Are there UK firms hiring right now or more likely to give tier 2 visas? I'm a US citizen w/ 4 years experience at Deloitte, UK uni & hoping to stay (exempt from res labor market test)

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Hi Guys,
Anyone joined CTS as lateral hires still in bench more than 30 days. If you got the project recently, pls guide how to get the project.

And if have openings in ADM domain let me know


Thoughts on short tenures? Does the reasoning for moving so quickly matter? Does it impact your perspective on hiring someone?


Hi all

Can you please share for YoE 7 years in consulting much I should ask to HR?

Offered role is for Assistant manager

This is for KPMG KGS


What’s your best clueless recruiter story? First post military job, I had a company really like me and tell me they would offer me in a couple weeks. Three years later they call me up to offer me the role, but in WV instead of Florida, and were shocked I wasn’t willing to leave consulting and that my requested comp had doubled. “But this is a great opportunity!” “If it’s so great why does it pay 35% less than I make now?”


How’s job openings in consulting? Moved to tech this year and things don’t look good

Hello! Interviewing for a BizOps role and wondering if folks might be able to share any pointers / what their experience has been like (have been told to expect cases...)? Thanks in advance!


Anyone here selling SaaS and willing to have a virtual coffee chat early next week? There is an opportunity that just crossed my way and I am looking to gather insights on what a Sales role, daily responsibilities and challenges look like. Thanks


How can we get.job description like for which role or project we are hired.And what does client office means, do.we need to work from customer home or another company if yes which company?


Interviewing at meta for a Conversational AI role. How is WLB and general culture? I’m desperately needing to get out of long work weeks and demanding clients at Deloitte


Any remote jobs hiring in NY? Tax, audit, anything


Anyone know of firms hiring in Dallas? I have 1.4 yrs experience. Mostly aiming at staff accountant, internal audit, corporate accounting and similar roles


I am having 7 YOE in Java. Current ctc 12lpa. Got offer from Deloitte of 17.8fixed, with Consultant role to work with Salesforce...

I believe I should get Senior consultant and at least 23lpa fixed....

Is my expectation correct?


The company A has marked my joining date on the uan portal, and if I try to mark my exit, I could select a date that is three months after my joining date, but I rejected there offer on my joining date itself. I was supposed to join a company (A) and completed their formalities, but I didn't join them and sent an offer rejection mail on the joining date and joined another organisation (B) on the following day. If the exit is not indicated, will that be interpreted as moonlighting?


Anyone hiring in Cleveland for TAS or FDD?


IBM or Globant for the Business Analyst role?


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Quick to realize my Masters in Accounting isn’t worth much. What is everyone’s take on getting an MBA? Valuable?


If I have to take the red line then walk out of the station to take the blue line, do I get charged twice?


Looking to join McKinsey or BCG as an experienced hire in a generalist role. Any advice on case prep resources, and how long to prepare? Seems like Case in Point is the best place to start. Rocketblocks and MyConsultingCoach also look useful, and then using MBA case books for practice. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


What is the expected salary range for senior manager - C2?

Hi Sharks,

Can you please suggest which would be better in terms of WLB, flexibility, growth, job security.

YOE: 4.4 years
Tech stack: Azure data factory, data lake, Azure databricks, Logic App, SQL, Pyspark (basic)


KPMG India:16 fixed + 10 to 20% variable

Optum - 16 Fixed + 15% variable + pf (offer letter is not received yet)

LTIMindtree: 11 LPA Fixed only(can revise the offer based on the latest offer)


I am working in Softtek from 2.8 yrs , now I want to switch but even now my background Qualification of being Mechanical Engineer gets in the way for most companies as that's the basic criteria as BE in IT, computer science or related feild and CV gets rejected in screening all the time .


After becoming an in house lawyer what are your options to increase your income?


Hey everyone, would anybody be interested in setting up a social/meet up for those in London? Would be great to expand to a new group of friends 😁


I had here about Walmart company has us health care now if the news is correct so I do have a plus year of experience in same domain and currently working as a lead analyst in your health care company and looking for the change if you have any of me please consider


Considering a move to Denver from Austin, TX. Pretty tired of the heat and regressive politics of Texas. Curious to know if anyone in the Denver bowl moved from Austin, how they feel about it, and what they’d say to someone who was considering the move.


Video Editor in LA?

Any APM/PM openings at CPG agencies in the NYC area? I only have 1.5 years experience in healthcare ad only so am struggling to find something I want

Next year I am going to complete EMBA from KREA University in Operation, Having 9yr experience in Accounts, IR&Admin in one of leading Construction MNC, my current CTC 9 LPA, How much salary can I expect if I want to join other organisation ?

