? Or just one bonus a year?

Anyone know the best way to find good recruiters in a specific segment of an industry. I get a lot of i mails but a lot of them seem fairly dubious


Hey everyone !

Need help to understand this.

Basic: 10,00,000
HRA: 6,00,000

HRA excemption Calc:
1. Provided by Company: 6,00,000
2. 40% of Basic: 4,00,000
3. Rent - 10% of Basic: Rent- 1,00,000

For tax exception, min of these will be considered.

Ques: Can I claim my entire HRA exemption of 4,00,000 (as per option 2) by showing annual rent of 5,00,000 ?
P.S.- I am staying at home with my parents and I can transfer the rent to my parents.

Thanks in advance.


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What are the top 5 most common contracts that law firms receive requests for or work from in-house lawyers?

I have done LLB in 2016 till now no relevant experience. Can I get job...

Hi fishes,

Any suggestions if it's possible to lodge harassment case outside of office against managers???


Are companies loving towards full stack engineering and removing all QAs?

Salary deducted even after completing notice period citing hybrid work policy?

My past employer has deducted 28 days salary of 2 months, by citing mandatory Work From Office (Hybrid model) during notice period of 3 months. Severe lower back for reason for me resigning & WFH

Company unfairly allows some employees to WFH. Even contract employees WFH.
I served full notice period & completed all my assigned work. I have records of tickets, work completed too.
Should I approach labour court?



I am deeply shocked and hurt for the kind of things she has spoken for me and for my family in front of everyone, I don’t want to live with her anymore, i am feel very low and lonely but i fear that they would drag my family to the court and imply fake FIR as they say and she said very clearly that she will not let me walk out of this marriage easily. They have trapped us by pretending like a very good family with values, and showed their true colours after the marriage. Please suggest

Para 3

still there’s not a single good word spoken for me from her side. we do not have any understanding between us, i come from a conservative middle class family, even though i earn well and life is not difficult for me, i live way below my belt.
She and her family has threatened me and my family, that if things don’t fix between us then i will have to bear the consequences, they are rich and wealthy, they will implicate fake legal case against me and my family.


Can someone confirm how long does a maintenance case take if wife is earning almost twice of husband and taken the kids along with her? Neither willing to stay in matrimonial home, not willing to give the kids or come back because she wants to work in another city and stay close to her own parents.
Demanding huge money in the name of kids to end the case. Should the guy pay the amount(1.5 times his CTC) or should wait for court?
How much maintenance is she eligible for considering her income?


Any vacancies for a Legal Associate in Delhi?

Either at Boutique firm or at chambers of an Independent practitioner, IPR Practice preferred.

Candidate is a 2021 law graduate from NUJS, Kolkata.

She's a fresher, had various internships at premier law firms, has in depth knowledge of IP and related laws.

Any leads would help.

Thanks in advance!


Hello everyone.. I’m looking for a referral in the legal dept. any leads / referrals would be highly appreciated. I have about 8 yrs of experience.


Para 2

, good for nothing husband and they regret that this marriage happened and dragged every single discussion/scenario that we had in these many months in front of the family members.

i never abused my wife, never demanded anything materialistic from her and or her family, i have taken her to different places, bought everything that she demanded for

What action shall be taken if full and final settlement amount is not paid and it’s been more than 75 days after leaving the company?


Hi Fishes,

This is in regards with my resignation. I have resigned on 22nd March (LWD : 22 June ) on medical grounds. Since then, my hr has asked for my prescriptions and medical certificates to give me an early release.

But yesterday, She is stating that my lwd is revised to 18th April with a clause that since my release is on medical grounds I can't join any other orgs before 22june. If joined, there will be problem in background verification.

Please help me out fishes with your advices

Crowdsourcing reccomendations for resources for in-house lawyers at a tech company. Books, blogs, other paid resources - all suggestions welcome.

Looking for structured and detailed resources particularly on things like contracting and general introductions to various aspects like employment law, data protection laws, etc. You get the idea.

Non indian law sources which explain concepts very well are also welcome. Thanks in advance!

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