#SalesforceDeveloper Job opening 1-6 years.

Ping me for refferal.

Job description :

#SalesforceJobs #Hiring

Trailhead link
Experience total & salesforce
Current ctc & expected
Notice period/ expected joining date

Email : lashlancer@gmail.com

And resume

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Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Is this still open?
I need referal for Salesforce Developer.

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Hi all, I am a Enterprise BDR currently at my company and looking for referrals to tech companies such as Slack, Salesforce, Outreach, etc. for AE Roles.
I am the top performer on my team across EMEA, APAC & US, always at 100-300% of target.
I am based in the UK myself. Happy to connect/hop on a call with anyone!


I have a one doubt...
Can we apply to foreign jobs directly for Data Scientist position....??


Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a change immediately due to certain reasons
I have 5.5 years experience in finance and banking operations .
Any leads will help ...

Hello all! My Amazon loop interview is scheduled next week for Account representative (sales role) . Any tips and tricks to crack the interview? Is it very hard?


LTI is Hiring for below Cloud/DevOps BU Positions!!

Immediate to 30 days joiners will be preferred ..

Interested plz DM with job codes to apply

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Would you suggest someone pursuing an MBA if they want to get a role in HR or Project Management? And for those that want to pursue product management... are there still a decent amount of numbers similar to accounting? Thanks


Can someone refer me to Harman Connected Services ? I have 4 years of experience as a UI developer (React)
Thanks in advance.


For Communications role with 12+ exp, should i still go for a manager position or a senior manager?
Options -
Big 4 - manager - 26.50 L fixed or Optum - Sr. Manager - 28 L fixed


YOE 16 ,Offered designation at Oracle is QA Program Manager. Where does it actually fit in the hierarchy. During interview they mentioned I will have to do more of an IC role and people management is only 20%.cAn anyone explain which level this designation gets mapped to and what's the best compensation I can ask for


Oleh Chadash here. Just landed last week and looking for roles in data analytics. Any lead, tips, advice?


What is average yearly hike for VP and above position??

How are exit opps for MBB Manager levels in Dallas, Houston, etc now? Is recessionary fears going to severely impact exits at these levels?


Anyone who could refer me? I'm looking for a big4/ banking/ IB/PE related organisation to join. Have an experience in the US mortgage and a graduate in Management Studies. Have resigned last June, and now it's been 2-3 months I've been struggling to find a job.

I'm a finance oriented guy, and am currently upskilling through coursera as well. Currently learning about Private Equity and Investments. Let me know if someone could help to land an interview. Thanks in advance to the community.

how many yrs experience do you think a senior social strategist should have? haven’t been at my agency long but had a lot more responsibility in previous role... wondering how soon is too soon to ask

I’m looking for a position in Valuation. I tried transferring internally but no luck. Please let me know if your firm is hiring. Thank you!!

Hello Everyone,

Would someone help me understand what can be a carrier journey for Product Owners, what roles can I look forward to and what additional skills should I develop while being in a role of product owner.


Can someone tell me what the salary & total compensation range is for a CTO who has gone IPO? Here is our JD summary.
Provide technology-focused leadership across BLA and all of its subsidiaries resulting in scalable, automated technology solutions that are efficient, intuitive, provide real-time transparency and, where possible, increase intra-company execution and transparency – while aligned with BHA’s strategic objectives.
Critical to this role is providing leadership, vision and related


Hi Sharks,
I need referral for
Can someone pls provide referral?



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Hi teams,

I'm currently looking for a great opportunity for my career.

My qualification in master degree in commerce and i have 5 years of experience in accounting field so if you know any job opportunities and job vacancies could you please inform me an soon as possible.

Phone :+91 9746385552


Got email to put my counselee on PIP. His performance is top mark, but bc the panel aren’t factoring in his paternal LOA and his overall utilization. I’ve notified of the need for adjusted (cont’d)


What is the standard billing for a surgical PA? 20% of what the MD is billing? Does anyone know?


Do you bother staying in shape and if so, what do you do?


Is this group active from EXL side? Few queries are posted over 2 weeks but hardy even 1 is answered. Wondering if there is any other bowl for EXL. 😐

What brand are you dying to see do better work with the LGBTQIA+ community?