I am having 4.7 year's of experience as Frontend Developer. I received offers from ->
1. Harman Connected Services ( 27 fix, 2 Variable, 1.5Joining Bonus -> 30.5 LPA), for Tech Lead position.
2. Nagarro ( 25.5 fixed 1.5 Variable -> 27LPA) SSE position.
3. Airtel-Africa (25 fixed, 1 Joining Bonus -> 26LPA) SSE position
4. Globant (25 fixed -> 25LPA) SSE position

Can someone please advice the company choice based on which company has, Better quality work, Work-life balance, Career Growth

I am curious to know- statistically, not “from my POV at my company” anecdotal commentary- if govt/contractors have a hard time recruiting millennials for SCIF jobs, especially ones not near metro.

Hi, Anyone pls tell me what will be my in-hand salary?

Post Photo

How much would you guys ask for if jumping to another big four? I’m in real estate tax (GCR) NYC. I’m at 140k as a newly promoted M1. I was thinking of asking for 150k + 25k signing. What do y’all think?


I am a registered sales assistant which means I have my series 7. I also have the 63 and my Life & Health license. I was a financial advisor but the role is commission only so I decided to take a role as an assistant for some time to learn etc. I really like my role, but I only make 32k a year and after taxes I only take home about 25k. I have a gut feeling that I’m not being paid market value but it’s tough to find comparable salaries. Do you think $15.38/hr is a fair wage in this case?

Salary survey:

Number of attorneys:
Yearly billable requirements:

Additional Posts in UK Bowl

Looking for community oriented/group activities for after work in London. Any suggestions?


Is it a good time to move to London?


Deloitte 🐠 - How do your ranks work in Advsiory? I’ve heard Associate (grad) > Consultant > Sn. Consultant > Manager > Sn. Manager ...then I don’t have a clue. Can someone please help me out? Thanks!


Is it as common in the UK to give referrals? It's pretty standard in the US but it seems people are slightly more reluctant here in the UK but maybe that's just me?

Sainsbury's Has anyone interviewed at Sainsbury's DTD? I have a Tech + Behavioural Competency Interview scheduled for a Cloud Engineer role and would like to know how it would be?

Any employees who are currently working in DTD?

Could you please shed some light on how the general work culture is and how's the hybrid working flexibility?

Thanks in advance!

Is there any known path forward for an early careerist who wants to go from US to UK? 3 yrs experience, healthcare. Provider, tech, and consulting.

Does anyone know how much bonus (%) Grant Thornton pays in Corporate Finance M&A? Asking for AM and Manager levels. Grant Thornton


Does anyone think that UK Consulting significantly differs from US Consulting? For instance, there seems to be far less emphasis on an MBA in the UK for career progression

Hello! I joined a company in the UK 6 months ago, and received a £20,000 gross sign on bonus - clause associated to this however was that I stay for a minimum of 12 months. Unfortunately, the role is really proving to be the wrong fit, and I am looking to leave.

Question for you all - if I resign, I assume I would be expected to pay back the sign on bonus despite me only receiving approx 12k after tax. Anyone know the process for a tax clawback for something like this? Thanks in advance!


Has anyone exited from Management Consulting in KPMG to Microsoft Consulting services? Keen to hear of opinions primarily around quality of work, WLB, Pay, bonus and work culture. Any opinion/ view is greatly appreciated.


Anyone from LEK here. Keen to lnow about the org practice


Does anyone know what the starting salaries are for a consultant vs senior consultant at Deloitte and how quickly you can progress between the two grades?


Partner interview next week at PwC UK. Any tips please ! Thank you in advance xx PwC


Anybody knows how brexit will impact Tier 2 Visa

How much does a cyber manager in KPMG uk make? In London and in regional locations ?


Has anyone successfully refinanced a non-US student loan (e.g. from Prodigy Finance) in the US? Which company did you use?

I've been contacted by a recruiter from PwC about roles in their new "PwC Cloud Practice".

Does anyone have any info on this new practice and how it differs to mainline PwC?

I know a lot of Management Consultancies set up their Tech Subsidiaries like a poor relative with sub par expenses and compensation policies etc. Don't know if this is the case here?


Broadly speaking, does PWC have a stronger brand than EY in the UK? Where would you be more proud to work?

Regarding Deloitte - does anyone know the salary band for Manager role in Technology Hardening and a Senior Manager in Technology Risk Management? A rough idea please?


Any 🐠 from EY London? I'm planning to apply for UKI assurance based in London as Senior associate, just wanna wrap my head around the culture, work environment etc

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