Hey, Looking to help a candidate with MBA in HR and 2+ Years of experience. Please reply so that I can forward the details as soon as possible for faster employment.

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Dm for referral

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Hey fishes, a close friend is a current MBA candidate with a legal background aiming to break into consulting in Paris, and looking for referrals at different strategy houses - please DM if you'd be able to!

Fishbowl does not let students have accounts so helping her out!

Merci beaucoup


What is the scope after MS in Pharmaceutical/ health care management in USA. I am a pharmacy graduate and have been working as a quality control analyst in lab, I wish to switch my department and am looking for MBA-Pharmaceutical management or MS in healthcare management in USA. what is the scope of these fields in the states.


Hi Members,
 I am a supply chain professional with 10 years of experience in supply chain operations and program management in e-commerce, telecom, and 3PL distribution companies. 

I immigrated to Canada 2 years ago and worked with Amazon Canada for last 1.5 years. I recently lost my job and looking for a new job opportunity. 

I have completed my CSCP and PMP certification 

I would appreciate any leads or referrals.

@Toronto @Vancouver

How is MBA (Executive) with Specialisation in Business Analytics from NMIMS (Upgrad)?

Have anyone done that.. please share your feedbacks


Hello, looking for supervisor positions in healthcare within NYC, I am looking to start ASAP. I have my Bachelors in Health Services Admin and Economics, 5 years of experience in the industry and I am currently working towards my PMP certification, as well as going for my MBA or MHA, depending on what program I can afford. I am currently located in Queens. Thank you!

Are there any scholarship opportunities or aid available to students taking the PMP? My university does not have any and I’m interested in taking the exam. TIA

Worth getting my MBA even though my current job and field of work doesn't require me to, and can still grow without one?

Hi! Got my cloud solution architect associate certification in January. How should I keep learning to gain proficiency for an architect role at aws?


I've been working in the NHS as an orthopaedic surgeon for over 10 years. I have recently made the transition over to industry working for a pharmcovigilance and certification body TUV SUD. Early signs are great. I know several clinicians who are currently advocating the overworked underpaid mantra and would like a referral. Let me know if you are keen to hear more.


L6 PM, 32 yo. MIS degree from a state school. Should I do a part-time MBA or JD to check a box for my career ascent later or spend all that time and money networking/reading books/developing my interests? JD because I work with lawyers. MBA because Sundar has one. I don’t want to leave tech.


Can you only apply to MBB with an MBA (associate and higher)? Went to apply for an associate role and mba / masters was a qualification


Hi, Fishbowl! Just graduated with my MBA and finally looking to put my degree to work after helping run the family business a year after I received my bachelors. Looking for a remote position, preferably analyst role or associate analyst to get started, in tech or supply chain fields. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!


Does Level 11 position at Accenture Startegy ask for relevant workex ?

MBA - Tier 2
Consultant at EY since Apr’22
Thanks in advance

CPA exam, now stop asking that dumb question.

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Have anyone of you given the Amazon Online Assessment for MBA summer internship 2023? If so, how long does it take for Amazon to reach out with a decision about next round post OA ?

It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard back anything yet. Looking to see if it’s the same with fellow applicants. Thank you


I'm having 5 years of experience in software development side and I'm looking to switch my job career to Management side because I'm doing online MBA course. What should I do for that. Any honest inputs would be helpful.


I am studying for MBA and need 3 books. They are very expensive to buy, so I am wondering if any of you have access to a soft copy that you can share.
> Management Research: Applying the Principles by Susan Rose, Nigel Spinks
> Research Methods for Business and Management by Kevin O'Gorman, Robert MacIntosh
> Theory and Practice of Leadership by Roger Gill


For all upper management people or anyone who may know about this, do Lean Six Sigma certifications still hold weight in a resume?


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Hi, a new joiner here, anybody in Hyderabad who wants to hang out ?....

P.S I know not the right place to ask this


I hate audit partly because I feel like I suck at it. Does anyone else feel the same way?


Rank in order of interest, prestige, salary:
Project management
Program management

It’s wipe your tears Wednesday

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Anyone joining JPMC on 26th Sep 2022 Bangalore? I am joining in AWM

Ey 🐟... anyone at advisory academy?


I’m looking at chief of staff / growth strategy roles for series A / B start-ups in London. If anyone can refer to their start-up that would be awesome.
I have 3 years of experience at a top strategy consultancy in london.


