I'm in the final stages of interview with Telstra for Senior data engineer role. My cctc is 20 lpa. I'm considered for band 2 in Telstra .How much i can negotiate max with Telstra? Thank you.

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works at
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Telstra is not an IT service organization. It's a telecom captive unit. So, there are no clients and client interviews.


Upto 40lpa

How much did you get

They have offered me 35(verbally). Waiting for the offer letter.

Oh nice

Where are you currently working nd exp?

Hi.. i want to understand the role of senior software engineer in Telstra. I heard that you will have to lead the team with junior dat engineers like review and some stories you have to work on. Is it completely Technical? Any scope of interacting with stakeholders or business users? Can anyone clarify if already working at Telstra?

What are all the rounds for interview? And difficulty level?

They have offered me also band 2

Anyone have any idea do we need to give client interview after joining Telstra? I googled it and came to know it is a service based company

Once HR connect & background check is done. How much time do Telstra take to give offer letter?

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Folks Please help me calculate my inhand salary

My 80c deductions are 1.14 lakh

Post Photo

Any insight on CAIA? Difficulty and whether it impacts salary?


I got interviewed in February 2022 in Oracle and selected for writer role. Submitted documents for BGV and HR confirmed BGV was successful. My offer letter was pending for VP approval and suddenly there was a position freeze until May 3rd week as Oracle was acquiring another company. Recently I called HR and he said that he will update me in June 2nd week. What are the chances of getting the offer?


I’ve been on the bench for 2 months and am about to be placed on a client, but I’m interviewing and hopeful I’ll get an external job offer soon. Is it a bad look to accept a role then quit?

Let me know if anyone is interested in working at Infosys .

I would be happy to help.

Mail your resume at - refermeadarsh@gmail.com along with job role.


Hi everyone, applied for an investment consulting internship few weeks back.
It's a client facing job, but it might come at a later stage of a job, maybe after finishing my internship and getting a job offer.
I'm interested to know what is the must develop skills, must take courses or must read books to get insight, develop the required knowledge and skills for the position. I majored in business management finance and currently preparing for CFA level 1. Thanks in advance ☺️


Has anyone claimed relocation in JPMC Pune?
What kind of hotel do they provide for stay and for how many days?

Why do recruiters/hiring managers think publisher experience is wildly different from agency experience? A planner in publishing does 85% of the same day to day work as planners at the agency do.


Hi Sharks,

I have received offers from
Nagarro - - salary 30 lpa
Seimens gamesa - - Salary 32 Lpa
Delloite - - Salary 33 Lpa
Which one is better in term of WLB and learning, my exp is 9 years. Please suggest


Anyone interested in providing a referral to FireEye, Inc.? I have over 3 YOE in consulting. Thanks


Opinions on Ardian (growth) in Europe? I’m finishing my master’s and have offers from Ardian and MBB. My long term goal is to work in PE (growth). How is Ardian seen on the market? Should I start directly in PE or MBB and then try to shift to a better fund?


Tired of client work? Come join our internal Innovation and Tech group @ PwC! We've got positions open for associate-manager in the Data Analytics team for Risk Assurance where you're not expected to have clients, it's fully remote, but are still aligned to the practice, so compensation and promotion timing are equivalent to those with clients. Will split referral bonus 60(you)/40 - up to 10k for a sr. Assoc. DM me if interested!


Currently working in S&T in a pretty analytical role but think my strength lies more in my creativity, but I want to stay in finance- any advice appreciated!


I work with quite a few oldheads in my department, I’d like to know how to convince the higher-ups that we need to evolve our strategies to bring us in line with best current practices. However, I don’t want to act out of line or be disrespectful since this is my first role and I have less than a year here.


So I’m thinking of taking a pharmacy tech course at my local community college. I already work in healthcare on the admin side (authorizations, front desk etc) & looking to get a certification that’s quick & don’t have to go back to school. How is it being a tech in the hospital setting? What other paths are there for techs? How much can you make? Or are there any other short certifications that would make more money?


About to post a job w/ HC software co (~550 employees). Need someone who can manage relationships w/ cons/analyst firms that advise health plans on pop health software / serve as SI's, & relationships with Big Tech (MSFT, Oracle, etc). Thinking this could be a good lower stress role for Big 5 manager who wants to get off the rat race. Goal would be to give this person an opportunity to grow into more senior roles as knowledge of pop health increases. Thoughts / suggestions appreciated.


Hi Fishes,
Could someone help me know what is the upper limit of package on a level 5A, Senior Consultant role and does Infy offer joining bonus?
I am being offered 18.5 including variable for 8 years and 10 months of experience.


So I know it's kinda late in the game but are there still summer internship openings for someone who is a sophomore in college with computer science major? Asking for my brother. He is studying Java and Python.

Is anyone willing to give a referral for EY? I’m looking towards an entry level digital adv analyst position. I can also send resume beforehand for review if needed


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Hey! I've been chilling in quarantine, in solitude since we went remote. Does anyone want to go on a social-distance date type of thing?

