What should be the salary range for Managerial position in London?

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Manager of what? A Tesco or a Hedge fund?


Which industry?

anywhere between 65k -100k


„Managerial“ is ambiguous. If you can be more specific with company size, department, experience, level, responsibility, line management, we can be more specific, but as to my guesses, I’d say 48k+

With 10 years of experience how much it should be?

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Hey Fishes! Does MBA give an upper edge (or is essential) in terms of better job opportunities and salary if one wants to create a career in B2B Marketing? Given already I am working in that domain without an MBA. Do hiring companies weigh on the MBA degree?


How much raise for landed folks on promotion?

Ericsson R&D vs BMC software vs NASDAQ Which company is better to join. All of them are paying more or less the same in-hand salary. YOE 3.2 years Skills java + MySQL

Ericsson BMC Software Nasdaq


Hi all,
Can someone pls explain and give numbers for the cost of living and salary for a fresher with 2 years experience in design (other fields eg.s also welcome) in US, UK and India. I understand the figures would depend on the city but I'm looking for average. I plan to use this info to decide and plan for my masters abroad in terms of breakeven, etc.
Thank you


Carmine toh bol rahe hai batwara hoga toh employees ki chandi hogi….More promotions , better pay.

Pata nhi kitna sach hai😂😂


Hi, i also have 8 YoE and I am in the process of finalizing the offer for a C12 position at @CITI My current fixed is very less 12LPA, how much maximum can they offer me based on my current fixed? Is there a way to convince them to not base the offer only on my current pay, as that's the main reason i am looking for a change. Please throw in some suggestions. Thanks guys!

Anyone work at area 23? Do you need prior experience working in medical? Is most of it technical or are they looking for big ideas? Saw an opening for oncology ACD cw for example.

We’ll also have a salary review in 6 months.

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My current CTC 17.5 LPA (all fixed) in Fiserv.
I'm planning to move to TCS with 28 LPA (few variables). Fiserv is ready to offer only 23LPA for retention. Since I have a very big loan, I have to move out. Is this a good decision to move out of prod based to service based??


Oof. Salesforce falls 20 spots on Forbes best employers to 123. Can’t say I’m surprised 😏


I'm looking to apply for a Principal , Prod Svs. App Support position in Chennai.

Does anyone what the typical salary range is for this designation?

YoE: 13
CCTC: 21.3L

Hi Fishes! Capgemini I have received an offer from capgemini. 4.5 YOE, 21lpa
*How is Loreal account? How good is it technically? Any scope for onsite?
*Is there any probation period for laterals?
* Is the offer too high for the yoe at capgemini
* I have an offer from Jio as well? Which is better
Any suggestions

Jio Jio Platforms Limited Could you pls help?


What is the salary range for an account receivable profile with 4.6 years of experince and a current ctc of 192000 lacs?? Thanks in advance 🙂


Can you please clarify what will be the take home salary monthly for the below package details

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Avg salary for digital ACD in Seattle? Preferably at a consultancy?


Hi Capgemini folks,

There are multiple post asking any work from office plan any update on that, how is work culture, how much the hike%?

Please anyone clarify above queries.


Entertaining an offer from @Tata TCS as a Managing Partner what is the base comp range?


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Hi Everyone, Started my career in government 5 years ago working in an operational role, then focussed on HR for 3 years working my way up to a middle manager role in HR as a business partner and completed my Level 7 CIPD. I don’t think HR or government is for me anymore and looking to find something new, now 24 feel I have a lot of transferable skills and knowledge but worried about private companies in other professions taking me seriously. Grateful for any advice - thanks in advance!


Who else going to the strip club tonight? Funniest stories? Care to share?


Hey folks,

I have an offer of 25lpa with Boston consulting group (BCG)
And 22.5 lpa with AthenaHealth.

Yoe : 8
Tech stack : Java Fullstack Developer.

Which among BCG or athena is better in terms of wlb, perks, career growth.l and job security.



Extremely confused with the hole “we are pro parents” stuff. Is it too awful to work from 9 to 5:30? Have two kids (6 and 8) and don’t want to loose special moments while they are little.


Reached peak burnout today. Really need another job!