Thoughts on long term career opportunities and experience in the IT Change Management space versus traditional Org change management? Opportunities at servicenow popping up but am hesitant if this could pigeon hole me in the long term.


Is it really important your colleagues like you in this profession?


Guys...can anybody throw some light on long term job security in oracle ssi/gsc ?


Cab someone tell me what is a good salary for a business analyst based in Germany?

Reporting to company management?


Are any of you aware of good therapeutic schools for high school kids in the South Eastern US? Looking for a recommendation for a boy who has anxiety and ODD. Thank you.


Does anyone have an idea on what salary should be expected when applying to a major biotech company (GSK, Novartis, J&J, AbbVie etc...) as an entry level (3 years experience) Pharmacology & Toxicology master degree with an emphasis in Drug Discovery and Development with technical expertise in electrophysiology/neuroscience domain (several published papers on sodium channels) ?


Hi, I applied for hsbc gsc band 5 for business analyst role and my salary negotiation is in progress. I just wanted to check the package bracket for this role they can offer me? Also band 5 is higher or band 6?

Can they cross 30+ lpa package for this role and band? I am currently working as product owner in my current organization.



Hi, I left Deloitte India on August 3. I have not received the F&F and release certificate yet.
I haven't received any email or communication regarding that either. Anyone has any idea on this?


Does TCS AWS service line and Data Analytics unit has good python projects.They asked Core Python, Pandas and asked if you have experience in Azure.Will they give project in same or python data engineer project?


Can anyone recommend a recruiter that works with candidates?


Is it only me or there are others who dont really care or watch Game of thrones? Everywhere I go thats what everyones is talking about! What a waste of precious time!


Hey Guys ,

I have a interview with Citi for a front end react role . My total experience is 8 years . Can anyone throw some light what kind of questions are asked in technical round ( coding as a well as theory )

Thank you !


Additional Posts in Hyderabad : Consulting

Hi all, Bain India is looking to hire aggressively across all levels (Associate->Consultant->Manager->Associate Partner).
Generalist, Front-end consulting roles
Graduates from tier-1 colleges preferred
Past experience in strategy consulting preferred
Please DM if you are keen to know more or need a referral


Of topic :- I have to relocate to Hyderabad any recommendation for hotel near Gachibowli hitech city area… i have to relocate with my wife and a year old kid


Am currently looking out for opportunities in Service Management or Project Management area
Please do let me know in case of any in your organization
I m in dire need of a job change


How is NTT DATA as a company for PMO profile? Learning opportunities, growth, etc.

Any suggestions please..


Anyone knows if Morgan Stanley allows remote work? I am resident of Hyderabad but want to work for MS from here. I know MS doesn't have an office in Hyderabad. Can someone provide their thoughts who is on a similar line.?
Morgan Stanley


.net automation testing openings in EPAM Systems . Intrested and ping me. Happy to refer.

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EPAM Systems is hiring actively for the QA roles. If interested let me know. Happy to refer. 😊

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Can someone refer me. Currently at Accenture with 11 yoe. Skills..automation testing Using selenium and Java.


Hi All,

I have 4.3 years of experience in P2P domain and I got selected in Genpact Uppal branch for Assistant Manager profile and my current profile is Senior Operations Analyst.

So wanted to confirm the hierarchy is totally depends on teams to teams or there is a fixed hierarchy.


Hi folks

May I know how is Accenture Strategy (ACN) compared to other Big 4 in terms of career prospects and work culture.


Hi Consultants::: I need to relocate to Hyderabad due to unavoidable situations...

Any help for a suitable position Into Senior roles like GM and above?

Pl do dm .... I can meet if need be.

Thanks in advance...


Anyone in Cognizent to give internal references... couple of suitable job ids I found for Hyderabad location Pl dm


Hi Folks,

How will be Massmutual Hyderabad? Can anyone provide me the review on that. What are the perks offered by the company to their employees.
How the growth will be?


Guys.... any Senior roles for Operations and Delivery.......25+ YoE....victim of Internal Politics.
...... open to join immediately.......... please help him......if you can share your mail Ids.......will followup for sending Resume.

Thanks in advance.

Guys how is Ovaledge?


Im looking a job in hyderbad location on ms sql dba kindly help me


Hey guyz can some one suggest me on this I have attended interview of tripworld company for DevOps+ AWS engineer ....based out of Dubai ..I have cleared the interview now they are asking my expected salary I am from India Hyderabad.
I hold an experience of 5 years so now can some one suggest what is the average salary for DevOps+ AWS engineer in Dhirams....