Hi fishes, need your help deciding offers from Nagarro, Jio, Boomi and Telstra What is better in terms of learning, wlb ?
Tech stack - java microservices 3.9 yoe

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Looking to advance my career but most places ask if you have full Sales cycle/ closing. How do I gain this experience if current role won’t offer it and new roles require it?


What is annual hike % at Acuity?


One of my friend wants to start a career in devops so asked me what tech stack he should start learning ? Can anyone having an experience in devops plz answer ?


Any ECG fish here? Wondering what level is most appropriate for me if I have 2 YOE in consulting, 4 in industry, and an MHA. Thanks in advance!


I have 10 years of experience in SAP HANA and have offer from Globant, Medline. CTC is same but I am looking for WLB and good work with benifits. Please help me choose one


I am looking for opportunities in Dubai.. I have a PhD, 2 postdoc fellowships, have experience managing projects throughout my PhD and postdoc, currently senior consultant (i focus on systematic lit reviewss). Experienced scientific writer with over 30 peer reviewed articles. IQVIA in Dubai is one place am hoping to try. Can someone help point out what other industry I can fit into - i am mainly looking for a good work life balance.. any examples of companies in Dubai you can share?


Most realistic path to PE ops?

1) Option 1: Top 10 MBA > MBB/Tier 2 consulting > PE
2) Option 2: Top 10 MBA > BB/EB IB > PE

I’m applying to bschool next app cycle and have no pre-MBA IB or PE experience.
Background is former b4 consultant doing tech implementations and some generalist business process assessments.

Now at a growth stage SaaS startup in a strategy & operations function. Some of the big players/competitors in our niche industry are owned by PE firms.


Can anyone tell me what the work life balance is like working for a large bank in internal audit in nyc?


Is it safe and worth to join Birlasoft with 38lpa. I have offers upto 34.5 from other reputed organisations.

I have sent Documents to HR after final round but didn't hear back from HR since 3-4 days ,how many days it takes for further process at NT please advise.


I have a job offer from IBM 23lpa and from Mphasis blackrock 25lpa. Please tell me which one to choose if the pay is not a factor.


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I want to go freelance for a while, but nervous it will impact my prospects if I decide to return to a brand full time since I won’t have a recent leadership role. Am I justified or just being nervous?


Hi all. Looking for advice. I’m trying to decide between 2 job offers (same salary) but different positions. One is a study director (essentially a project manager for a medical device company) and the other is in Quality Assurance (medical device company as well). Study director position company is slightly smaller but growing. I really want growth possibilities and a good career future. Any advice?


Hello everyone, I need suggestion regarding carrear transition. Devops or data engineering which path should I choose, I am software test enginner with 7 yr of experience.


Can anyone share what their bonuses were for this year at EY? Wondering if I’m valued and if I should start looking elsewhere


How can I transition from cyber strategy, GRC to incident response? There seems to be numerous opportunities in incident response currently while look interesting. Thanks in advance!


Hi Fishes,

Request your inputs on the cutoff month to be eligible for appraisal at PWC SDC Bangalore.


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Just had a phone interview and they asked me what my current salary was. "Oh wow, we can't come close to that at all. You are overpaid for sure.." Ummm, go f*ck yourself, thanks! 🖕🏾🖕🏾


🍂November Job Thread

Do you know of an opening or opportunity?

Share it in the comments below! Help another Fish. 🤝


Any single F wants to get a drink, chat and laugh today evening? 36 M here

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What is the most disappointing performance so far today

LTI is Hiring for below Cloud - BU Positions!!

Immediate to 30 days joiners will be preferred.
Interested plz DM with job codes to apply

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Feeling especially Mondazed today. 😖 Any good recos to lighten up a morning?


Corpus christi or south padre? Things to do etc?


Not to be a debbie, but can anyone from the last recession tell me more about layoffs? When would you expect that to happen if things continue as is? And does what account you work on matter?


Looking for a Sr. Account Executive or really experienced AE or early Account Supervisor! DM me.

Anyone here working in industry? I read online that PharmDs who already broke in the industry setting are doing well. I am a registered pharmacist but I have a BS Pharm. I was wondering if I break into industry, if the BS Pharm will be looked down upon… or do people just say “PharmD” because it’s the common degree for pharmacists


I'm stressing about how much we are spending on our wedding. How many people did you have and how much was it? (Not including honeymoon or bachelor/bachelorette parties)


I'm coming to the end of a contract term and being converted to FTE.

The offer was presented to me by the hiring manager and not HR/Recruiter. To me it is a lower base salary offer than expected, so I asked for info on the total compensation package (base, benefits, bonus, stock/rsu, etc.), which I was told about when they took me on under the contract with the intention to convert.

