I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. Re-assured myself I wasn’t going to do it. Told myself you’d know what would happen and still ended up gambling away a bunch of money I know I couldn’t blow. I don’t understand.

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It’s your addiction ~ you can’t change what’s happened, only what happens next. Here if you need to talk


I know you don't know me, but I am here if you need to talk. Maybe just give your money to a family member to manage it for you.


This used to be me when I drank. When I was able to stop drinking only through the help of AA, my gambling was able to cease too. I also know that if I would start drinking again, I would be gambling, smoking, you name it like that. So I keep going to AA and I haven’t needed to do any of that for some time now.


People, Place and Things.
Kuddos for first of all acknowledging there is an issue/problem.
Seek a safe place away from those tempting behaviors.
Seek safe supports that will not enable and tell you what you want to hear.
Don’t engage in War Stories. That big hit or win you did is now no more!
Your Luck isn’t on, you don’t feel lucky. 💜 I’m here.


If the only thing between you and another gambling spree is you, then you’re in trouble. My life changed for the better when I just surrendered and got into a 12-step program.

At first I thought I was “too good” for something like that, or “it wasn’t that bad”, or that “others would judge me”. Turns out it doesn’t matter who I am, how I got there, what my disease looked like, and what anyone else looked like; I couldn’t deny that I acted the way these others had acted and I certainly felt how they felt (“incomprehensible demoralization”). They told me if I wanted to recover like they had recovered, then I had to do what they did.

I had to remove my brain from the equation and let other trusted people in recovery (and the 12-step program) do my thinking, until sanity had returned.


Thank you all


You have an illness. You will only understand once you can look back on this from a position of recovery. What’s done is done, today is a new day. Find a meeting and just listen. You are not alone.


Please don’t beat yourself up. You’re healing, grieving, trying. You fell. You’ll get back up and the why will be clearer when your road is less bumpy.


I posted this on another thread recently, so sorry if anyone already read it. I first got sober in 2022. The last 20 years were filled with some very long stretches of sobriety and some long relapses. The start of the relapses were premeditated, as I convinced myself I was healed and could drink like a gentleman. However the days within the relapses sounded a lot like your experience. Swearing off my addiction (alcohol) late at night when I am drunk and waking up hungover as hell with a strong conviction to not drink again. After staring at my screen all day, doing less than the bear minimum and feeling like death, I would pour a glass of whiskey mid afternoon and immediately feel alive again. I would proceed to drink whisky until a blackout, and start the routine again. This literally went on every day for countless days. That is the insanity of addiction.

For me the only answer is an admission that I am powerless over alcohol, which is a tough pill for my ego to swallow.


I recommend taking steps, during sobriety, to make it less convenient for you to relapse and more convenient for you to stay sober. The idea that any of us should be “strong enough” to not engage in addictive behavior or survive on willpower alone is a recipe for failure & self-loathing. It isn’t realistic. It asks the wrong questions.

Alongside setting yourself up in concrete, structural, and small ways to have the path of least resistance align with the behaviors you want to engage in (while making those you don’t want to engage in less convenient to do), I highly recommend investigating the root causes of your addiction. Gambling is a manifestation of the self-soothing tendency within addiction, as well as an avenue through which it sounds like you are able to simultaneously perpetuate cycles of self-abuse (blaming yourself for your self-harming behavior), but it is not the root cause. An addict who does not deal with the root cause(s) for their addition will simply, eventually, replace one with another. All addiction is downstream of depression, anxiety, trauma, and pain. Dealing with that is where the long-term work resides.

I also want to second what everyone else here seems to be saying: please accept that you can’t do anything to change what you’ve already done, please be kind to yourself (being mean to yourself, even if it’s in the name of honesty, only feeds & strengthens the addiction), and please focus on what you choose to do next. The process of dealing with addiction is ongoing; it doesn’t end, even when it changes. Every day is an opportunity to choose to live the life you want to live in small steps that are filled with meaning.

Finally, I’d like to again (as I did in another thread) highly recommend the work on Johann Hari. Lost Connections - which focused on the root causes of anxiety and depression - not only changed my life, but saved my life. The ways in which it helped me see myself with empathy and without judgment let me drill down on those root causes in ways that are helping me manage my addictive tendencies and behaviors. Chasing the Scream is another book of his that focuses directly on the war on drugs (as well as the war for drugs) and on addiction itself; it was written before Lost Connections, but still has a lot of useful & relevant information in it. And even his most recent book, Stolen Focus (which I’m only partway through), has helped me better understand how structural, cultural, and technological elements of our lives push us deliberately toward alienating & self-harming behavior. As addicts, we need to take deliberate and sustained actions to create & maintain meaningful connections in our lives. We all need community, love, and meaning - even (maybe especially) in a world currently tuned to push us away from all of that and toward its opposite.


