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Yes, relocation lump sum is 25% of the 1-month base salary.


What's it for 603?

Whats your YOE?

YOE : 9


where can I check if I am 601 or 602?

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How Is Lowe's India for a fresher?


Anyone from GSK who can help with some questions?

I am having 5+ years of experience in automation testing, i m currently having 15.6 LPA, my manager has proposed my name for promotion and will be scheduling interview for it.

How much CTC can we expect or ask ?


Where does Houlihan Lokey stand for comp/reputation in comparison to big 4 for FDD?


Can anybody tell me the average package of profile Tech lead in business transformation ?
My current package is 6lpa how much do I quote in the expectation package ?


Whats a normal starting salary for consultants right out of college?


How is the working environment in GSK GCC and how is WLB..


TCS -15.5LPA (10% variable)
Capgemini - 15 LPA fixed. Which to choose? WLB and growth. Yoe- 5


I joined Wipro day before yesterday.

Now I am in bench.

Today I attend first internal interview but not went well.

How many chances Wipro will give for new joiners.

Is there any firing for bench employees?


Does anyone have tips for negotiating salary or other perks specifically at a nonprofit?
SDZWA has a large research side that many don’t know about but the pay is rubbish compared to other research organizations.

So Google reached out to me for the
role of a cloud data engineer. Could
anyone shed light on the interview
Any added insights/tips would be

Hi Folks,

Need Advice.

I have 9.6 years of exp and have cleared technical round. HR has offered 17.45 as fixed for team lead role.

Since I am holding an offer of 21 fixed. I had requested Accenture to match the same. They denied as it is out of budget for team lead. Post this I had received call from another hr and was informed I will have to give another technical round for associate manager role.
1. What is the max range for team lead role
2. Advice on what should I do next ?


Hi folks
Please advise how is the life looks like in Consultant in Advisory profile, do we have wlb or any other perks, is it good to join ?


Hi fishes, I am Java micro-services developer with 5 years of experience. Currently working with IBM since last 1 year. I am holding an offer from Infosys. Assuming IBM will match my offer. What is a better choice for long term considering job security, work life balance etc IBM or Infosys? Pros and cons please. TIA

I have 12yoe and have 20.6 lpa. Works as an automation lead.
I will be having a discussion with TCS HR. What are your suggestions and how much can ask hike?


Any one knows the average salary for an inpatient pharmacy operations manager salary in San Francisco?
Thank you!


Does Infosys reimburse Internet bills for resources who are working from home??

Also does they provide any extra miney to setup home office, like for chairs & tables?

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Does anyone have Skilled Nursing experience (AP, billing insurance tracking, etc) and looking for a remote position? Or know of someone.


Has anyone recently interviewed with S&P Global and got an offer?

Anyone transferred Marriott points to AA miles recently? How long it took? Thanks!


Any recs for laser facials in the nyc area?


Hi Everyone, I recently got an offer from EPAM India for permanent Remote work as part of Epam Anywhere program and from designation/hike/role everything seems to be preety good to me.

Can someone please guide me about company's culture, policies and also job security.


Hey fishes. Please help to identify in hand salary in Deloitte? I am choosing new tax regime

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EA's - what are some not traditional titles you have seen in your company or others for EA's and Admin Assistants?


Looking for advice on separating from the Air Force. I’m on the VML to PCS in winter cycle of this year but I want to separate instead of extending my active duty service commitment. I missed the deadline to reclama (very low chances of approval anyway) and my current ADSC is May of 2023. Is my only option to do the seven day option once I get notified of an assignment?


I tried out a career and I'm currently miserable in it and want to figure out how to use the degrees I have to find something I find fulfilling. I don't want to go back to school and start over with that process. If anyone has any advice on what websites or resources to explore to figure out what careers and jobs are comparable with my degrees or if anyone has any information or experience with this please hit me up. I have a degree in biology and teaching credential


Does anyone perform Cost Seg studies as a side gig? Barrier to entry may be tough, but seems flexible and good cost per hour.. if so what are requirements?