How much TTC does SAP Labs offer for T1 L3?


Top 5 All-Time (regardless of resell value)?

Mine in no order:

Cement 3s
Cool Grey 11s
Neon Air Max 95s
Wave Runners


Looking for book recommendations to brush up on Revenue Cycle, general consulting skills/framework, or anything healthcare. Currently in EHR implementation and wanting supplemental info to help myself


For Deloitte India, Manager level how many references are required to be submitted from the previous organisation for background verification (bgv)?


What work model do you pefer? WFH? Hybrid? Office?


Tips for overcoming work stress while on the clock? I get so overwhelmed dealing with people all day


Ok Perry Masonary, go back to Bedrock.

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Working in Cognizant as Automation Tester. I have a package of 6.69Lakhs. What can I expect as CTC hike when I change company. I have 3 years of experience.


I wish I may, I wish I might,
I wish I never have to send another f*cking meeting invite.


Latest jobs Accenture, DM for referral

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So I wear Altra shoes for running since they fit me the best for my wide feet. What casual sneakers would you recommend me which have wide toe box ?


What's the salary range for someone with a year of experience (not in marketing) trying to make the switch to the Advertising side?

Typically looking around creative/account management roles?

Is it even possible to land such roles as a fresher?


Additional Posts in UK Bowl

Looking for organisation design/ transformation societies/ clubs in London!


Is there any known path forward for an early careerist who wants to go from US to UK? 3 yrs experience, healthcare. Provider, tech, and consulting.

London is a world class metropolitan city and so is the cost of livi.
But then why don't MAANG or other big techs pay as high for software managers and other leadership roles as they do in the USA, particularly California, Washington, New York. In fact for the same role, $ salaries are at least 3X higher to their counterparts roles here in London.
Definitely, London isn't 3X cheaper them.
Is it that companies don't want that high here or there isn't enough competition or something else?


Has anyone exited from Management Consulting in KPMG to Microsoft Consulting services? Keen to hear of opinions primarily around quality of work, WLB, Pay, bonus and work culture. Any opinion/ view is greatly appreciated.


What’s the Nielsen office like in London?


When will the PwC salary revision be announced.PwC


EY IT Strategy Manager or PwC Delivery Manager. Heart likes “strategy”, head likes idea of working for “PwC”. Currently working as Delivery Lead. EY PwC

Hey all, is anyone willing to refer for roles in Capgemini/Bain/McKinsey/BCG? I am happy to share my CV, and would appreciate any constructive feedback. Thank you!


Looking for community oriented/group activities for after work in London. Any suggestions?


Hello! I joined a company in the UK 6 months ago, and received a £20,000 gross sign on bonus - clause associated to this however was that I stay for a minimum of 12 months. Unfortunately, the role is really proving to be the wrong fit, and I am looking to leave.

Question for you all - if I resign, I assume I would be expected to pay back the sign on bonus despite me only receiving approx 12k after tax. Anyone know the process for a tax clawback for something like this? Thanks in advance!


Hi May I ask what is the salary for senior consultant in Deloitte for 8 YOE

I'm a foreign national with a UK work visa, normally working in London. If I end up working from home outside the UK for 80-100% of the tax year does my UK tax rate change?


Anyone from Boston Consulting Group Boston Consulting Group (BCG) working in non-consulting - Technology/Engineering/Global Services?

How's the work life balance? Glassdoor reviews are full of "long working hours" and hence wanted to know if it's the same with non-consulting folks as well? How far is it true across the organisation?

Please help me shed some light to decide.


Has anyone successfully refinanced a non-US student loan (e.g. from Prodigy Finance) in the US? Which company did you use?

Is it true what everyone says about the Deloitte London office? Would love to hear from Fishes on the inside


Has anyone interviewed at Sainsbury's DTD? I have a Tech + Behavioural Competency Interview scheduled for a Cloud Engineer role and would like to know how it would be?

Any employees who are currently working in DTD?

Could you please shed some light on how the general work culture is and how's the hybrid working flexibility?

Thanks in advance!

Regarding Deloitte - does anyone know the salary band for Manager role in Technology Hardening and a Senior Manager in Technology Risk Management? A rough idea please?