I've cleared the technical and managerial round in Citiustech. I will have my HR discussion tmrw. My current CTC is 12.75 LPA. I've asked for 17 LPA fixed during the initial stage of interview schedule. Will they offer as my expectation ?

YOE -4+
Stack - ETL developer


Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

After Mr round how many days did they take to conduct hr round?

Done with MR today..will have the HR discussion tmrw

It is not unreasonable to ask 17L over your current CTC. They will try to negotiate but if your interview feedback was good, I guess they should be able to give what you're asking. Otherwise you can always accept the max they're offering right now and come back to them with counter offers.

Was your hr round completed ?
Did they agree for 17?

could you please share MR round questions?

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I been at my job for three year now, for a while now I been applying for other positions within my job because I want to leave my department. I don’t feel value and appreciated. They would rather hired a new manager than promote within. I have had interviewed in the past and recently but I am told to wait in HR for the final step but never heard from there whether they approved my transfer or not. Plus I am beginning to think my manager holding me back from transferring.


Interviewing with Coca Cola Reyes Holding tomorrow, for either a TA sourcer or TA recruiter. Any tips?
I’ve done a pre screen with TA already, talking with the hiring manager tomorrow.


Recently laid off, and struggling to land interviews. Anyone have tips or tricks on how to get an independent consultant role?

How has your experience been with FAANG interviews , do they expect full working code or just the right approach would do as well , please share with company name nd years of exp while applying.


Hi Fishes,

Going through interview for Senior Data Analyst role -
Uber Hyderabad.

Skillset - Business Analytics & Intelligence, SQL, Python, Azure, Power BI

YOE - 5.6 | CCTC - 11 lpa | Counteroffer EY GDS - 18 lpa

Kindly provide any ballpark number/range of CTC at market standards for Uber for above profile?  Uber

Thanks in advance ;)


I have cleared all the interviews for the HR Manager role at ICICI bank. I have a total of 6yrs exp with 1 yr as an HR. What CTC can I expect from ICICI? My current ctc is 12 LPA


What is a realistic salary to negotiate for when applying for a VP position in Risk? Currently have 5 years of experience


Gave interview at Microsoft back in June for a SWE role. Cleared all 4 rounds and got verbal confirmation,documentation mail etc but after that they just vanished. Recruiter never picked up calls and no response from them.

Has anybody had a similar experience like mine even at FAANG level companies?

Sed lyfe :(

Microsoft Google Amazon


Have a Program Manager interview with Google this week. Any tips or useful resources for preparation?


I have 6.8 YOE in compliance as financial analyst. how much CTC can I expect in UBS If applying for AO level.

Just applied at Stryker for a Regulatory Affairs position. Does anyone have any info about the interview process here? From their website it looks quite lengthy.


Interviewed with two firms - first gave offer, wrapping up interviews w second this week. First won’t give me written offer - making me nervous. Any valid (or shady) reason why this’d be the case?


RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Capital Markets CIBC Can anyone who works as an intern or has at the big 5 (Toronto Office)RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Capital Markets,RBC,BMO, @cibc, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust give any interview/application tips for a finance analyst intern role?


Hi all,
Anyone know about how is Incture technology and how is it's interview process?


I just joined a brand as a marketing director and I’m coming in at the beginnings of a rebrand. The agency never provided a creative recommendation based on discovery for us to approve, they just started putting together messaging after holding a handful of interviews with our former leadership team. Having been on agency side this seems crazy to me, but I’m unsure how to approach feedback to the agency since I was on the media side, not creative. Any advice?


Hi Sharks
Anyone you gave the McKinsey Quantum Black Data Scientist Interviews. Any type of Interview tips would help.
I have my Interview scheduled on Monday.
Please directly DM
McKinsey & Company


Friends - what’s the cool off period after loosing an interview at Amazon


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Hello guys ,
I have seven months of experience.recently i met with an accident due to which doctor advised me to take rest for few months because of which i resigned the
company.As my company has bond amount of 2 lakh for 3 years.So they are not going to provide me experience letter .Already a lot of expense has been spent on my treatment and 2 lakh is big amount .Do anyone has any idea how can I get my experience letter or if i provide only payslips and resignation mail to my new company will it going to work?


Hi Fishes!
Could anyone shed some light about SAP ISU practice in Infosys India? Do they have good number of projects?
What do they mean by Job Level 5? What would be the responsibilities associated with it?
What percentage of the CTC do they declare as the variable component for Job Level 5?


Ideas for team bonding activity in COVID? We just wrapped up a project and usually we’d go out for a dinner together but that’s not happening under COVID. What has worked for your team?


Can someone explain the concept of earned media to me? Is it relationship driven?

Do you feel like your tips balance out the generally low wages?


Hello everyone! I was recently laid off from my position as a Senior SE due to downsizing. I am now in a market for a new and exciting opportunity.

Alittle background for context. I have 5 years of experience as an SE selling to both mid market and Large enterprise across different verticals. My career has been spent with some of the largest ERP and tech companies in the world but I am open to any opportunity.