Are there any prerequisites to work as a Financial Analyst in US( like certification etc.) and how are the opportunities?. My friend has 4 years of experience as off shore Financial Analyst for US/UK based banks in India and also has a MBA degree

Anyone at Accenture willing to refer me into the company? My background is cyber security. Will have my MBA (May 4th). Looking for a change this year. Any suggestions/guidance welcome . Thanks !

Calling out to ex-consultants or wanna be ex-consultants in the Dallas area.
Just took a job as the Head of Innovation and trying to build a strong team.
DM me for more info. Ideally, looking for candidates in their 20s who are over the consulting life style and are looking for some stability at a late stage start up.


Hi Fishes,
Recently joined
Commonwealth Bank India in March as a Tech BA. What would be the approximate STVR amount and hike percentage?

How do you create a lagged time series in excel? Lag of order 1 and 2


How do you handle aggressive, hard-ass leadership?

I was on a group strategy call and our VP says "OK *account manager* (me), we have decided that your new focus needs to be electronics, do you understand that?" He said it in a very stern tone of voice. Well of course I understand it because it was my f*cking idea that I brought to his attention prior to Christmas.

IMO, this guy does nothing. He steals the ideas of his team members and then acts like tyrant in front of people.


Booz Allen Hamilton 🐠:

I've asked a few questions for my sister, passing another one along.

Is there defined promotion criteria from LA to SA? Or does it depend on admin chain, org, and/or politics?

She is looking at LA positions now as a potential comeback kid, and while she was at BAH 10+ years ago, she's forgotten the details, though they'd likely be severely outdated even if she remembered.



Hey fishes, How may days will it take to get the offer letter from HSBC for an experienced hire. Salary discussion is completed and submitted all the documents for BGV as well. Waiting for the offer letter. Can anyone help me understand the process!

Anyone know anything about vintage JP Pinguion? Seller is asking for $1350, don’t see any listed on Chrono24 to compare

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Anyone join jp morgan Bangalore on sept 20th for the Asset and wealth management LOB


Hey Guys, what is the general hike percentage for an Analyst. 502 in corporate lop. For on track rating.


Sharks at JPMorgan Chase

Can anyone share the office infrastructure like Gym, Cafeteria, Parking and Transport for Mumbai offices?


If you accept offer with JPM and later reject because of a international mobility opportunity with another organisation.
Will JP blacklist for rejecting the offer ?
Also will JP try to give better compensation and mobility?
If yes, how soon can they give the mobility?

Hi Fishes,
Regarding BGV, got an email from ASPAC-IND, that first level per-employment screening process completed and I can join on the start date.
Is this the only email to expect for BGV or will there be more before joining?


Can any1 refer me in JPmc ? I m an azure data engineer and yoe - 8. LWD - 19 oct


Sharks at @jpmorgan

Please review ESMA lob:

1. Job security
2. Project and role
3. Wlb



Hi Guys can anyone refer me for the position of data and analytics analyst Job Identification NO :210362477..THANKS IN ADVANCE!


Hi JPMorgan Chase,

I have worked in a project of JPMC till July 2021.
Could you please let me know what is the cooling period after which I can apply for a Job on direct payroll of JPMC ?


Hi all, how to apply for relocation reimbursement in JPMC?


Facing issue with onboarding portal on the reset password page

1) mm dd - entering month as 0* and date as **
2) home postal code - Tried current, permanent address and JP Morgan Bangalore Pin code
3) date of hire - 09 22

It still says details are incorrect, does anyone face the same?

We have a team of 5 people, one AVP and the other 4 including me, working as a team leader, i got to know from my other colleagues from different teams that 2 of my team members were talking degrading things about me to my AVP, on the other hand they are "Ok" type of colleague upfront and talk bad things about each other when they are in front of me, i don't want to get involved in such conversation, I'm having really hard time dealing with bad bitching they do behind my back, how to solve this?


Does JP Morgan provide $1100 for laptop reimbursement ?


Hello Fishes,

Is anyone here working on Data Management Associate role ?
I got a hint that you need to work end to end starting from ETL to Data visualization and all the other intermediate processes involved.

How is the WLB then? Is it okay to commit on such roles provided you are proficient in one part and have least exposure on the other sides.

Kindly share your valuable insights.