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Project allocation depends on
1. Your tech stack
2. Your role.. of you are trainee, software engineer then prj allocation might delay

Mostly clients are looking for experiences candidtes..


I got a call from the delivery lead on my first day of joining. He setup a call with the rest of the developers and they took 2 basic interviews to check if my skills were good enough to work with them. I got assigned to the project the next day.


Bench policy is good here for sure.

I was in impact training, so i was on bench for around 6 months.
Luckily I got a project soon after training but my group members, it took some time and they were on bench for around 10-11 months.

So what's the point as we are not gaining any experience during bench period


1 day to 1 year also. Be prepared mentally

So you joined as a technical lead or how is it ? So joined CitiusTech tech as a fresher

I believe, if ones CTC is less, they get picked up quickly by client due to cost cutting concern, others correct me if i am wrong. Client's are smart to manage their cost bracket

Not applicable for evevry case

I was assigned to the project within 2 weeks. It's not that everybody has to spend months getting the project.

My post is Senior Software Engineer with 3.6 years of experience


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Currently working at Citi (C10). Would be completing 18months by Feb'23.

1-Can I directly apply for IJP 2-3 week's prior or do I need to serve notice in my current project?
2- Also can I apply directly for C12 level if required YOE is matching?
3- Within IJP can I apply for outside India?
4- What would be ideal appraisal % I can expect considering team size is small and best performer in my current project.



A question for the associates:
How should I talk to a new associate on my team (4 mos.) about critical issues including 1) spending too much time on a single project; 2) not meeting expectations in terms of number of billable hours; 3) botching easy procedural issues? This person has significant skills and writes very well. But their work is consistently turned in at the last minute, they have to be corrected on procedures regularly, and they never come talk to me without an invitation.


Has anybody been able to stay in consulting and get off adderall? Taken for about 6 years and finally off it since I haven’t been on a project in awhile but motivation still down 2 months in.. currently taking caffeine pills w/ l theanine and l tyrosine supps occasionally and b vitamins


Hi folks, people who are trying to relocate to new locations like Chennai Pune Kolkata, are there any criteria that is taken into consideration while opting for relocation or is it completely voluntary? What if you don't have enough bandwidth or floor strength from your current project in these locations .. do they still allow you to relocate ??


Holidays SOW is ready for client's approved. Please followup in 3-4 business days.

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Any one from Citizens project in LTI?
Please suggest how is the project and work like balance in this project...


Received offer from UBS at last moment. I have just 1 week to decide. Offer is same. Please help to decide
Credit Suisse Vs UBS
Comparing WLB, Pay & Bonus, Onsite Opportunities, Employee Benefits, Leave Policy YOE - 10.5 Yrs (.Net)


New Orleans attorneys: my firm is trying to gather data on billable requirements, rates, and salaries because it’s been experiencing crazy turnover lately. If you’re comfortable, it would be helpful if those in New Orleans or similar markets can share this information. I’ll go first: 1. Firm’s primary practice: insurance defense; 2. Firm size: 25-50 attorneys; 3. Billable requirement: 1950 annual; 4. Salary range for 1-5 year associates: 70k-100k; 5. Salary for 5-8 year associates: 100k-125k.


Finding out the range for Pharmacy Techs is $19 -$28. Been lowballed like hell. Not sure how to even negotiate for more. And this 1% yearly raise doesn't keep up with cost of living.
@CHA Cambridge Health Alliance.


I was up all night drafting a 9-10 page memo based on the latest version of the draft agreement the client had sent us. I was literally proofreading it when client sent me a new version of the agreement and I think I'll have so start over. Not sure how to feel. Yay hours / dead inside


Dear Fishes,

Kindly help with your suggestion.
YOE: 6.1
Tech: ETL(IICS & Informatica PC)

1)Mindtree:19LPA (All fixed, since they pay VP 100% every month)
-Project (Informatica:Code Migration from On premise to IICS)

2)HCL: 21 LPA (19.3 Fixed)
-Project (Ford:Direct interaction with client)

3)PWC AC - Banglore: 22 LPA
Project:Not known for now.

Note:I have left the previous org in 1.1 year. So I'm looking for Stability, learning & WLB majorly.


What is the health insurance provided by LTI?
Is it floater or individual?
Can I extend the cap of the insurance?


Got rejected in client interview for my first project at Nagarro 🥲 Darr ka mahol hai


Anyone have attorneys working for their startup in non attorney roles. If so what positions should I be looking at. Not enjoying the practice of law but also have no experience with startups. Would I need to learn to code to get a job in say project management?


Hello folks,

Is Anyone deployed to client location samsung from HCS, could you please share your experience about the professionalism, ethics, work life balance & culture in HCS-Samsung client location ?
Thanks a lot for your input


How do you find test subjects for your research project? What kind of incentives do you like to offer?


Thoughts on a recruiter who contacts you and then goes on to state his client may not like 10 years at one company. Answer to company culture is your future boss is a good guy and no training is provided.

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Privacy fish - Anyone taken the CIPM and can share what the exam is like?