If you know of any opportunities please reach out. Thank you all for any help


There’s this guy at my gym. He is hot AF. When he lifts, he makes these noises that sound so hot! Lol. It’s hard for me to concentrate on my work out. So far our interaction with each other (contd.)


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Biggest regrets this year? I sold Roku at 110, ZM at 170, ALK at 32, Tesla at 240.... would’ve made insane stonk gains if I just held vs. trying to time lol


Kaun hai yeh log ?? Kahan se aate hain yeh??

Post Photo

Has anyone left employment at their firm prior to passing all four parts of the CPA exam, and had to reimburse the firm for the cost of the Becker study materials?


Was laid off at Deloitte Digital and looking to take this opportunity to transition into a strat/product role. I have 2 YOE and did a lot of work with Salesforce strategy / implementation.

Are any companies hiring associate-level positions? Would love to network and have a coffee chat!


is it a good idea to quit within 3 weeks of joining ? I am getting another offer with a higher title. What could be the long term repurcussions ?


What’s everyone doing today


Rising second year attorney looking to lateral firms into a different type of practice area in my same city, does anyone know of any recruiters that they can recommend to help the search in Florida?


New grad looking to get into Valuations/FDD. Would anyone be willing to chat/look at my resume?


Hi fishes,

Have one question why people choose product based company over service based,
While in PAAS company use legacy technology and product almost developed while we have to maintan that ,No learning growth for experience people for new technology .
What guys you think


Hi Fishes

How is the current market situation? What is the expected CTC for AWS data engineer profile

With 11 years of experience?

I see people with 4 or 5yoe are also getting around 25LPA.

Please suggest.


Has anyone had rhinoplasty/ liquid nose job within the last 5 years? Regrets it? Love it?


Do lateral employees who joined in April 2021 will get any hike in December ? I have got really good feedback from onshore manager (I directly work with him) and average feedback from offshore official manager ( I don't work with him).


Additional Posts in CitiusTech | Healthcare Technology Solutions - India

Hi folks,

I have cleared the first round of interview in citiustech. HR informed me that there will be another round in the next two days. Will it be managerial round or technical round?


I am thinking of joining CitiusTech in June,at Pune location. I always have worked for australian clients,so habit of working from 9 to 4. Does Citiustech provodes onlu 12 to 9 shifts?
What are the chances I am getiing normal timezone like 10 to 7 project?

Will CT match the counter offer or will give more than that? Anyone share ur experience


What are all the exit activities that we need to do in citiustech?
Do we need to submit headphones as well along with CT laptop?


How is onsite opportunity in citiustech? If we perform good consistently, will we get chance to go onsite... Or it's like other MNCs where you'll have to perform really very very very much to get it.

Hello people tomorrow is my interview in citius tech, I have 3.3 yrs of experience in us healthcare, will they ask me about any technical questions?

Guys can anyone help me on correct info… am yet to join citius tech.. but need to know how many months we need to work to be eligible to take maternity leave… some r saying from day one itself eligible some are saying after aix months… can someone who is working find this out and let me know


What is the avg hike % in CitiusTech


Hi friends,

In CitiusTech what's the salary for 6.5 years experience testers.
Role : Technical lead

Help !!!
Any reviews on Citiustech Healthcare Technologies CitiusTech ??

Salary range for Technical Lead I QA in Citiustech??


Hi Folks,

Does as anybody help on how much time CitusTech takes to announce results after an interview of an experienced candidate??

Hi friends, last week only I joined to CitiusTech.
To get a project I attended 2 interviews in 2 different projects. I didn't clear the interview.

Actually the problem is I'm a manual tester I worked in automation tools ( but that's all is codeless tools. We worked using record run mode or keyword scripting)

Here they are expecting High.. javascript, selenium, coding.. but I'm unable to ans their questions. Now what to do? If I don't clear the interviews then what will happen?

What are HMT-3 Clients & Project?
What does HMT means in CitiusTech?

Hey all, I have recently joined Citiustech Healthcare Technologies CitiusTech and have already received 3 interviews but got rejected in all due to some reasons,can anyone tell me how many more interviews will I be considered for by the staffing team. Also if this continues what can be the worst case scenario. Please help

I have offers from citiustech, TCS and salesforce Can you help which is good for wlb, learning opportunities and career growth
I am having 2.5yr of experience as java developer
Citiustech selected as part of impact program -- 11 lpa
Tcs selected as systems engineer ( java developer role) -- 10 lpa
Salesforce (technical support Engineer) -- 15lpa
Please suggest. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Need likes as well to communicate with others.


when i will get mail from administrato@hr my joining is on monday 7/11?

What types of projects we can expect in citiustech since it's healthcare domain?


What should be ideal salary for the AWS DevOps Engineer having 3.5 YOE having tech stack AWS, Terraform, Gitlab/GitHub , Jenkins/gitlab-runner, Prometheus/Grafana. Seeing the demand as per market.
Pls suggest for service based as well as product based


Hello Fishes
Did anyone have meet and greet sessions with CitiusTech folks after receiving an offer? What do they discuss in it? Did anyone have any such sessions before the joining date? TIA!

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