Hiring manager sends me an email with only standard benefits, no bonus, etc. Are these red flags?


Hi fellow teacher assistants, instructional assistants, teachers aide, paraprofessionals. I am a full time k assistant in an elementary school. I'm wondering how other schools share lunch duty.

I am looking for a new job at the end of a long career. I have excellent experience in IP and Supply Chain Management. I've been fortunate to be in a high-paying position in the Los Angeles area and I rarely see comparable positions posted. The comparable positions at my company are filled by one of the big executive search firms. Any recommendations for finding the rare executive-level legal positions or for landing on the radar of the big executive search firms would be much appreciated!


Best firms with offices in Dallas that do Salesforce consulting? Any size. TIA

What’s the average salary senior analysts are making in Chicago? How many years?

Hello All,

Canadian PR , working with Amazon Canada for a year in operations and process improvement in logistics, fulfillment operations and last-mile delivery.
Completed CSCP and PMP.

Prior to this, I have 10 years of experience in supply chain and logistics in India across companies like DHL , Reliance Jio, Amazon India ,etc. 

looking for new opportunities in the supply chain and operations or consulting. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. 

@PWC Canada #Accenture #EY


Any tips on getting recruiters’ attention when submitting resumes from your personal email where they cold emailed you re. Positions to your work email? I haven’t gotten responses to my emails/calls so far with 2 recruiters. Is this the norm?

Currently in biglaw but I’m being paid under market and I’m trying to make moves with biglaw to better my comp. All advice re. how to effectively go about applying to new gigs to achieve this is welcomed.


Hey all for anyone looking to drop by, we're located at the long table on the far side of Pier 17. Near the Ferries to Brooklyn and Queens and a short walk from stations Fulton, Wall St and Cortlandt.

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Additional Posts in Tech mahindra offer letter


Kpi reply krta b h is group me
Techm need NPS account from kotak only
How to open a new one.

How much time take to release Tech mahindra offer letter

In how many days after submitting the documents does tech mahindra issue the offer letter?


How much time it take to release the offer by Tech M?
They just confirm the salary and not asked for any documents yet. Do they release offer without taking any document.

Please advise!

I cleared the interview of Tech Mahindra and got mail to submit the documents.

I have 6.7 years of experience in a niche technology. Current package is 14.5lpa.
My interview went good.

How much should i ask for ?
And, will i get the offer after i submit the documents?Tech Mahindra

Hi Fishes,
I have received an offer from Tech Mahindra
I would like to understand in hand salary that I will get according to the below salary structure .

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Hello Fishes
I was interviewed by techm 2 tech rounds 10 days back
Haven't heard back from RMG
How much time it usually takes, can I expect a call back from RMG else move on...... Plz suggest

After submitting the documents, how much time techmahindra takes to release the offer letter?


Hello how's the variable pay given in Tech Mahindra. Is it monthly and do they do any deductions in it every month and will the variable pay get affected after a year rating and performance. Please share your suggestion Tech Mahindra


I have 2 offers in hand - Global Logic - 23 LPA fixed , Tech Mahindra - 26.5 (including variable).
Which one is good for job security , work life balance and hike and all.
Need your suggestions pls

Hi Team,

I joined Mindtree on 8th Feb and not got project and I was waiting for last 2 and half month. So, i gave interview outside (tech mahindra) and got selected. Almost 30-35% they said they will give and i am negotiating on it.

My main concern was shift and i have some health issues and unable to continue in night shift in Mindtree and tech mahindra its purely EMEA shift and per project team update.

Shall i switch to tech Mahindra?

Hi Sharks

Any one working as QA in AT&T project in
Tech Mahindra ??

I just wanted to know about project, client and work culture.Any one currently working or already worked in same account please throw some light here..

After technical rounds, HR asked me to submit the documents and BGC related forms. I sent the all documents, it's been one week and no call back. Usually how much time they will take ?


What is wrong with Tech Mahindra HR.. everytime i call them they say same answer pending for approval...not sure what approval they are looking for past 15 days...if they are planning to put my position on hold they should mail me or when i cal them they should inform..but nothing is happening..do i need to wait or better search for other opportunities? Please suggest...


Anyone know onboarding url for tech Mahindra and where can I find an offer letter.. yesterday i called HR for my offer letter status they said url is not working .. can i trust that statement or they put my offer on hold?


How is tech Mahindra.

Client : Gavi, tha vaccine allaince

How is job security and work Life balance?

Need recent reviews

Please suggest

I was interviewed for Angular. In JD it was mentioned Angular + Node.
I was told it's a second shift project, with MEAN technology stack.
Client is AT&T.
Anyone having idea about this?

How is textron project any one knows


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