Hi fishes, how Accelirate lnc pune is for Salesforce Developer?

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Has anyone worked for Bloomberg doing Business Intelligence or Analytics, either in house or as a consultant? How was it?


Hi Fishes,

I've got offer from Dunnhumby, Fractal and Gartner for the role of Data engineer. Which one should I go for?

Tech Stack - Python, PySpark, Azure Data Factory and Synapse analytics.
YOE - 2.2
Gartner - 16LPA
Dunnhumby - 15 fixed + 1.5 Joining bonus+ 10% variable
Fractal - 13.5 LPA


EY UAE... Salary insights at Sr. Consultant level in Tax.EY UAE.. can anyone provide any idea


Hello All,

I got LOI from wipro and i have accepted that.
Does Wipro reject anyone after LOI?


I got a offer from Deloitte as well as I got a offer to mexico which one I should prefer??


Hi, pls tell me which is better capgemini or Deloitte India(DI) in terms Job Security?

Can anyone tell me the recent insights of CTS kolkata in terms of wlb, wfh and wfo facility, Security and office culture... Joining soon there and planning to stay.. Java backend, total yoe 8. As far as I know hike will be negligible still I want to know if I join on sept end will I be eligible on mar23 hike or not?


Hello fishes,

Can someone help me with the review of ETO E-Business Services at
Goldman Sachs.

I am interested in joining but I am getting a feeling it is a helpdesk L1 job.

I am an MBA finance from new IIM

Thanks in advance

Hello sharks!

Can some one help me guide in choosing between Accenture and ReBIT (Reserve Bank of India Information Technology)?
Which is better?
Need your guidance.
Thank you!


Hi All,

I got an offer from JP Morgan. Below are the details.

Current Org: Tech M
Offered CTC:34 fixed Lpa.
Joining Date: Dec 28th
Lob: CCB
Tech Stack: Java, Microservices, Cloud

Also HR told me that
1. I will be getting bonus around 12% on an average after 1yr.
2. I will also be getting CEO bonus
3. Hike will be separate from the above bonuses.

I just wanted to know if I am getting competitive pay according to the market now?


Accenture Applied Intelligence team vs Deloitte USI Customer & Marketing team ?
Which is better for data science?


Hi Fishes,

Can someone please guide me about
CGI ? Do they have office in Delhi-NCR ?
How's the culture ?
And how much can they give to the candidate having almost 7 years experience in a tool ?

My current CTC is 18.5 LPA and I have offers from HCL (25 LPA), Capgemini (25 LPA), DXC (24 LPA).

4 yoe, My joining date in Infosys is 27th june but i haven't received any onboarding mail from them yet. Can anyone tell me about the onboarding process who recently joined Infosys?


Any feedback on PwC forensics practice? Good, bad and ugly?


9 yoe, .net,
Slk 30lpa
Ibm 23lpa

Suggest how to proceed further?


Hi all,

With 8.5YOE i hold offers from Naggaro, Mindera, and Blue Yonder. Packages are in mentioned ordered.

Just wanted to know how is Blue Yonder, and is it better than other Two?

Tech stack is Mobile Apps Development.


Interviewing w/ IBM Watson Health...

Anyone have feedback on the firm / direction?

Curious about brand new CEO...firm has acquired a lot in healthcare recently, but also had major layoffs last year


Hello everyone

How is
Accenture in terms of job security?
Will they fire the employee without any reason?



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Anyone who had experience with i485 having the primary approved but derivative pending for about 3 weeks now. Super worried if the case will ever get picked and approved.


Headline consumer prices rose .1% this month. Are we allowed to say inflation is cooling yet, or nah? Please let me know.


In honor of National Voter Registration Day, The New Yorker released the transcript of a previously unpublished interview with James Baldwin, who gave a first-hand account of "Freedom Day 1963," a Black voter-registration drive in Selma, Alabama. Baldwin's descriptions from that day are so vivid and detailed that you can feel the fear and anger of the event. If you have a couple of minutes, I highly recommend you read it.

Salary range for someone doing payroll, AR, and benefits administration with 12 years experience.


Hi Folks,

What is the salary range we can expect to work in Abudhabi.

I have 5 years of experience and I am a React and React Native developer.

Thanks in Advance...!



I completed a technical test for health research analysts position at a consulting firm that included statistical analysis of health data in R studio. Now I have been called for an in person interview. I am not sure what to expect in this interview and what aspects I should prepare for. If anyone can weigh in on that, I would appreciate it


Does Accenture strategy (Capability network) India lay off folks every year ?

Has anyone ever utilized the alternative travel policy? Please explain how it works!


What is the notice period at Infosys during Probation period, 1 month or 3 months. I've seen posts mentioning both so a bit confused. In the OL It mentions 3 months but no mention of the notice period during probation.


