Hi All,
I have cleared all 3-4 round of interviews in Apisero by 26 Dec. HR also taken all the documents like salary slips etc.

She said offer may take some time due to new year holidays. Now they are saying they have freezed all the new offers.

Is this correct? Apisero is not rolling out any new offers?

The interview process take weeks of time and multiple rounds. So just wanted to know what is the point of all these rounds.

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A month ago I gave my boss a formal letter requesting a review of my current job duties and a salary adjustment and title change. I’m performing at a senior level and not being paid for it. She agreed with the argument and submitted request to HR. Last week I asked her for an update and she casually said it will probably take three more months bc HR is so backed up and dropped it. I’m grossly underpaid and getting more tasks daily. What can I do? Can this be retroactive? I’m so fed up.


Hi all,

I’m in the middle of my prep for interviews for entry level positions. A lot of online material seems geared towards consultants/managers, in terms of complexity.

Whats a good amount of time to dedicate to case prep for example? and any advice on managing the pressure/nerves too?

Thanks! :)


Hello Fishes,

I want to do SAP BODS 4.2 certification, will Accenture reimburse the exam fees for this external certification?

Thanks in advance.


What will be my in-hand salary monthlyIBM Tata Consultancy Cognizant Accenture Deloitte HCL Technologies

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General doubt regarding bonus-
When an offer incudes yearly bonus for Jan to Dec to be paid next year, then the bonus is only paid if the employee completes full year or it is given on pro rated basis to employees who resign without completing full year


Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a good day,

This is to inform that I have been selected in Amdocs as software developer for pune, my current ctc is 13.4 with total 6 years of IT experience in my home city.

In HR call asked for 20 LPA, should have gone

for bigger number than this or this ctc is ok.

Also does Amdoc offer wfh?, as HR says till december only wfh is there, after that office will begin.

Please guide with your experiences🙏

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Looking to gain some insight into the culture of the YouTube Global Ops team and what their focus/scope is within the larger org.

Would love to be able to learn more either on here or if anyone is open to an informational chat offline.

Looking to make a switch and think I have a lot to offer with over 11 years of experience in large global strategy, ops, process revamp, and scale programs in media and entertainment (inclusive of leading several rescue efforts).

Much appreciated!


Hi Boschelrs,
After the joining Bosch, we have to attend the client interview for getting the project, is that true if yes, what would be the odds to not getting any project and getting fired?


Have offer of Happiest Mind, Wipro, Renault & Optimum Infotech (BNPP Client). CTC is not much difference. All are in just +-( 1.5 lakh) can anyone suggest which one to in terms of wlb+job security.


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Hi everyone, my wife applied for I140 through EB2 NIW in Dec 2020 and did the change of status as well (concurrent filing). We did our biometrics about a year ago now, and she just got her I140 approved last week. Any idea how much longer we should expect to wait for I485 (change of status)? Processing times for I485 in our service center are between 10 and 19 months. Does the clock on that start when we applied i.e. in Dec 2020 or when the I140 got approved? Also, should we expect an interview?


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I am a ServiceNow developer with 2.3 YOE and please let me if anybody can refer me. Thanks

Unpopular opinion: 2,000 hours is way too high of a benchmark to be eligible for a bonus. Unless like 300+ non-billable hours count towards it (maybe half of that be pro bono hours and the other half be diversity, recruiting, etc), 2000 is way too much.


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What is the path to claim medical and courier bills in Ultimatix to apply for claim?


Anyone else onboarding virtually into a senior role at an agency? What's worked well for you?


Do they even have to say it at this point?

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Looking for Referrals
Qualified Chartered Accountant with 4 years experience
Opening in Finance / Accounts - Bangalore Location

Thanks in Advance


Has anyone gone through bcgs experienced hire recruiting?


Have anyone used doona before? Somehow I find it very short as a stroller. I’m 5’6 F



Can you think of any other infectious disease as contagious as covid? If sounds like the chances of contagion is 100% if you are in the same room with someone with covid and both are not wearing masks. What other disease is this contagious? This is madness


What level is senior manager at Bain. Is it same as associate partner?


Additional Posts in Apisero

Please refer me to Apisero
Skills Cloud
YoE 2.11

Hello, can someone please tell how to resign Apisero?

What is boss round. What they ask?
Bcoz in my first two rounds they didn ask anything on my primary skill. Am 3 YOE lateral. Anyone can provide some insights?? TIA


What is the average package of associate solution architect?

What salary range can Apisero offer at 8 YOE.
Current 19
Other offer 25 LPA

Hi Fishes,

I have offer from Apisero and recently also got higher offer from other company. Will Apisero match the offer I am having from other company? And if I ask to negotiate based on counter offer would Apisero decline the offer I already have in hand?

What is the average salary of lead engineer/developer in Apisero?


Hi All
I ahve 2.6 years of experience in IT adn i have 2 offers
1 from apisero 10 LPA
1 from rapidinnovation as blochain developer 8LPA
what are your thoughts whih one schould i join

Hi all. Apisero HR said they'll send updated offer letter on the day of joining, when I went with a counter offer. Is this normal at the company?

Hi folks. Is Apisero good to join at 8.5 LPA for 2.3 YoE? Any advice?

After final round at Apisero, how many days until we recieve call for HR discussion?


Can someone plz share when will Apisero credit the salary? Is it on last working day of the month or any other fixed day?
Thank you


Inhand salary for below?


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Can someone refer me in Apisero!
Looking for a company switch, YOE 1.5 years Skill Mulesoft CCTC 7.5LPA + 10%variable pay + 1L JB Apisero Accenture Cognizant Infosys

Atos Will Apisero increase their offered package, if i have another offer letter of higher package when the joining is in just few days.

Apisero offer : 10.8 LPA
ATOS offer : around 14.5 LPA

Tech : Integration/Middleware tech developer role

Yoe: 5 years CCTC : 6 LPA
Suggestions welcomed on companies too.

Hi All
Help !!!
Can we switch from Mulesoft to Salesforce or some other technology at
Apisero . If yes, then what all factors help in this. kindly respond.

What is the promotion hierarchy at Apisero?


For a data engineer with offer from epam, impetus and apisero, which would you prefer?

Apisero being 3lpa higher.

What's the work culture like? How is it like taking a leave? Or a 7 day vacation? Do they let you take it most of the times?


Can anyone give me an idea about WLB , Learning opportunities and job security in Apisero ?

Any idea about firing or cost cutting because I believe they are offering bit higher salaries than market.


Can anybody share what are the hikes and benefits in apisero, and when does the appraisal cycle begins here.


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