Hi, I have got an offer from HSBC at Analyst - GCB 6 for Business Analyst Role where the job title in the letter is given as Analyst.

I wanted to check if anyone who works in HSBC Global Transformation team can help me walkthrough the structure and the work culture in it.

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I'm interviewing at Noom for a technical data analyst position. The role's function (According to the job description) serves as a link between data engineers and data scientists.

Next week, the recruiter has arranged a one-hour coding round and a one-hour SQL round.

Please share advice on how to prepare. Thanks in advance!


What is difference between HCL technologies and HCL technologies IOMC? Is it worth joining HCL IOMC?

Has anyone heard of business value consultant roles (my understanding is that they work closely with sales)? Is this a common group/role at tech companies and is it highly regarded?


What would be the designation and salary to be expected, when joining ADP with 12+ YOE as an UI developer, with current CTC of 13L

I have offers from Western Union and HSBC. Which one to prefer? Suggestions? @HSBC @Western Union


All I ever hear about is hiring- why are we not going after partners for overselling? While I know we have all kinds of data/apps in our firms to try to make proposals and scoping a bit more evidence based, I think most partners have some gut feeling of how much capacity the firm has and just sell based on that. It seems like there is no systemic effort whatsoever to see if we can do the work we’re selling with the resources we have, which then leads to impossible deadlines and burn out.


Have anyone of you given the Amazon Online Assessment for MBA summer internship 2023? If so, how long does it take for Amazon to reach out with a decision about next round post OA ?

It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard back anything yet. Looking to see if it’s the same with fellow applicants. Thank you


Has anyone got a TN visa from Citi? How long did the process take / what was it like?


Hi all, how to apply for relocation reimbursement in JPMC?


Salam everyone!

Is there anyone here who moved to Deloitt from EY? I'd like to speak with them about the differences and about their experiences. I have been approached by Deloitt and have been having some conversations but nothing seems to be attractive in their initial offer.


How is NTT data company? Which is better NTT data, Accenture or IBM?


Can anyone refer me for scrum master role please.


Hey guys,

I recently joined tcs and they told me to work at the Qualcomm office.

How will Qualcomm. What are benefits to the employee who comes from other companies to work at Qualcomm

As a Pharmacist with health tech experience, do our Salesforce family have any advice how to transition from hospital sector over to Salesforce?
Values and the culture have been at the forefront of my mind and seems like SF has what I’m looking for. Now to look for the right role.

Hi all! Could you please help me evaluate this offer?

Non-technical role, L5, NYC
8 YOE + Masters degree
Base: 180k
Bonus: 15%
Equity: 120k over 4 years

I’d like to negotiate, but I’m not sure where I should ask for more (base, equity, or both?). Also, are signing bonuses common?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!


How is Coforge ? how is WLB and JS ?
How much is probationary period ? What is NP in probationary period ?
How much is Notice Period after probationary period ?
What is VP %?

Hi fishes Will work from home in FIS continue atleast upto Dec 2022? Any idea? FIS Global

I got offer in Bangalore FIS and my husband got an offer with one big company in Hyderabad. Both companies are currently WFH only but in future, I might have to consider moving to Hyderabad. Fis doesn't have office in Hyderabad so I was wondering if I can ask permanent WFH later. I guess I will be put in fis payment solution.

Thanks in advance. Kindly let me know. FIS Global


If any IT audit associates are looking for a change from the filthy gross big 4 culture, let’s chat. I’m at a startup which has a separate audit entity which performs SOC 2 audits, trying to innovate the process and get rid of the typical processes/pains that are annoying and antiquated. Truly a start up culture, not going to lie it’s quite different using Slack and working on a MacBook Pro.


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Hello. I recently accepted a position as Assistant Nurse Manager at a busy Cancer Center in Brooklyn. I have leadership roles such as charge nurse over the 8 years I’ve been an RN so Ive never had an official management role. I have my BSN and OCN. The AVP agreed to match my current salary which is 6 figures because I refused to accept the salary he was offering for $5K less. Did I accept an unfair offer or should I expect that because of my lack of experience in management? Thanks


I am looking for a 7-day wellness retreat (focus on detox or meditation in the NY or California area. My birthday is coming up in February and I wanted to gift this to myself. Open to going other times since that’s a pretty short turnaround. Does anyone have any recommendations? Budget-wise, I wouldn’t want to spend more than $3000 if that’s also helpful.


This might be a dumb question, but I’m relatively new to marketing and trying to learn about different types of agencies. Are media agencies involved in the creative process at all or it’s literally just media planning and buying? I’m looking at different company websites like omd, mindshare, etc. and it looks to me like they are doing projects that creative agencies typically do. Is there a big difference these days between a creative agency and a media agency or there is a lot of overlap?