It’s addiction. Believing/ thinking you’re stronger than it is the beginning of the end. This changed for me when I surrendered and recognized my triggers. I’m an alcoholic. I also cannot gamble or be in front of a cupboard full of oreos and pop tarts.

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Additional Posts in Addiction & Sobriety

Stay strong fam

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I think I reached my low. I was at a family gathering and was having fun but started taking shots. Needed help into the cab. Vomited at the venue. I don’t want to get like that again. Do I need to go completely cold turkey? Set a limit?


Is there anyone here that’s a creative in advertising, and also in AA? I’m in the midst of the steps, and having a hard time making time for meeting commitments etc. with the time consuming and unpredictable way advertising tends to be. Any suggestions or similar experiences?


Hi all. First time posting and I could really use some guidance and help. I’m at a point that I need/want to stop drinking permanently. (Continued below)


My husband is an alcoholic and it’s getting worse with the holidays. He’s started every day drinking high alcohol-content IPAs as early as 8am. And he drinks them all day and all night like soda. He did AA when he was younger but is now vehemently against it. He is high-functioning. Has a PhD from MIT and works for a venture capitalist firm. I wondered how he gets through the day, but he started to come home early (mid-afternoon) and immediately open a beer while working. What should I do?


What's the best way to be supportive of a partner who struggles with addictive tendencies?


I struggled with binge drinking for many years after my mom passed away. I have been sober for the past 12 months. My husband has struggled with drinking for a long time as well, and just got done serving a 6 month sentence for his second DUI (on ankle bracelet at home for 4 months of the sentence). He got out of jail this week, and he has drank almost everyday since. He says he is different now, and can control himself (i.e, he won't be abusive or drive). Continued in comments..


It’s been 6 months since I’ve last had a cigarette. The process was pretty seem-less, with no cravings. However, this past has been especially difficult. My sister came to visit and she’s a smoker, she really needed a cigarette while driving, now since I caught whiff of the smoke, this past week has been my worst with cravings. Tips to cope, so far— I chew gum to help.


Has anyone been to a detox program or rehab/treatment centers? My husband needs help but unsure where to start. Weed/drinking addiction and he’s tried to stop but goes back to one or the other. He is in between jobs and has about 3 weeks off so need some insight on what I can do to help him.


bloodwork shows high amylase?


I will not drink…I will not drink…I will not drink…


My son is about to go to college. His dad passed away when he was 8 and had an addiction to alcohol. I am so scared he is going to enter college life and become addicted to things after being curious. We have talked about it many times, but teenagers think they know everything and are invincible. I have told him there is a 50% chance he got the addiction gene and he needs to be careful. When I went to college I partied and tried it all, but I got lucky not getting addicted. Any advice?


Reached 6 months yesterday after finally realizing that if I allowed it to, alcohol could and would destroy my life and take away everything that I love. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to have peace and comfort without it (insanity, right?). The past 6 months have been the happiest I have ever experienced. My everyday moments with my children are more meaningful, I lay next to my wife knowing she is proud of me and I wake up the next morning without shame. Gratitude!


All addictions are welcome. Sobriety, just like everything else in life, happens one day at a time. Remember, “Nothing changes if nothing changes."


Got excited when I matched with this man! Unfortunately it’s not gonna work out between us. Don’t be discouraged single fish, sober partners are out there.

Post Photo

Posting for anyone who may be just “looking at this page” or “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. I found a life through sobriety. It may not be perfect but I no longer HAVE to drink. I never thought it was possible. I wanted to state here that it is. It gets easier as time goes but if you’re fed up know that for many years I HAD to drink. I could not function without it. 24 hours was a miracle to me. If you’re like me you’re reading this and thinking “Bullshit!”. Just try 24 at a time.


Anyone up for trading secrets about the lies our addiction tells us? I’ll start: when my addiction gets super loud it feeds me a story that I should leave my wife, quit my job, move to a shitty, bitterly cold town and live in a dump. Every day I go to the same bar. I have no family and my only friends are bar flies. (Cunning, baffling, powerful).


I have been alcohol free for 2 months but I use MMJ to focus. My dr prescribed MMJ because I don’t want pharma drugs like Adderall. Is there a place for me in AA or is it all (sobriety) or nothing?


Doing some step work this morning - what’s everyone’s favorite step? For me, step three has such power and grace within it.


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