Content outline seems like application of standard consulting approach, so how do they test it on an exam?

I am a consultant on human potential and success, but basically in stocks/binary trades this is mainly why I'm here making connections. Also I am open to find out is there anything we could support each other with.

Do you have any experience about binary/stocks trades before?
If you don't have any experience how will teach you..


Hi fishes need 11 likes to enable dm please.


Happy Friday San Diegans! If you would like burn some calories and donate to a great cause, F45 is hosting a donation based workout open to anyone who wants to participate tomorrow at 9am!

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Became a realtor at 20, opened my own agency at 30, and successfully retired at 40. You could call this “Living The American Dream”!


Any of you regularly work with email campaigns and newsletters through Salesforce Cloud? I’d love to pick your brain about A/B testing if you can spare an hour of your time. I’ll even pay for a virtual coffee! Let’s connect.


Taking FAR this week. Any tips for what I should focus on?


Some student told me he brushed his teeth.

So what did I do?

I gave him a job.

Because that’s what heroes deserve.

Sure, it was an unpaid internship that lasted a week, but hey - now I’m a hero, too.

When I fired that intern (since all he did was brush all day), I told him that Colgate max white is pretty good.

And he left with tears.
Tears of joy (I think).



Hi, Can anyone share Salary range and vacation for VP Officer at SMBC in NYC? Looking to apply for a role there. DM is fine as well


How can I get promoted early in IBM if I don't wait for IBM for promotion. As far I know neer about 3 years it take to get promoted from one band to another.IBM


Any recommendations for workout apps that I can use to workout in my hotel room? I m looking for body weight workouts only. Thanks


Has anyone used a professional resume writer? Was it worth it? Any recommendations? TIA!

I’m looking for an ergonomic desk chair for $500ish or less. Currently looking at Steelcase Series 1. Anyone have any thoughts?


Accenture vs ey .which is good to join?. Both offering almost same..


Has anyone had success in writing off tuition for a part-time MBA program as a work related expense? If so, how did you address the requirement around “maintains or improves your job skills”?


My work pass just got approved! However, I got one question what does MEDICAL REQUIRED: "Declaration" mean in IPA letter?


BCG: Anyone know how big the offices are in comparison: LA VS Seattle, Dallas vs houston


When FAANG companies are hiring for UX Design positions do they count all of your general design YOE or only the YOE in a UX role ?


Additional Posts in CitiusTech | Healthcare Technology Solutions - India


Guys can anyone help me on correct info… am yet to join citius tech.. but need to know how many months we need to work to be eligible to take maternity leave… some r saying from day one itself eligible some are saying after aix months… can someone who is working find this out and let me know


Hi Fishes ,
I joined
CitiusTech recently in July 2022. As per their offer letter Retention pay is around 1.2 lakhs per year . If i leave the organisation now should I pay back 2.4 lakhs ?

Citiustech Healthcare Technologies

Hi friends, last week only I joined to CitiusTech.
To get a project I attended 2 interviews in 2 different projects. I didn't clear the interview.

Actually the problem is I'm a manual tester I worked in automation tools ( but that's all is codeless tools. We worked using record run mode or keyword scripting)

Here they are expecting High.. javascript, selenium, coding.. but I'm unable to ans their questions. Now what to do? If I don't clear the interviews then what will happen?

Does citiustech layoff employes ?


Hi fishes,

How much can i ask for 3 YOE backend developer.

What should be ideal salary for the AWS DevOps Engineer having 3.5 YOE having tech stack AWS, Terraform, Gitlab/GitHub , Jenkins/gitlab-runner, Prometheus/Grafana. Seeing the demand as per market.
Pls suggest for service based as well as product based


I am thinking of joining CitiusTech in June,at Pune location. I always have worked for australian clients,so habit of working from 9 to 4. Does Citiustech provodes onlu 12 to 9 shifts?
What are the chances I am getiing normal timezone like 10 to 7 project?

Will CT match the counter offer or will give more than that? Anyone share ur experience


What are all the exit activities that we need to do in citiustech?
Do we need to submit headphones as well along with CT laptop?


What types of projects we can expect in citiustech since it's healthcare domain?


What is the avg hike % in CitiusTech


Hi friends,

In CitiusTech what's the salary for 6.5 years experience testers.
Role : Technical lead

Help !!!
Any reviews on Citiustech Healthcare Technologies CitiusTech ??

Salary range for Technical Lead I QA in Citiustech??


What are HMT-3 Clients & Project?
What does HMT means in CitiusTech?

when i will get mail from administrato@hr my joining is on monday 7/11?

Hey all, I have recently joined Citiustech Healthcare Technologies CitiusTech and have already received 3 interviews but got rejected in all due to some reasons,can anyone tell me how many more interviews will I be considered for by the staffing team. Also if this continues what can be the worst case scenario. Please help

Hello Fishes
Did anyone have meet and greet sessions with CitiusTech folks after receiving an offer? What do they discuss in it? Did anyone have any such sessions before the joining date? TIA!