Do you guys usually work alone on projects? I’ve been in advisory for about 6 months and have barely met anyone on my team because I’m usually the only person staffed on my projects. I’m also working almost 100% from home. I’m wondering if it’s different at other firms (bigger projects = bigger teams?). I miss the camaraderie I had in audit but I like the work better


Has the bar really gotten so low that we’re now championing Facebook Canvas ads as “awesome!” ?


Anyone think it’s possible to work at Deloitte and another company for a bit before putting notice at Deloitte?

Definitely want to get a feel of the new company before putting my notice.


What's your choice?

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What does bgf mean in positions , they seem to have different levels.What's does each mean?

Is anyone else in their soon to be mid-30s freaking out over how you’ll never get married or have kids? 33F and I feel like all of my friends tied the knot years ago and have now moved onto home ownership and kids as I order takeout for 1…


Are Bain interviews exclusively candidate-led, or should I also prepare for interviewer led?


My former apartment landlord elected to paint the main stairwell a dark blue a week before our move and fix all scratches in the drywall from multiple years of moves (7 tenant building, 5 story walk up)

They deducted a crazy amount of security deposit for alleged scratches to wall / paint chips

Any chance that is objectionable? I doubt they knocked prior tenants for scratches to dry wall when the walls were white


What’s everyone’s recommendation for a software development boot camp? Something middle of the road as far as price and value. Also, do companies value these certs in place of a degree?


I have good days and bad days. Still, when I analyze the situations that lead to both I am realizing that the root of my problems is that I hate myself too much.

Good to let it out even if in a bowl


Any recommended courses or books on customer care/cust success analytics or marketing analytics in general?


Additional Posts in Salesforce Job Opportunities

I have resigned from WIPRO after 1 yoe because I have an offer of 7 LPA from a startup for Salesforce Developer position.
Now Wipro is giving me some bonus of 3.5 L and I'll be having a hike of 10 percent in June 2023 and my CTC will be updated after completion of 1 year of taking the bonus in Feb 2022. Also this is the only offer I have as of now plus there's no proper work I am doing in WIPRO that should be doing in start of career.What should I do?
Note : I am favouring startup because of learning..


Does Salesforce extend joining date? My current company usually relieves in 30 days but has asked me to continue for 15 more days as I am part of a critical project. My current joining date is 12th September, will my request be accepted if I ask HR to extend it to 1st week of October? TIA Salesforce


What are future job prospects after joining as a technical support Engineer at salesforce. How can I improve myself during the job for better prospects? Salesforce

I have joined techM on previous year july , now I got an opportunity in wipro and Capgemini.
I didn't put the resignation yet ,I planned to do that today but now I got a client appreciation mail , I am really confused after this appreciation from client , whether it is really good to get out of techM now or not ?
I got better package than techM in other companies.

I also have a doubt , where and when will we receive our ratings in mail or in any of the techM sites ??


Will the demand for salesforce developer increase in next one year ?

How much package Salesforce can offer for Technical Architect role? YOE is 12+ years. Does Salesforce has Variable pay in CTC and if any extra benefits provided?


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a switch in Customer Success / account management role in Salesforce.

I have 6+ Yoe in sales, marketing and partnership domain and currently working as a CSM for 75+ brands including enterprise businesses.

I will be highly obliged if anyone can refer me for an opening.


Hi, currently I am working as a plsql resource , but I am currently studying Salesforce and I wish to switch my job on Salesforce, what are the things I need to prepare as a fresher in Salesforce?


Hi everyone! I’m currently recruiting Salesforce Developers and Architects for both full time and consulting remote roles nationwide. If you’re on the market and would like to connect - please reach out! Here to network and be a career resource. Pay is extremely open since this is such a hot skill set right now!


Any job opening for Salesforce Developer for Pune location? YOE: 5.4

How many days of preparations needed to get PD1 certification? And how can I prepare ?


Hi guys !
How do i make my apex really strong?
I face problems with maps and how to get the optmised code.
Is there any practice site or set of questions which can help me improve my apex skills?


Hello Fishes,

I'm planning to make a career shift from management consulting to Salesforce

I have 4 years of experience in management consulting with a CTC of 8.4LPA and I'm not having any IT background.

Please suggest something.


I am looking for the Salesforce admin profile. I am having 4.3 years of industrial experience. Please let me know if there is any vacancy .


Hi, I am currently working in telecom domain. I want to switch tech to Salesforce. Which is the best course to learn in Salesforce which have quite good scope in future.
Developer or administrator? Please help.