How’s everyone doing? Any struggle this week?


Is it weird that I have a lot more bridesmaids than my fiance has groomsmen at the wedding? Anyone else have this happen? What did you do for pics and the processional? Thanks!


Casual vintage for the weekend

Post Photo

Drink anyone? Single M here


Is SAP labs insisting everyone to join in July? Weird

Any one whose joining date is on August, 2022. SAP


What do you think the best study resources for CISSP certification?

My current list as belows,

- OSG & Manual
- Mike Chapple videos
- Practice test (OSG & Boson)


What is salary Infosys STG gives for lateral senior technologist 8 yrs exp into full stack angular react, .net core azure. Tata Consultancy Accenture Deloitte Infosys Cognizant IBM


Hey, any insights or new trend for succession planning other than funnels and nine boxes? I'm really questioning effectiveness of these and try to experiment a little bit...


Anyone know if there are any 1-2 week rapid response travel gigs in the Northeast?


Is shifting operations left a winning strategy? Have you maintained a healthy production environment? Is incident response better or worse in MTTR, quantity, and quality? Have your cost/performance metrics improved?

I think there should be more males caretakers in this world. Some of my clients just feel more comfortable with a guy and it's kind of sad how often they say I'm the only male they could find.


Has anyone heard of Big 4 TAS layoffs?

Is getting certified in HR worth it? Does it help with getting jobs and keeping them? Does it really help you in your day-to-day work?

I’m looking into HRCI, SHRM and DMEC (Disability Management Employer Coalition). Any feedback on these?


Hey fishes, what's the salary range for a finance manager, with 15 years experience should be?


Additional Posts in Business Analysts - Bangalore

Hi. Could anyone help with Xiaomi company review - work culture, growth, increments, etc. Thanks in advance

What is the salary for a Business analyst for 6 years of experience


What is the salary range (ctc) of senior business analyst (4 yr exp) at wells fargo bangalore?

Also can anyone tell more about the company ,its hike and work culture?


Hello everyone ,

I'm looking for openings for business analyst or senior business analyst roles. Kindly help me out with referral. YOE - 3.4


I have 4.5 years of experience as BA. Should I Study for CBAP or technical BA tools? Which option will be more suitable in terms of financial growth?

Hey folks. I am having 2 yrs experience. I am getting 130% hike to my CTC in IQVIA. Should I go for it? Is it a good and worth company? The profile is G130- Business Analyst! Also, in terms what is the level of G130 grade?


Hi Fishes,

I have a BA interview at EY lined up next week, can someone based on their experience please guide me on the types of questions that may be asked? Thanks in advance


Hi fishes,
I am currently working as an UAT tester (both manual & automation) with overall experience of approx 3years. I want to switch to a business analyst role.
Is it possible to get a job for a business analyst position??
I am willing to learn the necessary skills required too but cannot afford MBA

Please suggest..


Hi guys,
I am currently working as a servicenow consultant in Infosys and I want to get into a BA profile in future. I have an MBA in HR and marketing and a BTech in CSE. I have already cleared my ECBA certification and I wanted to know what all skills should I acquire to transition into that role in or outside of ServiceNow.

Looking forward to your tips and suggestions


Anybody working here at Groww ?


Looking for a job change, any M or SM innthis group who need a Ba? Im Having 8 YOE.

Please comment or DM

Hello YOE - 4.5, BA in credit risk domain. However, I do not possess enough knowledge in the domain and confused about moving forward with this. What should I work on to excel in the CR domain given I have no certification/courses done around finance?
Help needed.

I am looking for a referral in management consulting. Can anyone help me? I have 4 years of work experience and currently working as a senior analyst.

Any business analyst data analytics opening in Philips?? Please let me know.8.2 YOE.i want to join product company. Feb 23rd lwd..suggest


Guys, Quick question to anyone working with o9 solutions. How many days did it take for your offer letter to be released post HR discussion?


Anybody from GE Healthcare digital experience team? How is the job security and work life balance?pls share your thoughts


How is the job role of tcs business analyst - payment domain.? Current CTC: 8.65 counter offer of 17.5lpa but RPA BA Tcs (discussion going on): 16lpa including variables (even after considering a counter offer) but fullly SLDC BA role

Is it worth to accept TCS offer as i will get the opportunity to learn and work as a a full-fledged BA

Hello everyone
I am an ECBA certified Business Analyst with 1+ year of experience and now looking for a job change.

Please DM if you have any vacancy for me.

Hi folks,

Ihave interview with nagarro for business analyst profile, after clearing mettl aptitude iq test, second round is a case study. Do you have any idea for that case study round? Need help on that.

Anybody went through case study round? And can help me on that? Thanks in advance..


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