Anyone here work at Endpoint Clinical? Got an offer but I haven’t heard great things

If you book a call at a weird time like 2:10. There is 100% chance I will be late or miss your call altogether.

You've been warned.


What is a good TC for a L4 Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon based in Austin,Texas with 1 year of work experience


Couples in relationships: what’s your preference when it comes to splitting the check with your SO on dinner dates or outings with a group of friends?
1- Split on most occasions
2- No splitting, but take equal turns picking up the full tab
3- No splitting, higher earning partner picks up the tab on most occasions
4- Other?

Where is everyone from and what are your practice areas? I know it's not all NYC biglaw here.


I work at TCS Synergy park. Which place would be better between Lingampally & Kondapur(RTO office) to rent a flat?


I just had a grown man sign off a one-on-one work call with "night night" - we do not work together and have never met face to face.


What are the best options to get into legal nurse consulting/ chart nurse reviewer positions without having an LNC certification?


Experience with vestas data analyst interview ?


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

How much CTC can be expected for Sr Salesforce Developer with 4.10 YOE ?


LTI-LARSEN and Toubro Infotech is Looking for Java Developer,Fullstack and Springboot.
Experienced who can join in 30 Days will be Preferred
DM your EmailID with JobCode to Apply!!

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Hi,can someone tell me monthly income after all deductions?

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Hi Sharks,

Experience : 4 years
Cctc : 8 LPA
Offers in Hand
Mindtree 14 LPA (DOJ : 14 November) HighRadius Technologies 16.5 LPA.
Which one to join ? Can I use HighRadius offer to renegotiate with Mindtree ?


I joined a pharma company and was told I’m getting paid very high for my level.. but I did get 2 offers of same CTC/fixed. Now the annual hike is nearing, is it possible I get a good hike still or no? Any bad stories or experiences anyone?


Negotiating an offer with Capgemini for D1 grade. YoE- 14, Tech stack - Core IT infrastructure Operations, ITIL, Service management, Automation, Global Service Delivery Management. How much can I expect or demand?


Hi fishes,

Need help on how to put counter offer on already rolled out offer.
I have got offer of 24lpa CTC with X company before i put down paper.
Now i have the other offer of 28lpa CTC with Y company and 15 days is left with my notice period.
If i won't get any good offer in these 15 days i would like to go for X company as it is giving remote option and Y is 4 days office.
So when can I put counter offer for X and plz help me with what reason i can to match Y offer atleast.



Hi People,

I joined a startup 6 months back on CTC of 21.5 LPA and an experience of 7+ years. I now hold an offer of 24 LPA from a very well established brand in investment banking domain.

My current company is ready to match or provide above 24 LPA.

What should I choose, a startup or a established firm?

As CTC is not of much weightage here.


Got an Offer from NTT Data 10 LPA and Nielsen 13 LPA. Which offer should I take ?


My package is 15 lacs... as salesforce developer....how much should I ask to infosys for SFMC with 6 yrs of experience


Hi Fishes,

Please help me, need suggestions.

I have offers from Finastra, hexaware, blueconch
My ask is 26 LPA they all are somewhere agreeing on 24 LPA. I already have an offer of 23 fixed.

Which one to join? Should i negotiate further and how.?
YOE - 5.10 java backend.


Hi Guys, please suggest me between

Optum, Informatica, KPMG and Microland.

The CTC offered is almost same 30/40 k difference (give or take)

YOE - 4.9
Tech - Cloud DevOps

Thanks for your valuable suggestions!!!


Hi Fishesh,

Need an advice, I got offer and are asking for joining within 30 days, my current employer will not leave me before 90 days.. Please suggest how to handle the situation..?


hello Fishes,

I am leaving Accenture because of hectic work schedule and late night shift work. Because of this I was not able to give time to my 1 year old child.
However, I have few offers in hand as given but my priority are WFH and normal shift work:

Can you suggest, which organization would be good to join?
Thanks in advance.TietoEVRY IBM

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Hello fishes,
What will be the approx take home salary monthly .

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I have an experience of around 7 years and my current CTC is 13lpa. I have given interview at EY and hoping for positive feedback. I want to know how much hike or CTC should I ask from EY? Note: Note, I am expecting an offer of 20lpa CTC from Johnson control


Hi All, can you please help me in knowing the max CTC that can be offered (considering all negotiations are done) for below-
Company - wipro.
Position – 10
Band – B3 / C1

Wipro IBM Tata Consultancy Infosys


Hey Fishes, Please help me decide

Tech: ReactJs, YoE: 5, Current CTC: 10 l.p.a

Nagarro told they can provide 21 l.p.a & can match if any other higher offer i got .How much can i expect from Nagarro ?


How are onsite opportunities at Infosys vis a vis TCS?

I am about to join Infosys after spending 5 years at Tata Consultancy



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