I'm a black 22yr old Corporate papi (aka consultant lol), who likes going on walks, watching movies, and is probably in boxers 97% of the time. Chill guy, good vibes, allergic to cats, very anti-drama, favorite colour is crimson and pineapples do not belong on pizza. Also polyamorous, pansexual & pretty single

Feel free to comment below or shoot me a message!


Any WARN experts out there? I was laid off and given 2 weeks severance. It seems like we have laid off more than 30% of our workforce over the past few months. Is there a way I can find out? I’m trying to understand when we should have been notified the 60 days in advance? Thanks!


I need a shared cloud drive with other people. I like Dropbox a lot (and already currently use it so I’m partial to it) but was wondering if people suggested other ones. Importantly, I need (a) the ability to share some (but not all) files/folders with certain people and (b) the files to remain as Microsoft Word/Excel files. Thanks.


How much weight does HSW put on the undergrad transcript? And do they actually notice if you took harder classes (but perhaps lower GPA) vs. easier classes (perhaps higher GPA) within your applicant peer set?


South of France (Nice, Provence, Marseille, etc) or Amalfi coast/positano? Which would you choose for a week and a half vacay?


Life before work, health before work, family before work. Here is the wild thing, when you prioritize your life, your business booms.


Does anyone know which agencies are still hiring remote Jr Ad positions? This recent grad will highly appreciate it 🥺


Is it a good idea to quit your full time job to start your own hustle without fully knowing what that will be like?


Are funds willing to negotiate offices? I’m planning to interview with US funds for a 2023 start but may need to move to London for personal reasons - is this something funds are open to?


Bridal shoes - where did everyone get theirs? I don’t want anything fancy, but that seems to be the norm. I struggle justifying $300+ for a lace shoe I’ll wear once and no one will see.


So, in some cases if not most, your ideal job/ career is about who and what you know, besides experience. With that being said, if anyone has any information regarding open positions within the financial field, starting with the base salary being no lower than 50,000, please share!

Any citi India HR Here? Need to ask something trivial. Don't worry already working in citi


Tribute to SPB sir


Others in public accounting: what is your 401(k) match and vesting period? Ours is 25% of the first 6% of pay vested over 5 years. Was wondering if this is comparable to other PA firms


How much is the Variable Pay (on average) in HSBC data analytics for GCB6?


Has anyone here working in EY topped up medical coverage ?
I am looking for doniciliary coverage (non hospitalised) expenses.
@please suggest


Hey Fishes,
What is the next hike that will be given to lateral joiner in Accenture.
I have joined in 1st week of July. When can I expect my next hike be it yearly or appraisal..wanted to know the insights!
YOE -4
TIA :)



Got 3 offers in hand:

Eygds:10 lakhs fixed + 5 % bonus
Ibs software: 13.5 lakhs (includes 8% variable pay)
Guidehouse ( former PWC public sector) : 15 lakhs fixed + 1 lakh retention bonus

Yoe : 5.3 years

Which is the best option?


Any recommendations for dermatologists, especially in NW DC?


Additional Posts in Telstra

Hi friends,
Can you please help me with below query?
When does Telstra India starts Background verification? Before or after joining?
How many past year employment history and documents need to be submitted for background verification?

Looking for referral at Telstra..pls dm if you can refer

Does anyone know what an IT Network Inventory Specialist is as a designation?

I have cleared online test and 1st round technical interview scheduled for Monday. I would like to know how many rounds are there and how will be the interview questions. Skill set is java , microservice

Wanted to know details on Telstra
1. Does Telstra offer work from home?
2. Does Telstra provide international relocation transfer(onsite)?
3. What would be the average salary slab for 10+ yrs exp in Telstra?
4. Does Telstra have mandatory work from office?


Hi Everyone, can someone please refer me for Technical BA role in Telstra. I have 8 YOE. Serving notice in my current organization. Telstra


I got an offer from Telstra, I have 7.5 yrs of exp., please guide me how's working at Telstra, in terms of wlb .

And job security, as there are lots of new about lay offs in the industry from product based organisations mainly, will Telstra be safe to join.

How many days need to come to office, and what are the work timings.

Is work from home option also possible.

Please guide.


Hi guys,

Do you have any opening for sql and power bi skillset

Hello Friends,
Can anyone apprise me of the expected salary that i can ask for a Solution Architect role in Telstra - India? The band offered will be Band 2 which is confirmed. I just need to know the range Min and Max. I have 15 years of experience now.


How is telstra for data engineering role.? How about WLB?


Hi ,

Anybody working for Telstra client in hyderabad on behalf of FRACTAL Analytics ?

Please let me know the benefits of working at Telstra client when your payroll company is diff ?

How the company benefits like food ,cab and leaves do apply.

Please do comment.


Hello Everyone, I have joining next month in Telstra. I needed to know if Telstra has joining bonus policy and how much you can ask (basically what percentage of package). Also, will I be eligible for next year appraisal cycle.

Thanks in advance

Infosys Telstra